Bonnie's Fantasy

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She never intended to do anything about it - it was just a fantasy, but she made a mistake and told a friend.

Bonnie was bored. Actually, Bonnie was beyond bored. She was ready to scream and start breaking things just to have something to do. The house was clean, the laundry was done, folded and put away. That night's dinner was even done, or at least in the crock pot cooking. It was only ten in the morning and all she had to look forward too until jack got home was a bunch of idiotic TV shows. Every day it was the same. She felt like an animal in a cage. She was stuck in the house, her only outside activities the Tuesday and Thursday afternoon card games and the Monday night that Jack insisted that she should go out with her girl friends. The card games were with a group of women who were just as bored out of their skulls as she was and the only thing they did was sit and bitch about their husbands.

The Monday night out with the girls was a joke and all it did was frustrate her. It didn't matter if she went out alone or with a bunch of girls the outcome was always the same. She would get hit on which made her horny and then she went home to a sleeping husband. She sometimes wondered what would happen if she did have a fling on one of her nights out. She had been tempted a time or two, but she couldn't bring herself to give in to the temptation. She loved Jack, had loved him from the first second he had approached her with his shy smile and introduced himself. There had never been a second of doubt that he was the man for her. So certain had she been that she gave him her virginity on their second date. But as much as she loved Jack she felt that something was missing from her life, from her marriage. She and Jack were in a sexual rut. The same positions, the same foreplay, the same words, the predictability of how Jack would act; it was almost as if he were programmed. She enjoyed sex with Jack, but lately it seemed to lack the fire of their early years together. Still, another man was out of the question - except in her fantasies of course.

Because of all her free time Bonnie watched a lot of soap operas in the afternoon and she fantasized about being fucked silly by some of the handsome male stars. One of her few secrets from Jack was the large dildo that was in her panty drawer. It had been given to her as a gag gift at her bridal shower along with a note that said, "For the times you are alone." She had been using it a lot lately, an awful lot. But even fucking herself with a fake cock while fantasizing it was some handsome stud was getting old. Lately her fantasies had taken a surprising turn. She had been thinking a lot about black men. It was surprising in that she was Southern, born and bred, and from a family that was as racist as it was was possible to be. To her folks Blacks were 'mud people' and had been put on Earth for the sole purpose of serving the white race. That it wasn't so was due to the fact that the misguided beliefs of Northern rabble-rousers and flaming liberals had upset the natural order of things.

"Don't you ever forget that Bonnie Sue. They are animals and it don't matter what you do to dress them up, they are still animals. You can put lipstick and a dress on a pig, but it doesn't change the fact none that it is still a pig. The same thing can be said about niggers. Teach them manners, give them a good education, give them a good job and a fine place to live, but they are still niggers."

So how in God's name had a girl brought up as she had been come to be fantasizing about black men? Was it because she had been brought up to think of them as nothing more than animals? She had seen animals mate and they fucked in a frenzy until they were spent. Is that what it was? She wanted a mindless, frenzied fuck that would leave her exhausted and satisfied? Then of course there was what was said about the size of their cocks. She had heard - what girl hadn't - about how well hung black men were. Was that it? Did she want a piece of meat as big as her dildo and figured she could only get it from a black man?

She had no idea what triggered the fantasy, one day it was just there. She remembered the day clearly. She had just showered and was lying on her bed fantasizing about Brad Pitt and using her dildo to get herself off when suddenly, from out of nowhere, a huge black man had entered the picture. He shoved Brad out of the way and grinned down at her and then he had grabbed a handful of her hair and jerked her head up to his massive erection. He forced his engorged cock into her mouth and then he had held her head in both hands and had fucked her face. In real life a cock that large would have choked her to death, but in her fantasy she had handled it easily and then she had orgasmed as she fantasized that the huge Negro pumped his cum down her throat. Since that day it didn't matter who she started out fantasizing about it was always a huge Negro who finished her off. Maybe she needed to see a shrink.

Bonnie didn't see a shrink, but she did mention it to her best friend Jean over coffee one morning.

"Hell sweetie, I'm no head doctor, but it is pretty obvious what is going on. Your sex life has gone stale on you and your subconscious is telling you to try something different."

"I couldn't do that. I couldn't possibly cheat on Jack."

"Maybe, maybe not; there is no telling what you might do under the right set of circumstances. Maybe all you need is a little teaser. You know, some necking and maybe a little touchy-feely."


"You know, let a guy feel you up. Maybe even give a guy a handjob out in the parking lot while he plays with your tits or fingers your pussy. You don't really have to go all the way, just tease and play a little. Get yourself so hot and bothered that you go home, wake up Jack, and then fuck his brains out."

"No way I could do that Jeanie. I love Jack, I really do, but something is lacking; something just isn't there anymore."

"Well then what you need to do is come right out and tell Jack that. Let him know how you feel."

"I could never do that. I couldn't tell him that I'm getting myself off with a rubber cock instead of his. He would just tell me that there was nothing wrong with him so it must be my imagination."

"Bonnie sweetie, you're just bored. Shit, for that matter so am I. Damned near all my married friends are too. Donna told me the other day that she is thinking of taking a lover because all Bill does is spent two minutes getting himself off and then he rolls over and goes to sleep. From what I hear Mary has all ready gone and done it; gotten herself a lover I mean."

"So what are we supposed to do? Just sit around and be bored to death for the rest of our lives?"

"No sweetie, we can do something about it."

"Like what?"

"Next Monday night lets you and me find us a bar with a band and let a couple of studs hit on us. We can play around a little and see where it leads. Maybe all you need is to see that you are still desirable. Let some dude go gaga over you; do a little dancing and some touching and feeling and see what it does for you."

"Oh no, I couldn't do something like that."

"Why not? You don't have to fuck the guy, just dance a little, maybe swap a little tongue, just something to make you feel better about yourself."

The more Bonnie thought about it, the more the idea appealed to her. What the heck, she was going to be going out Monday night anyway, so why not?

"Okay, I'll do it."

Jean smiled to herself as she thought, "You certainly will sweetie, and I know just the place to take you." She said, "Wear something sexy sweetie and I'll pick you up at seven.

Jean watched Bonnie as she came down the front porch steps and shook her head in disbelief. "You call that sexy?" she asked as she pointed to the shapeless and drab outfit that Bonnie was wearing.

"No, but I couldn't very well leave the house dressed that way. Jack would be too curious. Pull around the corner and stop and I'll walk back and get the bag I packed out of the garage. We'll have to stop somewhere so I can change."

Jean pulled around the corner and a couple of minutes later Bonnie came back carrying an overnight bag. Jean drove to the near by Conoco station and waited while Bonnie went into the bathroom to change. She came out five minutes later in a short skirt, low cut blouse and high heels. "That will fire the boys up for sure," Jean said as Bonnie got back into the car, "That outfit will get you fucked in a heartbeat."

"Now Jeanie, you know that isn't what I'm after." Maybe not thought Jean, but it's what you are going to get.

"You can't be serious," Bonnie said to her friend as she looked around the place. The place had a band and it was jumping, but she and Jeanie were the only two white faces in the room.

"Of course I am sweetie. We have to check out that recurring fantasy of yours, don't we?"

"But I can't. I mean I couldn't possibly..."

Whatever else she was going to say was lost when a large black man came up to them and took her by the arm and said, "I've saved a good spot for you lovely ladies" and he started to lead them to a table just off the dance floor. Bonnie looked wildly around and saw Jeanie two steps behind her and wearing a great big smile.

"Here you go Jean, I saved you the best seat in the house. The first round is on me."

"Thanks Leon. We'll have Margaritas."

"You got it babe, see you later."

"You know him?" Bonnie asked.


"He knew we were coming?"

"Yes he did sweetie."

"But why? Why did you bring me to a place like this? There aren't any men here, just blacks."

"Don't let them hear you say they aren't men. I wouldn't be able to get you out of here alive."

"You know what I mean. We were supposed to go some place where we could have a few drinks, dance a little and maybe flirt with some guys."

"We'll get all that right here sweetie. I'm betting that you will be asked to dance before the drinks even get here."

"But I can't. You know I can't. Why did you bring me here?"

"I couldn't resist sweetie. I know your past and all about your Southern upbringing and when you told me about your fantasies of being taken by blacks I knew that I had to bring you here just to see how you would react. Don't look over your shoulder, but your first caller of the evening is about to arrive."

Nervously Bonnie looked over her shoulder to see a huge black man approaching the table. He must have been six feet four, his head was shaven and he had large gold earrings in each ear. She looked back a Jean and said, "Maybe he's coming for you."

"No way sweetie. They know me here and they know that I'm Leon's private stock."

"You and Leon? What are you talking about?"

"Later sweetie, we'll talk later."

The large black man was now at the table and he said, "This her Jeanie? You were right, she is choice. Come on Miss Bonnie, let's dance" and he took her by the hand and literally pulled her up out of her chair.

Bonnie looked back at Jean in a panic as she was led away. Jean smiled at her, "He's just a man sweetie, and you know how to handle men, right?"

When they reached the dance floor the man pulled Bonnie into his arms and said, "My name is Jamal and it is my intention to make this a night you will never forget."

Bonnie didn't know what to say, not that it would have mattered. Jamal had taken charge of her and deep down inside she knew that whatever she said or did wasn't going to matter to him at all.

The night became a blur for Bonnie. When Jamal didn't have her on the dance floor he was getting her another drink. He didn't ask if she wanted another, he just got her one. When he wanted to dance he just took her hand and led her meekly out to the dance floor. When he wanted her to drink he handed her one and said, "Here, drink this." And through it all she was very aware of the large bulge that Jamal kept pressing into her and in spite of herself she began to wonder if it was really as big as it felt. Jean had disappeared. Bonnie had last seen her following Leon through a door. It was just her and Jamal at the table and she knew she was in over her head. She desperately wanted to leave, but Jeanie was driving and Bonnie hadn't brought enough money for a cab. She couldn't call one and have it take her home and wait while she ran inside to get the fare. My God, what would Jack think if he saw her dressed like she was after seeing her leave the house in that old shapeless sack dress. No, she was stuck here until Jean was ready to leave. Jamal interrupted her thoughts, "What you thinking about Miss Bonnie? You afraid to be here all alone with us savages?"

The question caught her by surprise and the answer to Jamal's question flashed across her face before she could get control of herself.

"Thought so" Jamal said. He grabbed her hand and led her away from the table, but instead of heading for the dance floor he headed for a side door. It led out to the parking lot and once outside Jamal spun her around to face him. He took her head in his hands and held it while he mashed his mouth down on hers. His tongue forced it's way into her mouth and he pushed his huge bulge into her leg. His tongue was probing, searching, and she knew she needed to gain some control of the situation. She felt that if she kissed him back he would back off a little and give her some breathing room, some time to think of a way out. She gave him a little tongue, but Jamal wasn't going to back off anytime soon. He was going to fuck this married white woman senseless and then send her home to her little dicked hubby. She'd be back. Yes indeed, in less than a week she'd be back.

When Jamal finally broke the kiss Bonnie took a hurried breath and tried to pull away from him, but he wasn't having any of that. He held onto her with one large hand while he freed his cock with the other. He then pushed Bonnie down onto her knees in front of him. "Look at it. You been wondering all night if it was real and now you know."

Bonnie was mesmerized by the column of black flesh that bobbed up and down in front of her. It was the blackness of the thing that held her attention, not the size. In looking at Jamal's cock she realized that it wasn't any bigger than Jack's, but it had seemed so much bigger when it was pushed into her. Was it just her imagination at work brought on by the black/white taboo thing? Without thinking Bonnie slowly began to lean forward toward the cock that was dancing in front of her. At the very last moment sanity returned, "This is wrong" she thought, "This would be adultery and she tried to pull back and stand up, but Jamal held her down and said, "Oh no Missy, Not until I'm done with you."

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