Karen's Indulgence

by fertile_kitty

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Cream Pie, Size, Body Modification, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: This takes place after Michael's evaluation. Karen lets her womanly needs run wild for the first time in years.

Karen got into the shuttle car and instructed it to head straight for Eden. Seeing her son's penis in the doctor's office today reminded her of how long she had gone without one. Of course like any other woman she had her toys and simulations but nothing could ever replace a real man (as any woman who had been with one could testify). Her thighs twinged at the thought of a man between them and her mouth yearned for the hardness it had gone so many years without. She needed to feel sensual, sexy and feminine; she needed to feel like a woman again. Karen discreetly slipped her hands underneath her panties as she started to relax and fantasize while the shuttle car auto drove back to Eden.

Susan was just on her way out when she noticed Karen walking through the front doorway. "Back so soon?" she inquired as she mischievously smiled at the now embarrassed Karen. She leaned closer and whispered in her ear, "You go and have your fun girl!" as she smiled walking out the front door.

Karen walked to the main desk and sheepishly asked the clerk, "Ummm, where do uhhh, I go for ummm, the..."

"Just follow the floor directions to the flower room, everything will be taken care of there." said the young girl as she added "I'm so envious of you! Have fun mam."

Karen timidly smiled and quickly followed the directions painted on the ground and on the walls to the flower chamber. An older graceful looking woman came out and asked "May I see your ID card please?"

Karen presented it and the woman swiped it through a machine and handed it back to her. "Ok, we're going to start off with a bath and then a hot stone massage is that ok?"

Karen's heart jumped, raising a boy on her own had been so much hard work she couldn't even remember the last time she had been to a spa but she was a little bit perplexed, "ummm is this the right place for... u know?" she asked sheepishly.

The madam chuckled, "Ohhh yes it is, but you look like you could use an hour or two here first to relax. You seem more stressed out than the President of the Colonies! Believe me I know. "

"You mean that the President of the Colonies has been here?" asked Karen.

"I probably shouldn't have said that, anyway will you care to join me?" motioned the madam as she walked through the beads separating the lobby area from the main rooms.

Karen followed the madam into a beautiful room filled with flowers which provided access to several smaller private chambers filled with jacuzzis where women rested and relaxed. Karen followed the madam into one of the small chambers and admired the renaissance inspired murals that adorned the walls.

"Please wait here for a moment," said the madam as she silently exited the room.

"Umm, ok," said Karen wondering what was going to happen now but fascinated at the art and the beauty of the jacuzzi in the small chamber.

Karen jumped slightly as two girls who seemed to appear out of nowhere began removing her clothing. As piece by piece fell to the floor she looked at her breasts, her stomach, her face, her ass, and her legs in the full length mirror on the wall and indulged her vanity with her toned sculpted body that she had somehow maintained remarkably well over the years despite having a child and the stresses associated with raising one. The two servant girls helped her into the water and she was instantly relaxed by the warmth, scents, and the steam that quickly filled the room. Fifteen minutes later the same two girls came in, helped her out of the jacuzzi, toweled her body, and gave her a silk robe to put on as they lead her to the salon room. Karen sat in the hairdressing chair and stared at the mirror in front of her while she wondered how she wanted her hair and makeup to be done. A few minutes later the stylist came in

"Hi, my name is Marcy," she said as she shook Karen's hand.

"Karen," said Karen as they both smiled politely at each other.

"So what can I do for you today? Would you like to have any body hair removed before we get started on your hair and makeup?" asked Marcy.

"Do you do intimate hair removal?" asked Karen as she realized that she hadn't shaved herself in a few days.

"Yes we do all types. Would you like the full body treatment?" asked Marcy as she lifted the arm rests on the salon chair and pressed a button which automatically flattened the chair to a 45 degree angle.

"Oh, I was just interested in the... you know... the intimate hair... I had my body hair lazered a long time ago." said Karen sheepishly.

"Ohh! So you must have been selected into the program... I don't think many people could afford a laser treatment on their own back then right?" asked Marcy.

"Yes, I had my boy 12 years ago," said Karen.

"Congratulations! Is that why you are here now? Did he just get enrolled into the program?" asked Marcy.

"Thank you, and yes we just came here today for his preliminary examination and he seems to love the place. He wants to move in as quickly as possible." said Karen with a small sigh.

"Well I hope you have a fun time here, would you like me to take off all your hair or would you like me to leave a little strip for you?" asked Marcy.

"Umm, I think a little bit of hair would be nice," said Karen.

"Ok, no problem," said the Marcy as she walked around to the front of the chair and gently parted Karen's knees.

Karen watched with interest as Marcy took out a small fluorescent tube and shone it almost right beside her vagina. Five seconds later, Marcy turned off the small light tube and lifted her head from between Karen's legs.

"Ok, all done!" said Marcy.

"But I didn't even feel anything..." said Karen a bit confused.

"Its some new technology that we have that is currently too expensive to be able to release to the market, the hair stays removed permanently unless you swallow a certain pill, in which case it will grow back just as normal," said Marcy.

"Wow, I didn't even know that existed," said Karen slipping one of her hands down between her legs to feel the immediate smoothness.

Karen tensed a little bit as the sensation from her smooth pussy was more intense than she was expecting.

"Oh just hold on a minute, here take this and rub it on the sensitive areas" said Marcy as she turned around and opened a jar of cream.

Karen took the jar of cream in her delicate fingers and rubbed it over her hypersensitive outer lips. "How long will this take to work?" said Karen fearing that maybe it would take several days before the sensitivity went down thus ruining any chance her being stimulated by one of the men.

"The feeling should be normal in about 30 minutes or so, don't worry you'll be fine when you are finished here. So how would you like your hair done?" said Marcy.

The two of them chatted for a little over an hour as Karen got her hair and makeup done.

"You look absolutely gorgeous, I'm going to go call the madam" Marcy complemented as she put the final touches on Karen.

Karen blushed but couldn't help but stare at how glamorous she looked with the right makeup under the lights. It had been a long time since she had dolled herself up for any occasion and seeing for the first time how this night was taking shape was sending butterflies into her stomach. The madam came in shortly Marcy's call to check up on Karen.

"Hi Karen, I've picked out a dress that I think you will look absolutely gorgeous in for tonight's romantic date. If you wouldn't mind following me?" said the madam.

Karen waved goodbye to Marcy as she followed the madam through a series of corridors until they arrived at another chamber; Karen nearly fainted at the sight of all the clothes and shoes. It was the biggest wardrobe she had ever seen in her entire life.

"I hope you don't mind I took the liberty to pick an outfit for you to wear tonight," commented the madam as she ushered Karen into the dressing room.

Karen walked into the dressing room and took off her robe as she looked at the dress and shoes that the madam had hung up for her. She once again grabbed the opportunity to indulge her vanity and pose for the full length mirror as she checked her backside in the mirror. Karen then got into the red thong and put on the red strapless bra that was hung up on the wall before slipping into the cream colored satin cocktail dress that the madam had personally picked out for her. Karen looked at herself in the mirror as she slipped on her stiletto heels as she posed for herself in the mirror making sure that everything fit perfectly. When everything she felt was perfect, Karen confidently walked out of the small dressing room and stood in the main room feeling a little bit childish hoping that she had the madam's approval. "Oh you are one hot sex kitten! I have one more thing for you," she said as she opened a medium sized blue velvet case she had been holding all along. Karen gasped as the case opened to reveal a pearl necklace and white diamond studs.

"Their gorgeous!" she said as the madam helped her to put them on.

"You just make sure that you give them back to me tomorrow. Tonight is your night; he's waiting for you at the lounge right now. Go eat him up!" said the madam happy to send a now beaming Karen on her way

"What now???" she asked.

"Yes, have fun," the madam said as she walked her to the social lounge.

The social lounge had a pre-war 50's feel to it with a soft jazz band playing in the background while people danced or chatted at one of the booths. All the men wore black tuxedos while the women dressed a dazzling array of cocktail dresses in every imaginable colour. Like most nights, there was a high level social function being held here with many influential and powerful women in government and industry all vying for face time with any of the men to boost their public image. Every week the lounge formed the stage for a regular political battlefield between rising stars and established icons over who could be seen with whom at the right time. These events alone had substantial power to boost or degrade one's public image and was thus taken very seriously by anyone wishing to become or already was a public figure.

James drank his beer as he sat at the bar, wishing that he could get drunk right then to wash away how frustrated he was. The closer to retirement he became, the more favors were demanded of him by the administration. He had finished another sex marathon today with half a dozen women and was exhausted, simply looking forward to a quiet string quartet practice with his girlfriend but a priority order came in just before his shift was about to end and he happened to be the only one free on duty at the time. Apparently some mother - Karen Vale - who was stressed out and desperate for sex had decided at the last minute that she needed servicing. He was tired, frustrated, and slightly angry but duty called, and the brass were already getting annoyed at his attitude lately because of his upcoming retirement. He was convinced by his mentor that fighting the system was only going to land him in trouble and the best way for him to get what he wanted was to cooperate rather than resist his superiors. At least this was supposed to be a pretty standard romantic date and he wouldn't have to fill out some twisted fantasy of some politician or businesswoman who had bought her way onto the administration's payroll. He hoped that at least this woman would be interesting to talk to and not a dunce like most of the very young girls he had sexual interactions with on a daily basis. As he sipped his beer his eyes scanned the room looking at all the high society that frequently attended the lounge. Just being seen chatting with a man was very influential in politics and many women of power had no shame in exploiting that fact, making sure they got in a photo with at least one of the men or engaging in purely superficial conversation simply as a facade for the cameras. He simply hated it.

Karen walked nervously around the lounge feeling awkward at being in the presence of people of such high social standing. She didn't know anyone here and all the men seemed to be already engaged talking with someone else. She wondered if maybe the madam had made a mistake and was about to go back to the flower room when she saw an empty seat at the bar next to a man who was talking with the bartender. She figured that maybe the bartender would know whether or not her date had arrived yet and at the least, it was a way to blend in rather than stand by herself in the middle of the crowded room. Karen walked over and sat on the bar seat.

"Excuse me, I'm new here and I think I am supposed to meet someone here but I don't know if this is the right place," she said to the bartender.

James turned his head towards the woman sitting next to him and was frankly a little flabbergasted when he saw Karen. She was absolutely stunning dressed in a satin cream colored cocktail dress with diamond studded earrings and wearing her hair piled high to reveal the pearl necklace that adorned her delicate neck. She represented a touch of feminine elegance in a place where so many of the young girls that passed through this center simply had not discovered yet.

"Excuse me are you Karen Vale?" asked James.

Karen turned her head to the handsome man beside her and wondered if maybe this man was actually supposed to be her date for the night.

"Yes, I'm Karen and you are?" asked Karen.

"I'm James, I think I'm the guy you are looking for, sorry that I didn't notice you sooner, at these events it's always hard to tell who is who. Can I get you a drink?" asked James.

Karen let out a laugh to break the ice between the two of them. "A Cosmo would be great actually!" she said.

"Ok, one cosmopolitan please," James asked the barkeep.

The two of them chatted for a little bit at the bar to get acquainted with each other. James explained to Karen how he was a little less than a year away from retirement and was looking forward to settling down with his girlfriend. Karen told him about how she was planning to move in with Michael within the next few days. James was happy to indulge all her questions about the entire male experience at the breeding centers that she was either too afraid or embarrassed to ask the doctors. To her relief, James noted that there had been significant improvements in the program (based on feedback) compared to when he went through it and that Michael would probably have a great time. He even offered to check in on Michael from time to time to see how his progress was going and act as a mentor if he ever needed one. As Karen began to become tipsy and flirtatious after several drinks, James couldn't help but continually eye over her toned figure as it pressed against the thin fabric of her dress. The alcohol had been extremely helpful to ease Karen's nervousness and help her lose her inhibitions that might have put a halt to her sexually flirtatious behavior. Karen felt a little guilty because despite all the time and effort the madam and her team had spent making her beautiful, she honestly wanted to simply bed this man as soon as she possibly could.

Karen got up from her chair and preceded to the ladies washroom, "I'll be back in a minute," she said.

To James's surprise, his cock twitched slightly when he saw how Karen's tight butt revealed itself through her dress as she got up to get to the bathroom to freshen up. He could tell that she was really horny and planned to take her to bed as soon as she came back from the ladies room. Karen for her part was drenched with lust, her thong had almost completely soaked through with sexual anticipation and the alcohol hadn't helped the tickle in her thighs that made it hard to walk straight. She made sure there wasn't a stain on her dress as she swallowed an anti-contraception pill that the madam gave her ensuring that she would not become pregnant. Walking out of that ladies room the only thing she wanted at that moment was James' body.

As Karen walked out of the ladies room, James came up to her and whispered in her ear, "Do you want to go relax somewhere a little more private?" to which Karen responded enthusiastically with a giggle as she gave him a preliminary kiss. Arms wrapped around her, James led Karen through a series of corridors as she became very excited at the thought of getting intimate with this handsome man. They walked from the lounge into a series of glass corridors overlooking some sort of indoor botanical garden finally arriving at a stainless steel elevator. As James pressed the button he turned his deep blue eyes towards Karen and passionately kissed her. Karen responded enthusiastically kissing him back as she felt his hardness for the first time reveal itself to her through the fabric of his pants. As the elevator door opened, James forced her body up inside against the back wall as he passionately kissed her neck while inserting his keycard into the slot behind him. As the silver doors closed, Karen moaned out as her body was helplessly being ravished against the wooden wall by this large imposing man. She could really feel his hardness now bulging out of his pants rubbing her pussy through her satin cocktail dress. She couldn't remember the last time she was this wet, but her juices had almost completely soaked her underwear and her mind was going absolutely crazy. She wanted to be taken by James right then as her hands struggled to undo James' pants but James had other things in mind as his strong arms grabbed her wrists and pinned them against the wall.

As the door opened, James lifted Karen's delicate body off the ground with his powerful arms, still kissing her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. They stopped kissing for a moment and Karen's eyes opened in awe of the absolutely gorgeous view they had of the city thanks to the full glass walls that adorned the entire edge of the room. The suite itself had an ultra-modernist feel with lots of stainless steel, clear glass, and solid colors, but that wasn't what she was interested in right now as her eyes searched for the bedroom. James was contemplating pouring a glass of champagne for the two of them, but understood the non-verbal message her eyes were communicating to him. Still holding her, he led her to the bedroom and laid her gently down on the waterbed as he muttered softly, "I'll be back in a minute". Karen nodded as she slipped out of her dress and took off her heels, getting beneath the covers and taking in the breathtaking room while he went to go hang up his suit. The room itself looked like it had been made for sex (which she probably figured it was). The soft lighting was bright enough to be able to see the room but not bright enough to affect the breathtaking nighttime view of the downtown core as the full length windows made the illuminated skyline seem like it was a painting. The bed itself was a waterbed and the purple colored satin sheets sensually caressed her body every time she moved around. In addition there was a large mirror on the ceiling right on top of the bed which she figured would only make sense in the context of lovemaking. Things had certainly changed quite a bit since the last time she had visited a breeding center so long ago to have Michael. The only thing on her mind now was sex as she indulged her femininity, taking off her cream colored dress while sliding around beneath the satin covers while waiting for James to return.

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