Beverly's Homecoming

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He had a surprise for her when she returned from visiting her sister in Paris.

I'm into porn and I admit it. I spent years going to adult bookstores and buying XXX rated 8mm movies, videotapes and adult magazines and then taking them home and pouring over them. Don't ask me why I'm a porn junkie because I don't have a clue. I just know that since I saw my first deck of X-rated playing cards at age twelve I have wanted to see more and more. God knows I don't need porn to find sexual satisfaction; I have a beautiful and extremely sexy wife who is constantly trying to fuck me to death and who probably will, given time. Anyway, my days of haunting adult bookstores for porn are over. Why? Because of the Internet.

You can find anything on the net. The net is a porn lover's paradise. Like erotic stories? Go to Yahoo, ask for erotic stories and the search will give you over twelve thousand locations. Is water sports your bag? Go to the Hun's Yellow, select the Hun's overflow, scroll to the bottom of the page and start clicking on PICS and you'll find over fifty sites on that subject alone. Teen porn, amateur housewives, transsexuals, sex with animals, sex with pregnant women, interracial sex, it's all there for you at the click of a mouse. In fact, the things you can find will sometimes surprise, shock and amaze you, even if you are a porn junkie like me.

Beverly, my sexy wife of over twenty years, was in France visiting her sister who was in Paris as an exchange student. I was spending my free time playing poker with my buddies, working on my 65' Mustang and surfing the net. One night I was at my buddy Sam's house having a beer, talking sports and just relaxing when Sam told me about a new porn site he had found on the net. Sam took me into his den and pulled up the site on his computer. It was called and it was a site where amateurs sent in their own photos for public view. Most of it was tame by normal porn standards - stuff you could find in Penthouse, Playboy and the like - but the site did have a hardcore section called Redclouds. While Voyeur web was free, Redclouds was a pay site and Sam was a subscriber to it. He logged on and began to show me the content. As hardcore goes it was pretty mild, but it did have one feature that drew me to it - all of the ladies were your average housewives and girlfriends and not porn stars. There is something about seeing a decent looking woman with an average looking body doing what you usually associate with porn stars. There was one young lady whose face was rather plain, who was flat chested, but who had a fantastic ass and great legs and she was deep throating some lucky guy. Another one had a beautiful face, great tits, but big (and I do mean BIG) feet and skinny legs and she was taking a cock in her butt hole. In other words, the kind of female you see every day of your life, but it was somehow exciting to look at them. The pictures were sent in as contributions to the site and were called 'contri's' for short and they had anywhere from three to ten photos in them. I wrote down the address and when I got home that night I logged on and signed up for Redclouds.

For the next two nights as soon as I got home from work I logged on and spent hours crawling through the contri's. On the second night I noticed a contri that was titled Hot Time In Paris 53F. Each contri had a title and a story line and the line for H.T.I.P was that they were a group of guys who were available for gangbangs for visitors to Paris and described the current visitor as a married woman whose husband had sent her to Paris to have a good time. It said that the contri consisted of fifty-three photos and was being submitted in six parts, A through G. I clicked on it and the first image was of a very well built redhead involved in a threesome with two men while several other men stood by watching. The second image was of the redhead with her back to the camera, her face level with the crotch of the man in front of her (even though you couldn't see it you could tell that the guy was getting his cock sucked) and her right and left hands were on the cocks of two guys standing next to her. The next image was also from the rear and in it the redhead was straddling a guy's cock while a second guy was behind her stuffing himself in her ass. I thought to myself, "at least there is one redhead out there willing to take it up the poop chute." It's the one of the things that Beverly would never let me do. I went to the fourth image and my blood turned cold. The shot was from above and was aimed down at the face of the redhead who had a rather large black cock in her mouth. The eyes and part of the nose were blotted out and the face was not recognizable, but whoever doctored the photo had missed something. On the redheads left breast was a very tastefully done heart tattoo with three initials in the center of it - my initials! Bev had surprised me with that tattoo on our tenth wedding anniversary and now here she was, surprising me again.

I suppose I should have been angry when I saw what she was doing, but it is hard to be too upset when your cock is hard as a stone and mine certainly was. I'd had it from the very first image and only God knows why I didn't lose it as soon as I recognized Beverly. The last image in the series had Bev on her back while a black man was buried to his balls in her. This contri was titled 53E so I scrolled back several days until I found 53A and I brought it up. There was my Beverly, face blotted out, drink in hand and being undressed by several guys. In succeeding images she was stripped naked and then she starting sucking cocks. B through C showed her being fucked by a variety of different men in different positions and with multiple penetrations. One image showed her with a cock in each of her three available holes, jacking off the guys standing on either side of her while two guys held her erect and another guy was jacking off and shooting cum on her tits and into her pretty red hair. H.T.I.P 53F had Bev on her back with a circle of seven guys around her shooting cum all over her face and body. Two more images had two black guys, one on either side of her pointing their cocks at her mouth and shooting streams of cum onto her tongue. The last image was of Bev with a large black cock in her ass while two other black men were jacking off into her hair. I sat there staring at the screen and wondering what in the hell had happened to my wife.

I had to wait a day for the final contri in the series to be posted and while I waited I thought of damn little except Beverly and what she was doing in Paris. So far I had been able to identify eight different guys in the photos. There could have been more, but I couldn't be sure. There were four white, three black and one who I took to be an Arab. The amazing thing is that I wasn't more pissed off than I was. Oh I was pissed all right, but not for the obvious reason - Bev running around on me. No, I was pissed because of what she was doing while she was running around on me. In our twenty years of marriage Bev had absolutely refused to have anal sex with me -"That's disgusting!" she would always say - and while she never hesitated when it came to sucking my cock she would never let me cum in her mouth. And here she was in Paris getting it in her ass on a wholesale basis. And as for cumming in her mouth? The last contri, G, was the one that sent me over the edge. The next to last image showed five guys jacking off into a shot glass and the last image showed Bev drinking it down. If I had been there when that picture was taken I'm not sure that I wouldn't have gone to jail for what I might have done.

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