Terror On Elm Street

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including NonConsensual, Rape, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A pretty blonde wife goes shopping in the wrong part of town. She got much more than what she was shopping for.

Miriam Smith was just finishing up some shopping at an older mall near the Birmingham airport. These stores were certainly not the premier stores that had recently opened in a new mall near their beautiful home in Mountain Brook. The pretty blonde wife was doing more window-shopping than buying as she was waiting patiently for her husband to call notifying her of his delayed arrival at the airport. He was flying back this evening from a business conference in San Francisco and his plane should be landing in about thirty minutes. It was now just a little before nine PM and the stores were starting to close. She headed to her car and pulled out her little can of mace that she always carried for self-protection.

Tyrone and Marcus had seen the blonde beauty staring at some pretty dresses in one of the store fronts. When Tyrone first saw her, he punched his buddy in the arm.

"That's the one," he motioned towards the very attractive white woman in a short skirt. "Her legs go all the way up to her lily white ass," he chuckled at his crude joke. "All I want to hear is her squealing when I sticks my big black boner in her li'l white twat."

"She sure' nuf looks mighty fine to me too. Let's get on out to the parking lot and gits the van," Marcus urged. "We sure don'ts wanna lose such a fine piece o' white ass!"

Miriam was just about to her new little white Beamer. She was very proud of it as her husband Maurice, had given it to her for her thirtieth birthday. The lovely blonde wife had parked it away from the other vehicles as she didn't want any dings from other car door. Now she wished that she had parked just a little closer to the mall's entrance where there was a rent-a-cop standing guard. He had offered to escort her to her car but she turned him down. Miriam didn't like the way that the black security guard had been undressing her with his dark eyes while she was shopping. The blonde wife was used to men staring at her but this creepy guard made her skin crawl.

She moved one bag from her left arm to her right so she could turn the key in the door with her left as she was left-handed. About that time, a dark van pulled up alongside her and the driver's side window came down.

"Excuse me, Miss," spoke Tyrone as politely as possible. "I think I's lost. Do you know where Elm Street is?"

Miriam was about to inform the black youngster that she didn't know where Elm Street was as wasn't from around here. But just as she started to reply, she saw a dark shadow coming very quickly towards her.

Marcus hit her with a flying tackle that knocked Miriam off her pretty little feet. It also knocked the wind out of her so that she couldn't scream or even have time to try to use the mace. The can had already flown out of her manicured fingers and rolled into a nearby gutter.

The blonde wife felt herself being lifted and carried around to the back of the van. The two boys threw their trophy into the back of the van as if she were a side of beef. Her landing was softened somewhat by the dirty mattress that now lay beneath her.

Tyrone slapped a piece of duct tape across the blonde beauty's red lips and forced her arms behind her back. He quickly tied her slim wrists together with a plastic quick-tie. He pulled the nearly unconscious woman's ankles together and cinched another quick-tie binding her ankles tightly together. The black teenager took a third quick-tie and looped it between her bound wrists and ankles as she was being roughly hog-tied.

Miriam now lay on her firm stomach with her arms cruelly tethered behind her back. Her legs were bent up at the knees and her pretty little toes were almost touching her bound hands. She heard the sound of her car start up and then the van lurched forward. One of the blacks must have been driving the van to God-only-knows where as the other black abductor drove the BMW behind the van to their final destination which was probably about ten minutes away.

The pretty blonde captive heard a garage door go up and the sound of her BMW stopped. The garage down must have come back down. Miriam felt the van moving backwards until it abruptly stopped. Her tormented arms and legs were already cramping from being in such a contorted position for even the short distance that they drove. The van's rear door opened and she was dragged out by her legs. Her ankles and her wrists hurt painfully from the plastic that was biting into her soft, smooth white skin.

One of the black boys cut the plastic tie from around her ankle so that she could stand. She couldn't. Miriam just collapsed on the ground due to the loss of blood to her legs. The two black youngsters picked her back up by her upper arms as lightening bolts of pain shot up and down her arms and shoulders. She couldn't scream as the tape was still covering her mouth but she let out a God-awful moan as the beautiful blonde woman writhed in agony.

Her captors half-carried, half-dragged her into the filthy house. There were other black men already in what might have passed for a den for a previous family. The acrid smell of burning marijuana reached her nostrils and she wrinkled up her pretty little nose at the pungent aroma.

One of the older black boys stepped forward. He must have been the ring leader and he was going through the contents of her purse starting with her driver's license.

"Well, now, Mrs. Smith," the black gangleader smiled cruelly at his beautiful blonde captive. He had on gold-capped tooth and a diamond stud in his left ear lobe. "What do we have here?"

The black leader held up a photograph of her daughter, Tiffany.

Miriam's blue eyes widened in horror.

"It this pretty li'l thing ya daughter? She looks just like ya."

Miriam wanted to shake her head no to try in vain to protect her only child but she ended up sobbing into tape still binding her lips together.

"Take the tape off," the gangleader commanded to one of his underlings.

"Yes, Wolfman," one of the young black underlings replied to his boss.

It felt as if her lips had just been ripped off.

Miriam was still quietly sobbing when the black gansta raised her head and looked into her terrified eyes. Her daddy had warned her many times about niggers. Al they wanted to do was to rape white woman. She knew they were going to rape her. Miriam was terrified being all alone with these strange black men who were looking at her the way a hungry dog would look at a steak.

"We here don'ts intends to hurt ya none. We justs wants ta have a little fun. Ya see Marcus here," and pointed to one of her earlier abductors, "Just wants ta join our li'l social group, The Bloods. His bringing you here was jus' the first part o' his initiation dis weekend. He done good! Whatcha think, boys?"

The group roared their approval of Marcus' pretty white woman selection. The Wolfman was very good at getting the black gang all the pretty white pussy they could eat.

"We knows where ya's live, Bitch!" he spat the words at her. "If you are good to us tonight, we won't hurt ya none or ya pretty li'l girl. I'm sure dat some of our fine upstandin' members here would like to teach the li'l lady a thing or two about black men. If'n ya aren't nice, we'll hurt ever'body arounds ya, ya hear me? Including yer li'l girl!"

Miriam nodded yes in defeat.

"What did ya say, Ho?"

"Yes, yes sir," Miriam murmured. "I'll do anything that you want but please promise me that you won't hurt my daughter."

"I'm not gonna make any promises about what my homies might or might not do but if ya treat us right, it won't hurt." Wolfman was used to getting his way. He wasn't called 'The Big Black Wolfman' for nothing.

"Okay," Miriam said timidly.

"Cut her arms loose," he growled at one of his men. "Let's see if she means business."

The tight plastic cord cutting into her wrists finally came free. Miriam rubbed her sore wrists to try to get some blood circulating and bring back some of the color to her hands. The red welts on her wrists were already starting to rise.

"Let's see what ya gots," the black gang leader instructed. Hows about a li'l strip-tease? Willie, turn on da boombox."

"Yah, Boss," came the reply from one of the younger members.

The music was rap and wasn't anything that she had heard before but the obscene language came through loud and clear. Miriam was standing in the middle of circle surrounded by the leering and jeering black boys as she did her best imitation of what she thought that a stripper might do. Her heels must have come off in the struggle as she was now standing barefoot in front of about ten or eleven black teenagers, some of them just a little older than her own fourteen year old daughter, Tiffany. Miriam's frilly white blouse was already partially unbuttoned was pulled part of the way out of her navy blue skirt during her abduction. It didn't take much more for the terrified white wife to be in just her skirt and lacy white bra.

Miriam tried to blot out the whole sordid experience and was wondering if her husband or anybody else was even looking for her. Her husband was expecting his always faithful and prompt wife to pick him up at the airport about now but he wouldn't know where she was. The police wouldn't even recover her car for several days. It would finally be found in a chop-shop and was almost completely stripped. Now here she was, stripping in front of a bunch of excited and eager black teenagers. They looked like they could have even been some of her own black students from the high school where she taught English. They all looked the same to her.

There were several catcalls as she reached behind to undo her bra releasing her firm, full twin white orbs. She would have liked to at least turn around to preserve a sliver of her modesty but the black ring of boys just tightened around her closer like a noose.

Miriam reluctantly reached behind her and slowly drew down the skirt's zipper. The useless piece of clothing fell into a rumpled heap around her trim ankles. Now she was in just a tiny pair of white bikini panties. The boys could see her lovely blonde mound only partially hidden by the thin material. They saw her blonde bush trimmed into a 'vee' pointing towards her now moist womanhood. Miriam couldn't believe that her body was betraying her like this. She was about to get raped, not by one or two savage black boys, but by ten or eleven Negro hoodlums. Some of them had already removed their trousers and Miriam was amazed at the size of the erect black manhood that they were each sporting. Their huge black cocks jutted out from their black loins like a third arm sprouting from their hips. She gasped at the large amount of black cock that was about to rape and plunder her tender, sweet body that she had previously only shared with her own husband.

The pretty blonde wife slowly stepped out of her last remaining protection, her panties.

The black leader picked up her discarded panties and brought them to his broad, black nose. He loved the smell of pretty white women but this souvenir belonged to the newest members of the Bloods. He tossed the fragrant, dampened panties over towards Marcus who put them in the back pocket of his jeans as he was getting out of them.

"Lay down, Bitch!" Wolfman commanded.

Miriam edged over to the dirty mattress hoping against hope that she would be rescued before she had to endure such depraved humiliation.

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