An Angie story - #5 Angie's New Beginning

by msboy8

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slavery, Humor, BDSM, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Oral Sex, Body Modification, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Angie is no longer directly or indirectly working for Law Enforcement. This gives her plenty of time to lie on the beach, but the rent is due and Angie needs a job. Follow along and 'see' Angie's delicious set of Ta-Tas and her "Last?" adventure.

This story is a work of fiction, and friction, any resemblance to living, dead, or undead people is merely a coincidence. This story may not be used for wrapping fish or any other commercial endeavor without the author's expressed permission.

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An overzealous assistant district attorney had shut down the strip club due to 'overt sexual activity'. It didn't matter that the DWI arrests were at an all time low. The liquor license was also pulled and Angie's, California's and John's dreams had gone up in smoke. Now Angie was at a loss of what to do. She had kept the apartment across from the beach, only now she paid the rent and not the Police department. How am I gonna keep up with the rent? California's brain was fried by too much sun and John is acting like a stud horse for the harem he collected. Neither of them have time for me, so I've got to move on with my life. It was so much easier just doing what I was told.

Angie still sunbathed nude on the beach in the morning. She made it a point to stay away from the Russians. I don't know and I don't want to find out if they blame me for Viktor's death. Instead she bared herself by the local Life Guard stand and they would help oil her up, which was good. What was bad is that they were all gay and weren't interested in her. I was having sex every night and now it's like sex has been outlawed; I feel like I couldn't get fucked if I lay naked in the middle of the Freeway!... Naw, it would never work.

A bus went by as she was turning over. A sign on the side of the bus caught her eye and she ran beside the bus trying to get the phone number. All of the men on the bus were tempted by her bouncing boobies and they frantically pushed the signaling strip to get the bus to stop so they could get off. The bus driver beset with the constant buzzing frowned then checked his mirrors. Once he saw Angie running naked beside his bus, he slammed on the brakes. Angie got the number off the sign and turned around to jog back to get on her bikini. Also, the '65 Mustang convertible rear-ended the bus, which had stopped without signaling. It wasn't entirely the bus driver's fault, the driver of the 'Stang should have known not to tailgate a bus! Angie heard the accident and shook her pretty head. Do they even check people out before they let them drive? Someone could get hurt!

Angie covered her sensual body with her swimsuit, but if anything it made her more alluring. She skipped across the road and heard the squeals of brakes as the stunned drivers stopped their cars, unwilling to damage the host of those beautiful bouncing breasts. Angie shook her head again. Maybe it's just California drivers.

She rushed into her bungalow to call before she forgot the number. A voice in respectful tones said, "Brightston Security, where may I direct your call?"

"Yes, I saw your ad on the side of a bus and I would like to get a job with you."

The lady at the other end of line suddenly went cold, so cold that the handset actually felt chilly to Angie. "I see, well you can come down to our offices in Culver City. It's on one of major bus routes, so you should be able to get there." She gave Angie the address then rang off without saying goodbye. Angie didn't think twice about it and wrote the address down. Tomorrow I will go down there and get a job, then all my problems will be solved!

The next morning Angie debated on what to wear. She wanted to make a good impression and become a 'Personal Security Agent', just like the ad said. She finally decided that she would dress professionally, like on the job. She skipped the bra, wore black stockings, a white dress shirt, a police dress skirt and two inch pumps. She left of the badge and didn't wear her police hat. Angie admired herself in the mirror and decided that she looked very professional. How can they not hire me? I have lots of experience, extra training and I look like a 'Personal Security Agent' already.

Angie stood at the bus stop trying to ignore the taunts about her clothes. A couple of scruffy looking teenage boys were teasing her about her huge tits; they were especially prominent without a bra. Her all over deep tan ensured that they showed blatantly through her white cotton blouse. What was worse, all the attention to her bountiful breasts had excited her and her nipples were standing on end. This is almost as bad as the teasing I got at the Police Academy. Although I knew the girls didn't really mean it, I was embarrassed.

Angie was happy when the bus finally arrived and she raced to get on. She stumbled as she climbed the steps, almost falling into the driver. Much to her chagrin, the driver put his hands over his face and said, "Be careful girlie-girl, you could put an eye out!" Angie blushed as she walked down the aisle. All of the seats were taken, so she resigned herself to standing up and holding onto the overhead rail. Angie thought what the driver had done and grew angry. That driver pretended he was scared, but I saw his eye peeking out between his fingers. Men are all alike, don't they know that women have breasts?

The motions of the bus were doing marvelous things to Angie's massive mammaries. They were perched up on display by her having to hang on to the handrail for dear life. Every bump, start, stop or shift caused her titties to dance to and fro ensuring that her nipples stayed very erect and jutted out like two pristine mountain peaks.

The bus ride had been one thrill after another, at least for the boys and men riding on the bus. In fact several were so enraptured by Angie's quivering mounds that they missed their stops. It came to a head when the driver almost rear-ended a school bus; it seems he was having trouble keeping his eyes on the road. I gotta get off this bus! I've heard of hiring the handicapped, but this is crazy!

Angie shook her head and mentioned to an older woman sitting near her, "I really don't know where they are getting bus drivers these days." Angie reached over and pushed the signaling strip to let the driver know that she wanted off at the next stop. The bus driver was still flustered and he missed the next stop. Angie sighed in dismay and began pushing the buzzer strip again and again. The constant buzzing finally woke the driver up and he stopped at the next bus stop. As the bus shuddered to a stop, Angie made her way to the rear door, which had opened for her. The obnoxious teens were sitting by the door, one of them eating powdered donettes. A quick slap on the butt left a white handprint on the back of Angie's dark blue skirt. She stumbled down the steps while glaring back at the laughing boys. What has happened to youth today? They are so disrespectful.

An almost audible sigh could be heard from the bus as it pulled away. Angie looked at the note she had written the security company's address on. She looked up, got her bearings and marched off to the nearby office building. She heard snickering and muted conversations as she walked past people, the hand print on her skirt showing a less than professional side of the buxom young woman. That is it; as soon as I get some money I'm moving to Arizona. Californians are just getting too strange. I will have to get a house near the beach though, I just love the Beach!

It was an excited, but nervous Angie that entered the air-conditioned waiting room of Brightston Security. Everything was so shiny and modern. The police station was never this clean. The receptionist gave her a clipboard with a form on it to fill out. Luck was on Angie's side, there was a pen attached. She was sitting at one end of the plush waiting room filling out the form. The receptionist had told her to hand the clipboard to the next lady and to attach her resume to it. Angie was worried because she didn't have a resume to attach and her nipples, which had shrunk after the end of the stimulating bus ride, were again starting to blossom due to the air-conditioned room. I wish my body would make up its mind.

Soon Angie's name was called and she entered the office of a small framed brunette that was professionally dressed in a grey pants suit. Brrrr, though Angie, this office is even cooler than the waiting room. The woman instructed her to sit and reached for the clipboard. The lady noticed Angie's erect nipples. "It seems that you are excited by the prospect of working for us." She pursed her thin lips as she read over the form Angie had filled out.

"Not bad, you might have some promise working for us." She held up the clipboard, "Where is your resume?" Angie explained that she didn't have one. The woman tisk-tisked and told Angie that the resume was very important. "It will tell us what work experience you have had as well as any training you have received. Without that information we cannot consider you for employment." Angie grew frantic and started to rattle off what she had done since she became a Sheriff's Deputy.

The owner of the company liked to know what was going on, so he had hidden microphones everywhere. He was listening when Angie told of her work undercover with the LAPD Vice Squad. His ears perked up as he heard this. Viktor Rostovitch was a cousin of his and he wanted revenge on the slut that had killed him. He immediately called the interviewer on the phone and instructed her to hire this woman, no matter what her qualifications were.

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