Seduced by my Boss

by R

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A quiet, arerage, guy works in an office with a female boss. One morning his boring life is changed forever when he has an encounter in the parking garage with his boss.

Just like every morning for the last five years he awoke alone to the ringing of the alarm clock. He mindlessly followed the same routine; shower, shave, get dressed, have breakfast, then off to work. On the drive to his job he had the same fantasy. His boss was a very mature woman but was very, very hot. She never wore pants to work. She managed to dress both businesslike and sexy at the same time. I would watch her walk around the office; I would sneak quick glances at her firm, round, ass. I was sure that if she caught me I would get fired at the least.

I circled the garage until I found a space in a dimly lit corner. As I stepped out of the car I realized that I had a full blown hardon from thinking about Ms. Jones my boss. I adjusted my cock so it ran down the left side of my pants and walked to the stairway. When I stepped out of the stairs I noticed that Ms. Jones had just pulled in. She opened her door and stepped out with one foot just as I was passing. Her skirt had slid up her legs and when I looked over she had one foot out of her car and her legs open fairly wide. She was turned the other way like she was looking for something. My eyes worked their way up the inside of her thighs and when they came to the top they almost popped out of his head. His boss wasn't wearing panties and he was looking right at her completely shaved pussy!

He was so lost in what he was seeing that he didn't realize Ms. Jones had turned around. When he looked up she was looking right in his eyes. For what seemed like forever she just stared and didn't say a word. "So now you know that your boss doesn't wear panties", she said. He tried to apologize but she stopped him. "Did you like what you saw"? Even though she had turned around and caught him looking she hadn't closed her legs. Then she looked down at the obvious bulge in his crotch. "From what I can see it looks like you did", said softly. The she looked back in his eyes and gave him a slight smile.

She got out of her car and walked over to him. "You'd better not tell anyone what you just saw". As she walked by him her hip brushed softly against his cock. "MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm", she purred, and walked away. He stood there totally shocked at what had just happened.

Walking through the large office to his desk he could feel the eyes of a couple of the secretaries on the bulge in his pants as he went passed their desks. He finally got to his little cubicle and settled in behind his desk. His cock was throbbing in his pants and he gave it a quick rub before trying to get to work. His computer had messages so he went on to check his mail. There was only one message and it was from his boss. It was marked, confidential. He looked around to make sure nobody was around then opened it up. "I want to see you in my office right away", was all it said. He deleted the message and shut the computer. As he walked down the hall he figured that she decided to fire him after all.

When he got to the secretaries desk he was told to have a seat. He sat there for almost ten minutes trying to hide what was going on in his pants. He was finally told to go in and he took a deep breath as he walked through the door. "Have a seat", she ordered. I sat down and she walked around me to the door. I heard the click of the lock then the sound of her high heels as she walked back to her desk. Leaning against the front of the desk in front of me she leaned back and pressed the intercom button. "I want absolutely no interruptions", she barked into the mic. Then she sat on the desk crossed leg in front of my face.

"I thought about what happened in the garage ", she began. "I really don't know if I can trust you". He started to try to reassure her but she stopped him. "Talk is cheap". "I need a guarantee". She uncrossed her legs and crossed them the other way. When she did I caught a quick glimpse of her slit. "If you want to keep working here then you'll have to agree to do what ever I tell you to". He quickly accepted her terms and wondered what she was thinking. Her eyes fell to his crotch. "I want to see what's making that bulge in your pants". He just stood there dumbfounded. "I'm waiting", she demanded. His hands fumbled with his zipper as he slid it down. His hand found his cock and he slowly pulled it free. When he took his hand away it stood straight out and pulsed.

He was standing in his boss's office with his throbbing cock sticking straight out in front of him. The fantasy of fucking her had been one he had over and over for a very long time and in his mind he knew exactly what he would do. This was very different. She was the one that was in control and although he wanted to just bend her over her desk and slam his cock into her he couldn't, and he was as nervous as a teenage school boy. She uncrossed her legs and sat in front of him with her legs parted starring at his cock. "I bet you've stroked that monster and fantasized about me quite a few times haven't you ", she asked. He couldn't speak so he just nodded. "I thought so". "Show me how you did it", she ordered. He reached down and started slowly stroking himself. "Do it nice and slow, and you'd better not cum until I tell you to", she told him.

In spite of his fear he stood there slowly jerking off in front of his boss. She spread her legs wider and slid her skirt all the way up. He tried not to look but his eyes kept finding their way to her shaved pussy. "Go ahead and look", she told him. Then she slid her finger along the lips and put it in his mouth. "Does it taste as good as it looks"? Again he could only nod. "Why don't you get a good taste," she said as she grabbed his head and pulled his face between her legs. "I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum, and you'd better do a good job", she warned him.

She tasted sweeter than he ever dreamed she would and he started licking and sucking her cunt in earnest. His mouth moved from her lips to her clit and she moaned as he sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue over it. He was on his knees in front of her and she had her legs wrapped around his head. Her moans grew louder as her worked at her soaking wet pussy. She started rolling her hips and grinding her pussy hard against his mouth. She was breathing hard and he could tell she was going to cum soon. All at once she grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face hard into her cunt. Her body spasmed as her orgasm swept over her.

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