The Wild Friday Night Initiation Of Beth And Aimee

by Dag123

Copyright© 2007 by Dag123

Erotica Sex Story: With not a small amount of anxiety and perhaps a bit of reluctance, Aimee and Beth prepare to participate in their wild Friday night initiation ceremony. As the anticipation mounts, all the husbands wait; excited and eager to watch the club's two newest members compete physically and sexually as they undergo their erotic initiation.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Swinging   Harem   Interracial   White Male   White Female   Oriental Female   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

After coming to a decision to join the Brazilian Erotic club, Beth had said goodbye to Kelly, Molly, and Aimee. A short while later she had leisurely made her way out to the Ipanema shopping district.

Stopping at a little sidewalk café, she ordered a Coffee latté. It was something she never grew tired of doing. She luxuriated in her life of leisure. Having been born poor had only heightened her joy. She had taken to wealth and privilege like a duck takes to water.

I'm willing to do anything to keep it, she had long ago promised herself. Besides, she realized she was almost looking forward to her friendly little face off with Aimee on Friday evening.

However, she was somewhat nervous and felt a certain amount of fear and anxiety at some of the erotic things she might be asked to do if Aimee won their little scuffle which was destined to take place during their initiation into the private little Club.

Phil will be so excited, she thought, happily, when I tell him. Anyway, she laughed, He's always saying he would like to see my brown hairy little pek pek try some other woman's pussy. And who better to try it with than gentle little Aimee.

That evening when her husband arrived home they still had ample time before their guests arrived.

Knowing how pleased he was going to be she told him everything. As expected her husband was ecstatic.

"So... , are you going to do it?" Phil had asked.

"Sure!" she giggled, "Do you think I would deny you the treat of watching your wife's little pek pek scuffle with another petite lady's pussy.

"WOW! My favorite fantasy come true!" her husband laughed, "I can hardly wait!"

You'll never guess who they plan to match me with first," Beth said, watching as her husband curiosity got the better of him.

"Don't keep me in suspense—tell me!" he laughed.

"Aimee... , Aimee Bradley and I! If everyone agrees it will be this Friday evening."

"Oh, WOW!" her husband Phil laughed. "I can't think of a better person. That is going to be sooo hot to watch!" he laughed

Friday Night Initiation...

For Aimee, the week passed much too quickly. She faced her coming initiation with anxiety. Even though she knew this was what James had been wanting; just thinking about it made her sometimes almost sick with fear and embarrassment.

Why should I worry? She laughed to herself. I'm taller and I weigh more than the other little female. I'm sure if I try, I can win her, she thought confidently. Maybe I'll let James decide what erotic consequence I make her do. He will really like that, Aimee decided.

Now, every night her husband James could hardly wait for their bedtime to take her. Aimee hadn't seen him this happy since the first days of their idyllic marriage.

Initiation night...

Friday night, the Bradleys arrived, to find the other three couples were already there.

"WOW!" James laughed, "Looks like everyone is here already."

"Yeah, you and Aimee had us worried that you two might not show. That would have definitely spoiled the evening we have planned," Kevin, Kelly's husband laughed.

"Everybody can hardly wait!" Beth's husband, Phil laughed.

Antonio was in erotic heaven. "Let's all just have a really great evening with lots of erotic fun."

Everyone enthusiastically agreed.

Unless you have had the delightful erotic experience of watching your wife, in at least one erotic confrontation with another woman, you have no idea the excitement James and Phil were feeling as they and the others waited for the two slender lovely wives to begin their sexy sensual initiation.

When James and Aimee walked in, they could hear the buzz of excitement in the large living room.

"Looks like they're all ready," Aimee said, speaking in an almost inaudible whisper to James.

James looking across the room saw Beth, the little Phillipeno wife, seated on one of the sofas. She looked about Aimee's size, perhaps a bit smaller.

She's very pretty, he thought. She seems so quiet and well mannered with such a pleasant demeanor. She and Aimee should be a beautiful sexy little match together.

Trying not to appear too obvious, James could see Beth was a petite little female. Aimee had told him that Beth was 22 years old, just a little shorter than her, at 5' tall, and weighed 100 lbs., Aimee is a bit bigger than her, he realized.

An undercurrent of eagerness gripped the four couples as they waited for the initiation to begin. A few minutes later, Molly and Kelly took Aimee and Beth into separate bedrooms to prepare, as the others waited quietly. An air of anticipation filled the air. A few minutes later the two wives emerged dressed in shortie nightdresses.

With everyone watching, an uncertain Aimee and Beth timidly walked toward each other. At last, they stood face to face with each other in the middle of the living room.

Beth leaned over and whispered to Aimee.

"What should we do first?"

"Want to do some light slapping?" Aimee suggested, "Not to hard though... Okay?"

"Okay," Beth agreed.

Wanting to make it sexy for their watching husbands, James and Phil, the two little wives smiled and stood facing each other. At first, their hands were at their sides.

Still smiling, Beth gave a surprised Aimee a light little slap on her cheek.

"Oh, that stung!" Aimee complained still smiling.

"Okay, now it's my turn," Aimee laughed, as her open hand landed on Beth's little cheek. Everyone watching could hear the sound.

"Oh, good," Kelly whispered to Molly, who was sitting next to her. They've started. This should be fun to watch."

"As long as it doesn't get out-of-hand," Molly said.

"We won't let it," Kelly promised.

After exchanging several light slaps in the spirit of good friendly competition the two scantily clad wives began pushing each other, still giggling as they playfully tried to get the better of the other female. The onlookers could see they were well matched.

Finally, to start it off, Beth sunk her strong little fingers into Aimee's beautiful blonde hair.

"Oh, you like to pull hair, huh?" Aimee laughed, now not quite so friendly.

"Sure," Beth said. "Why, slut, are you afraid?"

"Oh," Aimee laughed grimly, "You're asking for it, you little bitch."

All the men laughed at the two little females now starting to call each other names.

"This is good!" they all agreed.

Grabbing two fistfuls of Beth's long beautiful brown hair, Aimee joined the female fray.

A moment later—no longer smiling— both determined little wives collided in earnest: pulling and jerking at each other's long hair.

"Come on, Aimee... !" the excited watchers encouraged.

"Get her down, Beth... ! Take her to the floor!" other's insisted.

The struggle between the two struggling females grew in intensity. Suddenly, the wildest hair pulling battle imaginable exploded. Each woman now locked her delicate fingers into the other wife's hair and sought a hold on the roots.

The room began to fill with cries of encouragement from the watching couples, and quickly elevated to a fever pitch.

The petite little blonde wife, Aimee, locked her wiry little fingers securely in Beth's long brown hair. She began yanking and jerking Beth back and forth across the room.

Beth, though smaller than her female antagonist, wasn't afraid and begin to fight back like a little tiger. Her tiny little hand flew at Aimee's delicate face. Everyone watching could hear the open-handed slap clearly.

Aimee, gasped in shock! Anger got the best of her! Holding Beth by her long brown hair, Aimee slapped Beth's little face. Beth moaned and cried out! The imprint of Aimee's hand remained plainly visible on Beth's little face. The little female confrontation built in intensity.

What James had secretly fantasized about for years had come true. He still could not believe that this was his mild mannered wife, as he watched her struggling with Beth, the smaller wife.

Both were pulling and yanking the other's head back and forth. Neither little wife was laughing anymore, as they jerked each other around by their disheveled hair. It was obvious to the onlookers that both Aimee and Beth were clearly angry at each other.

Although Beth was the smaller, she more than held her own in the little scuffle. For her size, she had turned out to be a wild little female. Within moments, she had Aimee's beautiful blonde hair, torn down.

Aimee's perfectly coiffed blonde hair was a torn-down mess. It now hung down in disarray over Aimee's eyes. Holding Aimee by her long blonde hair, the smaller wife, Beth jerked a petite perky Aimee wildly back and forth.

The watching husbands were loudly encouraging the two little reluctant female combatants.

"Slap her, Aimee!"

"Come on, Beth, pull her hair out!"

Even Molly and Kelly were caught up in the excitement and were screaming encouragements to the two battling wives.

Aimee was a wiry little woman and was not timid about yanking Beth's hair right back. Everyone could see Aimee and Beth were well matched in size, age and temperament.

Gamely burying her little white delicate fingers deep into the fiery little Asian girl's long brown hair, a determined Aimee began trying to jerk Beth's brown hair out by its roots.

The two petite beautiful wives reeled back and forth pulling hair, their angry squeals and shrieks seem to fill the room. Both were determined to give as good as they were getting. Their sexy feminine smells and their expensive colognes began to mix and mingle in the closed room.

The wiry little Phillipeno wife's fingers clawed at Aimee's flimsy little summer dress. With one loud rip, she tore it almost off Aimee.

Aimee, screamed in rage, and followed suit. Grabbing at Beth's white little dress, she ripped it. Before long, it was just hanging on Beth. Within a minute, both women had stripped the other wife bare, except for her panties.

Both women were moaning and crying out. A game little Beth hooked her brown leg behind Aimee's delicate white calf and succeeded in tripping her.

Aimee fell sprawling to the floor. Her shapely trim little thighs fell sprawling open providing an unforgettable erotic display of a modest wife in a most unladylike position.

Beth quickly came down on top of her. Aimee's sexy slender thighs fell open. With her thighs gaping wide open, her baize panties were now in full view.

Struggling, Aimee and Beth started rolling over and over each other on the mattress. Both wives, no doubt previously schooled by their husband's advice, wildly struggled with the other little wife.

The excited Onlookers shouted encouragement. Both almost naked women were now providing erotic sensuous entertainment.

Their flashing panties were now on full display to the wildly excited crowd of men and women watching. Both girls' panties were loose, tufts of pubic blonde hair and lush brown pubic pussy hair was now peeking out from each of their panty crotch.

Aimee's slender shapely white legs and luscious thighs fell open. Aimee's dainty baize panties came into full view as she fought back, all modesty forgotten.

Struggling desperately, Aimee finally rolled the fiery little Asian woman off her. The feminine struggle continued as they rolled over and over each other, across the floor, a tangle of white and brown legs wrapped around each other jerking each other's now disheveled hair.

Aimee, on one of their violent rolls across the floor managed to roll on top. She quickly sit up and straddled the wildly gyrating little wife, Beth.

Now on the bottom, the angry little brown haired Phillipeno, Beth bucked her tiny hips up trying in vain to throw Aimee off. Her sexy little yellow panties were on full display.

However, Aimee remained mounted astride Beth's stomach, to stay. She was now firmly astraddle of Beth, sitting on her midriff at her tiny waist.

Aimee's beautiful white knees now pressed into a distraught Beth's brown hairy armpits.

Beth fought back desperately from underneath, her yellow panties now twisted, pulled to one side revealing one of Beth's brown hair covered labia majora lips.

"Gosh! This is so sexy!" one of the husbands said, as he drank in the sight of Beth's beautiful brown thighs gaping open as they watched her struggle.

Beth's little brown thighs were now sprawled wide apart providing a sexy erotic view to all the watching men and women.

Aimee continued to pull and jerk Beth's hair. Almost in tears, Beth realized she had lost. Aimee just wanting it to end, asked Beth.

"Have you had enough yet? Would you like to give up? "

Almost crying, a thoroughly exhausted and defeated Beth uttered a simple "Yes."

After sitting astride her victim for a few moments longer to savor her victory, Aimee got off Beth and got to her feet.

Everyone applauded! The Erotic club now had two new members. Aimee and Beth embraced each other warmly.

""Are you okay," Aimee whispered to Beth as she reached down and pulled Beth to a sitting position. They embraced. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to win so we could get it over with as soon as possible."

"I know," Beth, whispered back, wiping tears from her eyes. "Me too. You were too big for me anyway. If we had really been fighting, though; I bet I could have beaten you." Beth added with a little giggle.

"You think so, huh?" Aimee giggled, giving the smaller wife a hug. "In your dreams, you little bitch," she whispered in Beth's ear with a little laugh.

Now that it was over, the men were anxious to see some erotic action and were all starting to ask, "What about the consequence?"

"Aimee," Kelly laughed, "You're supposed to make Beth do an erotic consequence."

"I don't know anything about stuff like that," Aimee protested, trying to let Beth off the hook.

"Well... , you could take her yellow panties as a prize for winning for starters?" one suggested.

"Yeah, rip them off her little pek pek," Aimee's husband suggested. Pushing Beth flat on her back, Aimee's little fingers went after Beth's little yellow panties, much to the crowd's delight.

"Stop... ! I can take my own panties off," Beth said angrily with a trace of bitterness in her voice. With that, she raised her sexy thighs off the rug and slowly slipped her yellow panties down seductively.

Smiling, at her husband, who was taking it all in right along with the other husbands, she giggled with embarrassment, but slid them off over her tiny ankles.

Well, here goes, Beth thought, as she smiled shyly up at all the husbands watching her brazen sexy performance.

Laughing to herself, she thought, there's not one of them looking at me, that wouldn't like to fuck me right now. My brown hairy pek pek certainly has captured their attention!

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