Junk In The Trunk

by Stormbringer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Cheating, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Wife tries to buy back valuable antiques from a black junk dealer.


Copyright┬ę 2007 by Stormbringer

Mindy Dawber arrived home late from work. A high heeled shoe extended from her car door, follwed by a shapely ankle and calf. Her skirt started at the knee. Her entire outfit was a thousand dollar business suit which suited a vice president of marketing at a local firm.

Mindy watched her husband bringing items in from his garage sale. She shook her head at her husband's outfit. She'd married him ten years ago when she was twenty and he was thirty. He was a high school art teacher then and she'd fallen for him in her artsy liberal phase. She'd outgrown the phase. He hadn't. The forty year old man looked ridiculous dressed in a thai dyed shirt, socks in birkinstocks, and his greying hair tied back in a pony-tail. "How'd it go today, Robin?" she asked, flipping up her sunglasses.

"Not bad, dear. I even sold a painting."

They say those that can't, teach. That applied to Robin. He wasn't as good of an artist as he thought he was and got overly excited whenever he sold something. He'd become more successful when he got out of teaching and opened a gallery selling better artists works. She surveyed his paintings displayed around the garage. The ten he'd completed were all there. He averaged one painting a year. "Where's... you didn't."

"He gave me two hundred dollars for it. It's the highest priced painting I ever sold."

The painting in question was a nude of Mindy. She was lying on a checkered blanket in a field of wild flowers, holding a daffodil. She had been nineteen at the time. Her long brown hair fell to encircle the double D's of her breasts, reaching her stomach. She had a business cut now, still long, but just to her shoulders. The day had also been chilly, and Robin had accurately painted her nipples hard and pointy. Her crotch had been shaved then.

Mindy hadn't changed much since then. She was still lithe and fit with oversized breasts. Her ass had been boney, but was fuller now. Her crotch was now covered with curly brown hair. The girl in the picture was tanner from long hours sunning herself in a bikini. Mindy didn't even own a bikini anymore and her skin was milky white.

Physically, she hadn't changed much in eleven years, but mentally she had. She'd outgrown the hippy phase and saw herself as a serious professional woman.

"The man also bought your mom's old trunk and lamp."

Mindy gasped. "You emptied it first right? Robin?" Her husband didn't look at her. My god, her grandfather's pocket watch was in that trunk. As was a Waterford crystal lamp and an old porceline doll. "Please tell me you just sold the trunk."

"Sorry honey, he wanted it as is."

"What did you sell it for?" She placed a loud emphasis on the "what".

"I told you two hundred for the trunk and painting. He said he'd by a painting if I threw in the trunk."

"Robin, the trunk and it's contents were worth at least ten thousand dollars." Asshole! Her grandmother's diamond ring was in that box.

Robin tripped and almost fell. He looked like he was chokinig. "Honey, I'm sorry. I was just so excited about selling a painting."

Mindy walked away from her husband. It was that or say something she might regret. Her stupid husband had sold this man a private painting done back when they were courting.

Worse, if the man knew what he was doing, he had really been after the trunk. Or maybe he didn't know what he was doing?

Mindy turned her bmw onto the Harlem exit. At least Harlem wasn't as scary as it used to be. They even had a Starbucks. She'd never come here at night, but she still had several hours of daylight to find this junk dealer who'd bought the trunk.

Her husband had remembered that the junk dealer was an older black man in a run down pick-up trunk. The sign on the truck's door had read, "Foxx and Son." It was easy to find the address in the phone book.

The junk yard was easy to find. Unfortunately, the truck wasn't on the junk lot, but the house had lights on. Hopefully someone was home.

Mindy parked her car on the lot, got out, and locked the doors. She looked suspiciously around the neighborhood. This part of Harlem hadn't caught up with the economic boom of the rest of Harlem.

Mindy rang the doorbell. She peered through the curtain on the door window, but saw nothing. She rang the bell again. A shadowy figure sat up on the couch. The man rubbed his eyes. She knocked this time. "Hold on, hold on. I'm coming, dummy," yelled a gravely voice.

The man stood up and waddled over to the door pulling it open. He did a double take and looked Mindy up and down. It wasn't everyday a smartly dressed white woman with the body of a penthouse pet knocked on doors in this neighborhood. "Mr Foxx?"

"Yeah, that's me. Call me Fred. Come on in."

Mr Foxx was an unattractive old black man. He was shorter then Mindy, heavyset with a large gut. He had large hands which hung down to his sides and he waddled when he walked. He wore a plaid shirt and suspenders held up dirty trousers. He was a scruffy hairy man. He had a curly white beard and hair. Whisps of hair formed sideburns down his cheeks. His skin was light brown. "What can I do you for, Mrs... ?"

"Dawber. My husband says he sold you a valuable... I mean nostalgic family heirloom trunk of mine at a yard sale today."

Fred's eyes grew wide and he ran them up and down her body. "You is the chick on the painting. You got your hair cut. I liked it better long."

Mindy sighed, though she was a little flattered he didn't seem to realize that the picture was over ten years old. "Yes, it's me, but I'm really here for the trunk."

"You mean that trunk?" The old man pointed at her trunk sitting over beside a staircase leading to the second floor.

"Yes, thank god, that trunk. You see my husband was not supposed to sell it. It wasn't even his to sell. I need to get it back."

"Sounds like you married a big dummy."

"I brought your two hundred dollars back."

"Mrs Dawber, my business may be junk, but we both know that trunk ain't junk." Fred pointed towards the coffee table by the couch. An antique price guide was open on it and there was a picture of the antique Waterford lamp that had been in the trunk.

Mindy sighed. "How much do you want for it?"

"Lets start the negotiating." Fred rubbed his big brown hands together. He even had hairy white knuckles, the man was so hirsute. "Please have a seat." He held his hand out towards the old couch. It was dirty and dusty like the rest of the room. Fred waddled off into the kitchen. He came back with a bottle and two glasses. "Negotiating booze," he declared.

Mindy had never heard of the wine before. Ripple must be some cheap brand. Fred sat beside her and filled the glasses full. She took a sip and scrunched up her face. "How much, Mr Foxx?"

"Twelve thousand for the trunk and it's contents."

Mindy choked and took a sip of ripple. "That's crazy, sir."

"I know. I know. I aint know dummy. We is negotiating. Make me a counter offer."

"Five hundred."

"Nope. Cheers." Fred clanked his glass against hers and took a big swig. "Drink up," he said, tipping the bottom of the glass so that she drank more then a sip. He refilled both glasses when she sat hers down.

"I might let it go for ten thousand."

"Seven hundred."

"No deal. Cheers."

Mindy drank up. Ripple was strong stuff. already she could feel her head getting dizzy.

She held her hand over her glass when Mr Foxx tried to refill it. "No more, I have to drive home tonight."

Fred moved her hand. "We drink as long as we are negotiating. When we make a deal, we kill the bottle. If you want, we can continue tomorrow. Buts, I already have a potential buyer for the watch and doll."

"Damn you, you sly old fox, Foxx." Mindy supressed a giggle. "Just tell me the lowest you'll go."

"Five grand."

"I can't afford that. One thousand is the most I can spare."

"No deal. Drink up." Fred banged their glasses and watched her as she gulped some down. He poured more ripple into her glass. "That trunk really mean so much to you, Mrs Dawber?"

So much, Fred and call me Mindy."

"Mindy," he said resting his big palm on her bare knee.

"The trunk is very important to me, Fred." Mindy picked his hand off her knee and held it between her hands.

"One thousand on one condition."

"What's that?"

"I want you to pose for me, like in the picture."

"You want to paint me?" She released his hand.

"No, I want to take your picture with my camera. I never seen a woman as good looking as you."

"You mean, nude?"

"Yeah, I mean nude. Just likes in the painting. Lie on my couch, smile at me, and lets me take yo picture."

Mindy would get back ten thousand dollars worth of antiques for one grand and all she had to do was pose nude for a perverted old black man. "Agreed."

"Deal." Fred gleefully picked their glasses up and drank. MIndy drained her glass. She'd need the confidence. When she was empty, she found Fred holding the bottle out to her. They exchanged swigs. "Go ahead and change. I'll be in the kitchen. Call me when you is ready." Fred waddled off.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," mumbled Mindy as she unzipped her skirt. "Stupid Robin." She removed the jacket and blouse. Her hands were shaking and she was drunkenly swaying as she unhooked her bra. She sat and slid her panties down. She laid down on the couch. I'm gonna need a bath tonight, ' she thought grimacing at the dirty couch touching her nude body. "Ready," she yelled. Mindy gulped. No man, but her husband had seen her nude for eleven years.

Fred walked out of the kitchen and around to the couch. Almost immediately he clutched his heart and held his arm out like he was having a heart attack. Mindy was flattered by his overacting. "Just hurry up, so I can get out of here."

"Of course, Mindy." Fred held up and old non-digital camera and snapped several pictures. She was lying just like the painting, on her side, with her arm propping her head up.

The perverted old man reached down and adjusted himself. She smirked, but her eyes followed the hand down. The thing he adjusted looked enormous. He took her picture as she stared wide-eyed at his bulge. Fred put the camera down. "We done?" she asked.

"Nope, no deal."

"Don't you back out now,, you old cheat." Mindy sat up, her heavy breasts swaying.

"The deal was, I'd take your picture just like the painting. You don't look the same."

The only thing different was the hair cut. "I can't grow my hair for you."

"No, but you can lose some hair." Fred walked over and reached down running her pubes between his fingers.

Mindy pushed his hand away. "You want me to shave?"

"Bathroom's under the stairs."

"Then we have a deal?"

"Yep. There's some disposable razors under the sink."

Mindy retrieved her clothes and held them across her torso as she walked over to the bathroom. She easily found the razors and some cream. The bathroom was dirty, filled with a dozen toilet paper roll tubes that hadn't been thrown away. The toilet looked like it hadn't been scrubbed in years. Beside the toilet was a stack of pornography magazines. The magazines Mindy could see covered nearly every vice. There was a girl on girl, anal pleasure, mature mothers, and double E titties among others.

Mindy ran warm water in the sink and lathered up her pubic hair. She was quite bushy, She rarely bothered even trimming her pubes since she never wore a swimsuit. Luckily, there had been small scissors beside the sink so she could trim her hair back. She grimaced at thr thought of having her crotch itch as the hair slowly grew back. It might even be better just to keep it shaved. She rinsed herself off and added lather to a few spots she had missed. Mindy looked at herself in the mirror and for a brief moment, she hated herself. Had she really become so shallow as to degrade herself over ten thousand dollars? The answer, she knew, was yes.

Mindy came out of the bathroom holding her clothes over her crotch and her arms across her breasts. Fred was sitting back in a recliner and she thought he might have fallen asleep, but one eye popped open. He stood up and grabbed the camera. "Ready to try this again?"

"Is this satisfactory, you old lech," said Mindy dropping her clothes.

"It sho is." Fred sucked his lower lip inside his mouth as his eyes stared hungrily at her body with her newly shaved crotch. "Can I touch it? Is it as smooth as it looks?"

"No, you can't touch it and yes it's smooth." Mindy laid down on the couch again. "Lets just get this overwith."

Fred snapped four or five more pictures. "Baby, you is so fine, you is like fine art."

"Thank you, Mr Foxx and now we're done." Mindy sat up and pulled her panties on. Her bra followed. Clad in her underwear, she walked over to the trunk, pulled it out from the wall. It was lighter then she remembered. With trepidation, Mindy opened the latch. It was empty! "Where's my stuff, Foxx?"

"I pawned the doll already. The rest is here and there."

"I thought we had a deal."

"We did. You got the trunk and it's contents. It just happened to be empty. Heh heh."

"Bastard! Where's my lamp? Where's the watch?" The trunk alone wasn't worth the thousand she had paid, let alone letting Fred take pictures of her.

"I might be willing to sell them to you."

"I paid you all I could spare."

"Then lets start negotiating. I'll get some more ripple."

"Wait! I couldn't drink another drop." Mindy still felt dizzy and light headed from the strong booze. "Besides, I have nothing left to negotiate with."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that," said Fred reaching up and squeezing her bra covered breasts.

"Hands off," growled Mindy, slapping his hands away.

"You haven't heard my offer yet." Fred held his big hands up appologetically. "I wants you to gets me off." He patted the obscene bulge under his jeans.

"No way am I sucking your dick, old man."

"Suck it, give me a hand job, wrap your breasts around it, I don't fucking care, ok. I just wants you to get me off. It's all big and hard watching you prance around here nekkid and in your undies like some cheap whore."

"You made me strip!" Mindy was practically foaming at the mouth, she was so indignant.

"I can't make you do nuthin you don'ts wants ta do. Gets me off and the watch is yours." Fred pulled the antique pocket watch out of his pocket and checked the time. "Let me sink my dingdong in that sweet white pussy of yours and you can have the lamp too and I knows it's waterford crystal."

Mindy suddenly smirked as a plan came to mind. She'd trick him just like he tricked her with the trunk. "Where's the lamp?"

"Right over there on that shelf," said Fred pointing. His hands were shaking with excitement as he thought she was considering letting him fuck her.

Mindy nodded and smiled. "Alright deal, but we'll just start with me getting you off, then see where it goes."

"Fred, this is yo lucky day." Fred pulled his suspenders over his shoulders. "One thing though, you gots to be nekkid again." He pulled his shirt out of his jeans.

"Like this?" Mindy smiled at him as she slid her bra straps down and her big Dcups were freed.

She then bent to push her panties down. Fred reached out and cupped her breasts. He swirled her nipples around his fingers. His big hands nearly covered her large breasts. She looked down at the tufts of gray hair growing from his knuckles. Mindy suddenly squeezed her legs together as moisture started to drip down her thighs. Mindy felt a flush of shame as she realized having her breasts played with was starting to turn her on. Her nipples were now completely hard. "Enough!" She pushed his hands away again. "Lets get down to business. Why don't you sit on the couch?"

Fred sat and kicked his old brown shoes off. Then he unbuttoned his trousers. "You takes it out and don't be scared."

Mindy harumphed and kneeled between Fred's legs. He was opening his shirt which exposed his large beer gut. Whisps of gray hair covered his chest and ran down under his belly button.

Mindy hid her disgust and kept smiling as she pulled his pant's flaps open. "Lift up, big boy," she said reaching under his waist. Fred lifted his hips and she yanked his pants down. Mindy was surprised when an erect penis didn't pop out. "What the... ?" The gray hair ran down from his belly button and bushed up at his crotch. It even ran up the base of his shaft like little sideburns. The shaft looked as thick as her wrists. "What the... ?" She said again. Mindy reached in and grabbed the shaft. His penis was caught in his pants and bent downward. "No way," she said when she saw how far down the bulge extended. She pulled on the shaft while pulling down on his pants with her free hand. His penis smacked her chin and made her teeth grind together. "No way," she whispered as she pulled back away from it. "No fucking way."

"My dingdong sho is one ugly piece of black meat, but it is a big monster," said Fred proudly.

A monster she was gripping! Mindy quickly released it in fear. Big and ugly didn't do it justice. It's entire length had to be close to thirteen inches long. The hair ran several inches up from the base along the sides just like the old man's sideburns on his face. The brown shaft was crisscrossed by large blue-black veins and covered in little bumps. Ugliest of all, was the tip. He was uncircumsized, at least that was what Mindy assumed having only seen Robin's little circumsized penis. His foreskin was darker and blacker then his skin. It was wrinkly like a prune. His entire penis was very streamlined. It was straight as a missle where as Robin's had a curve to it. The head looked only slightly bigger then the thick shaft. The thickness of his penis was pretty uniform the whole length only bulging out around the ugly black turtle neck.

"Go ahead and touch it. "I can tell you aint seen a cock like mine before." Fred chuckled when Mindy shook her head while still staring wide eyed at his penis. "Don't compare to that pony-tailed hippie husband of yours does it?"

"No, his is tiny compared to..." Mindy stopped not wanting to talk ill of her husband. Mindy reached back out for the shaft and noticed how big Fred's balls were. There were sized for a thirteen inch penis, each bigger then Robin's entire scrotum, wrinkly like the foreskin and covered in gray hair.

"You be careful there missy, black cocks have been known to ruin white women." Fred laughed.

Mindy grabbed it and ran her hand up to the foreskin. She pulled it back. His cock may have been ugly, but the head was beautiful. It was swollen and hard, smooth as her newly shaved crotch. It looked like a plum, glistening wetly from copious amounts of fluid flowing from the large slit at the tip.

How do I make this thing cum? she asked herself. Do I suck it? Maybe I should take the head in my mouth and jerk the rest of it? Mindy shook her head. What was she thinking? She had no intention of getting him off. She brought her face down to it and felt Fred stiffen up as he anticipated her sucking it. Mindy to a whiff of it and wrinkled her nose. It really did stink of sweat and cum. She leaned forward again and sniffed it. "Phew! This ain't going to work Mr Foxx. You need to go wash up first."

"Wash up? I had a bath two days ago." He looked desperate at the thought she wasn't going to play with it.

"It's that or you can get your dingdong off yourself." I wonder how much sperm those big testicles must produce, she wondered.

"Alright. Alright." Fred got up off the couch, his huge cock brushing Mindy's face and leaving a wet trail across her cheek. He turned and entered the same bathroom she had shaved herself in.

"Sucker," she whispered. "Who is the big dummy now?" Mindy gathered up her clothes and held them to her chest as she pulled the pocket watch out of his jeans. She grabbed the crystal lamp and headed for the door. Mindy pulled the door open and froze at the sight of another old black man blocking her exit.

"Well well well," said the old black man in a raspy voice. He ran his bulging eyes up and down her body. "Fred was right, you do look like a stripper."

"Grady," yelled Fred coming out of the bathroom. "Keep her there while I call the police. She's trying to rob me."

"Oh, this lovely lady ain't going nowhere Fred." Grady grinned evilly and tried to ogle Mindy's body, but she was holding her clothes across her torso.

"Wait!" Mindy looked over at Fred frantically. "Don't call the police." How the hell did I get in this mess? wondered Mindy.

Fred put the phone down. "I wont call the cops. But the deal is changed now. You suck my black dingdong and I wont have you arrested."

"You tell her Fred." Grady rubbed his hands together gleefully. "I want to see those white lips of hers swallowing that big black cock of yours." Grady stroked his beard and stared at Fred's penis. It hadn't shrunk in the least. "Thanks for calling me. Did this slut really shave for you?"

"Show him," said Fred walking over to and sitting on his couch.

Mindy sighed and resigned herself to her fate. She dropped her clothes and placed the antiques on a nearby stand. Grady immediately flung his hand out and rubbed her newly shaved crotch. Mindy stepped back away from the lecherous old man. There was something creepy about him that made Fred seem safe.

"Come on, my dingdong's gettin all impatient. It aint been sucked since my Elizabeth passed away years ago." Fred spread his legs, his straight cock sticking out between them.

Mindy sobbed. She turned and kneeled working her way up between the fat black man's legs. The carpet underneath his penis had a wet spot from wear the head was dripping fluid. Once again, she took the monster in her hands and used one to pull the foreskin back. "I can't believe, I'm going to do this," she mumbled while staring at it.

"Just give it a little kiss first to say hello." Fred chuckled and reached to the side for his bottle of ripple. He took a swig while waiting for her. "Just a kiss and look up at me while you do it."

Mindy leaned down and noticed that it did smell better. At least he had washed it while in the bathroom. Mindy gulped and poised her lips on the head. She puckered them, kissed, and held her lips there while her eyes moved to look up at Fred.

"Cheese!" Grady took her picture. He had grabbed Fred's camera and was standing behind the couch leaning over Fred.

"What did you do that for?" Mindy was horrified.

"Just so you can't accuse me of anything." Fred's meaty black hand came up and rested on Mindy's head, pulling her back to his crotch.

"Grady's gonna take some pictures of us. We're the only ones gonna see dem. Don't worry." And it'll give me some leverage, baby. I might have you come back once a week to take care of my dingdong. "Now get to suckin."

Mindy poised her lips back on his cockhead. This time, she opened them and tried to slip his cockhead into her mouth. She felt precum squirt across her tongue. It didn't taste bad. More filled her mouth. The huge shaft sure worked overtime to lubricate itself, but it still wasn't enough. Mindy pulled back and began licking around the head. She heard Fred moan and the shutter of the camera clicked again.

Mindy crinkled her nose as she licked down over the stretched foreskin. It still stank a little, but she didn't stop. Her tongue licked further down, running across bumps and veins pulsing with blood. She licked near to the base, but stopped when she tasted the hair growing up the side. She licked back up, slobbering to make it good and wet. As she reached the top,

She stretched her jaw wide and swallowed the head.

Mindy heard Fred moan again, softer and feminine this time. It wasn't him! The sounds were coming from her throat. "Now you're gettin into it. You're gettin turned on sucking my dingdong." Fuck! He was right! Her nipples were aching, they were stretched so tight. Her clit quivered as a drip ran down it to fall to the carpet. Her senses had never seemed so alive.

Mindy bobbed her head, sucking and licking around the tip of his cock. She heard the camera shutter to her right, then behind her, then to her left. She even heard it down under her, like Grady had shoved it under her legs.

Mindy was starting to enjoy herself, but she also wanted to get away from these two perverted old black men. She started sucking more rapidly, remembering her younger days when she did this more often. She relaxed her throat and let the thick cockhead glide in and out of it. She still couldn't swallow enough to make this go faster. She stroked the base of his shaft while sucking half his big cock. Her other hand hefted and squeezed the large hairy testicles. Fred reacted by bucking his hips each time she swallowed him. He's got to cum soon, she thought. No man can take this pace and last long.

Mindy jumped and almost gagged when she felt a hand on her crotch. She wanted to protest, but Fred gripped the back of her head and moved her up and down his crotch again. Grady was rubbing his hand all over her shaven crotch again. His arm was between her legs, the largest finger reaching up to her bellybutton.

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