Being Pretty For Princess

by Phoenix Rising

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, CrossDressing, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A newly awakened woman receives her first male lover with the blessing of her Mistress. Has use of toys and creampies.

Oh no, I thought, my Princess will be arriving shortly and I still haven't even shaved my legs yet.

In a panic, I went to the bathroom and ran a very hot bath. As soon as I stepped in, it was almost as if I was in another world. My name, Stephanie, echoed through my head as I reached for the razor and shaving creme. Being generous, I lathed on the creme and started to shave quickly lest my Princess arrived early. I don't know what I had been thinking, but I had been distracted for quite a while because of all the stress that seemed to be occurring in my life. Before I knew it, I was finished shaving and was patting myself dry. I chuckled as I thought Now I know why women pat themselves dry, it is too hard to wipe yourself. Thankfully, I had already done my nails, cleaning under them and painting them a nice hot pink color on both my toes and fingers. Looking at them, I smiled and looked at myself in the mirror. I realized one other thing that I had screwed up looking at my 5 o'clock shadow. Using the shaving creme once more I quickly took my razor to it. Once I was finished, I grabbed my red "fuck me" lipstick and being careful not to spread it around too much, traced my lips and started to see Stephanie emerging once more. I took my eyeliner and added just a hint of color to bring out my eyes and finished with some blush to accentuate my cheeks even more. Now for the hard part, I thought to myself. I went to my closet and grabbed a skirt and blouse alongside of my panties, bra, and falsies. Someday, I would love to be able to afford implants but for the time being I resign myself to using the plastic imitations. At least I got my adhesive for free, I chuckled. Being careful, I pulled on my thong and felt it press up against my "pussy." Then I used the adhesive to put my falsies on and followed with my bra and blouse. Finally, I took my brush and started to style my hair using plenty of mousse to be able to keep it in place. Even with all the hair spray that was out on the market nowadays, I still liked being able to style my hair while it dried because the spray was just too hard, in my opinion. Finally I was done. Stepping back, I looked and saw something else entirely gazing back at me. Smiling, I said, "Hello, Stephanie. Welcome back."

Within a minute of me finishing, I heard a knock at the door and glancing at the clock realized that I had just finished in time. I walked to the door and when I opened it, my wonderful Princess was beaming in pleasure at my appearance. She had never met Stephanie before and I know that she wondered how she looked like. Well, I told her yesterday that she could meet her today if she so desired. You should have heard her giggle in anticipation. It still sends such a nice shiver down my spine.

"Please, cum inside. Is there anything that you would like to drink?"

As soon as she entered and closed the door, her appearance underwent a subtle change. If I hadn't known before, I would have not been looking for it, but it seemed that my Princess had quite the surprise for me today. Even worse, she started to smile and it didn't look very nice. Oh shit, here it comes.

"Well, it seems my little slut really does look passable. Well, this certainly opens some possibilities. Come over here and bend over, slut."

I walk over to her and bend over for her. She chuckles at my choice of panties, and then moves the string to the side. "First off, we need something to stretch out your pussy. I still don't know what you can take, but we will start with this." She throws a little lube on me and starts to impale my pussy with something thick and hard. Oh my god, what is this? Finally, my Princess seems to be satisfied and putting the string over it walks back around. I am bent over still and my face must be something funny because she starts to laugh.

"What, you don't like it. I only chose a medium size butt plug. I thought that small was just too small for a slut that you are. So, get used to it. You are going to be wearing that at all times now so that when I decide to find you a real man, he won't have any problems fucking your pussy. Now come over here, seeing you in such a state is turning me on." She takes off her pants and panties. I gape at her pussy and know that I will never have that. I am just humiliated that she still shows me her pussy. She tends to keep her tits hidden, but her pussy is natural and she uses its power of me every time. Well, I am her little slut and I still need to know all I can about pussy. I crawl over to her and getting to the edge of the bed, she spreads her legs. "Suck me, slut. If you do a good enough job, I will let you cum." I lean in and her pussy seems to overwhelm my senses. I still have an easier time eating my own cum than licking pussy. However, her wish is my command. I point my tongue and start to slide it around her lips. I try to take my time since normally my Princess is just content to sit back and wait for her orgasm. This time, everything is different because she grabs the back of my head and pushes it hard up against her lips. I suddenly realize what she means that she is more dominant with females than males. I start to attack her clit and shove my tongue up inside of her. Her juices taste different and I pause trying to figure out what it is. However, at that opportunity, my nose buries itself next to my Princess' clit and she cums hard. Her thighs seem to take on an unearthly strength as they force my head even further into her hole. I merely keep my mouth open and suck for all I am worth, trying hard to capture every bit of her juices. Again, I taste something else and wonder what is going on. That is in the back of my mind though until she finally starts to come down from cumming.

"Oh, my slut is a good pussy eater as well. I hope that you enjoyed your surprise, slut. You really enjoyed sucking out the spunk of a real man, didn't you? You are a cum-loving slut and need it however I give it to you, don't you?"

"Y-y-yes, Princess. I am a cum loving slut and want you to feed me whenever possible. I wish that sometimes I had it straight from the source sometimes even."

"Well, since I have cum, I suppose I am in a good enough mood. Lay down on the bed, slut." Knowing what is about to happen, or so I think, I lay down on my belly. She puts all the restraints on me and pays close attention to the butt plug. Finally satisfied with me not being able to move, she puts her strap-on on and I start to grin at being ridden once again. She takes out a blindfold and puts it on.

"I know that you aren't going to be quiet so I brought something else to shut you up." She walks to the door and opens it and I feel the stomp of a man come into my apartment.

"Damn, nice looking broad you have there." I gasp, not even beginning to understand what my Princess plans now.

"Yep, she is my little slut. Now shove your cock into her mouth so that she can stay quiet while I fuck her pussy."

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