Sammi's Response to Her Test

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Heterosexual, DomSub, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: The report from Sammi after her test of obedience.. the previous Sammi story.

Here is the on-line report you ordered me to give...

Our meeting started off bad and just got worse. All day your worthless little slut was anxious and nervous that everything should be perfect for my meeting with my future master. When I woke up at 8.00am (45 minutes late I may add) I was rushing to catch up and spilt black coffee over the very white semi transparent blouse I was supposed to wear for our meeting.

I had no time to drop it off to be cleaned or anything, the buses were busy resulting in me being an hour late at work, luckily my boss was not due in today, and so I managed to get away with that. I ordered some sandwiches for lunch and manage to drop them as I opened the packaging. So I skipped lunch, barely managed enough time to grab something to eat after work. As the day went on my nerves began getting the better of me.

Master, I was really beginning to think I should cancel our meeting as everything that could go wrong did. But I was determined not to annoy you, so I really could not take the chance on cancelling.

I set off in good time to our arranged rendezvous, then the first bus never turned up and the next one was thirty minutes later, hence me, hurrying through the park gates, when I saw the figure sat on the bench. I glanced at my watch and could not be really sure it was you, as I was really late. I took the chance and thought how handsome you looked as I approached, you seemed to have a kindly face and it reassured me to actually approach you.

As arranged I stopped to ask you for directions, when you gave me the directions you were so matter of fact about them I was still not sure if it was you or not. I then walked away thinking that I had messed up my chance, I genuinely thought you would not have waited so long for me to arrive after our agreed time; my heart skipped several beats as I saw you stand and begin walking towards me. Then you stopped I front of me and it was not until I heard your voice that I knew it was you and you had waited for your stupid late slut!

I agreed to your sitting down, but my heart was pounding in my throat as I waited to hear your demands. You sounded so angry when you told me I was late, I almost lost my voice as I tried to explain about the bus not turning up. My legs turned to jelly as you commanded your worthless cum bucket to stand and I was really worried about been seen as you order my skirt raised. Although I was worried it excited me no end to be exhibiting myself to you in public this way.

I was exhilarated and randy as hell when you made me walk into the bushes to remove my underwear, the thought of being discovered topless or with my skirt up around my waist and knickers around my ankles really got the old juices flowing. I almost hoped you would follow me into the bushes. I would gladly have stayed in the bushes and sucked you off, if my lord and master had only followed me in to the bushes.

I was quite alarmed when on the pathway in full view of anyone who happened to be passing; you pulled up my skirt, and were becoming even more worried when you criticized my bushy cunt, I almost expected you to produce a razor and make me stand there shaving my pubes off. Instead you did the most wonderful thing Master you slipped a finger into my wanton cunt, while I was still openly on view to you; I nearly came on the spot. Then the walk to the roadway with two thirds of my butt cheeks on display did nothing to calm my nerves or my hormone levels.

I was both embarrassed and very excited when that old boy told me I was flashing but I did see he had a large bulge in his trousers as he told me about it and that in its self cranked up my hormone levels even further. That sent my pulses up another forty notches, I swear my lord and master, that it would have taken the merest touch of your finger on my clit at that point and your cum slut would have flooded your hands with her pussy juices.

When you explained your demands for my test, as we stood outside the adult shop, I wanted very much to run away and avoid doing the test, but believe me, master my legs would not move, it was as though you had hypnotized them to do only your bidding and ignore my wishes.

Every word of your test for me was burned deep into my mind, I was to be an unpaid whore and collect used condoms like a little slut trash can, that feeling was the greatest I could ever hope to experience while I still felt really dirty and cheap doing it. I was nervous as to what the shop owner would do or say but he looked a kind man and so I dived in the deep end determined to carry out your wishes. Knowing you were in the shop watching your slut carry out your demands made the task all that much harder and yet much more exciting and hornier to carry out.

I kept thinking, what were you thinking of about me, was I pleasing you, did I make you proud of your cum slut, as I successively filled the twelve condoms, and I wondered if you could tell and know or even cared that I managed three cums of my own. When the guys insisted on another round of blowjobs and in coming all over my face, I was as close to heaven as it was possible to be without being dead, I was worried in case you were going to punish me for getting too far into the act as a cum whore.

Then the Shop owner surprised me when shoved the butt plug up my arse and the Venus penis was attached to my clit. I was sure he would demand payment for the toys, or demand I perform even more degrading acts to pay for the toys and never in my wildest fantasizes did I expect him to give them to me.

When I was finally ready to leave, the fact I had been kneeling for so long and the fact that the toys were having their effect on Me, I nearly fell over as my legs refused to support me, two of the guys seized the opportunity of supporting me to grab and pinch my nipples, they even manage to twist them bring me closer to another cum, before they left.

I thought you were being really kind master as you wiped my face clean on my thong, but I should have known better, the taste as you popped them into my mouth thrilled me like nothing ever before. That single act of making your abused cum slut suck the evidence from her own thong panties, made me feel closer to my lord and master than anything else.

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