African Officials And How They Take Advantage

by expatdad

Copyright┬ę 2007 by expatdad

Erotica Sex Story: Please forgive the 'odd' way of writing this story of how the need to please an african offical went too far when he taught their daughter to suck his black cock, before taking her virginity.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Interracial   White Couple   Black Male   .


Several friends and acquaintances told us of affairs with government officials usually at the urging of their husbands to help them obtain permits, like renewal of work permits, exchange control licenses, even driving licenses for teenagers. Work permits were particularly difficult to obtain since it involved several departments.

First, a certificate was needed proving that the expatriate was training an African understudy. This involved the Ministry of Education. Next, it had to be shown that no African was available to replace the expat, i.e., Ministry of Labor. Finally, Immigration had to give their blessing. All those "chores" could be moved along if a pretty wife applied in person.

Sometimes a house party would be arranged and the guests were suitably "entertained." For appearances, the wife was "shocked" at the blunt proposals and the husband pretending to be horrified that she was to be bedded to further his requirements. Even when we talked with friends, the tenor was usually, "But you know how it is... you have to make the best of it."

Yes, of course, make the best of it... while his wife squeals with pleasure and excitement at the African cock ramming up inside her! Repeatedly through the night and in the morning, too, with a surprised nubile daughter at the breakfast table being eyed up. The official wondering how far this couple could be pushed. Husband packed off to work while his wife entertains further to the further shock and sexual curiosity of the daughter.

Later, he swims naked in the family pool, making no effort to hide his "equipment" from the youngster in the pool. Horsing around with the willing wife, hands running gently over the young teenage girl exploring her shy timid charms when she joins in the horseplay. Washing off with under the shower with a hard, erect cock. Goggle-eyed daughter. Embarrassed wife tries to persuade him to cover himself, to amused laughter from the African. He strips her costume off and plays with her body exciting the "protesting" woman. Pushing her to her knees, his intention obvious.

Wife eyes everywhere, trying to hide his cock from her daughter, embarrassed at what she knows she is about to do. Eventually, it is in her mouth, and she's sucking and licking. He orders her eyes to shut.

After a few moments, he indicates to the lovely nubile girl to come closer. Curious, she swims over, knowing her mother's eyes are shut and can't see her watching, she is all eyes herself. Staring at the long thick black cock disappearing into the pretty white face of her mother. Soft lips sucking, and tongue licking.

African hands moulding white breasts, grinning laughing eyes, nervous arousal, uncertainty, excitement, she watches. The wife sucks, gently strokes his balls, caresses his bottom and pulls his cock ever deeper into her mouth.

After 10 minutes or so of this, he waves the girl out of the pool, and towards them. After some silent eye communication and a mental power struggle, she leaves the pool, nervous, unsure, but wanting something to happen. She approaches, a raised hand stops her dead. With his hands he silently indicates for her to take her swimming costume off. Alarm, concern, excitement run through her! She glances at her mother, who is still kneeling, eyes shut, and sucking. She looks back at the confident, grinning African.

Slowly her hand rise to her shoulder straps, she blushes, hesitates then pulls the straps slowly down, hesitates that pulls it down over her jutting youthful, surprisingly full breasts. Eyes on the African man watching as his eyes devour her breasts, she pushes the costume lower and off.

Her mother sucks avidly on the cock in her mouth. Eyes shut she does not want to have to witness anything, does not have the embarrassment of seeing her daughter watching as she remembers her own burgeoning sexual curiosity at her daughter's age. So she sucks, and keeps her eyes closed. Her own excitement was close to peaking, she had always loved sucking cock, and this big black cock was huge!

Her tongue twirled lapping up the leaking juices. Her hands stroke its length and caressed its thickness.

Suddenly she sensed the close presence of her daughter, the heat of her daughter's body, close but not touching. Nervousness, but she was too excited to stop sucking. If anything she sucked with more enthusiasm, fearful of losing that lovely soft/hard tasty cock.

The African pulls his cock free of her mouth she opens her eyes and looks up in disappointment. His huge cock, grasped by her slim white hands bobs in front of her face. She glances to one side to see her daughter kneeling naked beside her. She flushes, looks guilty, confused, but is still so excited her loins are churning, and avoids her daughter's gaze, looking instead into the powerful, commanding gaze of the African official.

"Give it to her!" he commands.

Her heart jumps into her mouth. He eyes focus on the thick cock throbbing and jutting in front of her face. She gulps. She glances nervously at her daughter, whose own eyes were glued with fascination on the throbbing black member. She remembered own teenage fantasies. She remembered how many times she had wondered what it would be like to suck a man's cock when she was a teenage girl. She looked up at the grinning African, there was a look in his eye that made her shiver and made her loins throb.

Tentatively, her slim white hands tightened on his cock. She steeled herself. She so wanted so desperately to suck it herself. Her will wavered, but then she recovered herself. She pointed the cock away from herself, towards her daughter.

The cock was pulsing sperm, bubbling slowly from the small hole below. She desperately need to lick that up. She steadied herself, and edged the huge black cock closer to her daughter. A tense moment developed between them. The African silently watched. The mother, nervous and excited, wondering, glanced at her daughter whose wide crystal blue eyes were passing between that exciting cock and her mother, unsure. Her mother nodded a brief short bob.

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