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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Caroline gets locked out of her studio flat and is invited in for a drink while she waits for a locksmith by the neighbour across the hall...

There's nothing worse than being a new person somewhere and for Caroline Bennett it was no different. She was working at a large company and staying in a tiny studio flat until she got settled, but what she missed more than anything was company; company that was made up of people from outside work.

Working in the big city had its plus points, but in Caroline's case it was just a means to an end. Having broken up with her boyfriend, it was the perfect time to get away from him and everything that reminded her of him, like walking in and finding him on top of Brenda in their bed, her legs wrapped around him as he pounded in and out of her. The look on her face was priceless as she saw Caroline standing in the doorway of their bedroom, Brenda's passion rising beyond control at the same time as seeing her standing there.

Needless to say, it was back to mummy's place for the night and for several weeks afterwards until the current job came up, when it was all systems go and for the last three months, that was all it was. Her life consisted of work and sleep and the occasional trip to the shops, but whilst she loved to shop, this was mainly for food in between working and all work and no play was certainly making Caroline a dull girl.

She had trouble with the front door one night, the lock being stiff and often requiring several 'jiggles' to get it to turn so that she could get in. This time, no matter what she did, the key remained immobile and losing her temper, she gave it a good twist and watched in horror as it broke in two, leaving one piece of the brass well and truly stuck in the keyhole, the other in her trembling hand.

"Shit!" she muttered, throwing the broken key end onto the floor and leaning back against the door. "Shit!" she said again, which didn't make any difference to the door, but made her feel better. She took her mobile phone out and phoned the landlord, but it was eight-fifteen in the evening and there was no reply. "Shit!!" she cried, with feeling, but this time it didn't make her feel any better at all.

The door opposite opened and a tall, slender redhead poked her head out into the hallway.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"Bloody key's just broken in the lock. I can't get in." she said.

"You're new here aren't you?"

"Yes, well, not exactly. I've been here about three months now, but I tend to be out early in the morning and don't get back until this sort of time, so I'm not surprised that we haven't met before. I'm Caroline, Caroline Bennett."

"Justine Lester. Pleased to meet you." said the redhead. "Er, would you like to come in for some coffee or something? You look like you could do with something. Perhaps you could look up the number of a locksmith."

Caroline was more than happy to take up her kind offer and followed the woman into her flat, bigger than hers and very tastefully furnished in a minimalist style that made the dump she was living in seem positively cramped and nasty.

"Would you like coffee or would you prefer something stronger?" asked Justine.

"I think I'll take you up on the offer of something stronger. I'm afraid I kind of lost it out there. It's so stupid, but I had a feeling it was going to happen sooner or later. I've been asking the landlord to do something about it for weeks now, but he doesn't seem to have prioritised it particularly high on his list."

"They're all the same." she said returning with two glasses, each with a generous drop of whisky and handed one to Caroline then went to get a telephone directory.

Caroline phoned a number and the man at the other end said he couldn't make it for another couple of hours as he was working on the other side of the city, but that he would be there before eleven. She told him to ring the bell of number six, since the neighbour had kindly allowed her to wait there.

They chatted for ages and by the third drink, Caroline found herself in a more relaxed state than she had for ages. The chat about work was light as they compared their jobs and the people they worked with.

"Can I leave you here for a few minutes? I need to shower and change and I can't leave it too much longer if I don't want to go to bed with wet hair."

"Yes, yes of course. I'll just wait for the locksmith and if he comes before you come back, thank you. It's nice of you to have offered to let me wait here."

"No trouble at all." she said and disappeared out of the room.

Caroline sat looking round the room where pictures in vivid colours accented the otherwise white walls and a gas log-effect fire produced a warming and comforting glow. She checked the time and it was getting close to ten o'clock, still there was no sign of the locksmith.

Justine returned in a Japanese silk kimono, her long fiery red hair hung almost to her waist, contrasting against the silken garment.

"Have you time for another drink?" she asked. "I'm going to have one."

"Why not." replied Caroline, her impatience growing at the length of time it was taking the locksmith to arrive.

Justine returned moments later with a couple more drinks and sat beside Caroline on the sofa, her perfume giving Caroline a little trouble. It was spicy and disturbing and she felt uncomfortable next to the fair skinned beauty.

"I don't know where he's got to." she said, sitting forward on the seat.

"Relax. He'll get here, eventually." said Justine, putting a comforting hand on Caroline's shoulder and gently pulling her back into the sofa. "There's no rush now is there?"

Caroline sank back into the cushions, shrugging. Justine was right. There was nowhere she could go for the time being and it really was very comfortable where she was although, she was finding it difficult not to notice the fact that her host's kimono was leaving a lot of her body exposed. She tried not look, but couldn't help it.

Caroline could see the woman's smooth legs, long and sensuous, curled around on the sofa, the silk kimono stopping her eyes just short of the top of her thighs, the material covering only the very tops of her legs before falling open below her breasts that were all but falling out into plain view. Why weren't they, she wondered.

Caroline blinked a couple of times, taking another sip of the drink, before her eyes fell back to her slender ankle and started their journey back up her legs, wondering whether she would catch just a glimpse of her pussy, it was after all so dangerously close to being seen. She could feel herself getting warm, was the temperature rising or was it her?

"Phew. It's getting warm in here isn't it?"

"Take off your jacket then. I can't believe you haven't already, you've been here over an hour and a half after all." said the redhead and Caroline stood, shucking her jacket and dropping it over the arm of the sofa. "There, that's better."

She sat back down on the sofa just as Justine leant forward to put her drink down, her breasts coming into view through the scant covering, her deep pink nipple showing, hard, erect and once again, the temperature rose for Caroline, tempted by the flesh that was displayed, her pussy getting warm and tingling at the thought of touching the firm smoothness of those breasts taking each of those round firm nipples into her hungry mouth one at a time, swirling her tongue over, round, nibbling gently.

She felt herself getting more and more turned on by this stranger's sensuousness, though in truth, Justine had done nothing to encourage her, she was just being natural and Caroline wanted nothing more at that moment to take Justine in her arms, to feel her lips against hers, to run her hands up and down that statuesque figure and feel that perfect skin under her fingertips.

"Are you okay?" asked Justine, noticing that Caroline had a far-away look in her eyes and appeared to be starting to perspire, beads forming on her brow.

"I'm fine, thank you." she said reaching forward to touch Justine's hand just as Justine took it away to reach for her drink. Caroline's hand carried on going, brushing against Justine's right breast and then on to her uncovered upper thigh, before being snatched back as Caroline blushed furiously.

Justine took a small sip from her glass, looking straight into Caroline's eyes and reached forward, touching her leg just above the knee. "You're very welcome." she said and Caroline almost gasped at the touch, trying to cover it by taking another drink.

"You seem so tense." said Justine.

"You have no idea." replied Caroline under her breath. "I'm fine, really I am."

"Hmm." said Justine and slid off the sofa, kneeling before Caroline with a hand on each of her knees. She could feel Caroline trembling. "You've got to relax."

"It's a bit um, difficult." she replied, looking straight at Justine's body, more of which had become exposed when she knelt before Caroline. She could see both breasts now and right down her flat stomach, past her pierced navel and on down to where she expected to see a triangle of hair, but there was none. Again she gasped as the tingling in her own pussy was going into overdrive; the tingles radiating out, up her tummy and not stopping until they reached her own nipples which it appeared had come out in sympathy aching to be touched, bitten, sucked - anything!

"Are you getting just a little excited?" asked Justine, a slight smirk touching her lips. Caroline reddened, steam almost rising from her overheated brow.

"No!" she asserted, though even she could tell that she was lying.

"Really?" asked Justine, her eyebrows rising high on her forehead as she reached up touching Caroline's breast, letting her hand slip slowly and lightly over the engorged nipple and down her stomach, watching Caroline's eyes close and listening to the sigh that escaped her lips. "Are you sure?"

"No." she said again and Justine's hand returned to her breast, this time caressing, her thumb and forefinger teasing her nipple through her bra and blouse. "No." she said, but even she didn't know whether that meant "No, don't" or "No, I'm not getting excited."

Caroline couldn't believe what was happening. Yes she had been fantasising about the tall redheaded neighbour since she came out of the shower and was shocked at herself, having not had thoughts like that about another woman before. Sure, she'd had fantasies that involved another woman, but not a specific woman, certainly not one she could see and speak to and not one who already had her hand on her breast.

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