Some Twisted Flash Clichés

by Alias X

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Magic, Slavery, Gay, Lesbian, Heterosexual, TransGender, Fiction, Humor, Zoophilia, BDSM, Transformation, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Some flash twists on some common themes. Don't expect to get any stroke out of this.

Flash Twists

The below stories are the result of my seeing stories that overuse certain plotlines. Not to imply that I don't enjoy seeing such stories, but I also appreciate creativity.

Slave to the Wish:

"Foolish slave! Little did you expect that your wish for a master-slave relationship with me would be twisted by the genie! Now, in a true twist of irony, I am your master. Better still, the genie has made you a female! Now, you will be forced to serve as my lesbian love slave forever!

"To be honest, Mistress, I took it for granted that the genie would make me your slave. The sex change was an unexpected bonus, Mistress."

The Truth about Hypnosis:

Day 1:

"... and when I say Slave Command, you will follow my commands. "

Day 2:

"Slave Command: Give me a blowjob."

"Yes, master."

Day 3:

"Slave Command: Hypnotize your hot friends."

"Yes, master."

Day 4:

"Slave Command: Have sex with your hot friends while I watch."

"Yes, master."

Day 5:

"Slave Command: Hypnotize Janet Snek"

"No, master. She's a skank."

"But you're supposed to follow my commands!"

"Silly, master. You can't hypnotize someone to do something they don't want to do."

Genie Slave

"I am the genie of the lamp. I can grant any sexual wish you desire, and will do anything you tell me to do!"

"I wish you to perform in donkey shows to make money for me."

"But master, that will hurt!"

"I command it!"

"Master, don't you care about me at all?"



I had recently hired a secretary since my wife and I were in business together. Then I screwed her. That is, I screwed my secretary. And yes, my secretary and my wife are two different people.

The Damsel

Bob had just recently won the lottery. Being a gun enthusiast, he had quickly spent several thousand dollars buying guns. Though non of the guns filling his trunk were illegal, he imagined the cops would've asked a lot of questions if they'd seen them... until they found out he had been a Navy SEAL.

So, he was well-prepared for what happened next. A female fireball had jumped into his backseat.

She cringed and begged for help, "Please, you must save me! My uncle is in the mob and is trying to kill me. Also, he's been raping me! Also, he owns all the cops and has them chasing me!"

With that, a pair of police officers knocked on his window. He opened it, and they spoke, "Sir, have you seen the woman in this photograph?"

"Sure," he answered, "She's hiding in the back seat."

And with that, faster than the untrained eye could see (but not the trained eye of the cops), he had the girl in a choke hold. It turns out she'd been posing as a hostage at a recent bank robbery, but the police had caught on.

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