Winter In New York

by Victor Echo

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The final (?) chapter in the Purple Silk/Fall In Washington/Winter In New York series.


Copyright┬ę 2007 Victor Echo

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's disturbed imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living, dead, undead or mostly harmless, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Truth be told, my first visit to New York was in the early 1970's when I was five years old. I do not remember any of it. I barely remember my second visit near the end of that decade when my family went. I still have my souvenir flag from the United Nations, a body I have general respect for in terms of its ideals, but not its current hands-off approach. It could do so much more in my opinion, but I digress.

My third trip to New York City was in 1984 and it was with a dozen other students from my high school. We went to see the art and there is a lot of art in New York City. I can honestly say I had my fill of oil and canvas and paint and other media and walked a hundred miles up and down the island of Manhattan. It was a nice trip but it did not endear me to the city. This is not a reflection on the art, just my opinion of the city.

I made a trip there in the late 1980s to see a show, do some shopping and such and it was this trip that convinced me that it would be an extremely cold day before I ever returned to New York. I would rather spend my time in Paris or London or even Los Angeles than return to that city.

The train to New York left DC at 8 AM and I had a reserved seat on it. I could have flown, but since September 11, flying is a pain, I had work to do and it was easier to do it on the train than have to wrestle with security and then have to get into Manhattan from JFK. More pragmatically, she would not be able to get free from work until after lunch so there really no value to be gained from the speed of flying. I settled into my seat, my morning coffee and pastry at my arm, convenient power at hand, plugged in my laptop and set to work. I had several projects underway and I was way behind on the paperwork that goes with them, project plans to update, budget numbers to rework, it was all part of the job, even if it was the least enjoyable part of it. Somewhere between Baltimore and Atlantic City I managed to get my status reports done and was just finishing up the last of my project plans when they announced Grand Central would be next. I quickly began to pack up and stow the various things that had managed to get loose and joined the throngs heading for the main concourse.

I hit the grand hall and through one of those magical breaks in the crowd, there she was. Black shoes, black jeans, a cream blouse with enough buttons undone to flash me white lace and skin and her beautiful face was framed by her raven hair, slightly longer than I remembered it, but still just as wild. A three quarter black leather jacket completed the ensemble.

"Hello," I said as we stepped into each other's arms and the crowd flowed around us. "I thought you had to work this morning."

"I was not feeling to well when I woke up this morning," she said with a smile before she kissed me. If I had been fatigued after my trip, that kiss was enough to revive me. Our lips met like two halves, our tongues encircled each other like the long lost lovers they were. "I am feeling much better now," she sighed into my ear, her body close to mine.

"I am so very glad to hear it. I missed you so," I said kissing her again.

"I missed you, too" she said, turning and taking my hand, trying to take my briefcase, which I let her do, chuckling slightly at the look on her face.

"What do you have in here?" she asked handing it back to me.

"Besides my laptop, some documents, a radio, spare parts, vest... ,"

"OK, OK, I get the message," she said laughing. "Are you expecting a disaster?"

"Always, aren't you?" I asked smiling. So maybe I also had not bothered to clean out my case.

We walked across the atrium and out into the cold sunshine of the January day. Snow was piled up here and there as we headed to the taxi stand. The hotel I was staying at was not one of the big chains. I disliked New York enough to know that if I had to be here, I was going to stay somewhere other than a sterile 'I could be in Cleveland' hotel. However, I had no clue where it was, so I let the driver do the work and pulled her close to me as we snuggled on the back seat, not really saying anything but enjoying the feel of each other.

"How long are you here?" she asked quietly.

"Conference starts on Sunday and runs through Wednesday. I have to schmooze a couple of people Monday night but beyond that, I am pretty much clear the entire time," I said kissing her softly.

"Good. We are staying in tonight and going out tomorrow night. Sunday we will play by ear," she said, settling herself against my chest and giving me an almost unobstructed view of her breast and white lace bra. It set things stirring in my groin again.

The cab dropped us off at a little hotel overlooking Central Park and we bustled ourselves inside where I registered, received my key and was escorted to my room overlooking the park. It was not large, but had a small couch, king sized bed and enough room to be comfortable. I tipped the bellman, closed the door and put my bags down and she flowed back into my arms for another kiss.

"If you keep this up, you will be naked," I said as we broke our kiss.

"And this would be a problem?" she asked.

"I don't remember seeing you with a bag," I said.

"Did I not mention we were not going out tonight? Yes? So why would I need a bag? We will make love until we are exhausted and sometime tomorrow, I will sneak home, get my bag and come back before you even know I am gone," she said, undoing the buttons of my shirt, her coat already on the back of the chair.

I ran my fingers up her sides, lightly tickling her ribs and causing her to squirm and turn her head into my chest. "What if I said we were going out tonight and what you have on is not suitable?" I said and then hissed and moaned as her tongue played across my nipple causing it and my cock to harden as another jolt of energy went through me.

"I think you need your hearing checked... oohh," she said and then I squeezed her breasts and ran my thumbs over her hard nipples.

"Oh, I heard you perfectly... mmmm," her tongue had found my other nipple and she had my shirt undone and was working on my belt and right then thinking was not something I could do as I began to work on her buttons. I had fewer to undo as she had started the process before she met me at the station. She got my belt undone before I got the last button of her blouse, but it was a near thing. I kept teasing her nipples and she kept squeezing me through my pants.

I pulled her to me and kissed her as I slipped off my shoes, her hands pushing my pants off my hips aided by gravity and the weight of my wallet. For my part, I removed her blouse and bent my head to kiss the exposed curve of her breast, letting my fingers play across her skin and drawing little moans and sighs from her as she just held me.

"It has been so long," she sighed. "Too long," she started kissing my chest as undid her bra and pulled it from her body before taking her breast into my mouth and rolling her nipple between my teeth causing her to moan and tremble against me, her breathing ragged and she began pulling at the button on her own jeans.

"Let me," I said slipping one hand against her skin and letting my fingers tickle the edge of her scar before popping the button open and sliding the zipper down. She had already kicked off her shoes and as soon as I moved to push her pants off her hips her hands were there helping push both pants and panties off, he scent filling the room as her pants hit the floor and pulling me over to the bed and throwing the covers back. Any breathing male would have gotten the message and I pushed down my briefs as she moved to the middle of the bed and pulled me on top of her.

As long as it had been, I had no trouble finding her opening which was molten and desiring to be filled as much as I desired to fill it. I slid into her smoothly, drawing another sigh from her as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss her. I tucked my hands behind her head and kissed her while flexing my hips causing her to moan more.

"Please," she said lust in her eyes as we broke our kiss and I smiled at her as I began moving my hips back and forth. For a few strokes she simply lay there, her muscles twitching and the she started meeting my thrusts with her own, our tempo increasing, holding onto each other until I could last no more and erupted into her, triggering her own release as she ground against me, refusing to let me back away and holding me tightly, tears of emotion flowing from her eyes. I kissed her tenderly until she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"I don't think I realized how much I missed you until now," she said, pulling me close to her.

"I know how much I missed you," I said kissing her again before rolling onto my back, pulling her close and covering us.

"Yes, you have told me. I just wasn't listening," she replied, drawing lazy circles on my chest. "But you are here now and I am not going to let the opportunity go. I would be foolish to wouldn't I?"

"I don't know about foolish, but I we will see if we can rebuild our bond, how about that?"

"Hmmm, that works," she said lazily as she moved closer against me. "Should have brought a camera," she said absently.

"I did," I said as she hugged me and kissed me again before snuggling back into the warm circle of my arms.

We probably drifted a little, not really asleep but not really awake either, just enjoying each other's touch.

"Were you serious about wanting to go out tonight?" she asked at one point, feather kisses along my neck, her hand stroking my semi-soft member.

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