Eating is "Loads" of Fun!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Cuckold, FemaleDom, White Couple, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Gary is served his first cream pie by his wife and plans to eat anymore she has to offer him in the future.

Gary was sitting in his recliner watching the baseball game. His wife sat next to him on the sofa reading the newspaper.

The major difference that separated tonight from most other nights was just an hour before he had swallowed a pill to help him with his e.d... The blue diamond shaped pill he had ingested was beginning to work its magic.

His wife now stood before him reaching out her hand to him she helped him transfer from his chair to his wheelchair and led him into their bedroom.

Gary had a neuro muscular disease, fortunately for him with the aid of a pill all his equipment worked. She loved to watch his cock grow as his excitement and desire began to climb to their inevitable pinnacle.

She waved her hand towards the bed in a firm voice told him to lay down. "Darling she said what roles shall we play tonight? Would you like me to be your little girl? Would you like me to be your mistress? Answer me quickly."she said.

As he positioned himself to the middle of the bed he answered "I wish to serve you tonight."

Saying those words he stretched his hands out above his head knowing that was the signal to her to bind him to the wrought iron headboard with the handcuffs they possessed. She slipped the manacles over his wrists binding him tightly.

She enjoyed the feeling of control, but truth be told it was a position she was not entirely comfortable with. It was a method of lovemaking that she knew he especially enjoyed. She climbed over his chest spreading her legs she positioned her vagina inches from his face. Her arms stretched out taking an ankle in each hand. Her musky aroma was emanating inches from his face. The view his eyes beheld caused his already turgid cock to harden and lengthen beyond its 8 inch glory.

Mallory his wife had already decided she was going to do everything within her power to prolong the sexual session they were about to enjoy.

With that in mind she rolled off the top of him and went to the nightstand next to the bed,

she slid open the drawer and removed first a 7 inch penis shaped lifelike vibrating dildo. This toy she would use to assault him anally.

For her pleasure she gathered her favorite, which was a finger width with a curled tip G. Spot vibrator.

The final item was a tube of lubricant that she knew because of its warming properties would greatly enhance the session they were about to embark on.

"I really want to make this as special and as exciting for you as I possibly can." Mallory told him. "What I want you to believe is that the most important thing tonight is going to be your pleasure."

How had it started?, the truth was a decade ago Gary's alarm clock had started its weekday 4 a.m. peeping, to awaken him for work. He had reached up and flipped the switch silencing it as quickly as possible so as not to wake his sleeping wife. He rolled off of the bed and headed to the bathroom. His dick was rock hard with it's typical morning piss hard on. Upon standing on the floor his head had begun to spin, he hadn't paid it much attention (the spinning head) he padded to the bathroom. He threw the light switch and approached the toilet. He tried to bend and point his cock towards the water in the bowl, he was too hard when he realized the futility of it (bending and pointing) his mind was made up to do what any solo man would do with a boner.

He began to slide his hand up and down its length. He gazed at his reflection in the mirror, here he was six foot three or four around 200 pounds, shoulder length straight brown hair that he wore in a mullet.

Not too shabby for a 36-year-old guy, the father of one from the first marriage, twice divorced newly married for the third time to a woman he had met online.

Third time lucky he'd heard, he truly believed he had finally found the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Mallory had left her family and the only place she had ever lived to be with him. He had invited her to visit him and to join him at a music festival.

They had managed prior to that meeting to talk countless times on the telephone, she was living in Texas he was living in Tennessee. When they finally met in person at gate c-24 in the airport in Nashville, Tennessee both of them were extremely nervous.

He wore a polo shirt with wide colored stripes so she would be able to identify him quickly. She was wearing jeans and a brown button-down shirt.

"Gary?" She asked.

"Mallory? He replied, taking her hands in his he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her mouth, welcome welcome to Tennessee."

Taking her hand they turned and quickly made their way to the baggage pickup. Gary allowed her to walk past, half a step in front of him so he could watch her ass shake.

She glanced backwards out of the corner of her eye she caught him checking her out. It was at that point that her shake became more pronounced, she was working her ass knowing that it was exciting him. When they arrived at the baggage carousel her suitcases were quickly gathered. When she bent to pick up the second case she made a great show, allowing her shirt to open exposing her enormous tits to him.

Standing in front of God and everyone he hesitated, after seeing her beautiful breasts for that brief moment his dick began to harden. In order to hide it he took the suitcase from her hand and told her "come on and follow me."

Now he was leading the way and they made their way quickly through the airport to the parking garage to his car. When they got there he popped the trunk threw in the bags, he closed the lid and led her around the passengers door.

He bent down and unlocked the door, next he took her hands in his and leaned downwards and began to kiss her. Their lips met at first gently touching, and then their tongues were joined together in her mouth, when the passion erupted he lowered his hands and began to caress her cheeks. Pulling her tightly to him forcing her to squish her breasts into his chest, with the excitement she felt a new danger coursed through her veins. She lowered her hand to the outside of his pants and began to caress his aching member.

"Can we skip dinner tonight? She asked I want to go back to your apartment and FUCK your brains out!"

When the final word was spoken to him he gazed into her eyes and with one more gentle touch on his cock by her he began to shoot his load in his pants. "Oh my lord what are you doing to me?" He asked.

"Something I know I want and I could tell something you wanted too." She said.

As he was remembering this scene he began to stroke faster feeling his orgasm quickly approaching. His come filled balls began to eject his sperm and rope after rope of his load launched from his cock head. He closed his eyes feeling each explosion, he knew there was going to be a mess to clean up on the toilet seat afterwards, as that thought crossed his mind his legs collapsed and he fell to the floor. He landed on his back his cock pointing straight up, the final two ejaculations landing on his belly.

He heard her jump out of bed and join him in the bathroom, seeing him laying on the floor covered with his semen all she could manage to say was "Gary Honey oh my God are you okay? What happened?".

He wasn't even remotely sure, yes he had just awakened and yes he had just come but never in his life had he ever collapsed that way so he knew something wasn't right.

On that day 10 years ago after his collapse he went to the emergency room, had a CAT scan than an MRI ultimately he was diagnosed with MS.

The couple was faced with his MS just two short weeks after their initial meeting with his diagnosis. Gary thanked his heavenly father because of the woman he had placed in his life. During the past 10 years the disease had taken its toll on him physically. He could no longer walk he could no longer work, still Mallory his wife had stayed by his side honoring with the sickness and health part of their marriage vows she had honored completely.

These thoughts and memories filled his mind as he lay on the bed, their lovemaking was still invigorating. During the last three or four years they had had to adapt with her taking a more active role.

The last thing she did before she returned to the bed was to turn on both bedside lights, knowing he especially enjoyed watching his erection get swallowed by her dripping vagina when she mounted him and made love to him.

Mallory returned to his side on the bed, she was now facing him she leaned over him and told him, "husband, she said I need some special attention tonight. I hope you're up to it because I'm going to want you to eat me, after you've filled me. That's called a creampie you know. I know you have said you have wanted to try that but have always managed to chicken out, tonight that is not going to be an option."

After she had said that she leaned over him and began to rub her hands up and down his chest between his nipples and his cock. When her hands got close enough to his cock she grabbed a hold of it and began to stroke him. With both of her hands she was fucking his member.

In a few short minutes he was already getting close to his explosions. When she sensed that she released him and turned to face him bringing her hands to his nipples, with her fingers she began to flick and tease them heightining his arousal.

Then she stopped, she stepped off the bed knowing he was close. She turned towards him and hefted her breasts and began to pinch and fondle her own nipples. "I know you like to watch me do this don't you?" Before he could answer her she lowered her fingers to her clitoris and began to stroke that as well.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back she was almost as close as he was and just as she was about to come she stopped. "Oh no not yet, she told him, and when that happens (her orgasms) my pussy is going to be covering your face."

"Tell me husband what you think about eating me after we've fucked? Does that turn you on?" She asked.

"It makes me a little nervous." He replied. "I love the way your pussy tastes. I'm a little nervous that I might enjoy the way we taste mixed together what we think of me if I enjoy that."

"I do hope you enjoy it because the idea of it makes me really really wet and I'm guessing it will only make my orgasm that much stronger. Should that happen it is going to be something I am going to want you to do on a regular basis!" She told him. Saying that she climbed back onto the bed holding the 7 inch toy. She turned its base bringing the vibrator to life. Next she squirted some of the lube onto it for him. She brought the tip to his back passage and began to circle the entrance with the now slickened head.

Her hands were occupied with the toy so she was not touching him anywhere else, which was further raising his level of arousal. "Gary are you ready for me?" She asked him not really caring how he was going to answer, it had taken her weeks to build up the courage and confidence to fulfill his fantasy.

She circled his anus with the dildo and then just stopped she looked into his eyes and said to him. "Here it comes honey!" When she said that she pushed 3 inches of the fake cockhead into his ass hole. And began to vigorously fuck him. With each push its head stimulated his prostate gland. Every time she struck it a little semen was forced out of the tip of his cock leaving a small puddle of come on his abdomen.

"Oh you naughty boy we can't waste a drop of that now can we?" When she saw the small puddle of his leavings. She leaned over and picked up the small vibrator and rubbed it in the semen, not wanting to waste a drop she pushed it into her vagina.

"I am so turned on, she told him, I didn't think I could get into this but I was wrong." When she had said that she pushed the remainder of the vibrator and a him turned the base so it wasn't buzzing at full power.

She again straddled him with her pussy raised just above his twitching cock and began to vigorously masturbate. She made great show of rubbing her clitoris and pushing the small toy into her vagina. She was so wet that her actions were making squishing noises, she knew those sounds would further heighten his arousal.

She raised her ass higher when she did she reached down and brought his stiffened member to the entrance of her dripping slit. And then she fell down onto him and began to vigorously fuck his cock.

He watched her pussy swallow his length he loved to see her labia wrapped around his shaft. When she raised up up enough they would pull away from her keeping his cockhead covered. Next thing she pushed downwards they would disappear into her vagina.

After about five minutes of vigorous pumping she could tell his orgasm was imminent, she could feel his cock beginning to expand within her and at the very moment she felt him coming she lowered herself onto him pushing his cockhead as deeply as she could.

"Oh God baby baby here I come oh my god here I come unnnnnnggggghhhhhhhhh I love you ohhhhhhhh shit shit unnnnnnghhhhh yesssssssssssss!" She couldn't believe how much his dick was pulsating within her, she was now pushing the dildo in and out of him milking his prostate of every drop of the semen if held.

She looked over her shoulder at him and said "Now it's time for you to go to work I hope you're ready, I think you left the biggest load of come you have ever injected into me. And I want to see and feel you completely cleaning me today."

After saying that she scooted forward and brought her pussy to his mouth and told him to get to work.

He stared at her twat and right away he saw a glob the size of a dime drop dripping from her pussy. He tentatively reached out his tongue to scoop it up, it tasted kind of sweet to him an odd mixture of what he knew to be her wetness and he assumed was the case of his own semen.

She looked down and watched the small glob disappear into his mouth and she began to vigorously manipulate her clit. Like him she was more aroused than she had ever been in her life before. "How does it taste honey?" She asked him. She didn't really need an answer that was just the idea of him eating her cream filled pussy had brought her to this point.

With each quiver and tiny contraction a little more of his load dripped onto his tongue and lips, which caused her excitement to raise to stratospheric levels she had never attained before. And then she came.

Eat it, eat me, lick all that come! Oh my god oh yesss EAT IT EAT IT EAT IT you nasty nasty man!!!"

She dropped all her weight onto his face balancing her upper body there. With her hands she was roughly squeezing in pulling on her nipples which had further heightened her orgasm. As her come began to subside she began to slide her pussy over his face covering him with the balance of her wetness and his load.

Once she stopped she climbed off of him to admire his soaked face and hair, with strings of his come stretched between his eyes and chin.

"You look fucking incredible!!! After today whatever you want honey if you'll do that again to me... what ever you want I will give to you." she said.

Mallory was weak she had just had the strongest orgasm she'd ever had in her life she knew that today was going to be just the beginning of the new chapter of their sex life.

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