Talk About Getting Lucky
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, True Story, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A true story of an older guy (me) that helped out a young girl in an airport and really got lucky. Because of delays I got her a room and she asked me to stay for awhile. When she saw a XXX rated movie on the cable TV with a black guy making love to a white woman, she got so hot she had to try it.

This is a true story that happened on a recent trip

I was in an airport waiting for my flight home that had been seriously delayed by bad weather in the Memphis TN area. The airport, or at least the area I was waiting in was not that crowded so I was kind of sitting by myself watching the people come and go. There was a pay phone on the wall not far from where I was and I noticed this young blond girl on the payphone and she was crying and trying to talk and I could see she was in a bad way. She was trying to rub the tears from her eyes and face with her hand. I looked around and where I was sitting was behind the gate counter and I saw a box of tissues there. I got the box and took it over to the girl, whose face was beat red from crying. I gave her the tissues and she looked around at me and managed a smile. I went back to my seat and watched her pulling one tissue after another from the box as she flooded each one with her tears. Then I saw her looking for change in her purse, I figured that her time on the phone was up and she wanted to continue the conversation. But then she hung up and continued to dig in her purse. Again, I tried to be her knight in shining armor as I went and offered her a calling card I had in my wallet. At first she refused and I told her it was ok; I did not need it. Finally she took it and called back whom ever it was she was bawling to. She talked several more minutes just flowing a river of tears.

When she got off the pay phone she came over to me and handed me my calling card and thanked me. I asked her if I could help in anyway. She managed a smile through the tears and said that I had helped already and thanked me and started walking away. I quickly told her that I was a good listener if she wanted to unload. She stopped, turned around and came back toward me. I was standing up and she walked over toward me like she knew me and came straight into my arms, which I placed around her shoulders and I held her soft young body to me as she laid her head on my shoulder and started bawling again. After a couple of minutes she quick bawling and was just kind of sobbing and I asked her if she wanted to sit down and talk about it. We sat down and I kept my arm around her shoulder as she proceeded to tell me that she had just left her boyfriend of several months because he had hit her. I quickly told her that was a good thing, wrong, that started the tears again and as she continued to tell me that she was talking to him on the phone and he cussed her out and accused her of not loving him and called her a slut and told her that if she left that she need not ever call him again. Of course the tears flowed more now as she was telling me all this and I just leaned in and wrapped my other arm around her and comforted her the best I could.

We sat like this for what seemed like an hour but actually was only a few minutes. She finally quit crying and the redness was slowly leaving her face. I noticed then that she was a pretty little blond with freckles and deep blue eyes. I asked her where she was going and she said that she was on her way back home to Minneapolis. She added that her BF had convinced her several months ago to quit school and move with him down to the New Orleans area. She stated that he had been her love ever since 8th grade and she really loved him so she left her family and moved with him. She started sobbing again and I told her that it would be ok and after he calmed down he would take her back. She quickly looked at me and told that she would not go back to him now, as he was getting mean.

We talked some more and she talk me that she had called her parents and they told her she could come home and finish school. Just then there was an announcement over the PA system that my plan to Memphis was going to be delayed for at least another hour. I was disappointed, yet happy to be able to spend a few more minutes with this girl. Then I realized that I did not know her name and she did not know mine and I told her I was Dan and she smiled and said her name was Jennifer, but call her Jen. She then said that she was on the same plane as I and I was happy about that to be able to spend some more time and help her through her problem. I asked her if she was hungry and she said she was so we went and found a food area and I bought her supper. In our conversations before our plane boarded and on the flight to Memphis I learned that when she first moved to N.O. with her BF things were good and she was happy. But she said he started to change and she learned he was on drugs. He then started asking her to do all kinds of things that she said she had never heard about. Jen told me that they had a great sex life up until he started using the drugs and then wanted her to mess with other guys while he watched and if she refused he would get mean and not talk to her for days. She told me that he tried to get her to smoke cocaine but she refused and that is when he hit her.

For a girl that I had only know a couple of hours she was telling me all about her sex life and I knew then that if I played my cards right I would be able to get her in bed when we got to Memphis. As our plan got near Memphis the Captain came over the intercom and told us that those people that were connecting to Minneapolis were going to be delayed until the morning. I looked at Jen and she looked like she had been hit in the gut. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she did not have enough money to get a motel room for the night. I told her that I would get the room for her if, and I looked straight in her eyes to see her reaction she would let me stay with her for a few hours. Without hesitation Jen told me that she would love that. This was my lucky day and my being nice to a crying girl was going to pay off.

After we got in the Memphis airport I left my bags with Jen at the curb and I went and got my car out of the parking garage. I drove around and picked her up and headed to a nice motel that I know not to far away. I got the room and drove around to it and then Jen and I got our bags out of the car and took them to the room. In the room I told her that she could be the first in the shower and she looked at me and said thank you. She got some things out of her bag and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I turned on the TV, this was one of the few motels in the area that has access to XXX rated shows if one knows how to change the cable in the rear. I did and I did and had some hot action on the TV when I heard Jen yell out. I went to the bathroom door and asked her what she needed and to my surprise she told me that she would like me to join her. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and walked naked into the bathroom and stepped in the tube behind her. Jen stepped back into me and I placed my arms around her and cupped her firm breasts in my hands and she laid her head back onto my shoulder. As I massaged her breasts my cock was reacting and was soon sticking her in the rear. Jen's breathing was becoming fast and I could tell that I could take her anytime I wanted her. I also knew from what she had told me that he exBF had used drugs and as she had told me she had been make to have sex with other guys so I wanted to be safe. I had bought a condom in the bathroom and I reached for it and rolled it over my now very erect cock. I then stepped back up to her and was starting to aim my cock for her pussy when Jen turns around. Now she is facing me and we lock lips and she reaches down and pulls my cock to her and it went up inside her. I was not completely in her when her body shook as she climaxed. She was one hot little girl and I knew that this was going to be a hotter night than I had even imagined. She climaxed a couple more time before I pulled out of her as I was about to loose my seed. As my cock sprung free Jen leaned over, pulled the condom off and took me in her mouth. I was not ready for that and was not totally recovered from almost shooting before and with this young girls hot mouth on my cock and her sucking like a pro I lost it and gave her a mouth full of cum. She drank it all like a pro and kept sucking on me to get the last drop.

After Jen drained me we got out of the shower and I dried her back and for the first time got a good look at her beautiful body. She was a Goddess to say the least. Her pussy was bald, her hips were flared and the ass, WOW what and ass it was, a little bigger that one would expect on a gal so young but perfect. Her waist was small and up her body her tits were firm and stood straight out from her chest. She was about a perfect 34 or 36. Her body was tanned with just the nipples of her breast and a small V between her legs that had white areas. As Jen brushed her teeth I ran my hand between her legs from the rear and she pushed back to give me better access. Her pussy was hot and very wet and my fingers went up inside her and I finger fucked her for a couple minutes until she had another climax and my fingers got soaked.

She turned around and smiled at me and then left me in the bathroom alone. I took care of business and then joined her in the bed. I had forgotten that I had left the XXX channel on the TV and when I saw her staring at the TV I told her I was sorry I would change it. Jen told me to leave it, she and her BF use to watch them all the time. I lay on the bed with this blond Goddess and we watched a little of the hot action of the TV. I was playing with her pussy with my fingers and she was opening up for me so I moved around and got down between her legs and started eating her. This girl was hot and she loved it and soon climaxed over and over on my tongue and mouth. I then heard her tell me to bring my cock up to her mouth. Who am I to refuse a good 69? I moved around and we were now in the 69 position. She was sucking me back to life as my tongue kept her in throngs of ecstasy. When Jen had me worked up hard again I pulled my cock from her mouth and moved around and got between her legs and I held there for a minute as I fished to get a condom open. I felt her hand on my cock and she leaned up and kissed me on the lips and pulled me down on top of her. She had prevented me from putting the condom on and I was now lying on top of her and my cock was right at the door of her hot wet pussy. As we kissed Jen moved around and before I knew it my cock had gone up inside her sans condom. At this point I did not care because that pussy was tight, hot and very wet. Oh yea in my mind for a split second I knew this was a big risk but at this time and with this action that thought quickly left me. We were now humping and bumping each other. Jen started multi climaxing as I drilled her. I was able to fuck her for several minutes and bring her long hot climaxes without cumin again and loosing my hardness. After several minutes of this I finally got off her and lay beside her and I held her.

It was several minutes later that she moved and she kissed me and thanked me for being such a nice guy and great lover. We lay together watching the XXX action to the cable TV for about an hour and she drifted in and out of sleep. Poor girl had a very rough day. I guess I must have dozed a minute because the next thing I hear is Jen saying, "OH my God, that is so big". I woke up and opened my eyes to see this white lady on the TV sucking on a big black cock. We watched this and I could feel that this was really making Jen hot. Her breathing was labored and she was rubbing herself and humping up on her own fingers. Now anyone that knows me or has read any of my other stories knows that I love to help white girls with their first black cock. I could not pass up this opportunity. I asked Jen in a soft low voice if she would like to have a big black cock here to please her. At first there was not a reply then when that black cock started going into the white ladies pussy on the TV Jen about yelled out, " Oh God YES". I did not say another word, I just watched the hot action on the TV with her and I placed my hand on her pussy and it was oh so hot and wet. I knew she meant it, at least at this moment.

I got my pants and pulled out my wallet and found the slip of paper that I kept a few numbers on. I then called one number and talked to this guy I know that has played with Shay and me before. He is 32; married with 2 kids and is a cop in Memphis. A real nice guy, polite and has stamina that can handle any woman. Besides that he has a very fat 13-inch cock and when he cums, he really cums loads of it. One time when he played with Shay and I she was sucking him and for some reason when he was about to cum he pulled his cock from her mouth and he shot all over her face. When he was done, her face was litterly covered. Shun said he could come out for a couple hours. I told him the motel and room number and he said he could be there in about 15 minutes. I said that would be fine, then I asked him about his partner. Once before he bought his partner to play with Shay and to say she loved the two of them is an understatement. His partner is his actual police partner, black and about the same age and build as Shun, which is very muscular. This cock was about same length but not as fat and fit very nicely in Shay's ass. Those two guys worked well together on my lady and like I mentioned, she loved it.

Shun told me that he would see if he was available. I lay back down with Jen and told her she was in for the time of her life. She looked at me, smiled and then kissed me. Well we messed around for a bit and before we knew it there was a knock on the door. I started to jump up but I first asked Jen if she was sure she wanted to do this. She just smiled which told me she did. I went to the door and asked who it was and Shun told me it was he and I opened the door to let him in. I was disappointed that his partner was not with him. He must have seen me looking for another guy because he whispered me that James, his partner would be here in about an hour or so. Shun then gets a good look at Jen, she was sitting up in the bed and her breasts were showing, then he says, "Man you should have told me you had Miss America here." He then goes over to the bed and offers her his hand. When she offered hers Shun leans down and kisses the back of her hand. I watch Jen blush and then Shun tells her that if she would excuse him a couple of minutes we would like to freshen up. Shun then turns, winks at me, and goes into the bathroom.

When the bathroom door opens a few minutes later He immerges naked and all greased up, which makes his very muscular body shine like a body builder with one exception, his huge cock. I was on the other site of Jen and could see Shun and also see her face and the surprise look on her face was priceless. Especially when she looked down at his cock. It was not hard, but hanging strait down, all 13 inches and shined like a new quarter. I believe that I actually saw saliva escape from the corner of Jen's mouth. Shun walked to the bed and that cock was hanging on inches from Jen's mouth and I watch her open it and take his big black cock in her mouth and she sucks on it. I watch this young blond girl sucking on the big black cock like it was candy and she was out to eat it all up. As she sucked on him her hand went to his balls and she played with them. This went on for several minutes until Shun pulled back and told her to take it easy; the best was yet to come. Jen smiled up at him and said, "Yes, I bet it is." Shun started to lie down beside her but she was ready and she pulled her legs up and apart wanting to see if that big, now very hard, fat 13-inch cock would feel good. As Shun was getting over her I handed him a condom but Jen wanted nothing to do with it and she pulled it from his hand and threw it on the floor.

Shun did not hesitate as he quickly lowered his body on her and rammed home. Jen let's out a loud OHHHHH as the monster cock spread her pussy out like I am sure she had never been before. I see her place her legs around his back and she locked her ankles, then she placed her hands around the back of his head and pulls it down to her and they lock lips. Jen was now experiencing her first black cock, and what a specimen it was and she did not care if he was purple, she had what she wanted and she was now humping up to meet his downward thrusts. It did not take long for Jen to start hitting climaxes, hard and long one right after another.

Watching Shun's big black muscular body humping on top of the young beautiful blond white girl was enough to bring me back to life again. I rolled a condom over my cock and motioned Shun the turn her over. With one quick roll he rolled on to his back pulling Jen with him and his cock stayed tight inside her. Now she was riding him and was she ever. I saw Shun reach up with one hand and pull her head down to his and they locked lips, with his other hand he placed it on her ass cheek and started fingering her ass hole to try and open it for me. I got the tube of KY and applied a gob to my cock and another on my fingers and I put it on her little pucker hole. Shun was doing his thing keeping her on the edge and with his hand on her ass he worked that KY into her tight little hole. It was very evident from the tightness of her ass hole that IF she had ever been ass fucked; it was not often as it was very tight. I got up on the bed behind her and waited until she was once again in the throngs of a hard climax, as I knew that this was the best time to ravish a tight or virgin ass. It was not long and her body started to shake and quake again and I put my cock at that hole and gave a little forward pressure. Jen was moaning and trying to say something but her mouth was held glued to the big black guy under her. My cock head spread her ring and I held there for a few seconds and then pushed a little more and now about 2 inches were buried in her ass. At first Jen took the intrusion with little fuss. Then as her climax really hit her from Shun's big black cock working in her pussy Jen started humping back and forth even faster on him and that at the same time made my cock go in and out of her ass. Now it seems that the girl was in such a state of climaxing that the friction in her ass even added to it. Poor Jen was now speared in both holes and her body was out of control with her mind. I am sure her mind was telling her that the ass hurt but her body was moving back and forth on both cocks and she was shooting multiple climaxes.

Several minutes of this hard and fast gyrations of her ass and body I could tell that I was about to explode again, and this I did not want to do. Yet.

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