Aimee and Beth Join the Brazilian Erotic Club

by Dag123

Copyright© 2007 by Dag123

Erotica Sex Story: The Brazilian Erotic Club interviews two prospective new members, Aimee and Beth. Both are vibrant attractive young wives. Once they agree to join, the action begins to heat up as Molly and Kelly start planning the new member's Friday night initiation into their cozy little Erotic Club.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Swinging   Interracial   White Couple   Oriental Male   Oriental Female   Slow   .

What a beautiful morning, Molly thought as she looked out the spacious picture windows of their new home.

She had awakened happy and with a strange feeling of exhilaration as she remembered last evening's delightful activities. Just thinking about it, she could feel the tingling of a slight arousal.

I feel like I need to go in, lie on the bed, and do myself, she thought, laughing at how her sensuous thoughts of last night had aroused her.

The phone ringing in the kitchen interrupted her thoughts. She hurried to answer it.

"Hi, this is Molly," she said brightly.

"Hi Slut," a sexy little feminine voice said. "I thought maybe you wouldn't be up yet," the sexy little voice teased, "I thought you might be too tired. Did my husband wear you out last night?"

"Boy! Did he... !—Can I keep him?" Molly laughingly teased her.

"My husband probably wouldn't mind," Kelly, laughed. "He thinks you're really hot and sexy!" she replied.

Hey, Slut," Kelly teased, "Why don't you come over later, okay?"

"Sure," Molly laughed. "You use that word Slut like it's a term of endearment or something."

"It is!" Kelly laughed. "It is!"

Aimee Bradley was deep in thought, as she sipped her morning coffee. She had just come back from driving her little daughter, Eileen, a beautiful little blue eyed blonde all of six years old to school. Her honey blonde colored hair was wind-blown and tousled, and hung down around her blue eyes. In spite of all this - she looked ravishing.

Now back in their cool air conditioned palatial home, she had the rest of the day free to do whatever she wanted.

Thinking about a conversation, she had with her husband over breakfast she wondered to herself, what should I do? I can't keep saying no to him forever.

Married to Dr. James Bradley for seven years now, she had grown completely accustomed to her life of leisure. She had grown used to having servants to satisfy her ever whim and desire. From the first day of her marriage, Aimee had no trouble happily embracing her husband's opulent Country Club lifestyle.

However, one thing continued to trouble her peaceful and tranquil life. It had surfaced a couple of months ago when they had discreetly been invited to a gathering of other Doctors and their wives.

Several of the other doctors had hinted to her husband James and herself that they should start participating in some of the more adventurous erotic activities that some of the other couples were discreetly enjoying.

Being quite innocent and naïve, even after seven years of marriage; when Aimee heard the particulars of how the little female sex games between the couples were played, she wanted no part of it.

However, of late, she had noticed a subtle shift in her husband's attitude. She eventually figured out that this was something he would have enjoyed watching her participate in; and, had been disappointed in the decision she had made.

I guess everyone has to make some sacrifices for what they want in life, Aimee thought, I'm probably going to have to finally say yes, whether I want to or not, she thought to herself.

Then out of the blue, a solution seem to suggest itself. One of the doctor's wives, Kelly Chung had told her about a secret little erotic club she was starting with a mutual friend of theirs, Molly Quinton, another young wife who was apparently independently wealthy. Aimee remembered she had met Molly briefly and that she had liked her sweet genteel ways.

When Kelly had called Aimee to invite her over later that day, at first Aimee had been quite hesitant.

I think I already know what they want to talk to me about, she thought. However, when she had mentioned Kelly and Molly's invitation to her husband—James had encouraged her to go.

Picking up her cell phone lying nearby she made the call. Okay, at least I can say I went, Aimee thought.

"Hi, Kelly, this is Aimee Bradley. Would you still like to get together later this morning?

"WOW!" Kelly had warmly replied, a trace of excitement creeping into her voice. "Sure, why don't you come over now? Molly's already here."

"Okay... then, see you soon," Aimee said. A few minutes later, she was pulling out of their spacious driveway in her Mercedes coupe on her way to a meeting that would rock her sheltered world.

"You'll never guess who that was," Kelly said, unable to control the excitement in her voice. "That was Aimee Bradley!"

Doctor Bradley's wife?" Molly asked. "I think I met her awhile back. She is nice, and more like us. She seems really gentle. Antonio thinks she's a little hottie," Molly laughed.

"I know!" Kelly giggled, "So does Kevin. Boy! Would she be a great candidate for what we have in mind! She said she'd be right over."

Just then, the phone rang. "Oh, Molly, I better take this, it's your lover from last night," she couldn't resist teasing, when she saw her husband's number pop up.

"Hello," Kelly said.

"Sweetie, it's me, "a voice said. Molly instantly recognized Kelly's husband's voice.

"Listen... , is Molly there with you?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, she's here."

"Put us on the speaker phone," he said, "You'll both want to hear this."

"Hi, Kevin," he recognized Molly's warm vibrant voice."

"Hi, Molly. By the way... , I loved last night."

"Me too!" Molly said, slightly embarrassed to be discussing it in the light of day.

"Hey, Girls, I think I have found us another candidate for our little club," Kevin said, excitement evident in his voice.

"Don't keep us in suspense," Kelly laughed, "Tell us."

"Remember Dr. Phil Yazon? We met him and his little wife a couple weeks at that little Soiree at the Bradleys."

"Oh, now I remember," Kelly replied. "I think her name was Beth. She is a little petite thing and very pretty with that long brown hair of hers."

"Well, when Dr. Yazon and I had lunch together recently; and I sort of broached the subject, he was all ears. It seems he and Beth have been hoping to find a group like the one you and Molly are organizing," he laughed.

"To make a long story short—cause I have to make my rounds soon—they're interested. In fact, I'm sure Beth plans to go along. Phil says she is excited about it.

Like the two of you, she wants to avoid getting in with a rough group of out-of-control people. You and Molly should call her. Phil said he thinks she's going to be home all morning."

"Okay!" both Kelly and Molly said. "We'll call her right now!" Kelly promised."

"Oh, Kevin," Molly laughed, "Don't you want to hear our good news?"

"Sure! What is it?"

"Aimee Bradley is on her way over here to talk with us about joining our little group as we speak," Molly said.

"Her husband, James told me she's very religious. I'm surprised he was able to talk her into even considering it.," he said,

"WOW! You two are really a couple of fast workers!" he laughed.

"Look who's talking," they both chorused as he hung up.

"Hey! Molly," an excited Kelly said, "Why don't I call Beth Yazon right now? Maybe she could join you, and I, and Aimee."

"Gee, that sounds like fun!" Molly laughed. "We can talk them both into joining at the same time."

When Kelly called, Beth was at first alarmed. She had just returned from getting her beautiful long brown hair done. She was afraid it was her husband, Dr. Phil Yazon calling to tell her he would be late again.

She had a little party planned for eight o'clock that evening and her husband. Phil had promised her he would try not to be late unless there was an emergency.

"Hi, Beth, this is Kelly Chung. How are you?"

"I'm fine," she laughed. "Are you calling to talk to me about what my husband was telling me about—you know, the little group you are trying to secretly organize?"

"Yes," Kelly explained. "My husband just called me to ask me to invite you over," she laughed, adding, "and you know what they say about following Doctor's orders."

Both women laughed.

"Do you know Aimee Bradley, Dr. Bradley's wife?"

"Yes," Beth replied, "I know her pretty well. We served on some committees together."

"She and James are thinking of joining our little intimate group, so she'll be here also."

"Great!" Beth said, "It'll be nice to see her. Aimee's really sweet and seems really gentle also."

"Yes, she's the kind of person we hope will agree to join our little group," Kelly assured her. "Do you think you could come right over, Beth?"

"Sure. I have nothing else to do till later today."

"Okay, we'll see you soon," Kelly said, hanging up the phone with a smug little look she often had when things were going well.

Aimee and Beth Arrive...

Within minutes, both attractive wives breezed through the Chung's front door. After mutual hugs all around, and light refreshments had been served, Aimee and Beth waited expectantly.

"So tell us about how this will work," Aimee said, "I know very little about these clubs."

"Molly," Kelly said, "Could you help me take these dishes and glasses in?"

"You two can stay here and talk," she said looking over at the other two wives who had just joined them.

"As soon as we get back, we'll tell you all about it. Be right back."

Once in the kitchen Kelly turned to Molly. "Let's tell them everything. This way if they don't want to join, we can just end it right here. Personally, I think they are going to both agree once we fill them in.

"Okay," Molly laughed. "This is so exciting!" If they join, maybe we could start them out easy—why not have them scuffle and pull hair for the guys as part of their initiation. Maybe even some light slapping if it was done in fun."

"Maybe wearing nighties with just their panties or maybe no panties... The guys would really like that! Do you think that's moving too fast?" Molly asked.

"I think that will depend on just how we put it to them," Kelly laughed. "We should try to get them to agree that the loser has to do a consequence, "Kelly suggested. "This way we could get them involved in the heavier erotic stuff gradually as part of the process."

"We better get back out there before they change their mind," Molly said, looking out at the two slender attractive wives engrossed in conversation.

"Okay," Kelly said, as she and Molly sat down at the large patio table, "We're back!"

"Well," Kelly began, trying to set a positive tone.

"What we would like is for our little secret group to get together and engage in some erotic fun. No rough stuff would be allowed. We don't want it to be like the other groups. Maybe a little light slapping and hair pulling as long as it was done in fun.

Molly watching Aimee and Beth could see they both looked relieved, and now seemed even more interested.

"Yeah," Molly chimed in, "I'm sure all of us are doing it, mostly to provide our husband's some naughty erotic entertainment. Kelly and I want to lean more toward the erotic side of things. No really mean catfights. Maybe just hair pulling and occasionally some light open hand slapping.

"You might say," Kelly further explained, "It's a way to keep our husbands happy, and we girls could have some naughty fun as well. This way it could be enjoyable for both the husbands and the wives."

"Could you tell us what type of erotic stuff we would be doing?" Aimee said, now getting impatient to know more.

"We would allow pretty much everything," Kelly said, as she watched Aimee and Beth trying to gauge their reaction. "Molly tell them some of the erotic things that we think would be fun for our husbands to watch—erotic things we women might enjoy doing also."

Molly thought, you little bitch; you're trying to leave it to me to tell them about what actually goes on.

"Well," Molly began, "What we would do is just have a lot of naughty erotic fun. Many times, it would be two of the wives competing with all four husbands and the other two wives looking on.

"Other times, we might decide to have an evening where we would all pair off and swap husbands. All of us are attractive females so I think all our husbands would be wild for something like that."

Everyone laughed warmly in agreement.

"Kelly," Molly said, "Why don't you fill them in on some of the actual little ways we could entertain our husbands and each other."

"Okay," Kelly said. "As Molly mentioned—we could trade husbands sometimes, and of course probably most of our husbands would enjoy watching us have little feminine tussles with each other, maybe we could sometimes allow hair pulling— to make it more exciting—as long as it didn't get out of hand.

I agree, Molly laughed, "Although I doubt most husbands would admit it, I think most of them would love to watch two of us get down on the rug and tussle with each other. What would make it heavily erotic is if we agreed to wear old worn out panties, or maybe no panties. Especially if the two wives had on shorty nightgowns," Molly laughed, adding, "It's a guy thing!"

"That would be like foreplay," Kelly said." I have a feeling, right after, all four of us had better be ready to swap," she warned with a little giggle.

"Also, "Molly said, "It would work similarly to how other groups work. The winning wife could have the losing wife do some sort of erotic consequence. The consequences part opens up all sorts of unlimited erotic possibilities."

Beth who had been listening closely laughed and said," WOW! This is almost unreal. My husband, Phil is always telling me during sex, that his favorite fantasy is to watch my little pek pek wrestle some other little woman's pussy."

"Pek pek?" Molly laughed. "What is that?"

Beth giggled, in embarrassment. "It's Tagalog for pussy," she laughed. I'm Phillipeno.

Everyone laughed.

"Hey, maybe you and Aimee should have a little tussle in your nightdresses and panties." Kelly suggested, looking in Aimee's direction.

"How about it, Aimee?" Molly laughed, "Would you be afraid to try it with Beth?"

"Yeah, maybe you could tear Beth's panties off and everyone could see her little brown hairy pek pek," Kelly teased, looking in Beth's direction.

"How do you know, I wouldn't win and tear Aimee's panties off," Beth said, pretending to pout. "Then her pek pek would be on display for all the husband's to see."

"How about it," Kelly asked Beth and Aimee who both were laughing with amusement at the sexy turn the conversation had taken.

"Would you like to join our little secret group? We would all agree to keep it completely private. No one would ever know except us wives and our husbands," she assured them.

"Come on Aimee," Beth laughed, "Want to?"

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