Who Watches the Watchers? (Re-Written)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Lesbian, BiSexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, Wife Watching, Group Sex, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rolf seemed to be living a life of luxury with 199 other men and women each sharing their love freely with each other, but why does he feel so isolated and remote from them? Soon he meets some new arrivals to his island paradise that share his passion for just 'watching'. But who is watching the watchers? A Romantic story of Voyeurism, all other story codes are largely incidental. (A substantially rewritten and revised version of an old story)

I was on an island paradise, and was 'the envy of nearly every man and woman on earth', or so I've been told; repeatedly and often. In fact I think these were the first words that I can remember hearing when I briefly awoke in some cold but bright and unfamiliar room.

I seem to remember white blurry shapes in white all-over coverings that revealed nothing of the wearer to me. Were they men - or some bizarre alien creature that was now examining me? Cold white tiles covered all of the walls and many bright lights shown everywhere, but they provide no warmth. I fell again back into dark slumber and dreamed wild improbable dreams of faces, places and things that seemed at once to be both familiar and utterly alien to me. When I awoke next my dreams swiftly faded and they were soon lost, and by the time I had arisen from my bed they had vanished from me entirely.

My memories were a complete blank.

I arose and found a small sink that was underneath a large window, and I washed my face until I was quite thoroughly awake. I didn't even recognize myself and not even my own name came to mind. I didn't know whether to laugh or to become very afraid. I was also wearing a blue colored bracelet that attached to my left wrist quite firmly but comfortably and I could find no means of removing it. Oddly, this discovery did not alarm me, and I was curious why this was so.

Moving to a larger wall mirror in my bedroom, I took another longer look at myself from all angles. I was nude but this thought was not at all unsettling to me. I seemed to be in perfect overall heath and in exceedingly excellent physical condition but none of these observations clued me to anything more revealing about myself.

I should have been frightened that I had no memories as to how and why I had come here, but for some reason this did not seem to disturb me either. It was as if this was quite natural and proper and quite entirely to be expected.

Looking now outside the window I could see lush green plants and trees with many exotic flowers and in the near distance there was a sandy beach surrounded by bright blue waters. In the distance I could see several people playing in the water or along the beach. All of the people I could see seemed to be naked, as I was, but this idea didn't seem to unsettle me at all either and I soon accepted this as quite natural and normal. Apparently on this beautiful island, clothes were not needed or necessary.

My room was not small, but it was fairly simple in layout. I had a large very comfortable bed, a washing and showering area with shaving supplies and a toilet nearby, a linen cabinet with a fresh set of sheets and extra towels of every size. There was also a pair of extra pillows and a blanket. I had a small wardrobe closet, but it did not contain much. A clear plastic raincoat and a soft but warm feeling long shirt that I suppose I could wear if it was ever chilly outside. I had a pair of comfortable chairs and a small table between them. This seemed to sum up my new home.

I walked over to my door, but it did not open for me right away. Instead a beeping sound came from the bracelet on my left wrist and a small electronic voice told me to press the now illuminated button on my wrist band.

I looking at down at my wrist at my small bracelet that now seemed to be fully activated and it displayed a clear colored circular centerpiece that was now lighted up. I pressed it.

"Welcome Rolf to your paradise island vacation home. You have earned a great honor by being brought here and we hope that you will enjoy your stay here as much as possible. You will now be given a brief tour of your new home that you will be sharing with our other male and female guests. Your door, which is number 137, has now been unsealed, and will always be open to you from now on. Please follow the green light that will appear on the floor and you will be led to your next destination."

The door opened, and in the center of the hallway outside a green illuminated dot could be easily seen, and as I walked into the hall the dot began to slowly move to my right. It didn't travel quickly, as if it was aware that I would be stopping often to look around in my obvious confusion, and there was much to see. The entire left wall of the hallway was clear glass and I could see a large central garden area that featured a several large interconnected pools of water, and I saw many other men and women, all naked and happily engaged in splashing and other play. Along the hallway to my right were more additional numbered doors, just like mine, and near the end of the hallways there was a large communal bathing area where showers or even enormous tub bathes could be taken. I could see that this was a popular room that was often filled with both men and women bathing together.

Next I was lead to a large communal dining area with automated equipment for serving a generous assortment of both hot and cold food and a wide selection of beverages, including mildly alcoholic ones. I did feel quite hungry and was about to grab a sandwich and a piece of fruit when my bracelet chimed softly to me again to get my attention.

"Rolf, you may return here shortly to enjoy your first meal and to meet your new friends, but there are still two things that must be done first. Please continue to follow the green dot to your next destination."

I was lead past this dining area towards some large glass double doors that lead to the outside, but I was chimed to stop just before I started to leave the building. By this front main doorway were a pair of single doors one on each side of the hall. One appeared for be for men the other for women, by the labels on the door.

"Rolf, please note the door marked Men. Later, after the completion of your tour and once you have refreshed yourself, you will be summoned here to speak with your Counselor, and you may ask him freely any questions you might have."

My last stop for the tour was a brief trip outside so I could see the large grounds outside and admire the pure unspoiled beach and warm ocean waters. The air was very balmy and soothing, but not too hot or humid. There was a strong ocean breeze and the scents, all of them, were new and very exotic to my senses. I was quite sure that I had never been anywhere like here before in my life.

"Rolf, this is your new island home, for as long as you wish to reside here or until it becomes necessary for other reasons that you should leave us. You are free to wander anywhere on this island that you wish. Except for occasional scheduled appointments, your time and how you spend your hours are entirely your own. No one, not even your Counselor, can or will command or order you to do anything that you do not wish. There are two hundred men and women on this island and you are encouraged to make as many friends with them as you are able. You will also discover that nudity and public displays of affection are common, and even quite encouraged. You are welcome to engage in any consensual sexual activity with your friends that you might choose, but you are especially encouraged to have vaginal intercourse with as many women as possible. You will soon discover that sexual activity is the principle activity for amusement here and you are particularly encouraged to enjoy yourself to your utmost. Now the tour is done and you are now free to explore your new home, these island surroundings and meet your new friends for the next hour and fifteen minutes until your appointment with your Counselor. I will give you a chime of reminder, if necessary."

The tour was now completed and I returned to the dining hall and had my first meal. The food was simple but tasted good, and didn't seem particularly unusual to my palate. The meat largely consisted of an assortment of different flavored and textured cubes, and there was also a good assortment of locally grown fresh fruit, which did indeed seem to be a new treat to my taste buds.

I began to speak with several of my table mates, but after they learned I was very new here, they declined to answer most of questions and told me that my Counselor would soon answer them much better than they could. They all agreed they were having the time of their life and they had never been happier. In no way did they feel like prisoners of any kind and most of them dreaded their eventual return 'back to the world'. A world that none of us could actually remember, but that we were certain was a hellish and unhappy place.

It was easy to notice that everyone remained nude at all times, and there was considerable evidence that sexual activity here was common and very open and of a very candid nature. Men and women often greeted friends and lovers of either sex with overt sexual contact. Most men just hugged each other for a casual friendly greeting, but a curious custom called a 'San Francisco Handshake' was also popular where some men briefly grabbed and stroked the other man's penis while they kissed. Women usually hugged tighter and very often kissed, usually fully on the mouth, and often with their tongues. Especially close female friends and lovers had their own version of the handshake where they kissed deeply and placed their left hand onto (and into) the cunt of their friend and cupped and fondled their breast with their right hands. Interesting behavior, but not at all shocking to me.

Male-on-male sexual activity seemed to be casual here and with a minority spice flavoring activity by only some males after normal male-female sexual activity was complete, often involving a group activity of five to ten (or even many more) horny participants. Female bisexuality, on the other hand, was much more common and perhaps even an universal activity casually indulged in by most, if not nearly all of the women. Partners, male and female, were casually traded with very little negotiation and little or no drama. It was not uncommon for women to indulge in sex with every male partner available and then dally with erotic feminine activities with their lady friends until such time as another rigid male erection could be found.

A good many of the women appeared to be in various stages of pregnancy. In fact the closer I began to look, the more slightly pregnant women I could detect. I guessed that probably at least half of the women I saw or met that first day were in at least the early stages of pregnancy, and some even looked as if they would be ready to give birth soon. All appeared to be happy and seemed overjoyed at their happy condition.

Strolling all the way around the grounds, I found that mid-mornings were not an especially sexually active time. A few ladies invited me to join them for lovemaking but I wasn't ready yet to make any serious new friends. I wanted to wait until after my appointment with my Counselor, and a reminder chime went off not long after I finished my meal and completed my dining table observations.

Obeying my summons to my meeting with Counselor, I entered into the doorway marked for the men, and found myself in a small room with a few chairs and two doorways, one having a green lit light. I entered that one as well and found myself in a room alone with a just a large comfortable chair inside. I sat down and quietly called out "Hello?"

"Good morning Rolf." A pleasant but rather disembodied voice said. The voice was quite human and not artificially generated by any computer.

It took me awhile to find the source for the voice, but it appeared to come from some small speakers built into the wall in front of me. There were also several small cameras. Counselor was a male and indeed very human sounding voice that seemed genuinely interested in our conversation. His voice hinted at deep genuine emotions and possessed a good bit of both humor and sadness in it.

I had a great many questions now and they burst out of me nearly all at once.

"Why was my memory gone? Why was I even here? Why was I so lucky to be here? Why was nearly every woman here either pregnant or probably soon likely to be so? And why was this maternal condition so encouraged?"

"These are usually the first and most important questions that new arriving guests ask of us Rolf, but it is better to give you a more complete explanation of some other things first. The world that you left before coming here among us is frankly not a very happy one. There is much turmoil and sadness in it right now, and frankly things won't be any better and will probably be even worse when you return to it. You will probably be here for at least six months of time, but maybe even longer. Some of our guests have even been here for over a year."

"Your memories of yourself and the outside world are not gone, but temporarily blocked. In the past we found that our guests felt much freer to enjoy themselves with all of their prior painful and bitter memories temporarily blocked. It seems drastic and unnecessary, but really if you understood all of the facts you really would indeed choose to be sitting blissfully ignorant where you are now today. Indeed, not some long time ago you in fact did make that very same decision when you were selected to come here. When you leave, your old memories will be fully restored, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy your memories of a long happy stay here as well."

"As for the fertility rate among the women here? This is a blessing that the women have chosen for themselves, something that they desired even before coming to this island. These feelings, or rather urges, are still very strong even with their memories suppressed or they are easily rekindled later with the advice of their own Counselors. Most people who are guests on this island feel that this is or will become the happiest time of their life, and a great majority of the women use this opportunity to bring the gift of new life into the world. Childbirth is indeed a rare gift today and the children conceived here are among the most precious assets that we have. Some women may require external medical assistance to achieve their dream of parenthood, but we have found that the singularly happy world we have created here incurs the highly level of natural fertility and the best hope for the production of healthy offspring."

"Realize and know in the bottom of your heart that every man and woman on this island is the object of envy of at least several thousand other people outside in the 'real world'. Find every way to make each day as wonderful and pleasurable as you can."

My Counselor then reviewed a few small rules of etiquette and sexual behavior with me, most of which I seemed to have already known and had been made aware of somehow.

All consensual sex was permissible and even encouraged, but it was polite to first introduce onesself and wait to be given acceptance before initiating sexual contact with any new woman that I had not been previously acquainted with. I was also to respect the privacy of couples and groups that had formed a tight but closed association. Otherwise the 'Rules' were very few and quite common sense.

Finally, Counselor said he would speak with me about once a week to answer any further questions, but if I had any urgent problems or questions I could request a meeting at any time by pressing my wrist button and asking to see Counselor. With this, my session was done. I returned to the dining hall to get some more fruit (which I already couldn't get enough of) and I began to study my other 199 male and female associates.

On my own at last, I began to become attuned to island life. I learned that most couples and small groups of friends normally indulged in private sex in their rooms in the early morning and then mostly just dallied about on the beach until lunch. This was a good time to make casual acquaintances or have conversations with little or no pressure for immediate sex.

I soon discovered that there was no stigma whatsoever attached to any woman who enjoyed having multiple sex partners. That description in fact described most or nearly all of the women on the island. For some reason, my mind couldn't even grasp firmly on the concepts of the words 'whore' or 'slut'. If a woman finished intercourse with a man, no one so much as even frowned when the next man entered his rigid cock into her and flooded her fertile womb with yet more seed. The more the merrier, seem to be the attitude even amongst the men. There might have been the odd joke or two about getting sloppy seconds, but the sight of a cunt overflowing with the semen of multiple men seemed to be an aphrodisiac to most men and even many of the women.

Some additional memory and behavioral conditioning? It was certainly possible. He seemed to have a constant erection and even after a few releases his cock always seemed to swiftly spring back to attention, and especially at the sight of an already well-fucked cunt. Still I would have expected to have seen jealousy marked on the face of most men when a relative stranger arrived into their circle and he mounted and discharged his sperm into the belly of one of their women, but there seemed to be none. The same for when the primary lover of an already pregnant women put his fertile loads into the cunts of her other friends.

Was this the result of more mental conditioning? Perhaps, but why then did I feel differently?

Afternoons were the time when much of the outdoor public sexual activity of the island occurred, but this often involved either just a single pair of lovers or a relatively small close knit group of friends. They would play with each other; engage in open sex and often then cuddle, nap and make gentle love again until about dinner time. There were some larger and much less structured pods of people where larger groups of relatively unattached and relative newcomers tended to congregate and play and indulge in relatively uncomplicated sexual mating rituals, without any bonds of love, social attachment or even romance. For some reason these large group sessions that involved open group sex confused and confounded me, and while I enjoyed watching their antics, I was not sexually attracted enough to join them at play.

Intertwined with these isolated groups were small roving groups of men and women that disliked the fixed structure of large scale orgies and they floated between large and small intimate groups alike, offering their companionship (and sexual partnership) for the afternoon on a casual basis. There was a fairly complicated sort of sexual etiquette involved with these migratory couples, and I soon found these sort of interactions some of the most fascinating to watch on the island.

The evening dinner was mostly the same sort of food as luncheon, but it was also good and there was plenty of it. I soon discovered that I was used eating much less at meals, and after a little observation noted that 'newcomers' tended to be a bit thin and perhaps underfed. Was our normal world also one of near famine?

Also at this time a special punch was available that seemed mildly intoxicating and perhaps had other invigorating properties that gave the drinker more than a little libido stimulation. It was heady stuff and after my first small cupful I already had a stiff erection ... and an urge to take care of that minor problem with the nearest available oriface.

The post dinner sexual activity seemed mixed. Many 'couples' would disappear to their own room or rooms for private encounters, alone or perhaps with a few friends, but most of the other guests engaged in large mass group sex sessions in one of the main lounges off of the dining area or else near the inside water pools. On weekends, there was a large nighttime bonfire near the beach and it was customary for nearly everyone to enjoy themselves there, often in the form of a large oral daisy-chain that surrounded the fire, before more vigorous forms of public intercourse completed the evening's festivities.

Uncertain, and still more than a little bewildered, for all of that very first day I did not engage in any of these activities, but I soon discovered that watching the sexual antics of others seemed to give me a great deal of personal pleasure.

The next two weeks seemed to race by. I thought I was getting a little more socialized and used to things, but I seemed to still continue to have great trouble initiating personal contact with strangers. If I had met them before and knew a name or two, I was mostly alright, but I still seemed terribly and frightfully shy.

I found that it became somewhat easier to imitate sexual contact with a lone woman, many of whom would even often boldly approach me and initiate a request for sex from me. Gradually, as I became less new, these amorous approaches began to decline and once again I was faced with the trouble of approaching 'strange women' for sexual contact. Soon I nearly stopped trying at all.

For awhile, at least for a start, I would mostly hang about on the periphery of some of the larger group pods where most of the men and women were relatively unattached. I nearly always had numerous sexual opportunities there, often in large group sex situations during the afternoons where I was just one more cock fucking one more willing, but romantically uninvolved, female. In the evenings, I would do much the same after dinner, and participate in the evening group orgies in either a play room or the spacious bath room.

The sex was enough to satisfy my physical needs as a man, but this sort of sexual activity did not seem to satisfy at all my more private inner urges. More and more often I would quickly satisfy my more carnal lusts as quickly as possible so that I could instead spend more time just watching the other love makers at their play.

More and more I became aware that just watching was bringing me greater sexual pleasure than just being another sperm contributor for women that already mostly had innumerable loads of cum already buried into their fertile cunts. I had made a few friends but I had not met any particular woman whom I felt attached to or enamored of enough to desire to specifically seed her womb repeatedly until she bore my child.

After about a month, I began to vent my frustrations, of which I now had many, with Counselor.

I was too reserved to approach most unattached females, and now I was becoming too shy even to participate in most of the group events. I was now only managing to have sex a couple of times each week, but now even these few encounters were not particularly satisfying for me, especially when it seemed that everyone else was having sex at least five times a day. I just seemed happier somehow when I was merely watching others have their fun.

I was advised to try and relax a bit more and 'just let things happen' and not too worry too much, that things usually "worked out". I wasn't so sure, but I did trust Counselors advice and tried to relax and just fall into a comfortable daily rhythm.

First thing in the early morning I would take a fast and hard run on the beach all the way around the island. This would take about half an hour but my body seemed to want and need this regular exercise and I enjoyed having the beach all to myself. If I was especially troubled I'd then repeat the run all over again. Then I would take another much slower walk around the island, which took about two hours to do if I was in a hurry, but I almost never was. I'd stop often to watch others at play and to enjoy the sights. Most of my fellow guests did not appear to be morning people and I rarely met many other folks out except those also taking exercise.

I would then have a late breakfast when the dining hall was mostly empty (my fear of crowds and strangers didn't seem to be improving) and then I would sit out by the central garden ponds and watch others at play there for a few hours.

Usually I would skip luncheon or else just eat some fruit as I had a hard time physically eating three full meals in a day and this seemed with my long runs and walks to help keep me in top physical condition. For some mysterious reason, staying in peak shape seemed important to me, as if it were an ingrained habit of a lifetime that my mind could not quite recall, but that my muscles yearned for out of habit just the same.

Afternoons were my primary play time, and I had several places that I liked to go to watch others at their own play, especially smaller groups of five to eight people that would enjoy the beach and the sun, and invariably each other. I would watch them from a distance, usually mostly hidden behind a tree and would invariably masturbate to the wildly erotic group sex that I witnessed.

Their passions stimulated me, but I never quite felt the urge to join them at play.

Sometimes after my voyeuristic needs were fulfilled nd my seed had splattered from my hands impotently onto the ground, I would feel extremely guilty and quite depressed. Here I was in a sexual paradise that every other man would kill to be admitted to, but I continued to feel more satisfaction by watching the enjoyment of others than I would if I was a participant myself.

For some reason, due to deeper mental conditioning or not, I just needed to watch.

Late afternoons when most people were cuddling or napping before dinner I would climb to the top of the very tall hill that was at the center of our island and I would look around in all directions and then enjoy the sunset. Some smaller islands could be seen in the near distance but I had no way to travel there to see what was on them, nor did I particularly care. But there was one other feature there at the top of that hill that kept drawing my attention.

At the summit of the hill there was a small concrete square building with a single door that was surrounded by a tall chain link fence with barbed wire around the top of it. At the top of this building there were a great many antennas and several satellite dishes, including a rather large one. I became obsessed with this building and desired to find out what secrets might be hidden inside of it, but I had no way of climbing the barbed wire top fence - especially not in the nude!

Every day for a week I circled it considered and rejected plans as to how to enter it, until one day fortune or rather perhaps Mother Nature, lent me a hand.

The island was hit by a fairly brisk tropical storm for two days, where it rained extremely hard and everyone was requested for their safety to remain indoors. After the storm was over, everyone resumed their normal activities, and the very first place I went was to check on the condition of the fence. It had survived intact, but a fairly large tree nearby had fallen over due to the wind and much of its surface roots had been pulled out and a large amount of the surface soil had been washed clear by the rain. This dirt loss had created a small gulley or sunken spot under one section of the fence, and with but a little bit of work to enlarge the hole I thought I could slide and crawl underneath it. This was soon accomplished.

Now that I had found a way under the fence and had reached the building, I was now foiled by the lock upon the door. It was a fairly standard mechanical door lock and I thought if I could find a sturdy piece of thin metal or plastic I could probably slip the bolt free. Here on the island I didn't have many resources for this sort of thing, but later that night I found and worked free a small piece of scrap metal from behind one of the dining room food service mechanisms that I thought would serve well. At first light the next morning, I was working away at slipping the bolt between the door and doorplate and with a little effort I was rewarded with success.

Inside, this small cement building was virtually empty except for some garden and yard maintenance tools, but there was also a square hatchway set into the floor, which I easily opened to reveal a long ladder going deep down into the hillside. Without hesitation I took this ladder down into the near total darkness and I began to explore, soon coming down to a minimally lighted iron walkway that appeared to run in a circle around a center large pillar that rose from a liquid mass down below me and straight up to support the ceiling and the building above. There was some equipment up here that did not seem to be currently in use and I left it alone. I soon found another ladder that descended to what appeared to be the main work area below. I had to be careful on this ladder as a misstep here would probably land me in the huge liquid tank below.

Once I reached the bottom there were more metal catwalk platforms that surrounded the tank. To the sides, the floor was solid stone and much more of the equipment appeared to be in active use. Off in the distance in several directions, some halls and doorways were apparent, but my attention was now drawn to the huge tank of liquid that upon closer glance seemed to have a heavy crust upon its surface. Small metallic spiders were scampering across the entire surface and were harvesting little pieces off of the top of the crust and taking these to an open hopper on the far side where they then dropped the gathered pieces.

The spiders bore me no mind as I bent over a small railing and picked up a tiny piece of the crust to examine. It smelled good and vaguely familiar, and I sampled a tiny taste with my tongue and smiled. This apparently was our main primary original food source for the nutrient cubes that we were served at every meal, albeit in a fairly raw state and as of yet unflavored.

This established, I began to slowly explore the rest of the connecting halls and doors, which didn't take very long. Nearly all of the equipment seemed to be related to the food vat growth, and I certainly had no intention of interfering with that! A few other doors seemed to be initially promising, but turned out to be either empty or were for maintenance use. Another wide hallway ended at a large and very secure electronic security door that I knew I would never have a prayer of opening with my extremely limited available tools.

I was all ready to leave with my curiosity satisfied and without any intention of returning, when I found a small side staircase in a dark corner that I had nearly overlooked. I took it up for about twenty steps and it ended at another locked door with a lock that looked fairly similar to the one upstairs on the hilltop. Of much more interest to me, was the large number of computers and video monitors that I could see inside the room through the small door window that surrounded a small desk and chair inside. This I had to see!

This lock was slightly more tightly secured than the outside one upstairs and it was several hours before I found a thin enough but hard and flexible piece of material that would slip in-between the door and its frame to retract the small locking bolt. Once I had a proper jimmy, it took nearly no time to resolve this last barrier and I at once sat down in the chair at this desk and enjoyed all of the wonders that it revealed. I had gained access to what I then called the Video Room.

There was a main computer that controlled these surveillance systems but it was voice password activated and no command that I gave it would allow me access to it secrets. That was fine, I soon had all the fun I could handle or ever wish to with the manual controls of the video system.

A series of large video monitors revealed numerous sights of the island and its guests. There were plenty of manual controls for determining which video camera was being selected and it appeared that there were hundreds if not thousands of available video views. There was one camera view for every room at the large guest house, and multiple cameras covered the usual 'play areas'. Other cameras appeared to me to be mobile and could be directed by apparent other third parties to fly or hover in different positions, usually to get a better view of some sexual activity. With about two hundred men and women always naked and usually horny around, some sexual act was usually always occurring somewhere, either in public or in a private bedroom.

With these cameras and monitors I could now watch it all!

And I did, or I certainly tried to, until hunger at least drove me back upstairs and down the hill for a late dinner, but not before I had disabled both of the locks so that I could easily regain access the very next day.

Apparently, I was not the only person on this island that just preferred to watch!

With the discovery of the Video Room, my daily schedule began to significantly change. Now after my morning exercise, I would come here afterwards to watch the action on the video screens, but I'd still spend most afternoons doing a little live voyeurism near the beaches. I seemed to need both of these similar but different stimuli somehow and this seemed to make my sexual satisfaction almost complete, but something still seemed to me missing.

I still couldn't seem to make any permanent connection with any of the unattached ladies I occasionally had a dalliance with. Until late one morning when I noticed that I was not the only voyeuristically inclined guest on the island!

I was sitting in my chair in the Video Room randomly changing camera channels late one morning a few weeks later when I noticed something interesting and a little bit different. I had been watching a man and two women that were having a pleasant late morning threesome on a spread blanket near the beach. This was nice enough, but certainly not an uncommon sight, but what was indeed interesting was that there appeared to be a young lady a bit further back away in the trees that was watching them rather intently.

After watching her for a few minutes I noticed a numeric notation at the bottom of the video screen that I had learned indicated that another camera was also filming this same scene from another angle. I entered in that number into keypad for the next monitor over and was rewarded by a much closer sight of a pretty long dark haired woman that was masturbating herself furiously while she watched the threesome at their play. When at length this group finished their fun, the woman moved off but she soon stopped to observe another couple having sex and she once again began to masturbate to this sight for quite some time before having another orgasm. After which she then left the area for good, apparently returning to the Guest Quarters.

This woman intrigued me, and although I hurried back to the dining hall to hopefully catch here there at lunch, I did not see her there in the dining hall or in any of the other main rooms. I bestirred myself to ask quite a few people if they knew the name of a newcomer lady that had very long dark hair, and at length a couple mentioned that they thought her name was Irene. I then pressed my wrist bracelet messenger button to talk to the island communication center.

"Good afternoon Rolf. How may I help you?" The vaguely mechanical sounding feminine voice asked.

"Is there currently a female guest on this island with very long dark hair that might be named Irene?"

"Yes Rolf. There is a woman on the island with that name that matches your general description. She is a newcomer and has only been with us now for three days. Is this image the woman that you are asking about?" My bracelet display screen now showed a small but high detailed image of her. Yes, she was indeed my hidden voyeur.

"Yes. This is indeed the woman that I'm interested in. Can you tell me where I can currently find her?"

"Irene's room is #097 in the east wing of this center, but her room is currently flagged as 'Do Not Disturb', but you may leave a voice message for her - do you wish to? If so, just say, record message."

"Yes please ... record message — Irene, my name is Rolf and I am in room #137, located in the south wing. I saw you earlier this morning and couldn't but help to notice that we have a hobby in common. Perhaps a common interest that we could share together sometime. Please send me a message back at your convenience." Vague and a bit overly formal, but it would do.

She did not return my message that day, nor did I hear from her on the next. Neither did I see her at any time in the dining hall or at any of the evening parties for the next few days.

I found her again quite by happenstance when I was walking behind the beach checking one of my favorite spying places for some late afternoon voyeuristic enjoyment and I found that she had already discovered this place too! She was hidden behind some bushes heavily engaged in watching a very well choreographed foursome with a pair of attached couples that played here nearly every afternoon. Her eyes were fixed upon the foursome, and she was pinching her nipples with one hand and had her other hand quite busy with her clit and cunt, and I think she was about to come when she noticed me next to her and became startled at my approach.

"You were close to coming, please finish. Don't stop because of me, let's see if we can come together!" I told her, and I began to stroke my own cock, which was now very hard.

I thought for a moment that she was going to run off, but her need for release was a little too great and she resumed her masturbation and soon furiously came. I spurted out my own cum a few moments later while she watched me not entirely without disinterest.

"You're Rolf?" She asked in a tone that suggested that she thought she already knew the answer.

"And you're Irene." I replied. "I did suggest that I thought we shared a common interest."

"I think you were right, and my Counselor suggested to me yesterday that she thought you would make a most suitable companion for me. I've only been here a few days, and I just haven't felt very comfortable here yet."

"I've been here for nearly two months and I still feel very much like an outsider!" I laughed. "It would be very nice if we could share more opportunities like this, much more frequently in the future."

"That might be pleasant." She admitted.

We talked for awhile but I could tell that her shyness was nearly as overpowering as mine. We walked back to the dining hall to share an early dinner together, but she would not hold my hand and she didn't care to be touched in any way.

We did not spend the night together, nor did she accept my offer to 'watch with me' some of the evening orgy action, but instead she went straight to her room.

Her messenger was once again set to "Do Not Disturb" and after failing to find her at either breakfast or lunch, I thought I knew where I would find her that afternoon and went straight to the hiding place where we had been yesterday and I waited for her.

I didn't have to wait for her long, and with some considerable indecision she came up next to me and we greeted each other without touching.

"I'm glad you came." I said to her and gently and slowly reached to touch her hand.

She did not withdraw, and allowed me to hold her hand in mine. There didn't seem to be anything happening around here today, so I offered to show her a few of my other favorite places to watch and she accepted. We soon found a much better location that featured a large group scene with quite a few more men than women, each of the women having at least one cock in them at any time and often two or three.

Irene soon became very excited and I told her I wanted to watch her masturbate for me and she did, soon having a small orgasm, but her fingers never slowed down and soon she came again and again, until when she was temporarily exhausted she knelt down on the grass for a short rest behind the tall bushes we were hidden behind.

"I can't see what they're doing now!" She gently wailed. "Please tell me what is happening, what are they doing now?"

I began to describe the action for her and she again started to become once again aroused. I was starting to get very aroused myself, and began to start stroking my cock when I suddenly felt her smaller and more delicate fingers rest on my hand.

"Let me do that for you, just keep telling me what's happening!" She whispered and soon she had both of her hands wrapped around my cock and began to masturbate me while I described the action for her.

"The slightly pregnant blonde woman on all fours is being fucked hard in her cunt by a tanned dark haired man, but he looks like he'll be coming soon. She has the cock of a sandy haired guy in her mouth and I think he's already cum once but she's still sucking him hard for more. Her friend who doesn't look pregnant yet, but whom probably will be soon, is sitting and riding on one hard cock in her cunt while another cock behind her is being ramming far up her ass. That's her you can hear squealing, except that her mouth is mostly filled by the cunt of her very pregnant girlfriend as she stands over her filling her mouth with the cum that her boyfriends have just pumped into it. It's coming out of her like a river and she's drinking it down like the finest cream. Now it looks like she's done drinking all of that cum and another cock is now going into her mouth to add it's cum there too. The tanned dark haired guy and the sandy hair guy are both cumming now, filling her cunt and ass up full with their sperm and its now running all down her thighs and chin. The very pregnant girl is now kissing her, licking up the cum that plastered on her face and tits, while the dark haired guy is now fucking her ass. He's got a really thick cock and she seems to love it up her ass."

Irene's frantic pumping hands were now replaced with her mouth and she grunted for me to cum now for her, but at the last second she removed my cock from her mouth and I instead sprayed her face, chin, neck and tits with my cum load, which she did not bother at all to clean off. In fact she examined her cum covered breasts with a look of pride. It was the biggest load I could ever remember shooting off. There was something definitely in the food or water here that increased semen production significantly.

I offered her a gentle kiss but she turned her head away and let me kiss her cheek. I now offered to return the favor and let her describe the action to me now. This excited her and I let her get good and wrapped up in her narrative, which sounded just as hot as what I had seen earlier, and then I moved my head and mouth into her crotch and began to lick her cunt as she stood above me. This caught her a bit by surprise, but she eventually gave in to my persistent efforts and even spread her legs a bit wider to give my tongue better access into her cunt. She came nearly immediately and then again even harder a few minutes later, and finally one so extreme that she fell into my lap on the grass with me, but I wasn't yet done with her.

Keeping my head firmly between her thighs as she tried to escape, I licked and sucked her extremely sensitive clit for one more violent orgasm before I released her.

She nestled into my arms and whimpered slightly for awhile and neither of us cared to move again until we decided to quit for the night and go have dinner. This time we did walk back together hand in hand.

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