The Maiden Voyage Of The Erotic Club

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Exhibitionism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Visiting their new friends, Kevin and Kelly'"Molly and Antonio embark on an intimate erotic maiden voyage. Once the two couples start, and each person approaches the other's willing mate, all of their five senses come into play. Before long, the sensuous sounds of four people experiencing slow, excruciatingly delicious sex completes this sensuous experience.

"Daddy, I know a joke," Cecilia said, injecting her tiny little voice into the conversation taking place between Molly and Antonio.

"Oh, yeah, I'll bet you can't tell me," her father teased, baiting her.

"Yes I can," Cecilia stoutly insisted, in a determined little voice.

"Daddy and I want to hear your joke," Molly said, trying to sooth troubled waters. "Will you tell us?" she asked.

She was rewarded by the look of pure happiness on their daughter's eager little face.

"Okay." Cecilia said. "Why does six hate seven?"

"I don't know... , do you know?" Antonio asked her, playing along.

"Because Seven Eight Nine," the little girl said, giggling with delight.

Both Antonio and Molly laughed. "That was really funny, Sweetheart," Antonio said, beaming with pride.

"Did you like it, Mommy?" the little girl asked, looking up at her mother.

"Oh, very much... !" Molly laughed.

"Okay, young lady, we better get your things together. It's almost time for Mrs. Steward to pick you up for school."

A moment later, the doorbell rang. Within moments, the pride of their life was out the door and on her way to school.

As the door closed behind Mrs. Steward and Cecilia, the two of them turned and smiled at each other.

"I still can't believe that you and I could have such a beautiful child," Antonio said.

"With a love as beautiful as ours, how could we not have a beautiful child," Molly said, her love for her husband apparent in her soft voice.

Friday was finally here! This was the day Antonio and Molly had agreed to get together with Kevin and Kelly Chung. Tonight, their own secret little Erotic Club would take its maiden voyage...

"Do you have any doubts about tonight?" Antonio asked, his warm fingers caressing Molly's delicate little face.

"None whatsoever," Molly replied, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

For both Antonio and Molly this would be a day filled with anticipation.

An hour later Molly was in front of her English class waiting for her students to complete a test she had just given them. As she waited, she found herself fantasizing about the things the four of them might do at their little sexual outing that evening.

Molly could feel her cotton panties becoming moist just from thinking about what it was going to be like being intimate with the other couple.

She and her friend, Kelly Chung had discussed it at great length over the phone. Molly knew that Kelly, just as much as she, was definitely looking forward to the two couples first meeting. Both she and Kelly were delightfully aware, their two husbands could hardly wait.

I'm so wet, she thought, oh well, my panties will dry on me after a bit.

"Okay, class... ! Time's up! Pass your tests forward." she said, glad to get her mind off the coming evening's activities.

Busy in one of the major Recording Studios, Antonio found himself becoming distracted right in the middle of recording a Bossa Nova solo number.

Just the thought that he would be enjoying the sexual charms of little Kelly Chung later that evening almost made him screw up his guitar solo. He had held on and finished it much to his relief.

Contractors don't like it when a Musician screws up... especially when they are paying a full orchestra, he thought.

That Evening at the Chung's - The voyage begins...

With Cecilia spending the night at Mrs. Steward's, Antonio and Molly made their way over to the Chung's beautiful home arriving at eight o'clock.

Ringing the doorbell, they waited. Within moments, a smiling Kevin and Kelly met them at the door.

"Welcome!," Kevin said, shaking both their hands—holding Molly's warm little fingers perhaps a bit longer than was necessary.

Looking into his almond eyes, Molly could see the interest she had instantly ignited. She felt a sharp tightening in her tummy at the thought of what was to come. This guy's really up for it, she thought. Probably in more ways than one, she thought giddily.

Just looking at Kelly Chung standing there smiling back at them, Antonio felt a slight surge of arousal already starting.

Kelly had on a light filmy summer dress with no sleeves, which complimented her already shapely little figure. Her long shiny black hair hung down sexily past her bare shoulders, reaching its full length at her perky little breasts. She's a vision, Antonio breathed to himself.

Musician are usually free spirited and outgoing. Antonio was no exception.

"Is it true you're the no panty girl?" Antonio teased, trying to break the ice.

Kelly gave him a very sultry feminine look. Then with a sly little glance, she giggled. "Somebody told," she laughed, looking directly at her friend Molly.

"Why... , do you want to check me out?" Kelly asked him, a sassy little smile on her face.

"I'd like to, but I don't have a napkin to drop," Antonio teased.

Kevin was enthralled. Thrilled that Antonio had broken the erotic ice. Now, he wouldn't have to do it.

When Kelly had come home and told him about her and Molly's sensual little erotic afternoon rendezvous in the cabana he was sure they had found the perfect couple.

"Better order two of those napkins," he joked, "I'll need one to drop somewhere near Molly," he laughed.

"You'll be disappointed," Molly giggled, "'because I'm definitely wearing my panties."

"I'll let you guess what color I'm wearing if you want," she laughingly volunteered, loving that Kevin was definitely eager to enter into the foursome's little erotic dance. She sensed with delight that he was definitely attracted to her.

Not as much as he's going to be soon, she vowed with a mysterious little smile. She could feel her labia lips beginning to tingle in a delicious way.

"So... if I can guess the color of your panties, do I win a prize?" Kevin joked.

Molly blushed. "Hhhmmm!" she laughed, her delicate face turning slightly red, "I'll have to think about that."

"Darling, don't embarrass Molly," Kelly scolded her husband good-naturedly.

Antonio said with a laugh, "Hey! We're all adults here. We're not supposed to get embarrassed. "

Everyone laughed.

"Why don't we go into the living room? It's nice and big and we would probably be more comfortable," Kevin suggested.

As they made their way to the living room, the four of them sensed they were now primed to jump right into Erotica's River and swim in the sensual current of its sexual delights.

A Living Room Treat

Entering the spacious living room Molly noticed there were several sofas and chairs placed about the room.

"Why don't we sit over here," Kevin suggested, pointing to two beautiful lavish sofas that faced each other and were quite close together.

"Sweetheart, why don't you and Molly sit on this one, he said, "and Antonio and I will sit here," he said, indicating the other sofa that faced the one the girls were to sit on.

Seating herself on the sofa next to the Chinese wife, Molly never looked more beautiful. Dressed in a light green orange abstract floral print dress—cut with a deep V front that was held up by twisted shoulder straps—she was simply ravishing.

Her dress slightly above her perfectly shaped little knees did not fail to gain the attention of the Chinese husband who was drinking in her sensual sexy look like a man dying of thirst.

Kelly was equally stunning! Dressed in a light green and blue abstract "Paris" print, her dress was slightly above her beautiful brown knees. The scoop neckline covered with beaded blue and white beads was open—the dress had a tie waist that further accented her beautiful figure. Antonio could hardly keep his hungry eyes off her.

"Okay," Kelly laughed, "We're ready, but just don't expect us to entertain you guys with any of the usual funny stuff tonight in these dresses."

"But everything else on the menu is available?" Antonio said, directing his facetious remark in Kelly's direction.

"Sure," she replied, giggling slightly embarrassed. "Okay, Molly?"

"Yes," I guess so," Molly replied, a trace of shyness creeping into her voice.

As the four of them began their sexual dance, the two sexy females became the center of attention. Molly and Kelly were like two glass of fine wine—about to be savored slowly.

The Maiden Voyage begins...

"Are we ready to start?" Kelly asked, laughing brightly as she glanced in her husband's direction.

Kevin, catching his wife's eyes, eagerly nodded in silent agreement.

"Is everyone ready?" Kelly asked, with a little nervous laugh.

"We're ready—when you two are," Antonio replied.

"Where are we going to do it?" Molly asked, now feeling a bit of sexual anxiety now that the moment was almost here.

"For our very first time, why don't we all do it together on our big king-size bed," Kelly suggested.

"That sounds like fun. We could each enjoy watching our wife doing it with someone different," Antonio said, directing his comment in Kevin Chung's direction.

"Sure!" Kevin said, "That sounds really hot! That way we could double our pleasure and double our fun," he said, laughing at his own joke.

Then with visible embarrassment, Kelly said, "Remember, how we said we wouldn't swap until later this evening?" she asked the white couple.

"Well," she suggested, "Kevin and I were thinking that swapping right away would be much more exciting.

"This way we could take our time and really enjoy each other's mate. You guys would get to enjoy having intercourse with someone different. Molly and I would get to enjoy someone new also.

Then when we're all satisfied, and everyone is relaxed maybe, we could talk about ways to attract other like-minded couples to join our little erotic club, "Kelly suggested.

"That sounds exciting!" Antonio said. "Let's just pick couples where the wives are good looking."

Everyone laughingly agreed.

Kevin was watching the Quinton couple hopefully. He was relieved when both Antonio and Molly seem willing to go along with Kelly's erotic suggestion.

"First Molly and I have a little treat for each of you before we go into the bedroom," Kelly said, with an impish little grin.

"To give you a little taste of what is to come—the two of you should sit right where you are—and just watch."

With that, Kelly and Molly glanced at each other, smiled mischievously; then the two naughty wives gradually raised their knees allowing their dresses to slide seductively up their luscious white and brown thighs.

Then glancing mischievously at each other once more, they spread their beautiful thighs wide. With their thighs parted, their panties suddenly came into view.

Both Kevin and Antonio caught their collective breaths sharply as they drank in the erotically stimulating picture of their two wives in front of them—their panties on full display in plain view.

A few moments later, the four eager people entered the Chung's Master Bedroom.

The two husbands looked on hungrily as they watched the two females get undressed. The two wives gave them a little strip show, enjoying their husband's sexual discomfort as they slowly, seductively, stripped their bras and panties off.

Molly felt her stomach tighten slightly. She realized she was becoming aroused as she watched Kevin and her husband also starting to undress out of their T-shirts and Briefs.

A moment later, Molly stifled a gasp, when she sneaked a furtive peek at the Chinese husband, Kevin who was now completely naked.

Molly could see that Kevin Chung's swelling cock was huge. His cock is built thicker and longer than Antonio's, she thought.

Molly watched fascinated, and not a little apprehensive as Kevin Chung's thick penis continued to swell, finally becoming hard rock. His unruly member was now fully engorged from his excitement. The way it swung back and forth like a pendulum mesmerized Molly.

Molly remembered how she had fantasized about doing it with Kevin Chung all week. Now, it was about to happen!

Molly, her breath quickening from her arousal, felt her labia majora lips tingling and swelling in anticipation. She realized that within minutes, she would have Kevin's huge Chinese cock plunging up inside her.

Molly wondered what it would feel like to have the thick angry head of his large penis inside her. After all, she thought, I have never done it with a Chinese guy before.

A few moments later the two wives now undressed crawled up on the huge bed. Molly's soft rounded body and Kelly's brown sexy body lay on their backs, side by side, both fully naked.

Both wives bent their knees and raised their sexy thighs letting them fall open—enticing their two husbands.

Each wife was very well endowed—at this stage—their pussy lips swollen from their arousal.

Climbing on the king-sized bed, the two naked husbands knelt between the other wife's luscious thighs. The smell of the other wife's feminine essence wafted up into their nostrils exciting them further.

Each husband's enjoyment was heightened as he watched his own wife laying on her back, her sexy thighs gaping open, preparing herself to be taken by the other woman's husband.

Watching this forbidden ritual and taboo act caused their engorged cocks to swell to the bursting. Both men's quivering, throbbing cocks were at full ready.

Then four hungry people begin the forbidden act of having intercourse with someone other than their mates.

Antonio couldn't resist watching at least the first few moments of his wife, Molly being taken. Her first seduction by another man...

He watched as the angry head of the Chinese man's penis touch the soft fully swollen labia Lips of Molly's pussy. He heard his wife give a little intimate sexual shudder. Her low audible hungry moan of acceptance followed.

Slowly, sensuously, the Chinese husband began to move his thickening engorged cock up and down through Molly's pussy trough. Her brown hair covered pussy folds became swollen from her arousal. He's wetting his cock with her juices, Antonio realized.

Molly continued to make little intimate sighs then gave a barely audible soft moan, "aahh" as she felt the hot head of his penis, warm and hard, against her stiff little clitoris.

A moment later his warm stiff cock was moving up and down through the translucent juice covered folds of her swollen vagina.

Ohhh!, I am so ready to be fucked, she thought. The erotic feeling like a thick sexual haze seemed to sharpen her female senses. Molly knew only too well, what was about to happen to her.

Antonio glanced again, just in time to see the angry head of Kevin's penis starting to disappear. The quivering head of Kevin's cock was now just inside Molly's expanded brown hairy pussy crack.

The sexually tormented mother of his daughter uttered a passionate little moan of pleasure. Antonio watched mesmerized—a moment later the Chinese husband's huge penis disappeared, plunged deep inside his wife's swollen brown haired pussy.

"AAAaaa!" Molly moaned sensuously.

The huge Chinese cock now began plunging to the hilt, inside his aroused little wife, Molly's hot guts.

He watched the Chinese husband, aroused to a fever pitch; seize his wife, Molly's slender breathtakingly beautiful luscious thighs. He spread them apart—pushing them back against her swollen titties.

Antonio caught a brief glance of Molly's honey brown haired pussy, stretched apart, with the Chinese man's huge thick cock buried in her up to the hilt.

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