by Alan C. Zumwalt

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Interracial, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: This was my first story about the Shiny Ladies. The disc that held it, was corrupted and I could not find my hard copy. I found it only two weeks ago. I have updated and changed it from its original form to fit the Shiny-verse. It is a sequel to the original story, as you may have guessed. Taking place 237 years after "The Shiny Ladies" ends.


Julie smiled nervously at her fiance Ron, but he didn't look back. He was looking warily down the line of people that stretched two blocks down the shadow-drenched late afternoon streets. The line then turned right, down Goddess Ave. for a half mile, through the heart of Oklahoma City, before reaching the temple.

Electric cars whizzed silently down the center of the street, carrying commuters home from work.

Ron had always seemed so self-possessed, so confident, to Julie. She had never seen him jittery before. He couldn't seem to stop fidgeting. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He craned his neck from side to side down the line, rattled the coins in his pocket. None of this was normal behavior for him.

"Nervous?" she asked, shaking her long brown hair.

"A little," Ron said, with a small smile.

"Is the goddess that terrible?"

"Oh no! Not at all! The goddess is truly the most beautiful and wonderful creature I've ever seen. It's just that, it's been years since I've seen her."

"Well, you've been sleeping with me the last two years. And then there was Angie for a year before that. I can see why you haven't been here."

"It's been longer than that," said Ron, nervously running a hand through his short sandy brown hair. "More like five years."

"Five years?!" Julie exclaimed. She raised an eyebrow, "did you have other lovers that you didn't tell me about?"

"I didn't lie. You are my second love, after Angie." A slight reddish tinge spread across his cheeks. "It's just that, for a few years, I kept to myself."

"You masturbated?" Julie exclaimed, with more than a hint of incredulity in her voice.

Ron nodded.

"But why? The goddess is free to all."

The nineteen year old didn't answer at once. He waited to round the corner onto Goddess Avenue, to collect his thoughts. The temple loomed ahead of them, as the line proceeded at a slow but steady pace towards it.

"When I was twelve, I had my first wet dream. The next day I went to the temple for the first time to see the goddess.

"You have no idea what it was like. You're just a kid, and you are required to come face-to-face with your deity for inspection.

"There is a special entrance for the first timers. No waiting. This is supposed to make it easier for us kids.

"Anyway, I was almost dragged into the curtain-lined room, by one of the priestesses. It was an empty room, except for a king sized bed with silk sheets in one corner. The priestess escorted me to the center of the room, then left. As soon as she left, the goddess stepped out from behind a curtain.

"Now, you have heard, Julie, all the descriptions about the goddess; her beauty; her majesty; her charms. None of them do her justice. Nothing anyone can say, can actually measure up to the actual experience. Therefore, I won't try. Besides, you'll see for yourself soon."

Ron motioned toward the ever-nearing temple.

"I'll just tell you that the goddess I met was very young. Maybe a year older than I was. She had long red hair and bright green eyes.

"You know that the goddess always has green eyes, don't you?"

"I know," acknowledged the blue-eyed Julie.

"Anyway, regardless of her youth, this goddess was indescribably beautiful. She was all my desires, lusts, and fantasies rolled into one. I remember that I came in my pants just seconds after I saw her.

"She must have realized this, but ignored it, she just walked, smiled, and asked me my name. Her voice had both a child-like innocence and a wanton suggestiveness that aroused me yet again.

"I managed to stammer out my name.

"She took my hand and pulled me to my feet. I didn't realize I had fallen to my knees. She lead me to the bed.

"It was with her that I lost my virginity. It was the greatest sex I have ever had."

Julie was not offended by this. After all, how can sex with a mere mortal compare with the goddess.

"She was insatiably passionate. For hours she teased and stimulated me to repeated erections. I finally passed out. When I woke, she was gone. A priestess was waiting by the door to escort me out.

"The goddess taught me much of what I know of how to please a woman, that day."

"She was a very good teacher too," said Julie, as she embrace her love.

"But in that encounter I sensed her joy, passion, and desire, but the one thing I didn't feel is love.

I went back a few more time the next eighteen months, but every time, after the ecstatic sex, I got this creepy feeling. It was like, I don't know, I just engaged in bestiality. Only I was the beast.

"When I turned fourteen, I vowed I wouldn't step foot inside a temple, until the marriage ceremony."

"Which is today," added Julie.

"Damn right it is," confirmed Ron, with a long passionate kiss.

"If the goddess approves," she said, pulling away.

"Of course she'll approve!" cried Ron. "Why shouldn't she? Only a tiny percent of all marriages get refused by the goddess."

"I suppose you're right. All the same, I'll be glad when this is over."

The temple was only a hundred yards away. The line of men, women, and couples could be seen going up the steps and through the large double doors.

After bearing his soul, Ron decided it was Julie's turn. "You've never told me, darling, why you have never come to see the goddess. Aren't you curious?"

About the goddess? Of course. About having sex with a woman, no way. The thought of exchanging bodily fluids with another female gives me the creeps ... Now, I know that it's completely different with the goddess. But still, I could never work up the never nor the desire to confront the goddess.

"Besides, it's not required of women, like it is with men."

"Not until want to marry," finished Ron.

Their conversation between the two died as they approached the base of the temple, and followed the line up the steps, entering through the massive gold doors. Inside the doors was the large elliptical common room, about the size of a football field. The room had a glass ceiling and green carpeting. Twelve hallways branched from the room. A priestess, by the doors, was acting as receptionist.

The priestess, a trim woman in her fifties, was wearing the traditional plain green dress. She entered the names of the young couple into a computer, and directed them toward the hallway farthest from the entry.

They thanked her, and proceeded across the vast room.

Their route across the common room was not a straight one; too many obstacles for that. Besides, there was so much to see.

There was a large group of people around an elderly priestess at a grand piano, who seemed to know every song ever written.

The bar near the piano, tended by priest, was stocked with everything from carrot juice to Jack Daniels.

Julie proposed that they celebrate with champagne on their way out.

Ron readily agreed.

A dozen yards away from the bar was a priest seated in a chair, reading to a swarm of kids, sprawled on the carpeted floor. They were waiting on their parents. More kids were frolicking in the swimming pool and Jacuzzi nearby, all under the watchful eyes of some priestesses, wearing green one-piece swimsuits.

The garden and health spa were off to the right. Both looked alluring, but neither Ron nor Julie wanted to make side trips. They both wanted to get the ritual over with.

"You know," said Ron, "I think I enjoyed the common room more than I did with the goddess."

Julie piped in, "I remember having a blast with the priests and priestesses, when I was a kid."

"Yeah, me too. But when you're an adult, after about an hour in the common room, the goddess calls to you. It's irresistible, just like she is."

Julie pulled on Ron's arm. "Then let's get going."

After skirting around the casino, the young lovers finally reached the entrance of their designated hallway. Two priestesses stood in the entranceway with another couple. The shorter of the two priestesses, a teenage Hispanic girl, wearing the pastel green of a novice, escorted the two couple down the hall.

As they walked down the wide hallway, the noise of the common room fell away. Soft strains of the hymn "One Goddess, Many Avatars" played through the ceiling speakers.

The other couple, Erica Chang and Jose Svendsen, both of which were a little inebriated, started singing and swaying with the music. Jose asked Ron, "Are you having a consecrated or regular ceremony?"

"What's the difference?"

"Well, in a regular ceremony, it you, a goddess, and some dozen other couples.

"In the consecrated version, it just you, your mate, and the goddess in a private ceremony. She blesses and consecrates your union by pleasing the both of you for the whole night."

Julie cringed, "you're kidding, right."

"No, it's a gas!" enthused Erica. "It's said that any consecrated marriage will maintain the goddess' passion all its days."

Ron decided to be diplomatic. "Gee, that sounds great. But Julie here has never met the goddess..."

Erica let out a shriek, and grabbed Julie's hand. "Never met the goddess?! You poor thing! I wish I could go back and re-experience my first time. It changed my life forever."

With Julie occupied, Jose pulled Ron aside. "You know Ron, with a little persuading, I bet you could get Julie to agree. It would be a first time for the ages!"

"Well, I could," began Ron carefully, "but I'm not sure I'd want to. You see, the goddess, she kind of intimidates me."

Jose took a step back. "Oh, you're one of those.

"For Pete's sake, guy, what's there to be intimidated by. The goddess is the greatest source of pleasure in the universe.

"I know, I know. It just seems so ... demeaning ... for the goddess, I mean."

"Of course its demeaning for the goddess, you sap! That's part of the miracle! The goddess is so awesome, we're not worthy to wipe her ass. Yet she humbles herself to be our lover."

"I know, I know," said Ron shaking his head. "It's just that ... I don't know."

"Look, you said you're studying to be an engineer, right? You got to stop thinking so much. When you're with the goddess, put your mind in neutral and let the sensations take over."

It was then that the priestess, tapped both men on the shoulder. For the past few minutes, the two couples had been standing instead of walking down the corridor. The other priestess, from the head of the hall had delivered two more couples to join their group. Their young guide urged them to follow her.

As it turned out, they only had only another hundred feet to go. During that time, both Erica and Jose urged them to come to the Saturday night services. "It's the best party in town!" said Ron.

The waiting area at the end of the hall was guarded by one of the priests. He was wearing an earpiece and microphone. He told the group to wait by the far doors until more couples arrive. Three couples were already waiting, one of which were both female. Jose and Erica asked the priest about their special ceremony. He said that he would arrange it, then whispered something into his microphone.

Most of the couples were nervous, staying mostly to themselves. A few though, who had been through this before, were talking and joking amongst themselves.

It was only five minutes until fourteen couples were waiting. The priest acted as an usher. He told the couples that a nurse would be waiting by the exit to remove the contraceptive implants on any woman who desired to have it done, after the ceremony.

Julie was planning to do so. Her and Ron's dream of having children was the main reason for making their relationship "legal."

Through the door, the priest turned left down the hallway. The couples followed. They passed a dozen or so closed doors on both sides. A priestess was waiting by one such door. The priest left Jose and Erica with her.

A few doors later, another couple was dropped off with a priestess. They too, evidently, wanted a special consecrated ceremony.

The remaining twelve couples were lead to the double doors at the end of the hallway. Two priestesses were standing by the doors. The priest left, as the priestesses lead them into the marriage room.

The room was thirty by thirty foot, with at twenty-five foot diameter circle in the middle. The circle seemed to glow white on the dark green, almost black carpeting. Evenly spaced around the circle were twelve lines to stand behind. One for each couple.

The priestesses lead the group around the circle, clockwise, placing a couple behind each line. Ron and Julie were set three quarters of the way around the circle.

After everyone was placed, the priestesses retreated up again the walls. Their dresses camouflaged them in the green curtain-lined room Julie noticed that there were two other priestesses already in place, making for a total of four. One for each wall.

Just seconds after the priestesses took their place. There was a soft hum. A hole opened in the center of the circle. Out of the hole rose a naked woman with glittering dark skin and vivid green eyes, and no pubic hair. She was in her late twenties and at least eight months pregnant.

Even in her condition, Julie thought was she beautiful. Not the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen, but still very attractive. There was also a timeless quality to her, as if she were made of obsidian, and would not change in one hundred years. Who was this person? Julie thought.

She glanced at Ron, and saw that he was on his knees. Tears were streaming down his face. He was whispering to himself. " ... beautiful, so beautiful. How could I have forgotten. How could I've forgotten..."

Julie looked over at the other couples. All the others were also on their knees. Some were singing the praises; others, like Ron, were weeping; still others were groaning as they rubbed themselves through their clothes; and a few knelt silently, in shocked awe. All had their eyes locked on this naked woman.

Were these the same giggly people she had walked in with, just a moment ago?

Just as Julie realized that the woman was looking at was the goddess, she felt a slight pinch on her neck. Everything became hazy and indistinct. She felt two arms lead her away from the circle.

The last thing she saw, before losing consciousness, was the goddess blessing the first couple.

Ron watched, mesmerized, as the goddess moved from couple to couple, giving them her blessing. After she laid her hands on them, each dazed couple was lead out by a pair of priestesses.

He looked forward to his encounter with the goddess with a mixture of anticipation and dread. To have his deity bless him and Julie would be a great honor. But to be in the presence of a being who was so above him, whom he would obey unquestioningly, was a truly a frightening thought. It was unbelievable that such a creature would care for the likes of him.

Finally, it was his turn. The dark-skinned goddess stood before Ron.

"Ronald Vague, please stand."

Ron tried to, but found that his legs had fallen asleep. The only way to stand was to sit first; not very dignified. The goddess seemed to realize his problem, and reached down to help him to his feet. A shudder of ecstasy swept through him when the goddess' skin touched his.

It turned out that this goddess was half a head shorter than him. She had to look up meet his eyes. This did not seem right. He wanted to get back on his knees, but didn't want to disobey her.

"I am sorry that I can't marry you and Julie Cavanaugh."

Ron, for the first time, realized that Julie was not beside him anymore.

"Your fiancée possesses a rare gift that is needed in my service."

It took a few seconds for him to realize what she just said. When it did, his heart skipped a beat. "She's gone?" he whispered. "My Julie? Forever?" Tears began to fall.

"Of all my duties as a goddess, this is my least favorite. I usually bring such joy to my followers, but this time I bring sorrow."

Ron felt a pinch in his neck. Suddenly, it was hard for him to think about Julie, or anything that really mattered, except for the vision before him.

"But I will try and relieve you sorrow..." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. " ... At least for one night."

This time, it was the goddess' turn to kneel, in one graceful motion. Once down there, the deity leaned forward and unzipped Ron's pants with her teeth. Ron's aching penis sprang out. She gazed upon the organ. A lusty grin spread across her face. "Ooh, a big one," she cooed. With great delicacy, she kissed the head.

Ron let out a groan. He wanted to grab her hair, but didn't dare.

She skillfully held the shaft with one hand, and took the head of the organ in her mouth.

Ron's loins erupted. He was unable to hold back.

The goddess didn't seem to mind. She just swallowed, smiled, and stood up.

"Bridget, Carla," she said to her attending priestesses. "Undress this strapping young man, then take him to the adjoining room. One of my sisters should be there by now. She will see to his need."

The two complied.

The goddess looked on with great longing, then caressed her bulging tummy. "I just wish I were in shape to handle him."

The priestesses lead him out of the room, Ron tried to think. He was upset about something, but what? The more he tried to recall, the harder it was remember. One of his escorts pushed back the curtain aside, revealing the goddess. She was tall, pale, and thin, with small pert breasts, platinum blonde hair, and vivid green eyes. All other thoughts fled from Ron's mind. His cock was swelling with renewed vigor.

The Nordic beauty presented Ron with what looked like an open jar of cold cream. "Rub this on your balls, please," she said.

He readily complied.

While doing so, his testicle started to tingle and swell. It was an incredibly erotic feeling. His achingly hard cock twitched and throbbed.

"What was that?" he gasped.

The goddess smiled. "A new toy we've been working on. It increases you semen production by about ten times. It lasts about twelve hours. It will help you keep up with me, at least in the short term."

She lead Ron to the king-size bed in the room. "The doctors say that you shouldn't use it more than once a month, but today is a special occasion."

The goddess laid him on his back, then straddled Ron's ten inch cock. As she lowered herself onto his aching member, they both let out a sigh of relief,

And Ron knew no sorrow, at least for that night.


The next thing Julie remembered was lying on a gurney. She felt a stick in her arm. She looked blearily, and saw a syringe drawing blood, but couldn't focus on who was doing it.

Good thing I'm so groggy, she mused. I usually get sick at the sight of blood.

To her left was a white blur that was crying. Julie turned her head and tried to focus her eyes. After a minute, she managed to make out the outline of a young girl with brown hair and a heart-shaped face, no more than twelve years old. She also was lying on a gurney. She was covered with a sheet. Her face was streaked with tears.

Julie tried to speak, but found she couldn't get a word out. Finally, she managed, "wha' zhu na'e?"

The girl turned her head. She didn't seemed drugged at all, just scared. "A-Allison Falstaff. What's yours?"

"Ooollee" she managed to sound out.

"I want to go home. I want my Mommy!" Allison said, new tears ran down cheek.

Julie tried to respond. But before she could, she felt another prick in her neck. She was claimed by the fog of unconsciousness engulfed her.

The next few days ... weeks ... hours ... Julie didn't really know, had a dream-like feel to it. She seemed to remember being guided down a hallway, naked, dozens of indistinct people reaching out and touching her bare skin. Sitting in front wall-sized LED screen, images flickering in front of her, too fast to comprehend. Sitting restrained in a chair, being spoon-fed creamed corn; most of it dribbling down her chin. And swimming through a sea of purple gelatin. Other half realized images floated through her consciousness, only to dissolve when she tried to grab hold of them.

The fog finally parted to show ... more fog.

Julie woke. A white ceiling and white cloud drifted by her face. Was she still hallucinating? She tried to sit up, and found that she could. More fog hit her face, or more accurately, steam. It was hot and wet, and when she breathed it in, the last of her grogginess fell away. She slowly stood up and scanned her surroundings. The steam was thick, but occasionally it broke, so she could see the amphitheatre-like benches rising up behind her, and a blank wall in front of her. Off to her right was a door, with a heavy latch and seal on it. She appeared to be the only one in the sauna.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" she cried tentatively. The fog stifled her voice. Her cry seemed to go no further than her lips.

Her call did seem to have a response though. Julie heard a loud click and the sound the door opening. She couldn't see it, since the steam was obscuring it, once again. Through the steam walked a female form. The mist parted to reveal a attractive slim woman in her mid-thirties, with glistening olive skin, full D breasts, long straight jet black hair, and vivid green eyes. In her right hand was a hand towel, in her left, a plastic bottle with a spigot on top. Under one arm was a clipboard.

This Mediterranean woman was not wearing any clothes, but neither was Julie. It was strange she hadn't noticed that before. Usually she was quite self-conscious about her body, but now she felt at ease with her nakedness.

This woman had no body hair at all.

"Ms. Cavanaugh, good to see you awake. I'm Callisto." The stranger set down the hand towel and sports bottle, and held out her hand.

They shook hands in a businesslike manor. "I'm to be in charge of your orientation."

"Orientation? Orientation to what?"

"Direct. To the point. I like that. Sit down, Julie, this will take a while."

She sat down, fidgeting nervously.

"You might want to use these," said Callisto, motioning toward the towel and bottle.

Julie suddenly realized that she was very thirsty. She unstoppered the bottle and took a swig. It was sweet and salty, with a pleasant citrus tang, like most sports drinks. She then drained the bottle in one long gulp.

"More, please," said Julie.

"Certainly." Callisto walked back out the door, returning with two bottles. "One for now. One for later," she said.

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