Millie Joins the Computer Generation

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Teaching a young attractive widow, 42 year old Millie, how to operate her computer turns into a sensuous Isle of Erotic Delight for a 30 something Couple. The three are soon lost among the bits and bytes and each other. Can you spell ménage à trois?

My wife and I could see Millie was lonely. She was an attractive young looking forty-two year old Widow who had somehow lost touch. With all her friends now exchanging E-mails, Millie had become uncomfortably aware of her shortcomings. Her friends had joined the ranks of the computer literate and she hadn't—She felt left behind.

My wife, Beth as well as being ravishingly sexy, with a quirky sense of humor, had a kindness about her that was unusual. She actual liked helping people and enjoyed mentoring lost souls. And a Lost Soul—was the perfect description for our attractive new friend, Millie.

Therefore, when we met Millie, while out shopping recently, while we were talking, she asked Beth and me if we knew anything about computers. Having both worked in the offices of large corporations we were both quite computer literate.

"I would just be happy to be able to send E-mails to my friends," Millie had said, wistfully.

"It's not really that hard, Millie," we explained as we tried to give her some idea how E-mail systems work.

Once home, Beth asked me, "Do you think Millie understood anything we were trying to explain to her?"

"She looked sort of lost and still a bit confused to me," I said.

"Honey, if she's not to proud to accept our help, why don't we help her," Beth had suggested. "You know... , she's so attractive; I can't understand why she hasn't married again," she said, deep in thought.

"Don't you think she's attractive?" she asks me.

Well I know a loaded question when I hear one so I gave her a noncommittal answer.

However, for some reason, Beth decided she wasn't going to let me off the hook that easy.

"Come on, Darling... , you didn't answer my question."

"Okay, yes... ," I finally admitted, "she's attractive and kind of sexy too."

"More attractive than me," Beth teased, with that adorable little smirk lurking in her blue eyes.

"Well, let's just say, if I wanted to have a hot fantasy, I would fantasize about having you and her in bed with me."

"I can understand that," Beth said, surprising me by agreeing. "They say every man's fantasy is making love to two sexy women at the same time. I think they call it a ménage a trios."

"Do you think you, I, and Millie would be good together?" she asked. Looking over at her, I realized that she was only half teasing.

I gave her a sharp look trying to understand where she was going. I decided to go for it.

"Well, that would depend if she was willing to go along," I laughed. "With you two, I wouldn't know who to sample first." I teased.

"Hey!" Beth laughed, "If we want to help her that's what we could charge— have her spend a night with the two of us at our house."

"Aw... ," I said, she'd never go for something that!" I laughed.

"And you know that—how?" Beth laughed.

"Gee, if you're so sure, maybe you should take her aside for a sexy little chat and feel her out," I suggested.

"Wouldn't you be surprised if I ended up talking her into agreeing to do it," "Beth said, giving me that quirky little smile of hers.

The Next Evening - At Millie's Place...

"Don't worry—you'll pick this up in no time, Millie," I assured her.

"But I hardly know how to turn the computer on—this looks so complicated," Millie said, still unsure of herself. A few minutes later, after Beth and I had explained some of the more basic functions to her—we could see she was starting to feel more confident.

A half hour later we had set up two E-mail accounts and Millie, ecstatically happy with her success, had sent several small E-mails to her friends.

"I think I'm starting to get the hang of this," she said, in a happy state of excitement. In short, she was thrilled beyond words!

Because she was having such a good time, she asked us if we would mind getting together with her one more time.

When we told her we thought something might be worked out, she insisted in a determined little voice.

"I want to pay you guys for this," She said quite adamant in her desire to compensate us.

"Why don't we take a break for refreshments," she suggested. "Come on down to the kitchen. We can make coffee, and I bought some pastries we can have with it. Then—we can talk more about it."

"I love pastries," I laughed.

Beth made a cute little face at me.

"Millie, what do you think of a guy who will eat pastries right in front of his wife when he knows I have to watch my weight?" Beth said, pretending to be offended.

"Millie laughed, happy to be included in our friendly little argument.

"Don't feel bad, Beth," she sympathized, "I have to watch my weight also."

"With figures like yours, the last thing either of you needs to worry about is your weight," I laughed. "Most women would kill for a figure like either one of yours."

"Gee!" Beth laughed, "Millie, if my husband ever decides to start a Harem you had better watch out. I think you might be the first one he would try to sign up, "she teased, giving Millie a mischievous little smirk.

"Honey," Beth teased, adding insult to injury, "if you ever decide to start a Harem, you'll definitely try to sign Millie up, won't you?" she teased, giving Millie a mischievous look.

Millie's reply stunned both of us!

"Would that mean I would be getting free computer lessons," she said, teasing us right back. "If so I might want to seriously consider it," she said, with a little laugh.

"That reminds me," Millie said, "Have you decided how much you two are going to charge me yet?"

"Millie, you know how some places always say, we don't accept checks! Well... , we don't accept cash—only exchange of services," I teased her.

"What kind of service would you like me to offer you," Millie said, looking over at Beth, who was laughing at the sexual overtones that had crept into our little verbal exchange.

"Well... , let's see—you could come home with Beth and me tonight and the three of us could enjoy having our own little private harem-for-an-evening," I grinned.

"Wouldn't he be surprised if I agreed?" Millie said, smiling as she looked over at Beth.

"I know we're all just joking around here; but, you know, it might be really sexy and fun," Beth said. "Of course I doubt any of us would get any sleep tonight though," she laughed.

"My late husband and I used to talk about what it would be like to invite another woman into our bed," Millie said, a melancholy sad little smile playing on her lips. "That was his favorite fantasy. I forget what he used to call it-"

"It's called a ménage a trios," Beth said. "We've talked about it also, but we have never done it with anyone either," she said.

"Millie... ," Beth said, choosing her words carefully. "You want to learn more about the computer, and you obviously enjoy spending time with us as much as we enjoy being with you. Why don't you consider coming home with us tonight?"

"Yes, Millie," I said, as I sensed an interesting situation with all kinds of favorable possibilities developing.

"Whatever the three of us do, would remain confidential and private. As far as the computer thing, you're our friend—we never had any intention of charging you anyway," I said.

"If you think coming home with us tonight would be something you might enjoy doing, why not come with us and spend the night. Beth and I are free tomorrow, so we would have lots of time to teach you more things." I offered, holding my breath.

I was thankful Beth decided to chime in at this point.

"Millie, if you think you'd like to try something like that, we wouldn't try to rush or force you in any way. The three of us would just have a fun evening and see where it leads," Beth promised.

Millie stared into her coffee cup for a long moment thinking about it.

"Well... , I've always thought I would enjoy it. I guess I have to admit I've wanted to try it, just to see what it would be like," Millie said.

Smiling wistfully, at the two of us, she said, "And I do trust the two of you. I've always envied your closeness, anytime I would see the two of you out together."

"Millie, if you decide you want to do it, we won't be just be a couple, but three responsible mature people. We'll make it really nice for each other. We could have a wonderful time together," I promised her.

"I want to say yes," Millie said, her eyes filled with longing. Her long dormant sexual desires igniting her will, making her eyes almost feverish and bright.

"I haven't done it with anyone since my husband passed away," she said, tenderly, her eyes misting up. Millie smiled at Beth and me. "Most guys I meet—I wouldn't even let touch me, never mind the other thing."

"Okay... , I'll do it. Let me go pack a few things. Beth come in and keep me company," she asked, smiling in my wife's direction.

Beth told me later, what they had talked about in the bedroom. Mostly Millie had wanted to know what she should wear for bedtime. Beth told her a little simple nightdress and whatever else she needed to wear to make her feel comfortable.

(I know, you're impatient to know exactly what Millie looks like) - So here goes... !

First—let me tell you what Millie isn't... she's not six feet tall. She is not more than 4' 11" tall, she is a perfectly proportioned 108 lbs. Beautiful light brown hair, parted so it flows down over her forehead, hanging in a sexy look just above her doe-like gentle brown eyes. The perfect picture of a sexy mature woman...

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