Cousin Fuck


Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cousins, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: I fuck my female cousin to pieces. And she loves it.

I was maybe 18 then with raging hormones as they say. The summer came and in moved my cousin Nivedita. She was 3 years my senior and was going to join a professional college in my city. Well I was going to have to share my room wit her and i was not complaining. She was a sexy girl with a lovely figure. Though short she had nice thighs and a round arse, so round that even a latina might go green with envy. I spent many nights wanking thinking of her pussy and her sexy bod. I wasn't bad looking either, but wait there was something all the girls like. My massive prick!! The fucking apparatus stood 8 inches long when erect and looked like a tree trunk. It was out of proportion to my slender frame and there hung two large testicles in their sack below my dong. I had quite a bit of hair too especially over my thighs and pubic area.

The day dawned and my lovely cousin arrived. I was already hard just thinking of her and when i saw her i couldnt believe my eyes. She was a lovely woman now, with wheatish complexion, gorgeous boobs and thighs to die for.

I showed her to my room and she said "I am so sorry to bother you like this. Im encroaching upon your privacy. "I went "no no no... it's a pleasure, believe me, it really is. "She went"thats nice of you." She hugged me at that point and i felt her soft lovely body as my hands roamed over her back perilously close to her hips. She froze as my huge boner stabbed at her left thigh. UHHH... she exclaimed as she quickly withdrew from her embrace face flushed.

That was it. I was determined, come what may she was going to be my fuck girl. I was going to seed this unbelievably sexy bitch with my babymaker.

Days passed and we started to get comfy in my room. She maintained a decent distance though I made sure she got a view of my prick somehow or other way. I would roam around in my briefs, or I would were pyjamas without any underwear inside. We even danced once and i tried cropping a feel of her thighs as i slowly rubbed my dong onto her ass crack. She would somehow get out of my way without being rude. This made me even more despo. An idea dawned one day. I knew she was interested but was being a prude. I decided to hide in the room. It was evening and she came. She entered the room calling out to me. I didn't reply. She did not know i was hiding. Thinking to be alone she started to strip. Before my eyes was standing a naked young goddess, with huge firm boobs, erect nipples, a shaved fleshy cunt. Oh the smell of her juices...

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