That Touch of Magic

by golden girl

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, .

Desc: Sex Story: I booked a massage and got so much more

"Good morning madam" the receptionist looked to be about eighteen or nineteen, a beautiful girl who was immaculately turned out in a short white smock coat which displayed a generous cleavage as she bent to check my name on her register.

"Ah yes" she smiled, "If you'd care to take a seat, I'll call for a girl now"

I sat and leafed through one of the mildly pornographic magazines I found on a low coffee table until another girl came through and announced that she was Sonia.

"Call me Kathleen" I smiled at her and rose to follow her through into an adjoining room where she asked me to undress.

"Completely?" I asked and she smiled again,

"I'm going to bathe you first Kathleen" she said softly, "So I think that naked would be best"

There was no cubicle so I undressed where I was and felt strangely sensuous as I stepped out of my panties.

"You have a very nice body Kathleen" she said as I took off my stockings and laid them over a chair,

"For my age?" I finished for her, but she shook her head vehemently,

"For any age, it looks firm and well toned, you certainly don't need a bra"

"I seldom wear one" I smiled, "I prefer a corset, I think they're more sensual"

"Yes, I agree"

She beckoned me over to the pool and suggested that I slip in, I did so and sat with my back against the edge as she rolled her sleeves up and began washing my back with a huge, soft sponge, the water was warm and perfumed and Sonia's gentle touch was relaxing me more than I would have thought possible.

"Turn round please" she said and I thought her voice sounded rather husky,

Putting the sponge down she soaped both hands before gently caressing my breasts and paying special attention to my nipples,

"I'm sorry" I croaked and nodded to where the dark pink buds were hard under her touch,

"Don't be" she smiled, "They're beautiful and a lot of ladies find our touch very erotic, even those to whom being touched intimately by another woman is a new experience"

Rinsing her hands, she helped me out and led me over to a large upright barber's chair where she proceeded to shampoo my hair, she used a conditioner and a mousse which thickened it and made it glossy encouraging it's natural sheen.

"Hop onto the couch please Kathleen" she said with a smile, "Would you like a tea or a coffee?"

"Coffee please, one sugar" and I watched her as she walked to the door,

I thought that the girl's uniforms were deliberately chosen to enhance the already overtly sexual atmosphere, because I knew she was wearing stockings and I also knew that her panties weren't very big,

Reaching over to where my own panties lay, I picked them up and held them to my face, the aroma of my own pussy inflamed my senses and I was unable to stop myself from stroking the moisture between my labia,

"Here we are" Sonia said and I started guiltily as I realised she'd returned silently,

"Oh I'm sorry" I said and felt myself blushing under her gaze, but she handed me my coffee and smiled as she took the panties from me,

"Don't be" she said softly, "It's nice to find a lady who is aware of her own sexuality"

Keeping her eyes on mine, she held them up to her own face and inhaled,

"Mmm, nice" she laughed, "I don't blame you for enjoying them, you have a beautiful pussy odour"

She walked round in front of me and knelt down before reaching for a tray of different creams and lotions,

"What are you doing now?" I asked in trepidation,

"I'm going to trim your pubic hair"


"It's ok, I'll use a depilatory cream and I'll leave you a landing strip"

"A what?"

She giggled at my ignorance and said that she could remove it all, or leave a narrow strip of hair.

"So your boyfriend knows where it is" she laughed again.

"I've been celibate for a year now Sonia" I said softly, "And my last lover knew exactly where it was, unfortunately she chose another pussy instead"

"Then she was a fool Kathleen" she smiled, "Now please open your legs for me"

I did as she asked and hooked my ankles into a pair of supports, I was wide open to the gaze of this beautiful young girl whose face was only inches from my most intimate place.

"This is where I have to ask if you would like another beautician to join us for the sake of propriety"

"No thank you" I said, "I feel very comfortable with you"

"Good" she smiled, "I already locked the door, would you mind if I got a bit more comfortable too?"

"I think I'd like that" I smiled back and wondered if she could see how wet she was making me.

Her skimpy white bra was straining to hold her large breasts and her areole was peeking out from both cups, as I'd already guessed, she wore white stockings and her panties only just covered her pussy.

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