Little Sammy

by Timm

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I went for a walk that day. A didn't know why or were I was going. I couldn't even tell you if I would be back, much less when. I had this urge come over me, and I had to go. I didn't take anything with me. Even my wallet lay forgotten on the nightstand back beside my bed.

No one stopped me as I left. No one spoke a word of greeting as I passed. I walked out of the place I called home, away from my parents, my friends and all that I valued. I left my tribe and my kin and all that I held dear, behind. I had to follow the calling, the urge that I did not understand.

It grew hot in the midday's sun. I removed the shirt I wore and dropped it upon the ground as I walk out of the town I have lived in for fifteen years, now. I didn't look back as I walked on. On and on I walked, mindlessly. I did not even think of why I felt the need to do this. It was if I had been called and simply had to go.

I walked though the day and into the evening. The sun was setting to le left so it was northerly that I was heading. I hadn't eaten, drank or rested in ten hours, now. My mouth was very dry.

I stopped sweating as the coolness of the evening was coming onto me. I stepped from the dirt road I had been on the last two hours into a wooded area marked 'Posted' by the owner.

I knew this place, and something was calling me. Something had bade me to come here. The feeling had grown stronger as I went along.

There before me, in a mound along an oak tree amongst the pines, was the whole. It bade me to come, to enter its darkness, in the dark of the evening. I crawled into the opening and felt the earth beneath my hands. I crawled a long time, and came to a widening in the tunnel that I could feel but not see.

Then the feeling that I was not ready yet to go on, came over me. I had to do something here, but what?

I lay in the tunnel and smelled the earth. It had a must of something very old. I sensed there, in the darkness, that I was still dressed. Somehow I just knew I had to remove my clothing. My shirt was already gone. So I removed my shoes, and then my socks. I felt warmed, as if I was being smiled upon by my mother for doing something good.

I undid my jeans and kicked them along with the underwear from my body. Then, finally naked, I was drawn to move on. I crawled towards the summons that bade me to come forward. My naked body dragged along the floor, and the dirt.

An erection formed as I pulled myself along. I was being stimulated. My thing poked though the soft ground as I went.

I was surprised as the ground changed beneath me. It grew soft and moist as I crawled along. My thing was swollen to the point of bursting. It really didn't take much at my age, but the warmth and softness that I was crawling along, was now moist and pungent smelling.

I crawled through, as the very walls of the cave pressed in soft warmth, around me. It was as if I were inside something special, as if something wonderful was about to take place.

Then, in front of me, a dot of light could be seen. I had to get to it! Somehow I knew the answers lay ahead of me. I pulled myself along the now slippery wall. It seemed to close around me tighter and tighter as I moved forward.

It was getting more and more difficult to move. It took every bit of my strength to push my body forward. The walls were now as slick as could be. They were contracting around me. My thing was ready to blow the seed it contained as I moved forward.

My body stiffened as my thing spued forth the seed I carried in me.

It was so wrong, yet so right, somehow.

I shuddered as the walls contracted tightly around my body, and my thing drained itself of the life contained in the sacks connected to it.

Then, instead of struggling against the walls of the tunnel, I felt those same walls moving me along. Each time they squeezed down the length of my body I moved closer to the light at the end of that tunnel.

It was like I was in my mother's womb. About to be born into the world.

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