Prison Wager

by The Jint Fan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Prisoner accepts a wager from one of the guards that he can't seduce the prisoner's wife. What the prisoner doesn't know is that his wife is lonely.

"Convict!" the guard yelled into Tom's cell.

Tom looked up from his bunk at the large prison guard looking down at him through the bars of his jail cell. Tom Waters is in prison for embezzlement. He answered with respect. "Yes, Mr. Roberts."

"I see your wife was here for a visit."

Tom nodded his head. "Yes, Mary was here."

The large guard replied. "I know because we like seeing her cute little ass as she strolled out to that shit box of a car that she now drives. That's a shame. She's a fine woman."

"Don't say that about her!" Tom yelled at the guard.

He stared at Tom. "What are you going to do? Tell the warden because that doesn't scare me. I do love when your wife arrives and sits in the visiting room. You can't see from your view behind the glass but she has a beautiful set of legs."

"Please stop talking about her." Tom pleaded with the guard.

"I have a deal for you, convict. Do you want to hear about it?"

Tom asked. "What kind of deal?"

The guard smiled. "It isn't a deal; it's more like a wager."

"What kind of wager?"

The guard smiled again. "If you win, the guards will give you a break throughout your time here in prison. I mean you will not break your balls or we won't."

"If I lose?" Tom asked.

"If you do then it will be the worse six months of your time here. What do you say? Are you in or out?"

"Let's hear the bet." Tom replied. He loved gambling. That is what caused his little stay in the prison. He fudged his books at work to pay for his gambling habit. He was found guilty for embezzlement. He has been in for twelve months. He was sentenced for eighteen months.

"Ok. Here's the bet. That little wife is seduced by me. If she is, I win. If she doesn't then you win. What do you say?"

Tom was shocked over that statement. He knew he could win the bet. His wife loved him. He asked the guard. "You need proof that you did it."

"Ok. I will have a videotape of the sex for your viewing." The guard told him. "Plus I will only need two weeks to do it. You can't warn her and I will keep my word that I will not tell her anything about you or that I'm a guard at the prison."

Tom realizes that he had a sure win. He knew Mary would never cheat on her. He was going to have an easy six months left. He nodded his head. "I want to do it."

They shook hands to make the deal official. He told Tom. "I hope you know but you are going to lose and I am going to have your wife every way possible."

"You wish."

Mary arrived for her weekly visit with her husband. She missed him very much. She is forty and should be having sex with Tom but he had a gambling problem. He would be at the track instead of their bed.

Mary walked toward the entrance to the prison. She didn't like the place. She was always hit on by someone, from the guards or prisoners. She knew she would because the way she always dressed. She was wearing a black skirt that stopped at her knees, black blouse with see through sleeves, black pantyhose on her legs, and black high heels on her feet.

Mary had to admit that dressing like that did make her feel younger and sexier. She loved teasing the guys but the prison was something else. The guys here were here for rape and murder and other things. She was scared when it came to that.

Mary walked into the visiting area. She met the first guard, who was Mr. Roberts. He informed her that they have to search her. She nodded her head. She watched as the guard stepped closer to her. She held her breathe as the big guard approached her.

"Sorry for this." Mr. Roberts informed her. "It is just we have to do it once in a while."

Mary held her arms up, so the guard could run the wand over her to see if she had anything metallic under her dress. She couldn't believe the guard couldn't see the sheer outfit couldn't hide anything.

"Nothing with that. Now, I have to pat you down to make sure you aren't carrying anything." He set down the wand and ran his hands slowly over her sides to her hips and proceeded up her front. "I'm sorry but it is policy."

Mary nodded her head as the guard touched her breasts on the way up. He finished and told her that she was clean. Mary started to blush after the feel of her breasts.

Mary walked away and headed for the cubical where her husband was sitting behind the glass. Tom was smiling from behind the glass. He picked up the telephone and spoke. "Hello Darling. How are you doing?"

"Fine." Mary replied but remembered the feel of the guard against her body. She couldn't say anything to her husband. He couldn't do anything, being behind the bars.

They talked about the usual stuff about the children and how they both are. Mary sensed that he was holding something back. She wanted to ask but the feel of the guard was still on her mind. She needed to go home and play with herself.

"Are you sure you ok?" Tom asked his wife. "You seem disturbed."

Mary shook her head. "Nothing is wrong, honey."

"If you are sure. You can tell me anything you know." Tom was trying to find out if Mr. Roberts had tried something with her.

"I know. It isn't anything special." Mary replied.

The rest of the talk was about the future, when he gets released. Mary smiled as her husband told her the plans. She was prefect wife, but she still wanted to have her brains fucked badly. She hadn't had Tom make love to her in over twelve months. Her pussy needed some treats other than her own finger. She had to get out and get some.

Mary returned home a couple hours ago and went straight to the bedroom drawer. She pulled out her toy and began to masturbate with it. Mary played with herself until an hour ago. She needed a real one. She needed a cock badly inside of her.

She made a call to a friend and asked her out. Melissa agreed to go. They decided to go to the pub in town. Melissa was a known for partying lately. She walked to the closet. She needed the right outfit to find someone to fuck her. She didn't want cheat but the urge was too great.

Mary found the right one. She had a one piece white dress. She wasn't going to wear a bra with the tight dress. She had a thong on. Her legs would be in nude color stockings, and red high heels.

Melissa arrived at the house wearing a red dress with black shoes. She smiled to her friend. "Ready to have fun."

"Oh yes."

A short time later, Mary walked to the door of the pub with Melissa and noticed a black van pulling into the driveway. She thought that the van was following her. It couldn't be following her. She didn't get stalkers. She thought not.

Eric Roberts pulled his black extended van into the parking lot. He waited to see where the little wife would go after the feel up. He felt the nice size breasts what she thought was normal checking. He waited for a couple of hours for her.

Eric wanted her inside of his portable studio. His van had plush carpeting, mini camera with special photo film for night. He was going to seduce her here. He opened the door and walked to the front door of the pub.

Mary liked the pub as the music was being played. Her hand holding the white wine as she listened to Melissa's adventures with her boyfriend. She finished the drink and told her that she would be back in a few.

Mary returned to the bar. She waited for the bartender. Her eye caught the same prison guard down the bar. He caught her eye and walked towards her. Her heart started to beat quickly as he walked towards her. She couldn't help herself.

Mary smiled as he ordered a beer and asked what she was having. Mary told him she is having a white wine. The bartender gave them the drinks. He turned to her. "My name is Eric."

"Thank you, Eric."

"You are welcome." Eric indicted a clear table near the bar.

"I'm sorry but I am with a friend."

"I don't think so. Look." He pointed to Melissa kissing a blonde guy really deep. "Please sit with me."

Mary shrugged her shoulders and sat with the prison guard. The guy, who felt her up in the prison visiting area. Her body was still throbbing because of the guy across from her. She found the guy to have fun with.

They talked to each other and he hadn't touched her. She found out that he has been a guard for ten years and he was five years older than she was. He lives in the plush East Side. She felt slight jealous because she used to live in that area, now in the dumps. He smiled and leaned closer to. "I want to tell you, Mary. I did it on purpose."

"Did what?" Playing coy with the big guard. She wasn't going to tell him that she remembered everything.

"Don't play stupid. I know what you are doing. Well, I liked touching those huge breasts. I wouldn't mind sucking them. Do you?"

Mary was shocked to hear it. She became very blushful. "Please don't."

Eric smiled at her comment. He knew he was getting to her. He spoke to her again. "I bet you have big nipples also. I can see them though that dress."

"Stop please."

"Why?" He asks as his hand went under the table and played with her knee. His hand moved up slowly. She wasn't stopping him. He slowly climbed up her thigh. His hand is moving higher up her thigh.

Mary didn't want to stop the hand that was climbing. She wanted it up there touching her. She turned her head down and whispered. "If we do it, you promise not to say anything to my husband."

Eric smiled. He only needed a videotape to tell the husband. He nodded his head. "I promise not to say a thing to him."

Mary needed a fucking badly. Her body needed it. "Where do you want to do this? In a hotel or a car like teenagers."

"How about my van?"

"So that was your van I saw enter the parking lot earlier." Mary told him. She knew it was following him. "Were you following me?"

"Nope." He lied to her.

"Are you lying?"

"Nope." He repeated his lie.

Mary decided that he was telling the truth. She raised her hand to his "Ready?"

"Always." He took the hand to his crotch. There was a bulge waiting for her. Her eyes looked at the big bulge. She opened her mouth to say something but... "You see I am always ready what it comes to sex. Come with me to my van."

Mary walked with Eric out of the pub into the parking lot. She was ready for a fucking. She walked over to the black van. The shiny black van is larger than she thought. They stood before it.

"Excuse me. I have to turn off the security device." Eric lied to her as he turned on the cameras inside the van. He was going to get some good views of the woman as he fucks her.

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