A New Arrival - A New Experience

by expatdad

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A white wife newly arriving in Africa is impregnated on her first day

Rebecca strolled through the hotel lobby tightly clutching her husband's arm. They had only arrived on Harare yesterday. A long night's sleep and now her husband had to meet his new boss and start work. Emerging into the sunlight Rebecca was pleased at the heat of the sun. It was early in the day but already she felt that in Africa she would never be cold again. As they walked down to the hotel driveway she could see a car waiting with a driver smartening himself up in readiness of greeting her husband Robert. She was surprised to see this early indication of her husband's importance to his new company.

Robert confirmed his identity to the driver, who opened one of the car doors for him. Her husband turned to her and gave her a hug.

"I'll be back for lunch, and we will have a look around tonight."

He glanced around at the African street, it was a modern city, but he could sense the eyes watching them.

"Best to remain in the hotel until I get back."

"You must be joking. There are shops to explore, and none of those English high street stores here! I'm going to explore!"

Robert sighed, but knew better than to argue with his adorable wife.

"Just be careful honey, this is not England, and people do things differently here."

She laughed and punched him in the chest. "They are just people honey."

"Yes, but the men here... "

"Men, are men... the same the world over."

Robert gave in and climbed into the car. He watched as Rebecca turned away and strolled back into the hotel. Her graceful sway had been one of the first things that had attracted to her. They had been married four years and their failure to have a baby was starting to cause a strain. He was sure two years in African would be a welcome diversion in their life.

Rebecca betrayed no hint of the nervousness she felt at being left alone on their very first day. Robert would be back at lunchtime. By then she resolved to find something to buy. The idea of shopping in new strange shops was exciting.

Rebecca felt a tightening in her chest as the entourage of an African businessman blocked her way into the hotel. He was imposing and authoritative in his sharp cut suite. The flunkies around him were glaring at her for having the effrontery to block their way.

Rebecca looked up into his eyes and found her heart fluttering. His gaze was penetrating, but warm with humour, and she found herself smiling. His smile was wide and he reached forward and took her hand and to her surprise kissed it.

"You are new, yes?"

Rebecca nodded.

"Don't be surprised. There are not that many beautiful and stylish white ladies in Harare. Here is my business card. When you and your husband have settled in give me a call and we will see if we can ensure you have a good social life. Now if you will excuse me I have a meeting to go to."

Rebecca examined the business card. It had the name Joshua Farei embossed in it, with the name of his company Zambezi Aggregates, and an address Hatuna Katama, Greendale Road, Borrowdale. She put in her purse without a second thought.

By then his entourage had moved into the hotel.

Rebecca entered the hotel acutely conscious that in those brief moments her panties had become soaked with moisture. She returned to their room and changed into a loose fitting top and trousers. The trousers hugged the curves of her bottom, but that could not be helped, and she suspected that one of her usual skirts would attract too much attention from the local men.

It was three hours later that Rebecca returned to the hotel. She was hot and bothered, but pleased as well. The African shops had been fabulous. They were full of intricate carvings, some in wood, and others in soapstone. She had found variously coloured gemstones in various settings. The range of African musical instruments had surprised her none had been electronic of course! Furniture had frequently been ornate carved wood, or cane.

It had all been so much different than back home and she had drunk it all in, realising that it would be a long time before she got bored with the shops in Harare. She had not been able to travel anywhere without being the centre of attention. She had been surprised to see so many white people in the heart of the city, though Africans had predominated, and she had kept a wary eye on the black street urchins who seemed to run like packs of hounds through the streets.

She had returned to the hotel aroused and excited, with another set of wet panties. She had hardly walked one hundred yards from the hotel before, stopping at traffic lights to cross the road, a warm hand had slid across her bottom lightly stroking. She had jumped in shock and pulled away, turning to glare at the offending African. The sparkling humour and laughing eyes had melted her anger, but she still scowled and stepped away from him.

The whole morning had seemed like that. Whenever she stopped to browse or admire a carving, or attractive jewellery, a passing African had taken the opportunity to fondle her bottom. In one shop, amid dark musty shelves she had felt an erection pressed into her soft curves, when she tried to squeeze past. The fact that such men had become so quickly aroused by her presence flattered her. Her initial fright had passed as she found that most of the men had sparkling humour in their eyes and she had not been able to maintain her fear in the face of such obvious delight on the faces of the Africans who fondled her. Even so she had moved quickly away from them.

The police and soldiers had been more intimidating. At least three police officers had demanded to know her address when they stopped her in the street. When she gave the Monopatama Hotel they had looked distinctly put out. She had already concluded that when the company eventually found them somewhere to stay it would be best not give her address to an African! The tall guys in the blue uniforms and dark blue helmets outside government buildings did intimidate her. She has seen hostility mixed with lust in their eyes, and she shivered to think what it would be like to be white woman who had fallen into their cruel hands. The fear in her stomach had been matched by an unaccountable thickening of her nipples!

So when she returned to the hotel, hot and bothered, with wet panties, she was in need of a quick restoration at the bar! An iced cocktail on the hotel terrace looking out over the Monopatama Gardens had been just the trick. Life was going to be different here in Zimbabwe.

Her moment of relaxation was interrupted when Joshua Farei strode on to the terrace. His bodyguard followed and the hotel waiters responded as though he was the most important man in the world, hurrying to offer him a table, a menu, a drink arrived without request. As he settled down his eyes passed over Rebecca, stopped, then his eyes returned to her.

Rebecca tried to suppress the pleased flush that this obviously important African had noticed her. She watched as he called to a waiter, and moments later a long glass with pink frothy contents arrived with a straw. She noticed the crushed ice, and licked her lips. Then she looked up at him and he grinned and nodded. She smiled back. Moments later another smartly dressed African arrived and the waiters made just as much fuss over the new arrival.

At that moment her husband appeared and looked tentatively around the terrace. Rebecca gave him a wave, and he grinned and joined her. He glanced at the two cocktail glasses with some alarm. Rebecca sat back in the chair.

"I've been shopping."

Robert looked even more alarmed.

"Relax honey, it was all window shopping. I promise I will not buy anything before payday."

"It's not that honey, but we need time to get settled and sort out our debts in England."

Rebecca pouted, she hated him talking about their debts as if it was all her fault; she needed retail therapy. Married four years and still no baby and it was getting to her! She glanced across at Joshua Farei and wondered when he last worried about money. She gave a little shiver as she thought of the black babies that man had probably produced, and a tingling invaded her loins.

"Well we should order lunch. Have your seen anything you fancy?"

Rebecca looked at Joshua and her loins pulsed.


"Sorry, dear, I haven't really looked at the menu, but they have crocodile tails on the Specials Board."

Robert looked around for the board, surprised and intrigued.

"Or we could go upstairs and have another go at making a baby."

Robert choked on his drink.

"I am on heat," she said. 'In more ways than one, ' she thought as she looked at Joshua.

"You mean... ?"

"Of course that's what I mean. I'm fertile again, it started this morning, so either order crocodile tails, or take me upstairs."

A look of mental anguish seemed to cross her husband's face and she sighed and wondered what to order for dessert.

"Well I have to get back to the office, dear, it's my first day and all. I really have to make a good impression. It can wait until tonight after all."

Rebecca ignored him and waved to a waiter, four years and no baby and not one today either by the look of it. A real man would have taken her to bed and fucked her senseless at lunchtime then taken her straight to bed when he came home from work and done the same again! The waiter arrived and ogled her breasts as they strained the material of her loose top as she leaned forward pointing to the menus. She ignored his gaze and ordered an oyster starter just to make a point to her husband.

Across the room one of the waiters dropped to whisper into Joshua's ear. Rebecca did not notice but would have been shocked to hear him tell Joshua, The white lady at table 4 is fertile at the moment, Sir." Nor did she notice Joshua slip him a twenty dollar note in appreciation of this titbit of information, which her carefully noted in his diary for future reference.

Three-quarters of an hour later Robert was making a rushed departure. Rebecca walked with him to see him off. She may be frustrated, horny and fertile, but she did love and care for Robert, and pressed her full breasts into him as reminder to rush home after work. She grinned as she turned and left him flustered in the lobby. She was going to go up to their room and play with herself thinking about the hungry black faces that had followed her through the shops.

She stepped into the silver shell of the lift and pressed the button for floor 10. The closing doors shuddered to a stop and then started opening again. Her heart flipped when Joshua Farei stepped into the lift. Her throat went dry, and her pussy quivered as he stepped closer and his male smell assaulted her nostrils, as he passed her and stood at the rear of the lift.

"We meet again! How delightful,"

Rebecca found herself tongue-tied.

"Did you enjoy exploring our city this morning?"

Rebecca nodded.

"What are you doing? Where are you going? Your card said you live in the city so you don't have a room here."

"My, my, you are a sharp lady indeed. My company is part of a consortium, and we keep a suite at the hotel so that we are guaranteed to be able to offer accommodation and courtesy to our important business contacts."

"Oh." Rebecca felt suddenly silly, as her sudden fear of his intentions evaporated in embarrassment.

"Hmmm... if you went exploring Harare in those tight trousers you must have attracted some attention."

A warm hand stroked over her bottom.

"Please don't. I am a married woman."

The hand continued its warm caress.

"You are most certainly a woman."

Rebecca felt hot breath on her neck and the closeness of the African man behind her sent a shiver up her spine. The hand on her bottom squeezed and Rebecca clamped the muscles in response, but made no move to pull away. The sensations in her loins were unsettling and a rolling heat was enveloping her.

"How many men caressed your bottom this morning?"

"Oh, I really don't know many, maybe five."

"I thought so, and it made you horny. Am I right?"

Rebecca said nothing. Joshua grinned. The lift doors opened and Rebecca quickly stepped out. She took a step to the left towards her room, and then Joshua's arm encircled her slender waist and held her before she could move away.

"Where are you going?"

Rebecca's breath caught in her throat at the feel of his arm encircling her. She could smell his maleness and her fertile body was responding on its own to his very masculine presence.

"My consortium keeps our suite this way," indicating the corridor to the right.

Rebecca's heart was pounding. Her throat seemed paralysed, Her legs felt weak and her nipples felt so thick and sensitive she thought they might explode if touched. She flushed as a wet trickle seeped past her panties. Her skin seemed hypersensitive and the feel of his warm strong arm her waist was sending palpitations through her.

"We have the best view of the gardens. We like to make sure we impress our business contacts."

When Joshua guided her to the right, she tried to calm her beating heart as he led her to the consortium's suite of rooms. The walk along the corridor to another man's hotel room, a black man's hotel room, was one of the most nervous moments of her life. She was on tenterhooks, and her skin tingled, and perspiration broke out on her brow. Only the strength of the arm around her slender waist kept her on her feet.

'I shouldn't do this, ' she thought, 'for God's sake I'm fertile! If I let him do this I might get pregnant!' She had wanted a baby for four years without success. If four years with her husband had not got her pregnant, why should once with this black man be any different? She could feel her pussy was throbbing with readiness. She could feel that her panties had become a wet stickiness between her legs. She had felt like this on her wedding day, and been disappointed ever since! Walking beside this authorities charming African, she trembled. It would be different. This man gave out an animal magnetism that was electrifying, and her legs nearly give way.

Joshua grinned as he felt her strength drain. This pretty woman with her slender body, full breasts, and graceful swinging walk was just the sort of white woman he loved to bury his cock in. He could hear her breath catching in her throat, and felt her tremble. It was rare to make such an instant impact on a woman. Often it was his other friends who first seduced white women and girls before delivering them up to him and his family. He knew his oldest wife, Daura would love forcing this pretty white woman to her knees and pulling her pretty white face between her strong black thighs. His cock throbbed in his trousers at the image. He would fuck his hot daughter Laysha, while he watched Daura enjoy herself with this pretty white woman.

Joshua ran the swipe card over the lock on the door, and pushed it open. His other hand slid down Rebecca's back in a light caress, before cupping and squeezing her well-rounded bottom as he urged her into the room. Rebecca fairly leapt away from his exploring hand. In doing so she crossed the threshold into his room. She flushed at the sound of a deep masculine laugh behind her and walked over to the wide windows with a panoramic view across the park.

It was full of Africans relaxing on the manicured lawns, children playing. She could even see a band preparing to play. The trees were mainly short, not very tall at all, but there were a few tall trees around the edges of the park. The rich colours of the flowers struck her, and many of the bushes had flowering shrubs of various types. She had not seen the like before. It was the first real sight of Africa. Their own room overlooked the city with its tall building, bustling streets, and chaotic traffic.

There were African men sitting around in relaxed groups drinking and chatting, but there were also families picnicking together sitting on blankets. Women in flowing colourful dresses strolled through the park on the arms of men wearing smart western style suites. They often wore elaborate headdresses that matched the colour of their dresses. She noticed how such women took care to be fully covered and were well protected from the strong sun.

Some men in blue boiler suites seemed to be just sleeping in the sun, and she wondered if many African men slept in the park. Her interest picked up as she saw the lines of traders lining the paths in the park. They seemed to be selling carvings of stone and wood. Others had wicker baskets, full of glittering stones, and beadwork. She watched as one trader completed a sale, then carefully wrapped up his goods and set off across the park. Following his walk she saw him approach some African women who wore short skirts. Very short skirts she realised. They swayed lithely and called out to him and Rebecca realised what sort of women they were! She watched the trader grab one around the waist and lead the young woman into the bushes. Her hand went to her mouth as she realised what was about to take place in broad daylight over in those bushes!

As if in sympathy with the scene in the park the African, Joshua Farei approached her and ran his hands softly up and down her arms. She shivered, and wondered at the magic of Africa that had allowed her to slip so quickly from the reality of being in a black man's bedroom.

She turned to him, "This is stupid! I have to leave."

His arms came around her and pulled her close, her attempt to push him away collapsed when he kissed her. His lips were soft, but demanding, and his African masculine smell was overpowering. She made another effort to push him away. His head followed hers as she pulled back. He stepped closer to her, and as she pulled her head back her hips brushed across a hard protrusion that could only be a hard cock! Shocked she pulled her hips back. His arms around her shoulder pulled her close. She tried to push him away, and wondered at the strength that was such a contrast to her husband, and previous boyfriends. She never had any trouble pushing Robert away; pushing at this African was like pushing at a rock.

His tongue slipped through her lips and searched for her tongue. Rebecca found herself duelling with the male intruder without a second's thought. Vaguely, through the mist of rising passion, she felt the zip of her dress being pulled down. Her mind kept telling her to stop even as her tongue danced with his. With his free hand he pushed her dress off her shoulders and he helped it down to the floor before pulling her close again. The room was so warm that Rebecca would hardly have noticed except that strong warm hands were now caressing and fondling bare skin.

When one of his hands cupped her bottom over her panties he pulled her close and she was re-introduced to the hard bulge in his trousers. Its hardness seemed to pulse and throb against her bare stomach as he pushed her against his loins. The hardness of a lusting black man pressed against her and the wickedness of the moment excited her. Black hands slipped inside her knickers and fondled and squeezed as his hard cock throbbed against her stomach as he ground his member against her. His kiss had none of the tenderness and love of Robert, her husband; it was aggressive, demanding and passionate and her senses swirled. When one of his thick fingers slid between her thighs from behind and pushed open the slick lips of her labia her legs give way.

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