by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Would she remember me?

I had trouble believing my eyes. I recognized her right away even though the last time I had seen her was fifteen years ago and three thousand miles away. I stood there and watched her as she circulated and socialized and I couldn't help but wonder if she would recognize me without the beard and glasses. If she did it could possibly prove to be embarrassing for the both of us.

I decided to err on the side of caution and I kept a close eye on her and whenever she started to move toward my part of the room I moved to a different spot. I was being stupid because the whole purpose behind this little gathering was to introduce her to the people she would be working with and eventually we would have to come face to face. I guess I was hoping I could put it off long enough that something like an earthquake could come along and end the affair. Barring that I could only hope that without the beard and wearing contacts instead of horned rimmed glasses she might not know me.

We had all heard the stories at least a hundred times. How Bill, the president of our company, had gone out to the Left Coast to visit our branch office there and how once he had laid eyes on the office manager it had been love at first sight. He had shared with us, in great detail, how he had pursued her. We all knew he was behaving like a lovesick teenager, but he was a hell of a nice guy and we were all happy for him.

For a year he flown back to San Diego every Friday night and then back home on the Sunday night redeye. Every weekend he had proposed and every weekend she had said she would think about it. Finally Bill was able to pull from her the reason she would never say yes. She loved her job and had no intention of quitting. The Company Policy and Procedures Manual spelled out that while married couples could work at the company at no time could one of them be the direct supervisor of the other. She wouldn't marry Bill because then he would become her husband and her direct supervisor and one of them would have to go. Since he owned the company it damned sure wasn't going to be him which meant to keep her job she couldn't marry him.

Bill's solution to the problem was to issue a revised CP&P with the offending passage removed. You can do things like that when you own the place. Once she knew she could keep working the job she loved she said yes to his proposal, they were married in a civil ceremony and they set about moving her from San Diego to Boston. Next Bill created the Human Resources Department, promoted our office manager into the position and transferred his new bride into the now vacant office managers position (What was it Mel Brooks said in one of his movies — "It's good to be the King"?). Then Bill threw a big party to introduce everyone to their new manager and his new wife.

The last time I had seen her she was on her knees with a black cock pounding her cunt and another black cock trying to hit the back of her throat and on the end table next to the couch were the six fifty dollar bills she had collected for opening her two holes for the two men.

I first met Krisha when I needed a date for an awards dinner I had to attend. I'd never had much luck with the ladies — my own fault — because I was overweight, had a scraggly beard I refused to get rid of (it covered my double chin) and I looked every bit the nerd I was right down to the pocket protector and the adhesive tape holding my glasses together. The women I knew well enough to ask all turned me down so I did something totally out of character for me; I called an escort service and made an appointment. I showed up on time, filled out a questionnaire and after it was reviewed I was told they couldn't help me.

"If you had told me on the phone the date of the awards ceremony I could have saved you a trip down here. All my girls are booked for that night."

She sat there looking at me for several moments and I could tell she was thinking of something. Finally she said:

"I might be able to help you, but I will warn you ahead of time that the girl I'm thinking of doesn't have many of the social graces. She is great looking if all you need is 'arm candy', but she can be a little raw sometimes."

"Arm candy will work for me."

She wrote down a name and number on a piece of paper and handed to me. "Once again let me say that Krisha can be pretty raw at times. It is one of the reasons I won't hire her."

"If she can get me through the awards dinner I'll be happy."

"Good luck."

I called the number and asked for Krisha and the woman who answered said that it was she. I introduced myself and told her that Millie from Sunset Escorts had recommended her and that I wanted to avail myself of her services.

"You're kidding right?"

"No, no I'm not."

"She won't hire me to work for her but she recommends me? Ain't that a kick in the ass. You want me to come to your place or do you want to come to mine?"

"It doesn't matter to me."

"Okay, I'll come to you. It will keep me from having to pick up the place. Where do you live and how do I get there?"

When I answered her knock I was stunned and I was speechless. She was drop dead gorgeous and for her to be on my arm at the awards dinner would be to defile her beauty.

"What's the matter sugar? We aren't all skanks. Some of us aren't half bad."

I finally got my act together long enough to step aside and let her in my apartment. She took a look around and then she walked over to me and tugged on my beard as she asked:

"You aren't a cop are you? No, not with that skuzzy beard."

She dropped on the couch and said, "Okay, to business. A straight fuck is a hundred dollars, blow jobs are seventy-five, a half and half is one fifty and I don't do anal. An all night is four hundred. What's your pleasure?"

I was too stunned to speak and she said, "Come on sugar, time is money and you are wasting it."

I finally managed to pull myself together and said, "I'm afraid there has been a terrible mistake made here. I'm afraid I've made you waste your time in coming over here. Those um, ah services you mentioned are ah, um, not what I was looking for."

"What sugar, you into whips and chains, want to be peed on? I'm open to almost anything as long as my pain isn't part of it."

"No no, nothing of a sexual nature."

"You have to spell it out for me sugar, I'm not a mind reader."

I told her about my meeting with Millie and the outcome and how Millie had said Krisha might be able to help me and had given me her number. Krisha gave me a long look and then said:

"No problem sugar, we can work it out. Millie gets seventy-five an hour and she keeps twenty-five and the girl gets fifty. So, with Millie out of the picture we are talking fifty an hour and that is door to door. By that I mean I'm on the clock from the time you pick me up at my place until you bring me back to my place. How many hours are we talking here?"

"Cocktail hour at six, dinner at seven, awards at eight and then an hour to circulate and shake hands and congratulate the winners. We should be done by ten. That's four hours plus ravel time to and from."

"Where is the dinner?"

"The Raddison."

"The one on Parker or the one on Custis?"

The one at Custis and Longmont."

"Okay then, half an hour each way so we are talking five hours or two hundred and fifty. You sure you want to go to this thing? For that money you could get laid twice and get a blow job."

"I'm sure that I would enjoy that more than the dinner, but I'm afraid that I have to be there."

"You going to win something?"

"No, but my brother might and he wants me there."

"Okay sugar, it's your money. When?"

"Day after tomorrow."

"Got a pen or a pencil and a piece of paper?"

I pulled a pen out of my pocket protector and a memo pad out of my jacket pocket and wrote down her address. She got up to leave and when she got to the door she said:

"Just so we understand each other here sugar, the two fifty doesn't include sex. Sex is extra.

I rang her door bell right at five-thirty and when she opened the door she took my breath away. She was heart stoppingly beautiful. She looked elegant but sexy in a black cocktail dress, black heels and a single strand of pearls around her neck.

"Stop drooling sugar; it will drip down and ruin tour necktie."

All eyes were on us (on her actually) from the moment we walked in the door. I found my brother, introduced him to Krisha and watched him drool for a minute before taking Krisha and working my way around the room saying hello to the people I knew. Then it was time for dinner and the awards. My brother didn't win, but he did get an honorable mention and after the ceremony we circulated and congratulated the winners. I got involved in a conversation with two guys I knew and Krisha excused herself to go to the ladies room.

I know it sounds stupid, but not being used to having a woman on my arm I sort of lost track of Krisha as I moved around shaking hands and offering congratulations. It must have been forty minutes or so before my brother came up to me and asked me where my date was. I looked around and didn't see her so I told him she had gone to the bathroom and then I went looking for her. I found here in the hallway leading to the restrooms. She was backed up against the wall by some guy who seemed to be making angry gestures and, to me anyway, it looked as if Krisha wanted to get away from him.

I walked toward them:

"Oh there you are. Ready to go?"

The guy turned to me and said, "Take a hike buddy."

"Sorry, but she is my date tonight and I promised to have her home by ten, ten-thirty at the latest."

I could read the look on his face and it was easy to see that he was positive he could handle the overweight, four-eyed geek and he said, "Leave before you get hurt pal. I'll see to it she gets home."

One thing that happens a lot when you are a chubby kid wearing glasses is that the bullies tend to gravitate toward you and one of the things I learned early on in my life is that I'm not much of a fighter. I don't really have to be if I use my secret weapon — my appearance and surprise! No one ever expects it from me — he certainly didn't — so he never saw it coming. No bluster, no "Let's talk this over like adults", no trying to reason with him. I just hauled off and hit him with everything that I had. While he stood there trying to clear his head I kicked him as hard as I could in his balls. One thing you learn when you are me is that when you get them down you make damned sure they can't get back up until you are long gone. When he fell to the floor I kicked him six more times, twice each in his crotch, his ribs and his head. Then I turned to Krisha, offered her my arm and said, "Ready to go?"

"More than ready sugar."

On the drive home I asked her who the guy was. She told me that he was an old customer that she quit seeing because he had a tendency to get rough. He had been trying to get her to go into an empty room with him and she kept telling him to go away and leave her alone.

"And then you came along and saved me. I guess I get to call you my hero now."

I think I might have blushed because she laughed. When we got to her place I took out my wallet and she said, "No, not out here. The vice cops might be watching."

"But all you did was be my escort."

"They don't know that and they've been trying to bust me for months now because I won't give them freebies. Come on in the house."

I followed her in and she pointed at the couch and told me to sit. "I saw that all you drank tonight was beer. I've got some in the fridge, you want one?"

"Thanks yes, I wouldn't mind one."

"Be right back."

"She came back a minute later with a cold Coors and handed it to me and I handed her the two fifty that I owed her. She took the money and set it on the end table and stood looking down at me sitting on the couch. I saw a small smile appear at the corners of her mouth and she said:

"I know I said that no sex was included in the escort fee, but I've decided that I owe you something for coming to my rescue tonight."

She went to her knees in front of me and reached for my zipper. I started to push her hand away and she slapped my wrist:

"Stop that sugar. You are getting something special tonight. I never give it away, never! But this is special. You are my hero sugar and I just have to do this."

She ignored my feeble protests and soon had my cock out of my pants. She stroked it for several seconds and then she reached into her purse and took out a condom. She put it in her mouth and lowered her head and I humiliated myself. As soon as her mouth placed the condom on the head of my cock I blew. It caught her completely by surprise and she jerked her head back and watched the cum spurt out of my pee hole.

"Damn sugar, the last time I saw someone cum that quick he was a vir..." She stopped and looked up at my face and said, "Are you a virgin sugar?"

The look on my face said it all.

"You are. You are a virgin. Guess I won't need this," she said as she put the soiled but unused condom on the end table. "If you're a virgin there isn't any chance of disease and I can't have kids so that's another thing you get that I rarely give anybody — you get to go bareback."

She lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. How do you describe your first blow job? I couldn't find words for the way she made me feel. I felt tense and relaxed at the same time. I wanted to put my hands on her head and hold it there until I died, but I didn't dare move because I was afraid she would stop. Her mouth was hot and my cock was throbbing and I arched my hips up off the couch to push as much of me into her as I could as I let go for the second time. She kept her mouth on me until my cock was soft and when she did take her mouth off me she said:

"That is something else I never do sugar," as she licked her lips. "You are getting all kinds of special treatment tonight. For your information though, a girl does like to know when you are going to get off so be a good guy and let her know, okay?"

She took my hand and pulled me up from the couch, "Tonight you are going to lose all your cherry's but one — you won't get to experience anal — but I think you will be happy with the rest."

She led me to her bedroom, undressed me and then undressed herself. "Okay sugar, you've had your first blow job and now you get to eat your first pussy."

She talked me through it. She told me how it should be done, what attention to pay where and told me that if I wanted to make it last for a girl to stay away from her clit until I was ready to try and make her cum. It took me a while to get the hang of it and I must have been doing something right because I made her cum.

"Holy shit sugar, that has never happened to me before. No one has ever brought me off orally. Maybe Brad and Mike had something to do with it."

"Brad and Mike?"

"Two of my regular customers. They were at that bash tonight."

"Why would it have been because of them?"

"Because they both fucked me at the dinner and their juices were still in me when you ate me. Having you suck my pussy while it was full of them really turned me on and I think that may be why I had an orgasm."

Any other time I might have bolted for her bathroom and heaved my guts at finding out that I had sucked up the leavings of other men, but my anger overrode that impulse:

"You fucked two guys while you were my date? You fucked two guys on the time I was paying for?"

"Don't get bent out of shape sugar. You were so busy walking around and pressing flesh that you didn't even know I was gone. I would have been back before you even missed me if it hadn't been for that fuckhead Carl."

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