The Ebony Piston

by Paige Turner

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ever want to bang a porn star? She'd lusted after him from the time she blackmailed her brother into letting her watch his porn tapes when she was a kid. Now she's all grown up, but there is still a lot of kid left in her. Racial stereotype warning! Woman's point of view.

Don is one of my favorite co-workers. A light skinned African American, he's not a 'token' anything, but is rapidly rising in our organization and it's generally recognized that he stands a very good chance of becoming the head of our department when Larry retires. There are several white men that might have a shot at the job, but Don hasn't made the enemies they have, plus his talent is so obvious, he works well with other people and he isn't a screamer, slave driver or credit taker like the other three candidates for Larry's job.

I've been on pitch trips with Don and I have a great respect for the guy. He's always unflappable, which is a very good thing to have in our business. He has a feel for the clients needs, wants, and desires for what they want to have happen with their products.

He also knows when to take a pass at projects, sensing when there is no way that the client will ever be happy with anything we do. While this turning down projects talent isn't usually something our company encourages, his past recommendations about projects we should have turned down but didn't and lived to regret makes his recommendations as to what clients we should take on highly regarded. After all, if we have unhappy clients, they don't give us good word of mouth, so it's better to take passes on some projects than to have to try and live up to impossible demands or expectations. Those problem projects eat up time, money and burn out people, and Don's ability to spot them makes him a candidate not only for head of department, but possibly the CEO's job when he retires in five years.

Don isn't just a great guy to work for, he's also a great looking guy. Think young Harry Belefonte, a coffee skinned guy not quite as handsome as young Harry, but he had a smile or a grin for everyone, or the deferential friendly nod, he could pick up on how to treat someone in nanoseconds of meeting them, I'd seen him do that on trips and wondered how he did it. I actually asked him about it one night in a 'let's get bombed and forget this day ever existed' hazy stupor. He thought about it for a while and said his uncle, who had raised him, always treated people like that and it was just how he grew up. You treated people with respect, and that the world was filled with a lot of interesting people and most of the time, they would be nice to know, if they felt comfortable with you. So he just tried to make them feel as comfortable as they could. He said he called it his politician's trick, as his uncle had been involved in politics and ran his own business. "People's people." He said summed it up.

My parents saw Harry Belefonte in his prime. The raw talent that came out in the second act, well, that wasn't Don's style. He built a few task teams and nobody ever said a bad word about how he ran projects. Yeah, bitching and moaning about the hours, but basically he took care of his people and backed them and defended them and got them what they needed.

I was a late thirties woman who had been fast tracked into budgets and project programs objectives. I had been through two marriages, couldn't have kids, was pulling down a low six figure income, didn't have time for a social life, and my last three sexual experiences had been one night stands with amiable strangers that I had meet in bars and the one before that was a purchasing agent at one of our clients so that was a road trip fuck, too. Lately I was wondering why I was doing this anymore? I was living in a condo and had more stuff packed away in storage than I lived with and most of my orgasms were battery powered.

Don and I were in Los Angeles and he'd mentioned that he was looking forward to seeing his uncle before we left. There was a lot of down time on this trip as a last minute emergency had taken two of the three key people needed to okay this thing were going to be gone for a week and the 'get to know the players on the field' part was going to be a bit awkward; nobody knowing if we were going to get the contact or not. But everything had changed while we were in the air there, and with the hotel reservations, etc, why not take the time and go see his uncle, instead of sitting around stewing?

I asked if I could come along and meet him. Don's stories had made him seem like he would be an interesting guy.

He looked at me and kind of frowned. "Well, that would certainly be interesting." He took a sip of his drink and laughed. "He's of the 'woman is only good for two things', sexist pig generation. I don't know if you'd like him."

Then he gave me this odd look. Kind of embarrassed, but I could understand that.

"Hey, Kimosabe, I have a few assholes in my own family I wouldn't introduce any of my real friends to. That's cool. It's L.A. out there and I am sure I can shop therapy my way through Rodeo Drive on my way to recovery."

"Well, despite having sometimes obvious motives about what he's looking for in a woman, I should also say that he can be an absolutely charming bastard and it could make it a bit odd if you and he were to get together." He worked a piece of meat out of his molar with his tongue and I looked at him. He finally got it out as I waited, curious about how I had made an assumption about this guy I'd never meet.

"Anyway, it could get awkward."

"Oh, come on now, Don. If he's your uncle, I'm sure that he would take no for an answer. Besides, he's how old?"

"Mid forties. He was the youngest in his family, my father was the oldest."

"Hmm..." I said.

"Yes, well, there is also something else you should know before you get your motor humming." He sighed. "Well, before he went legit, the business my uncle was in was what we'd call 'adult entertainment' these days."

"Really? Are you trying to tell me your dear old uncle did skin flicks?" I paused. "And this is supposed to discourage me how?"

"He was a producer. Although he did a few when he was just starting out."

"Anyone I might have heard of?" I asked curiously.

"Ever hear of the Ebony Piston?"


"Jesus, keep it down!"

"Sorry." I said as I rubbed my wrist.

"You heard of my uncle?" He asked me, plainly startled by my reaction.

"Ned, my older brother had a stash of porn I blackmailed him into letting me watch. He had two of his films."

"I would have never have guessed in a million years you were a fan of skin flicks."

"Sheesh. I must have played those flicks over and over again. That scene where he fucked all six of those women." I shivered. "Man, I think I just now came just thinking about those flicks!"

"Man, I'm kind of astonished. You're the first woman that I think's ever admitted she watched porn before in her life."

"Well, now that we're got over your being worried about your nasty old sexist uncle offending my lady like sensibilities, you think he'd get the wrong idea if I showed up wearing just a garter belt and carrying a big 'fuck me' sign?" He cracked up. "Seriously, if you don't mind my saying so, he's got one obviously racial stereotyped characteristic that I want to check out for myself." He gave me a kind of astonished look. "After all, it's got to be one of the seven wonders of the world, as far as I'm concerned. You think, being as I'm a friend of yours and all, and a big big fan of his, that he'd show me his if I asked nicely?"

Plainly Don was kind of thrown off a bit by my ribald curiosity but getting over it fast. "I think that when Ray's got the Piston up, he's not interested in being a tourist attraction, but more into getting down to business, you know?"


"You're serious about this, aren't you?" He said in mild amazement.

"Bet your ass I am. You think he would do me?"

"He's a man and you got a pulse, so yeah, I guess you might get lucky." Don said dryly. "You sure you can handle something like that?"

"Don, you've been nothing but a gent with me, but I have this thing for... shall we say 'gifted' men?" His eyes laughed at me while a slow grin grew on his face. "Let's just say your uncle kind of spoiled me for other guys. Watching those tapes of my brother's, well, what can I say? I imprinted Big is Better way back when I was an impressionable young virgin. And I don't think that Jay ever forgave me for saying 'is that all of it?' the first time I ever saw a for-real cock." He winced in sympathy for that poor high school freshman date so long ago.

He shook his head.

"What?" I asked.

"You weigh what, hundred and ten? Tops?"

"Yeah. So I'm a 'wee bit of a thing', I haven't meet a cock didn't fit. You set this thing up for me, I'll owe you big time. Be a pal and keep me from maxing out my credit cards at the same time. Pretty please?"

He mock frowned at me, but I knew his heart wasn't in it.

"And what's in it for me, little girl?" He came back at me with the Irish accent I'd used on 'wee bit of a thing'.

"Oh, I've got more than one fantasy going here today." I picked up my coffee cup and smiled warmly at him. "Remember that two guy scene in 'Barbie Cued?"

"Deal." He said instantly.

Well, as far as the stereotypical 'lonely old corporate hag gets laid by a big black cock' goes, about all that was stereotypical about Ray was his voice. He had one of those deep base Afro American rumbles that just resonates through certain chicks (like me) and a gentleness about him that more than offset his two hundred and thirty pound body. In one of the movies he was in, he'd played a bouncer at a club, and he could have still pulled off that role today.

I really hadn't known what to expect, but I certainly didn't expect a yacht club, nor a hundred foot long boat. Okay, so the boat wasn't quite a hundred feet: I wasn't here to look at boats anyway.

Ray in the flesh was everything that I had dreamed of and more. His hands were so large that he only used three fingers when he gently shook my hand. He had a barbeque set up off the aft rail and we both had a cold Corona in our hands as soon as the introductions were made. I got the ten penny tour of the boat, and was told to call it a boat, and never a yacht. "Saying you have a boat is cool," Ray explained. "Saying you got a yacht is just pretentious, and way not cool with the boaty crowd." Then he laughed, a deep rumbling belly laugh at how ludicrous it all was, and I got how funny he thought that the whole thing was, somehow getting across how his living in a yacht in the middle of all those white people was just a source of constant amusement to him.

The outside deck was way too hot to sit out on in comfort so we went up to the enclosed bridge and sat on the bolted to the floor chairs up there and admired the view in air conditioned comfort.

"Don says you were a fan of my films." He said to me. "How on earth did you ever get into them?" I told him about black mailing my older brother into letting me watch them when I caught him one afternoon. When he went back to college that fall, he left me the collection.

I'd been in high school when I got into porn flicks, and he was the newest sensation on the market in those days. Even though his career was over quickly, during the few years he'd worked he made fourteen films. The Ebony Piston Jay Leno joke about during the Stanley Cup playoffs when the Detroit Pistons were in contention. I can still remember the snorky sound I'd made midway through a laugh about a subject I was supposed to know nothing about in front of my parents!.

Yeah, I had a lot of old memories cycling through my head. He wasn't that eighteen or nineteen year old hard body anymore, and guess what I was staring at when I accidentally deflowered myself one afternoon?

Now, he wasn't that much older than I am and I might not have guessed his age right if I had tried. Some black people just look like adults until they look like really old old people.

Oh yeah. Where was I?

"I've put all of that stuff behind me years ago."

"I'm not going to blow your cover." I said.

"Thanks." He gave me a wry grin. "The neighbors, you know?" he said in a plumy British accent.

I grinned.

"Not that Ray doesn't get plenty from the neighborhood ladies." Don said drolly.

"Well, there are some benefits to tokenism."

"Let's not forget racial stereotypes, too." Don said with a grin.

"What you said," Ray shot back. Then he smiled at me and said, "Yeah, I think you'll do."

"Do what?" I flirted back at him.

"Pretty much anything."

"You do, do you?"

"Uh huh." He said positively. "Like, if I was to say, why don't you take off that dress and come over here and give me a blow job, I'd bet you'd be —"

"Holy shit!" Don said as my knees hit the deck on either side of Ray's feet. I'd undone the buttons holding the straps up, but it hadn't quite made it to my ankles and was now down holding my calves together.

"Damn, woman!" He said as I fumbled his shorts open and grabbed a hold of the elastic of his jockeys.

"Up!" I said and he lifted his ass off the chair and I was sliding his shorts down and as soon as his knees could open, I had my head down there between them and half of his dick down my gullet.

"AH!" he said as I swallowed about half of what was left over, then swallowed again and wound up with my nose buried in his curly black hair.

This was the biggest dick I had ever deep throated in my life.

And it wasn't even hard yet.

But it was getting there as I sucked and swallowed.

I used to be on the diving team in high school and can still hold my breath for over two minutes. I couldn't hold onto what was down my throat for that long, because I thought I might get it stuck there and that would have been awkward at the funeral: "How did she die?"

"Holy Jesus," Ray said as I slowly slide off of his huge cock. As I backed up, I got my feet up under me and got to my feet, still slipping him out of my mouth and my sun dress slipped the rest of the way down to the floor. I mean deck. I must have not been paying attention to what else was going on, because there was a nudge between my legs and then a hard dick was easing itself into me as I backed into it, too. Kind of gave me an odd feeling, the dick sliding out of my mouth at the same rate the hard on behind me was slipping into my cunt. Like they were hooked together inside of me and were just one big, long cock going right through me.

Then Don spoke over my head. "Thought your two would hit it off, Ray."

When I was a girl jilling off to my brother's porno tapes, I used to think about playing the starring role in Barbie Cued. Now here I was, skewered at both ends and I started to come and then just passed out for a moment or two. I don't think that Don got more than three or four strokes before I blasted off!

It was one hell of a come.

I came to and Don was holding up my hips, his dick still nice and hard in my wet, wet pussy and Ray must have pulled my head off of his cock. I was kind of wobbly and if it wasn't for Don holding me up, I think I would have fallen. I managed to get my legs so they would hold me up again and Ray asked me if I was okay? I nodded as I gasped and he asked again if I was okay and I just pulled forward and kissed him to shut him up. Don shuffled forward and slid back deep inside me and I moaned as I felt Ray's fingers reach up and cup my breasts and my tongue plunged deep into his mouth and I moaned some more and Don pulled my hips a little and started to stroke in and out of me slowly. I put my hands down on Ray's hips and could feel his cock on my belly as Don's lap patted my ass and the head of the Ebony Piston seeped out a little precome and lubricated the head. My tits aren't bad, and having that slippery head sliding up and down my chest, wow! He pulled my nipples gently and I could feel the little jolt running right down to my cunt where Don't balls were playing patty cake with my clit. Ray pulled my nips and I moaned and he pulled them so that his dick had some cleavage wrapped around it and I creamed again.

I broke off the kiss so I could look down and see that huge cock head between my tits. Yeah, it's straining and bigger than a plum, but just as shiny. Then all of those prominent veins pulsing up the sides of that amazing shaft. I put one hand on Ray's shoulder and one wrapped around his dick and I couldn't close my hand all the way around it. I had a little come when I first grabbed a hold of it. My little white hand holding onto that huge black shaft, moving it around on my tits, working it over my nipples which were hard as could be. Each time I'd move the shaft over a nip, it would spring up and a little shot of electricity would travel straight down my stomach and ring the bell. I wasn't actually coming doing that, but it certainly was causing me a lot of quivering!

Don slipping in and out of my pussy was certainly adding a hell of a lot to this scene and Ray slipped his finger down my belly and in between us. I moved up a little bit and his hand made it's way slowly over my pubic mound and I pressed down on his hand and got my clit on one of his knuckles and groaned. He chuckled, that bass voice of his all warm and furry and I had another little come. Don groaned as my cunt clamped down on his dick and I could feel his fingers digging into my hips. I couldn't move back and forth on his cock, but I arched my back and could feel his dick stirring around in there, pushing up against my G spot and that caused me to keep coming.

"Like that, little girl?" Ray whispered to me in his sexy as hell voice. Little girl? I was in my late thirties, for Pete's sake! But I felt just like a little girl, my body arched up on Don's dick, that Ebony Piston up between my tits, I could feel his ball sack just above my pubic bush and oh yeah! did I ever like that! I moaned out loud and came again, gasping and hunching Don's knob inside of me all over my g spot and all I could do was nod my head and moan and groan.

I was panting and bent my head down and opened wide and got the head of the Piston into my mouth. Ever try to eat an apple all at once? That about describes what it was like trying to suck Ray. Don pulled me back a little with his hands and I positioned myself so that I could get a better angle on his uncle. But trying to suck the Piston while it was full up wasn't something that I could do very easily, as my jaw felt like it was about to dislocate!

I finally just pulled back off the top and started to suck on what I could. His dick had the largest pee hole of any that I had ever encountered, and I pushed my tongue into it a little, feeling the slippery fluids oozing out of it, lapping around the head and twisting my head so that I could get my tongue onto the bottom of it. I pushed my lips together and sucked him there, cat licking his sensitive spot with rapid little flicks and he sucked his breath in quickly as I did that. I had both hands clenched around his cock and pulled them up and down as I worked on him. Ray groaned and Don started slipping back and forth in me again and I really started to get into sucking and licking and flicking my tongue around that apple like head and pulling that amazing cock for all I was worth! I got into bobbing my head up over the top of his helmet and down on the bottom side of it and then up and over the top and shoving my tongue into that opening there as more slick fluids leaked out and down my tongue would plunge and flick up the bottom and back over the top and I kept going at it as fast as I could, my two hands wet from the juices and pulling the skin of his dick up and down as I did my thing.

Imagine trying to jack off the big end of a baseball bat!

I was being gently pounded up my twat by a guy who wasn't too shabby in the dick department either, and I'm totally going nuts on this larger than life piece of meat that I'd lusted over since the summer I was thirteen years old. But watching some spread apart porn actress take this thing up her cooze was one thing, having it in my hands was something else! Long, gigantic, veins popped out all up and down it! Hell, just feeling how bulged out those veins on his dick were was a turn on!

I don't think when I'm in lust the way I was that day. Ray had gotten his other hand down on the other side of my pussy and Don's cock had my lips spread open and my clit was throbbing and when Ray put a finger on either side of my clit sheath... Wow! It was like I was fucking into someone! My clit was slipping away under the hood and those big fingers were providing just the right stimulation and I hit a big one! I was lucky that when I had to scream I had my mouth over the top of his cock, as I am sure the neighbors would have wondered who was being murdered I had to yell so loud! But it just came out as a muffled sound as I had enough presence of whatever was left of my mind to push his cock head into my mouth. I gobbled and squirmed and bucked and came and came and came and came!! I could feel my cunt gush and I just let fly and I dimly heard Don groaning as his cock pulsed into my box right in the middle of my orgasm!

I stopped coming and got my mouth off of Ray's dick so I could gasp in air. His hands slipped out of me and around my ass as Don slipped out. I could feel my cunt drooling out juice and sperm and then I was being lifted up and that long shaft of hard meat that I had been worshiping left a long wet slid down my front and over my belly and then it was dragging through my pubic hair and then down over my clit.

"Wait," I gasped to Ray, and he paused for a moment. "I want to try something here."

"Whenever you feel ready." He murmured to me and his voice, oh man, it was like it just went into my ear and into my brain and leaned on the sex button! Right then, he could have read me the phone book and I think I would have gotten hot! Hot? Hotter. I was already as hot as I'd ever been in my life.

I had my legs spread wide and I'd been standing on the balls of my feet while Don had been plowing my furrow. Now I lifted on of them up and put it on Ray's leg and then followed suit with the other one. I felt like when I was a kid and would climb up on my dad's lap. Ray was twice as big as I was and it took me a little bit of shuffling around until I had him where I wanted him. I was kneeling up and moved me knees further into the chair he was sitting on and got that huge head exactly where I wanted it. My clit stuck out a mile, and I got his head lined up perfectly and slipped the little pearl up to this pee hole and then it slid a little into it and I let down the tiniest little bit and groaned. That big fat head pushed my lips and my clit slipped out of it's hood and into his piss hole and I just shook for a minute as I had another little mini orgasm.

"That turning you on, little girl?" Ray whispered in that voice that could have gotten me wet just listening to it. I nodded and he chuckled, an indulgent little 'hee hee hee' kind of chuckle. His arms were under my hands and he had muscles like no other guy I had ever been with. I slipped my upper body forward a little more and he wrapped his arms around me and I felt so safe and warm and he kissed the top of my head and whispered, "Whenever you're ready," and I nodded again and picked myself up a little and then hunched forward and that huge head moved down to where it was positioned just right and then I lowered my hips slowly and my plump lips opened a little and I pushed down a little more and they opened a little more and I kept pushing and then they slipped open further and further and then there was an awful lot of stretching going on and on and finally there was a lot of pressure and then my cunt opened up as wide as it could go and that apple slipped up inside of me and I just froze for a moment. Ray's big hand rubbed on my back and I had my head tucked into his neck and it was all glorious.

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