by Pele

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Swinging, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, White Female, First, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: During nasty divorce, Mom offers her adult son comfort and release to bridge a difficult time in his life

When I was 38 years old, M, my wife of 18 years and I broke up in a very nasty divorce. My mother never liked M and was glad to see her gone. The court fight was very depressing. I had to sell our home in a distress sale and moved into a small apartment. My mother helped me to set up the apartment and in the late afternoon we sat down together for a cup of coffee.

At that time my mother was 62 years old, but in very good shape for her age. She was not very tall, 5' 2", 130#, with nice smooth skin. She always complained about the weight of her heavy breasts (34DD). She had been divorced since I was in high school almost 20 years ago.

When I was a young boy, I peeked at Mom when she walked naked to and from the bathroom. At night, I jerked off thinking about her big boobs and hairy pussy.

As we were drinking our coffee, Mother offered to move in, to keep house for me. She suggested that we could both save money. As delicately as I could, I reminded her that I was a healthy sexual man and would have women staying with me from time to time.

Matter-of-factly, Mother asked how long it had it been since I had sex with a woman. I replied that it had been 2 months. She replied that was not healthy for a man to go that long, then without any warning, she astonished me by saying, "Open your pants. I'll give you a blow job."

I almost fell off the chair. She said, "Well, Yes or No?"

I asked, "Are you serious?" She replied in the affirmative, got up from her chair, knelt in front of me and began unfastening my belt buckle. She unzipped my fly and tugged down my pants and underpants.

Mother's hands discovered my penis, then pushed my knees apart. She alternately blew her warm breath and delivered wet tongue licks to my growing erection. When I was fully hard, she took my testicles in her left hand, gripped my cock shaft with her right hand and placed her wet mouth over my cock head. She squeezed, stroked, and sucked, squeezed, stroked and sucked my throbbing cock. She was a great cocksucker!

Quickly, all too quickly, I threw my head back with a mighty groan, shoved my crotch into Mom's face and delivered burst after burst of come into Mom's welcoming mouth. My head was spinning. I was in ecstasy and agony.

She continued sucking and licking gently until my heart calmed and my penis shrank to normal.

I didn't know what to say except, "Thanks, Mom"

She smiled then gave me another shock, by adding, "I know that you will need a reliable source of sex for a while, until you find the right woman to have a full relationship. I will satisfy your sexual needs during that time, if you want. I am sure that the blowjob I just gave you only took the edge off your sexual frustration. Would you like me to spend the night with you?"

My voice failed me, my yes reply was a strangled croak.

"Now?" she asked.

Sensibly, I replied, "Yes." My cock was already throbbing to attention again.

Mom reached down, gripped my penis and led me to the bedroom. I stepped out of my pants and followed the leader.

In the bedroom, Mom offered that her body was no longer beautiful. Did I want her to stay partially dressed, for example to wear her bra? She volunteered that her breasts had sagged since she remembered me peeking at her when I was a kid.

In reply, I unbuttoned her blouse, reached behind her to release the bra clasp and buried my face into her lush titflesh. My muffled voice re-assured her that part of her duties in satisfying my sexual needs was for me to enjoy her beautiful breasts. I pulled off my shirt and removed Mom's jeans and under panties.

I laid Mom gently on the bed, kissed her mouth, ears, neck, breasts, nipples and her belly. In spite of working all day, she still had that sweet smell and taste I remembered from childhood.

Lust took over then. I firmly parted her thighs, pressed my face into her pubic bush and licked her cunt. Her vaginal lips spread and she began lubricating. I licked her clit and slipped two fingers into her vagina. I stroked her G spot and sucked on her clit.

Mom began squirming on the bed. She reminded me that it had been a long time since she had sex too. She pleaded with me to put my cock into her. She wanted to have her orgasm with my cock inside her.

I covered her Missionary Style, gripping one huge breast in each hand and humped her with all the strength I had. She met me thrust for thrust. Her cunt tightened around my erection and gripped my root. I realized that Mom was a fantastic sex partner.

We both grunted, groaned, stiffened and had a simultaneous spectacular orgasm. A dozen more convulsive twitches followed then we slipped into the rich afterglow of sexual satisfaction. It took a few minutes before I realized that my entire body weight was crushing Mom into the bed. But when I tried to move she held me close to her. This time, Mom thanked me first.

I got up to pee. Mom rinsed her pussy area in the shower, then went off naked to the kitchen to make dinner for us. Over her shoulder, she commented, now you can look all you want.

And I did enjoy the view of her.

Mom made us a light dinner, then afterward we returned to bed for a more gentle, exploratory sexual session. Mom offered to perform any sex act that M used to do for me and that she was willing to do anything else that I "needed". If I wanted to fuck her tits, ass or any other part, in any way at all, she was happy to provide. I told her that I did not do anal and that was part of the problem with M. She liked it and wanted it. And I didn't!

Again I enjoyed exercising Mom's tits and unloaded another splash of my best cum into her pussy.

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