Losing My Virginity

by dirty oedipus

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I was wounded in Afghanistan and went home to my sister and her husband

The taxi pulled up outside the imposing old house and I struggled out which was no mean feat with one stiff leg courtesy of an Afghan hand grenade.

I'd spent three months in a military hospital while the facial wounds healed leaving me with a wicked looking scar from above my right eye down to my lower lip, it gave me a rather sardonic looking grin whether I was amused or not, but apparently it was a big improvement on when I'd been shovelled into the armoured car with half my face hanging off!

"Johnny" I looked up and saw Frank my brother in law coming down the front steps to greet me with a warm hug and a handshake,

"Welcome mate" he grinned, "Welcome"

"Hi Frank" I smiled and looked over his shoulder to where a bundle of blonde hair and legs was galloping towards me laughing like a banshee,

The bundle all but flattened me as it hit me about a hundred miles an hour and it was a good three minutes before it raised it's tear stained face to mine and kissed me,

"You're here" my sister said through her tears and then did her best to squeeze the life out of me.

Eventually we made it to the house where I sank down onto a chair in the spacious kitchen and took stock of my hosts.

Frank was a big man, at least six feet and built like the fabled brick shit house while his wife, my twin sister was only just over five feet but with all the energy and personality of a premier league football team.

"Are you out Johnny?" she asked and I saw the relief on her face as I nodded,

"I think so" I replied, "But a lot still depends on my leg"

"Is it improving?" Frank asked and I demonstrated for him how much movement the regular exercising had gained in it,

"You couldn't move it at all when we last saw you" Maureen said still gripping my hand and looking anxiously at me,

"Mo" Frank said to her, "Let him breathe darling, you're smothering him"

"I'm ok Frank" I grinned and squeezed her hand gratefully, "I'm just grateful to you both for having me"

"Bollocks mate" he laughed, "She would have divorced me if I had said no"

"Come and see what he's done for you Johnny" Mo said and helped me up from the chair.

A door from the kitchen led into a self contained flat with another kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a separate living room all on one level, I was stunned.

"This is your home now Johnny" he said from behind us, the door into our kitchen locks from your side so you can have your privacy, you know for entertaining your friends"

I wanted to tell him that the only friend I ever wanted to entertain was his wife, but his thoughtfulness and kindness was almost overwhelming and I took a second to get myself under control before turning and hugging him tightly,

"I don't know what to say mate"

"And look Johnny" Mo said and pressed a button beside the bath, a red light appeared on a gizmo she had attached to the belt of her skirt and a buzzer rang too,

"If you fall or anything, help is only as far away as we are at all times Johnny" Frank said, "I designed it myself and I'm off across the pond soon to market it there, I reckon it'll make millions mate"

It was all a bit too much to take in at once so I hobbled out into their kitchen to collect my kit and stow it away in one of the many waist high cupboards of my purpose built flat.

Frank had disappeared by the time I'd finished and Mo told me he'd gone into town for a business meeting, "He's really excited about the alarm" she said, "I think it's a brilliant invention, the best thing he's ever done"

"Not quite Mo" I said softly, "Marrying you was the best thing he's ever done"

She blushed prettily and reached up to touch her lips to mine,

"You can't imagine how many sleepless nights you gave me, you big awkward oaf" she whispered, "Imagine letting a bloody raghead do that to you"

I held her tightly and told her that it was the only thing I could think of to get me home to her but it turned her taps on again and all I could do was hold her tightly,

"Don't go back Johnny please darling, I couldn't go through all that again"

"I can't make any promises Mo, you know that"

"I know" she whispered, "But when I thought I'd lost you --"

We kissed again and I breathed in her aroma, she was my life, my only reason for being and I wanted her more than I'd wanted anything else in my life!

As with most twins we'd always been close and after our parents had died in an aeroplane crash we'd grown even closer, even to the point of sharing a bed, we both knew it was wrong but we loved each other, to us it was as simple as that.

We'd never actually made love, although we came extremely close to it on several occasions, the last time being after a drunken party one night when with some friends we'd played forfeits and dares, she'd been ordered to forfeit her panties and the dare was for me to take them off her.

I did and the other two couples knowing we were brother and sister had been so turned on they'd began fucking each other almost immediately, so we slipped away home determined that we would finally cross the invisible barrier and make love.

We'd got into bed completely naked but the sight of her sweet little pussy had proved too much for me, I went down on her and manoeuvred myself round so she could take me into her mouth, unfortunately we were so drunk that we both climaxed almost immediately and fell asleep in each other's arms after promising to consummate our forbidden love the following night.

But the next night I was behind bars charged with assault after yet another drunken brawl and two days later I'd joined the army which had given me a purpose in life, I'd been awarded the sword of honour as the top recruit at the passing out parade. She'd been there with Frank who in spite of the turmoil within me, I actually liked and they'd married during my first tour of duty in Northern Ireland which by then had quietened down considerably so I saw no action there at all, indeed I saw nothing until I was sent to Afghanistan were I was promoted to sergeant and shortly afterwards I applied for selection to the S.A.S. the toughest and most secretive fighting force anywhere in the world.

Maureen had backed me all the way and after a years training I had passed selection and was awarded the coveted sand coloured beret with the legendary WHO DARES WINS logo on the badge.

Next came a series of small covert operations in all four corners of the world, I loved it, the easy comradeship, the secrecy and the sheer bloody gut wrenching excitement of it all.

A four man unit had been sent out to Afghanistan yet again to capture a much wanted Taliban leader who'd so far managed to evade the green army, we caught up with him and his gang of ruthless cutthroats and I'd taken great pleasure in putting two rounds through his evil head at close range, (believe me, it's a lot easier than dragging them back and putting them on trial, just ask our American friends if they could capture Saddam again, what the outcome should have been)

It was during our exfiltration that we were caught in a well planned cross fire from two groups of Taliban fighters, Scotty my corporal and best made had died instantly, I went down with a couple of heavy rounds in my thigh and a grenade had ripped half my face away, fortunately our withdrawal chopper had taken care of our attackers and the last thing I remembered was being bundled unceremoniously aboard whilst screaming out for someone to get Scotty's body on board,

I was luxuriating in a lovely warm bath with a can of beer when Maureen knocked on the door and walked in with another can,

"Can I come in?" she smiled, "I've got something to tell you"

I saw her wince as she looked at the red puckered flesh of my thigh but then my attention was on her as she handed me the can and took up a flannel to begin dabbing at the wound,

"It's looking better Johnny" she said and added with a smile that I seemed to be getting better all round. Her eyes were on the dome of my penis sticking up out of the water,

"What have you got to tell me?" I asked somewhat embarrassed at her gaze,

"What?, oh yes, Frank's going to America tomorrow morning"

"So soon?"

"Yes his company have been contacted by a manufacturer in America, they want him there as soon as possible to discuss a licence agreement" she was still dabbing at my wound and my penis was still poking up from the water, but getting even harder if it were possible, with a giggle she wiped the flannel over the swollen dome and gasped in astonishment as it erupted and sent several long strands of semen jetting out into the water, I was mortified and just wanted to bury my head, but she realised just how long I'd been without a woman and spluttered her apologies,

"I should have realised Johnny" she said miserably as I stood up awkwardly to get out of the bath,

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