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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Her eyes switched between her friend and me - and each time I caught them the light was brighter, two emeralds sparkling at me, talking to me. I wasn't sure what her eyes were saying - but they weren't asking me to leave her alone.

I noticed the dress first. It was a simple shape, off-white with bold, coloured highlights. The woman wearing it looked stunning - and that was before she turned and caught me staring. Her eyes flicked past mine as she scanned the room but quickly returned to me - so I could see them dilate with each moment hers glared back. I didn't think I was really one for green eyes but I was captivated by hers.

She looked away, distracted by the conversation of her friend - I glanced across at the companion, but she had not seen me looking. I was eager to catch her beautiful eyes again and whilst she feigned looking around the room, my captor gave herself away as her eyes jumped too quickly to my own. I could not help but break into a broad grin - and her right eye glinted at me, before she returned to her animated friend.

I'm rarely confident with women - I never know how to introduce myself without it sounding either like a formal business meeting or an invitation to bed: it's not usually intended as either extreme though I have had a handful of misinterpretations. The bruise from the last one had faded only a few days earlier...

My momentary lapse in concentration over, I realised I was still staring - and she was now trying hard not to stare right back. Her eyes switched between her friend and me - and each time I caught them the light was brighter, two emeralds sparkling at me, talking to me. I wasn't sure what her eyes were saying - but they weren't asking me to leave her alone. I was confident that any rebuffal I was about to get would be polite - or at least, non-violent.

"Excuse me..."

They both turned to see who had interrupted them - and those eyes blazed to me, joined quickly by a barely suppressed grin; her friend was less happy.

"I just wanted to tell you that you look fabulous in that dress - and your amazing eyes are dazzling. If you're interested in telling me what makes them sparkle like that, I'd love to know."

I handed her a bit of paper with my number hastily scribbled and began to walk towards the exit. "Call me. Please." I added, already out of the door - but not so quick that I didn't notice she looked more than a little impressed - and her friend alternated a dropped jaw stare between my green-eyed goddess and me.

I swaggered down the stairs, a grin permanent on my face and no sooner had the sounds of the street filled my head, I felt a buzzing in my jacket pocket. Reaching in for my phone, I was surprised to see a message arrive already. I didn't recognise the number, but I was looking forward to adding it to the top of my address book.

"They sparkle when I c something I like" was all it said.

Looking for reassurance, I replied instantly:

"They sparkled lots when u saw me looking at u"

It buzzed again almost immediately. I wondered if her swift fingers would be as magical on me. Just one word this time:


I looked up at the balcony, wondering if she was watching me from above - I couldn't see her.

"What happens when u c what u want?" I teased.

"Other things sparkle" she replied mysteriously.

"What things?!" I questioned.

She must have thought about whether to send me her reply - I had to wait a minute or so for the three words:

"I get wet"

My grin disappeared. I turned back into the bar and jumped up three steps at a time. My head moved impossibly fast scanning the room for her eyes but she had already found me - arresting my eyes with her own, leaning against a pillar a few feet away. I got to her a second after her friend returned with a couple of drinks. I looked into those brilliant eyes, glanced across to her friend and grabbed one of the glasses, throwing its burning contents down my throat. I handed the glass back and with the electricity crackling between our eyes, I kissed her.

Her pupils were so big I could hardly see the glistening malachite - but then her eyelids closed, and as her tongue wrapped itself around mine, she moaned softly into my mouth. Her friend hissed into her ear.

"Haze! What are you doing?!"

My new friend reluctantly broke contact, the sight of her tongue between her teeth an easily understood sign of what we were doing.

"Shush," she whispered back, "don't get jealous Jen..." and then her arms wrapped around my neck and I could not refuse her open mouth. My hands roamed around her back and pulled her body closer to mine - I could feel the heat through that dress - and I could feel where it was hottest: her right leg hooking subtly around my left ankle, her radiator further stirring my underwear. She came up for air, suggested we move to the balcony and I readily agreed.

Jen followed, the expression on her face a strange mixture of interested and concerned - I wondered for a second if I was an experiment in some bizarre Friday night game, but a hand on my zipper diverted my thoughts.

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