The Soul of Desire

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A white husband encourages his attractive blonde wife to take a lover in order to spice up their sex life. One of his black co-workers takes advantage of the situation. Little does she know, the wife gets more than she bargained for.

Miriam Smith had it all. She was attractive, well liked, had a fantastic job as a kindergarten teacher as well as a loving husband, Maurice. Although, the only thing that she lacked was children of their own, the little ones in her kindergarten class helped her fill that void. At first Miriam thought it was her own body betraying her. She enjoyed sex and offered her lovely body willingly to her husband on a regular basis, Miriam still couldn't get pregnant. After a visit to her doctor, it was determined that she was fully capable of conceiving children. Was Maurice the cause of their lack of babies?

Maurice was reluctant to visit the doctor because he had rightfully suspected the cause was with him. As it turned out from the very low sperm count report, a childhood illness robbed him of the capability to become a father. Miriam was devastated by the bad news. She realized that she would never become a mother and have her own babies, at least not with her own husband. Maurice felt extremely bad about this as he had been told that he might never be able to become a father after his childhood illness. He had planned on telling the love of his life before they married but he was worried that if Miriam found out that he couldn't father a child that she would marry someone else. This was the first secret that Maurice had withheld from his lovely blonde wife.

Miriam was fairly content with her life by being a surrogate mother and letting the children in her kindergarten class be the substitute for her own children. The natural motherhood instinct in Miriam induced a terrific longing for her to bear children of her own.

A thought came to Maurice one evening that made his own dick hard. "What if Miriam slept with another man?" he thought to himself. He knew that Miriam loved only him but she had little experience of her own in the sexual relations department. While Maurice had sex with a number of girlfriends in high school and college, Miriam was his first virgin. He took her precious maidenhood that she had saved for her wedding night. Maurice tried very hard to teach his new wife the joys and excitement of sex. She did enjoy having sex but she was still quite timid in bed.

One night at dinner, Maurice suggested to Miriam that she take a lover to produce a child. Miriam certainly wasn't for having sex with a strange man but her husband assured her that he would not become a jealous husband. Miriam said that she didn't like the idea but her manner in bed that night betrayed her own feelings. The pretty blonde wife was a real wildcat in bed. It was very good for Maurice as his own dick had been hard since dinner when he first mentioned her taking a lover.

Maurice recently promoted to Area Sales Manager at the big insurance company where he worked. Along with a nice pay raise, he also got a real office out of the deal. No more little cubicles for this guy. As one of the regular sales agent, he did not have internet but now he did. Besides some privacy in his new office, the other thing that his new job afforded was he was granted access to the world wide web of the internet.

Like a lot of people, Maurice became addicted to the internet. He knew the company's policy about not using the computer at work for personal use as well as not visiting taboo porno sites but like a moth lured to a flame, the internet lured Maurice to pornography. Not only did he read up about husbands who liked to see their wives with other men, he also downloaded short videos on the subject. One of the sites he stumbled upon was a website for white couples who were looking for black men to have sex with the attractive white wife. This new site really intrigued Maurice.

Maurice was visiting when he heard the knock at his office door. He quickly clicked off the internet and looked up to see who was at the door. While he had a private office, there was a full-length "side light" pane of glass beside the door designed to keep his office from being 'completely' private. Maurice saw a young black man standing there waiting to be invited in. Maurice motioned him in with his hand.

"Mr. Smith?" the young black guy asked.

"Yes, that's me. What can I do for you?"

"Actually, it's what can I do for you?"

Maurice seemed a little puzzled.

"My name's Marcus Taylor from the IT Department. You called the Helpdesk earlier today and I'm here to look at your computer."

"Oh," Maurice was relieved. He had called IT earlier today and submitted a problem that he was having using one of the new computer software programs. He had also been worried that maybe the IT Department was monitoring his illicit internet usage and that he would be fired.

Maurice told him the problem and Marcus showed him what to do.

"That was pretty easy," Maurice said.

"Yeah, it is when you know what to do. That's why they pay me the big bucks." They both laughed at the joke.

Marcus motioned to the 8"x10" photo of a pretty blonde woman on Maurice's desk.

"Is that your wife?" the black IT guy asked.

Maurice flushed.

"Yea, that's my wife," he replied.

"What a cutie. If she were mine, I'd never let her outta my bed."

Maurice's face turned beet red. However, the thought of this black man with Miriam made his dick hard.

"She looks pretty hot."

The photo was one he took earlier in the summer at their little cabin on a remote lake in northern Alabama. Miriam was in one of her skimpy little bikinis sitting on a boulder beside the lake. She was barefoot with one leg stretched out and toes pointed in a "pin-up" pose. The other leg was bent and her elbow was touching her knee with her hand cradling her pretty face. Marcus could see her diamond engagement and wedding rings sparkling in the late afternoon sun. The pretty blonde wife's smile was even more dazzling than the diamond on her finger.

Marcus could see for himself that Maurice's wife was very attractive. Her beautiful blonde shoulder-length hair framed her face very nicely. The sparkling blue eyes looking at him from the photo were the color of the clear blue sky in the background. He also noticed her trim waist and the nice full curve of her breasts. The hardened nipples could even be seen through the thin bikini top material. Maurice was real proud of this photo. He took it with his new digital camera but had it printed at the photo lab. The photo lab guy even asked if she was a model.

Maurice noticed that the black IT guy was staring a little too long at Miriam's photo. He hadn't noticed it earlier, but as he was sitting and the black guy was standing, his eyes were at the waist level of the black guy. Maurice noticed a sizable bulge in the young Negro's slacks. Was it really true what they said about black men?

"Call me whenever you need help with anything and I do mean anything as he eyed the photo sitting on the desk."

"Okay," Maurice replied as he watched the black IT guy leave his office.

Marcus went back to the IT department and pulled up the records of the websites that Maurice had recently visited. He had to smile to himself when he saw that Maurice had gone to on more than one occasion. If this guy was looking for a black man to "service" his wife, then it might as well be Marcus to do the job. He formulated a plan that had worked on several other occasions.

That night, Maurice could hardly wait to get his wife into bed. The image of the black IT guy with Miriam burned a hole into his brain. As he was making love to his wife, he whispered in her ear, "Have you ever wondered about black men?"

The comment must have triggered a hidden response in his wife as she was very energetic in her love-making that evening. They had talked about acting out fantasies before to help spice up their love life. Miriam remembered that one of her sorority sisters in college had dated a black guy. She raved about having 'Nigga' sex with him and about how big his black cock was. The sorority's officers heard about her friend's 'black experience' and voted her out of the sorority. Miriam's friend was not only black balled by the sorority but she was also black balled by her Negro lover.

Marcus didn't want to wait too long to act on his plan. He didn't want some other black guy beating him to that pretty little blonde honey.

The next day he knocked on the door to Maurice's office. Maurice waved him in.

"Hey, Marcus," he said. "What's up? I'm not having any computer problems."

"May I sit down?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Maurice, I send a report to management every week regarding internet usage by the employees. I've noticed some highly unusual websites that you visit on a frequent basis during company time. Do you know which ones I mean?"

Maurice swallowed hard.

"Yes," Maurice said. It came out as just a little louder than a whisper. "Is there anything I can do so my name doesn't show up when you submit your report?"

"I'm glad you asked and yes there is," Marcus said as his eyes went over to the photo on Maurice's desk.

Maurice followed the eyes of the black IT fellow. He had to swallow again as his throat became very dry when he saw the Negro eyeing the photo of his lovely blonde wife. At the same time, Maurice's dick came to life in his pants.

"I've been tracking your visits to and I know what you've been looking at."

Marcus continued, "Has that pretty little wife of yours ever had a black man before?"

Maurice was shocked by the question. "Ahh, no," he stammered. "I don't think that she ever has."

"Good. Then I'd like to be her first." Marcus was not smiling.

Maurice couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"If you don't let me sleep with that beautiful little blonde wifey of yours, then my report goes to management. You will probably get fired for cause. You won't be able to work again and that also means that you won't even get unemployment pay. You'll have to put that little honey of yours to work at night on her back trying to make some money to make ends meet. How about this for lyrics, 'Let your honey, make you money.' I coulda been a rap star," Marcus laughed.

Maurice couldn't believe that this was getting out of hand so quickly. He tried to put up a tough front, "I don't think that my wife will sleep with a black guy."

"Oh, yeah. Well, then you gots some convincin' to do, that is, unless you want this report to go to management. Ya better set me up with your little cutie pretty soon or you're gonna have to take your chances that they'll go lenient on you. I'll bet my paycheck that they don't. You, my friend, are gonna be in deep shit."

That night after dinner, Maurice talked to his wife about the possibility of taking a lover. She said that she just wasn't very interested in having sex with another man. "Will you just think about it?" he implored. She said, "I will but please don't rush me."

However, that night in bed, Miriam made quite a lover. Thinking about another man had reached down deep into her own psyche. She had never dreamed about men other than her own husband but Maurice had planted the infidelity seed of desire into her soul. Now it just needed time to grow and blossom.

Marcus dropped by Maurice's office later that week.

"How's it hangin', my man?" asked Marcus.

"Look, Marcus. I'm not your 'Man' so please stop calling me that. If anything, I ought to be calling you, 'Boy.' What do you think of that?"

"Man, that's a low blow. Speaking of low blows, how's your pretty little wife? I've love to get her sweet lips wrapped around big Willie."

"Shhh, Marcus. Keep your voice down, please. I certainly don't want the whole office to hear everything we say."

"Your wife gonna be ready for big Willie this weekend? My big, ole one-eyed monster is ready and waiting for her. You best get her ready soon."

"Marcus, I'm working on it. It's not as easy as it looks."

"Oh, it's pretty easy, my Boy. You just tell her to open up those pretty legs of her and let me come in. I'll takes care o' the rest."

Maurice stopped by the liquor store on his way home before dinner and picked up a couple of bottles of Miriam's Miriam favorite French white wine, Chateau Soixante' Neuf. That's 'Castle Sixty-Nine' for those of us who are not schooled in the French language.

Dinner was fabulous as usual as Miriam was always a fantastic cook. The wine musta done its trick as Maurice once again asked his wife to take on a lover. This time she said, "Yes, I'll give it a try. If I don't like it, I'll stop."

That night, Miriam and Maurice fucked like rabbits. He had never cum three times before but tonight he had. He also thought that Miriam had an orgasm in her own little way.

Friday morning came and Maurice called Marcus. "Can you come to my office, Marcus? I'm having another computer problem."

"I'll be there in fifteen minutes," the black IT guy said.

Maurice's thoughts were of his pretty blonde wife with the black IT guy. This would be her first with another man as well as her first Negro. He wanted to tell her that her new lover would be black but he also wanted to keep it a secret from her for fear that she might turn it down. Before Maurice knew it, there was the knock on his door. It was Marcus grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

"Come in, Marcus, and shut the door, please. Have a seat."

"What's up Boss Man?"

"My wife finally agreed to do it. Are you available Saturday evening?"

"I actually had other plans for Saturday night, but for you, Boss, I'll make an exception and cancel my prior engagement. I certainly wouldn't want to keep your pretty little wifey waiting too long for some black cock, now, would I?"

"Good, then, let me tell you how it's gotta be, okay?"

Maurice laid out his cuckold plan to Marcus. Maurice and Miriam would go up to the lake cabin on a small, remote lake in Northern Alabama. Marcus could join them after dinner. "I'll have Miriam primed, ready and waiting. Ahh, is it okay if I take some photos of the two of you?"

"Yeah, it'll be alright just so ya don't plaster them all over the internet, okay. I might even bring my own video camera."

"Good idea. I'd like to get a copy of the video. I've seen some several hot amateur interracial ones lately. I'd love to see my wife doing one of those."

Miriam was more than just a little nervous on Saturday afternoon. She and Maurice spent the afternoon swimming in the lake. After sunning herself most of the afternoon, she went inside to get ready for her first lover. Miriam took a long, relaxing bath and shaved her legs and underarms. She also trimmed the soft, curly pussy hair surrounding her mound into a little triangle pointing downwards towards her lovenest. Her erect clitoris had been throbbing in anticipation of tonight's activities. They had an early dinner with more wine.

It was just getting dark at seven o'clock when Maurice heard the knock on the door. He knew it would be Marcus. Miriam was waiting in the bedroom.

"I'll get it," Maurice called out to no one in particular.

Maurice opened the door to find not one but two black men standing there.

"Ahh, hello, Marcus. Who's this?" Maurice stammered. He wasn't expecting two people. Maurice hadn't even told Miriam that her new lover would be a Negro.

"I brought my cameraman with me. He's done this plenty o' times. Maurice, meet Tyrell Turner."

Maurice extended his hand and the huge strong, black hand engulfed his. Maurice noticed a number of crude tattoos on his hand and arms. There was no way for Maurice to know that these were 'prison' tattoos that were like a badge of honor and respect amongst hardened criminals. Tyrell also wore a 'Red Badge of Courage' from the multitude of criss-crossed scars across his broad back that he had received at the hands of a white skinhead group who called themselves, 'The Aryan Nation.' His ultimate revenge was his when he finally got out of prison early for 'good' behavior. He personally hunted down and raped each and every one of those white bastards' wives or girlfriends. There was some pretty good looking white pussy amongst that group of bitches. Hell, he wouldn't even mind taking another whipping if he could get some more of that pretty little white ass. Now here he was in a remote cabin in the middle of bum-fuck-Alabama and the cute little blonde bitch of a wife was just a beggin' to be black fucked. Tyrell had the equipment that she would never forget, that is, if she lived through her ordeal.

"Honey," Maurice called out to his wife. "They're here." He sounded like the madman Jack Nicholson from the movie, 'The Shining.'

Tyrell already had the video camera running when the pretty wife came out of the bedroom. She was all that Marcus had described to him and then some. This was some prime white pussy.

Miriam was wearing a red cropped-top that showed off her midriff. The top was thin and Tyrell could see that the pretty blonde wife wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples were standing at attention. She was so proud of her trim shape and knew that men loved to see her bare belly with its little golden belly ring. Her faded short blue-jean skirt came to mid-thigh and did little to hide her long, shapely legs. Her cute little feet were in a pair of high-heeled sandals that displayed her red-painted toenails.

Both of the black men had instant hardons.

Tyrell caught her confused expression on the video as Miriam looked from the two black men to her own husband.

"Ahh, Maurice, could we talk, please?"

They went into the kitchen out of earshot of the two black visitors.

"Maurice, they are, uhhhh, Negro."

"Miriam, I thought that you got extra excited when you talked about having sex with black men. Besides, I won't let them hurt you. You'll do this for me, won't you, Honey?"

Maurice saw the glimmer of fear in his wife's pretty blue eyes turn into anticipation as she nodded yes.

"Guys," Maurice called out. "Would you like some beer or wine?"

"We'll both take beer," Marcus chimed out.

Miriam came back into the den with another glass of white wine while her husband had beers for their black guests.

Marcus sat in the easy chair while Miriam timidly sat on the sofa. Marcus sat down next to the lovely blonde wife while Tyrell manned the video camera.

The music was turned on to a slow jazz CD and Marcus moved in closer to the pretty wife. He really couldn't believe that the naive white couple had gone through with this. Marcus knew that cell phones didn't work in this remote part of Alabama and Tyrell had cut the telephone line. He had also quickly disabled Maurice's car. This pretty young wife was going to pay with her body for all of the years of racial injustice and cruelty that had been imposed upon the slaves from Africa.

Miriam jumped when she felt the hand on her firm thigh. She didn't know what to expect but this was happening rather quickly. A black man had his hand on her bare upper thigh while her husband was taking photos of her with his digital camera and another black man was doing a video. It felt like she was doing one of those interracial porno videos like the ones that her husband had shown her. It kind of excited her.

The Negro put his arm around the timid blonde wife and pulled her closer. His hand went up under her short skirt as her hand tried in vain to stop him.

"Hey, Maurice," Marcus called out. "You know your little wife is wet for me already?"

The Negro held up his hand and showed everyone the feminine juices running down his middle finger. He put his fingers between his thick lips and smacked loudly.

"Damn, this little honey tastes good too! She tastes like chicken, that is, finger-lickin'-good chicken." Miriam blushed.

Marcus leaned over and kissed Miriam full on the lips. His tongue explored the deepest recesses of her sweet mouth. She could faintly taste her own pussy juices lingering on his probing tongue.

Miriam's heart skipped a beat as his fingers found her excited clitoris as his other hand massaged her firm breast. He cruelly pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger causing Miriam to yelp in pain. With her mouth open, his tongue plunged in deeper.

"Okay, Honey. Let's show Daddy what you've got."

Marcus stood up and indicated for Miriam to do the same.

"Take off your top. I wanna see those tits."

Miriam turned to demurely remove her top but Marcus put a strong black hand on her shoulder turning her back around towards him.

"I wanna watch you do a striptease."

The pretty blonde wife reluctantly picked up the beat to the music and seductively pulled the top over her head releasing her beautiful twin orbs.

"Man, oh man," he said. "Some little black boys are gonna wanna suck on those two little beauties but I wanna suck on them now."

Marcus moved in closer towards Miriam and took her breasts in his strong black hands. Miriam looked down and saw the taboo contrast of black skin against white skin. The black IT man suckled on her firm tits.

"Man, these boobs are perfect. Anything more than a mouth full is wasted," he said as his teeth greedily nibbled on her erect nipples. Miriam moaned at his expert ministrations.

Marcus turned Miriam so that she was facing the videocamera and moved behind her. She could feel his huge erection brushing against her buttocks. One of his hands came around and caressed one of her bare breasts while the other hand was on her firm tummy. His fingers slipped into the top of her skirt and into her panties. The black hand worked its way through her silky pussy hair before finding her blood-engorged clitoris. Miriam leaned her head back against her black lover's broad shoulders and moaned with her excitement. Marcus whispered in her ear all the things that he was going to do to her.

"Ohhh, Honey. I'm gonna make love to you like you've never been made love to before. Baby, your husband will never be able to satisfy you like I can. I'm gonna fill you so full and take care of your every need. I'm gonna make you wish that you were born black, Honey, but we're gonna make up for lost time. Just you and me, Baby. I'll make good luvin' to you every night. Honey, once you've gone black, you'll never go back."

His black fingers parted the puffy folds of her pussy and worked them in and out of her excitement-slickened vagina. Miriam moaned her pleasure. She turned her head and searched for the black man's lips. Miriam found his willing lips and the two kissed, tenderly at first then greedily with a hunger that needed to be filled.

Miriam had never felt this way before. The spark and the excitement of making love were missing with her own husband. In the arms of her new black lover, this wasn't making love but was pure, raw, unadulterated primal sex. This was going to be what she had heard called, 'Jungle Sex.' The sorority sister in college who had the black boyfriend had confided in Miriam about the great Jungle Sex she had with her boyfriend. It was nothing like she ever had before. Since then, Miriam had always wanted to experience sex with a black guy but was too concerned about being found out that she was just another white whore for big black cock. She had dreamt of something like this happening but was too shy to mention it to her own husband. She couldn't believe that he was the one that suggested and set this whole thing up for her. Now was the time for her to get her fill of black cock and she was going to cherish every moment of it.

Miriam's hand came up behind her black lover's head as they kissed as she felt the kinky hair on his head. His hand left her breast and found the underarm of her raised arm. Marcus felt the freshly shaved smooth skin and massaged it with her fingers. He took in the perfume on her neck as he nibbled on her ear. Miriam's lovely blonde head lulled to one side as if offering her smooth neck to her black lover. Marcus nipped at her white neck with his teeth. Love marks would show on her tender neck but he didn't care. This bitch was his to do what he wanted.

Marcus turned the lovely blonde wife around and pushed her towards the floor.

"I want you to worship your new black god," he commanded.

Miriam didn't understand at first but she caught on quickly.

Both Maurice and Tyrell moved around to get into a better position to photo and video what was about to happen. Maurice was glad that he bought extra memory cards for his digital camera and extra rechargeable batteries that were fully charged. He certainly didn't want to be out of memory or batteries at a crucial time like this. Tyrell bided his time and waited patiently while he videoed his friend taking the attractive white wife. He wanted to make sure that she was well broken in by Marcus before fucking the shit outta the beautiful blonde bitch. His own impossibly thick black cock was twitching in his pants but he knew to wait. Marcus hadn't let him down before and he would get the leftovers in a little bit. It was like a dog getting tasty scraps at the dinner table but he liked it that way. Tyrell was the one who cut the telephone line and disabled the white couple's car. Cell phones didn't work way out here in the boonies so there was no way for them to call for help. He was going to turn this good-looking white bitch every which way but loose. Maurice and Miriam were at the mercy of Tyrell and he never gave nobody no mercy, especially honkies! The brutal black ex-convict was gonna turn her pretty blonde pussy inside out.

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