Teaching The Teacher

by TheDarkKnight

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carol was 26, a high school teacher with a frustrating sex life. She turned to the internet to learn more about aspects of erotica that she had not experienced in her life. An exchange of email fantasies with a younger but more experienced woman stimulated her curiosity. When her mentor offered to "turn words to flesh", Carol readily accepted her challenge.

She stood on the steps of his building; her tan raincoat soaked, her short, light-brown hair plastered against her head from the drizzling rain she had walked through. What am I doing here, she wondered? Carol hesitated for one more brief moment, fighting back her fear and doubt, before her mind cleared and she pushed forward with her adventure.

What she was doing was dangerous, and at 26, Carol was old enough to know better, but erotically desperate enough not to care. Over the last few years she had drifted from one unfulfilling relationship to another, and had become more and more frustrated with her sex life, or lack of one. As a high school teacher, Carol had to be very careful about trying to live an erotically adventuresome life in her own community. She didn't dare prowl the pickup bars. There was just too much chance of running into a coworker, a parent of a student, or worst of all, one of her former students.

In her frustration, she had found herself turning to the anonymous world of cybersex. That is how she had found Veronica. What began as a cyber friendship between two women with a common interest in the erotic nature of spanking and discipline had turned into a teacher-student relationship with the normal roles reversed; the younger Veronica had become a mentor to the older, but less experienced Carol. Through her exotic fantasies, Veronica had shown her how to live out many of her long suppressed desires. She had sent Carol several erotic stories for her to act out in the privacy of her own bedroom. Afterward, Carol would send Veronica descriptions of how those fantasies had affected her.

Carol had become more and more interested in the dark, sometimes dangerous sounding scenarios that emerged out of Veronica's imagination. When Carol complained to Veronica that cyber sex was enjoyable, but left her feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, Veronica had suggested a more daring experiment, based on something that she herself had tried once in the past. If you will, Veronica had told the young teacher one night during a particularly fervid exchange of emails, you may put your trust in me and let me arrange something more adventurous; a real-life version of our fantasies. She had tempted the timid teacher, and Carol readily accepted the dare. Veronica told her to wait further instructions. Several days past, while Carol growing more and more impatient. Then without warning, one evening the fateful email from Veronica arrived.

"Dear Carol, I dare you to meet him in the flesh. Send him my best. And by that I mean give him your best. I commend you to him. Love, your bare bosom buddy, Veronica" That was followed by a list of very detailed instructions, setting up a liaison with a man that Veronica knew who lived close to Carol, and who was willing to "train" her. That was Veronica's word, "train", and the uncertainty of that term had sent shivers of fear and anticipation through Carol as she read the note.

She was to go to this man, who used the alias 'Johnny', and subjugate herself to him totally. Veronica had told her there were things she needed to learn about her own erotic nature, and Johnny was an excellent teacher.

Carol took the stairs to the man's apartment. She stood in the hall, rain still dripping from her hair and clothes as she gathered her courage. She knew Veronica would never have asked her to come here if it was truly dangerous, but still, she had never done anything like this in her life. To abandon oneself, body and soul, to a stranger was totally out of character for Carol. It was not something that a shy, high-school math teacher would ever do, even in a dream, or nightmare. This was a different Carol that stood outside Johnny's door now than the one who had first made contact with Veronica a few months earlier.

As instructed, she wore nothing under her raincoat. On her otherwise bare feet, she wore simple leather strap sandals. With unadorned fingers she combed her hair into some semblance of dignity. She wore no make-up, but there was color in her face anyway, from excitement and perhaps embarrassment. No bottled perfume had touched her flesh that day, letting the scent of woman rise from her. Neither gold nor jewels adorned her body. It was pure, natural Carol that Johnny would meet. Her halo smile was soft and her eyes were moving fast, checking the hallway for other residents as she knocked on his door. She stepped back a pace and waited, with held breath.

Johnny took his time answering the door. He was very much looking forward to this evening, but it was not within his nature to hurry, especially when approaching the care and training of an anonymous young lady.

His favorite pastime over the last few months had been the exchange of erotic emails between himself and his cyber lover, Veronica. Lately she had been sending him pictures of herself also. Johnny had enjoyed the candid snapshots, with their shy, but lewd, poses. They served to keep him excited and interested in his mystery lover and friend. It would be better if he had her in the flesh, but she had told him that it could never be. Then last night she had sent him her strange message; she was going to send him a friend to play with, someone who lived close to him, and was willing to act out some of the fantasies that Veronica and he had devised.

"Who is it?" he asked as he stood just inside the door.

"A friend of a friend," came a soft, girlish voice.

Johnny peered through he door's peephole and saw the woman, shivering in her raincoat. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, but with her head bowed, in shame or fear of detection, he could not easily make out her features. Still, there was something in her presence that reminded him of Veronica's joking, tempting, and naughty word play. Maybe it was they way she stole glances at the door's peephole, like a camera shy teen who tempted the boys to stare and desire. This was not Veronica, but at least she was flesh and blood. She appeared to be as skittish as a trapped doe, and just as innocent.

He had lost track of time as he stared out the small aperture, examining his visitor as a scientist might peer at a fragile being under a microscope. The girl finally looked directly at the fisheye lens, her impatience growing. "Aren't you expecting me, sir? My name is Carol. Veronica sent me."

And with that, Johnny finally unbolted the door and let all his defenses down. Veronica had told him how to treat his guest, and he was more than ready to oblige. Tonight, he was the teacher, and his visitor would take on the role of his student.

They stood at the threshold, as on two sides of a mirror. Man / Woman, Yin / Yang. No words were spoken, nor were any needed. Carol broke the spell with one swift motion. She stepped back out of her sandals, smoothly parted her coat, and let it fall from her shoulders to the carpeted floor of the hallway. Carol, naked as a baby, even free of body hair save on her head, stood exposed, both to the stranger at the door, and more daringly, to any neighbors fortunate to open their door at that moment. She was Innocence and Lust, here for him. She shivered, from the chill of the hall and the audacity of her pose, her eyes alive with excitement, still soft but with a light from within that spoke words she felt unnecessary to voice.

Johnny beckoned her in at last, and Carol stepped lightly into his home. With not a thought to the still open door nor public scrutiny, she pressed her bare skin to his rumpled, clothed body and put her arms around his neck; her left hand between his shoulders, her right cupping the back of his head. She pulled him to her mouth and her tongue invited his submission. They kissed and stayed in a desperate corner of time where lovers linger heedless of folly and blind to all but each other.

Johnny stuttered his excuses as decorum began to grow light on the edges of this delightful dream. "The door uh, I have..." the older man brushed past her to retrieve her coat and sandals from the hall. He closed the door with a back-hand push and once again stood before his bold and mysterious visitor. Now that he could clearly see her face, he was struck by her simple, unadorned beauty. Large, luminous brown eyes, a narrow nose that seemed to speak of royal blood in her background, and pink, full lips that he already knew the softness of, and that beckoned to him even yet. He had wanted to see her unadorned and undecorated, to judge the true quality of her being, and he was not disappointed. Her skin was so smooth, her expression so innocent, that she could easily have passed for one of her students.

She shook the last few drops of rain from her short hair, kneeling before him. She was ready to put into flesh what had so delighted him in Veronica's provocative words. With her hands clasped behind her back, she looked up, opened he mouth slightly, with closed eyes, as if waiting punishment. She was following Veronica's instructions as faithfully as she could.

Johnny did not disappoint. He might have preferred a more comfortable setting, a relaxed prone posture on both their parts, but he accepted her fantasy as dear to her and therefore to him too. He placed his hands on either side of Carol's cheeks. He held her face in a tight grip, though his hands were gentle. He ran his thumbs over the contours of her face, as a blind man might examine a work of classic statuary.

When he was convinced that the young woman before him was real, flesh and blood, and not just the figment of his imagination brought fourth by Veronica's provocative prose, Johnny released her. He stepped back and let Carol warm to her fate, as he quickly removed all his clothes, lest she turn into dream before he could touch her as she needed. Naked now, he moved within a breath of her beauty. His cock grew stiff and full. Standing erect now, it touched her upper lip and lingered there, moist and warm. She did not move. At last, his phallus entered, parting her hungry lips and filling her mouth. Carol was in and of her dream, with eyes shut to all that was not dream. The scent of him was real and strong, the taste ambrosial Manna; she breathed him in and adored his manhood with her mouth.

His eyes played over her nakedness, her submission, and her joy. The sight of her, the scent of her, the very soul before him he took to heart and glowed in delight. The total experience was so stimulating that he too soon felt himself paying tribute to her humble devotions. He came in passion, while she stayed still, in calm acceptance of the phallus held lightly between her moist lips, letting his cum bathe her tongue and rest there like the host at Mass.

Johnny seemed to be unsure what to do next. Where was the great teacher she had expected, Carol wondered? She then realized that like Delilah, she had drained her Samson of some of his strength. But there were mysteries other than mere carnal acts that she was curious about. Carol rose and let him guide her gently to his couch. He sat, still under her spell, while she stood confidently before him, licking the last of his semen from her lips; swishing it in her mouth before swallowing, like an oenophile sampling a fine Bordeaux that had been opened for just this occasion.

He looked at her face, entranced by her innocent, wholesome beauty, still in awe at the ease with which she had accepted his seed. At last, after what seemed like hours, she smiled and motioned for him to sit back. She placed herself across his lap, like a child preparing for punishment, but with her legs slightly apart, tempting him with her need. His hand brushed lightly along the smooth surface of her bare buttocks, then down one inner thigh and up the other one, finally coming to rest with his fingers teasing the damp lips hidden within the junction of her slim, athletic legs. His hand gently cupped her excitement, and released the scent of her desire. His fingers were soon wet with her secretions.

He began to spank her, slowly and deliberately, letting the sting from each blow abate before rewarding her desire with another. Moans and sighs and grinding hips entreated his hand to its task. He did not stop until tears flowed from his eyes also; hurting a young girl, even when it was her very wish, was not a task he took total joy in. Her pussy dripped its delight onto his lap, and her buttocks glowed, red as ripe strawberries.

When he finally tired of spanking he led her to his bedroom. There she found, to her delight, a four-poster covered with a single white sheet, and many pillows. The room seemed nicely prepared to Carol, but Johnny turned red and mumbled, "Sorry for the state of the place... messy... uhmmm dust balls..." His head hung like a naughty little boy.

"Dust Balls? I usually just give them a light polishing," Carol played with his unease. But this girl was of flesh more than words and she said no more as she gently held him; her fingers knowing how to make him more of a man, not less. She wanted him full and strong again, for the next rite would demand still more of him than he had yet given.

Carol took her place on the bed, lying crosswise in that naked 'X' of her wettest fantasies. Johnny positioned cushions under her still tenderbuttocks, lifting her hips and bringing her now open femininity to the center of his vision as well as his thoughts. Carol's arms and legs stretched toward the bed posts without him having to tell her. "Ties? You must have many. Four will do, sir," her voice a whisper. "And I will guess a gentleman like yourself has knee socks; just one, please, black and tie it round to make a blindfold, if you will, kind sir."

It seemed she was reading his mind. Johnny realized that Veronica must have shared some of his fantasies with her, so she would know his likes and dislikes. Johnny found the devices she had requested, and bound her to match his pleasure. He reached into his heart and found her imagination had mirrored his lust. She was naked and bound, blindfolded and willing. It was just the image that Veronica had tormented him with in so many of her written fantasies. Her body drew him with every breath she took; her sex fountain overflowed and filled the bedroom air with hints of pleasures to come.

He took her then; from dreams to sweat, from moans of anticipation to cries of joy, from musings of the mind to inspired deeds. He did her, and she him, to their fullest. For what seemed hours, sex was their bond. Their passion was all that mattered and it flowed through flesh and stirred the waters of life.

Carol had made love before, not frequently but enough to give her a set of expectations as to what a good erotic act should be, but her past had not properly prepared her for the intensity of Johnny's attentions. He wasn't the largest man she had been with, but somehow it felt like his shaft was reaching places within her that had never been touched. If possible, she would have opened herself even more and tried to take his entire body into hers, to be caressed and explored as much by her inner being as her outer physical manifestation of flesh. His talent unleashed all the pent-up sexual energy of a young, frustrated woman, and before he allowed himself his own release, he had brought her to several deep-felt orgasms. Finally they slept, she still bound and he partly atop her, his ear nestled in her left armpit, his right hand cradling her head and his left on her breast.

As the birds sang the arrival of the new day, his lips laid in a kiss on her breast. The large, dark nipple perched on that conical mound was distended, and from the moans coming from deep within her throat, Johnny surmised that in her sleep her imagination was playing out even more passionate scenarios. He would have liked to keep her with him for a longer time, to possibly explore whatever fervid dreams were still haunting her, but the reality was that there time together was almost over.

Carol awoke from her dreams of desire with a start, but quickly relaxed when she realized where she was. On that one particular night, not even her dreams could match her reality. She gave her captor a smile, and speaking softly, said, "Release me, sir. It's time to bless this night with a new dawn."

"A nude on, you mean?" he smiled as he looked lovingly at the naked beauty by his side. His voice was light but the sadness to come from her impending departure was weighing heavily on hom, and his spirits began to wane like Eve's fall. He slowly untied her bonds and helped her up to her feet.

As the blood slowly returned to her limbs, she became once again the shy young lady who had knocked on his door last night. The enchanted princess who had graced his bed was disappearing as the room lightened with the new morning. She wrapped herself in his sheet, only now reverting back to her usual timid being. Finally, she said the words he had been dreading. "You knew this was a game, Sir. I am the flesh you desired and the only reality our mutual friend could send. For, know you, Veronica is but a phantom in your dreams, and I am also a dream that will soon fade. I was sent by my Mistress, to bring flesh to her words. I was your romance for one night, but I must reside only in your dreams"

He looked away, not able to face the truth of what she said. She was so beautiful, this Carol. She touched his face and, through tears, said what needed saying, "You have been a good host and I have taken you to heart. On my knees, I swallowed your gift. I did penance over your knee and then spent my time bound to your altar. Now I bear this message from Veronica: I have submitted my flesh to the word and it was beautiful. Now let us part friends and know that words and words alone bind us."

He kissed her forehead and then her lips, soft and sweet. Lastly, he held her hand and kissed her fingers folded in his. Without another word, she left his apartment, clad once again in only her raincoat.

She felt somewhat silly as she made her way home, naked under the plastic. In the dark and drizzle of the previous evening, her immodesty had been thrilling, but in the harsh light of a new day, it only seemed reckless. But she smiled to herself as the thought that she could easily thrill any man she saw merely by opening her coat turned her unease to a feeling of erotic power. It didn't seem possible, but her one night of debauchery had changed her in many ways. Veronica would be proud of her protégé.

When Carol got home she immediately emailed her cyber-mistress. Johnny had already written to thank Veronica for sending him such an amazing surrogate. His only regret, of course, was that it was to be a single night of passion and play. As Carol had told him, she was but a dream that would soon fade.

Or would it? Carol felt as though there was still more she could learn from the mysteriously arousing older man, and she began longing for a second rendezvous. At first she was afraid to mention anything about her unfulfilled desires to Veronica; her orders had been very strict, one night and one night only. But gradually over the next couple of weeks, she broached the possibility of a second meeting in her emails to Veronica. As before, with no warning, she received a message similar to the one that had sent her on her first fateful journey.

"Dear Carol, Johnny has agreed to meet you again, tomorrow night. But I must warn you that this time it will be under his terms. Go with caution, my young friend, and give him all that he desires, as would I. You may find that his lessons are more than you are ready for, but this has been your choice. Go as before, and do everything he tells you. Love, Veronica".

Chapter 2: The Second Night

Johnny opened his door before Carol even knocked. He was ready; nay, eager, to continue his lessons with this not-so-innocent nymph. She began an explanation of why she had asked for a second liaison, but before she could finish he slapped her. It was not an abusive, punishing blow; rather it was his way of ensuring that he had her full attention.

Johnny led her to the center of his living room. He told her not to speak... emphasizing that this night was about her training, and his delight. He reminded her that a good student should listen and not talk. "There is one sure way to keep a woman from talking," he told her, with an almost lecherous grin on his face. "Turn around," he commanded in a voice that was at once both gentle and demanding.

Carol noted with a shiver that on this night she was seeing a different Johnny. Gone was the diffident, compliant companion to her desires; in his place stood this demanding, dominant figure. He produced a velvet-feeling strip of material with which he bound her hands behind her. Slight pressure on her shoulders let her know to turn back to face him, and to kneel. For the first time she noticed that he was wearing a beautiful Chinese silk robe. He opened it slightly and she saw that he was wearing nothing else. His flaccid penis hung forlornly behind the brocaded folds of his robe. She felt a moment of unease, the shrunken state of his manhood momentarily gave away his secret, and made him look like the old man he actually was. He saw the slight look of disappointment in Carol's eyes. "Bring me to life, lovely one, as a mother cat might clean her kittens, with gentle caresses of thy mouth alone."

Carol began gently licking his tool, trying to be true to his command. As his member gradually began to swell she took him into the warmth of her mouth again. It was more difficult to arouse him without using her hands, but she eventually felt him regaining the hardness she recalled from their first meeting. As she continued to work at rekindling his desire, Johnny began lecturing her on the finer points of erotic discipline.

Once he achieved a state of full arousal, he held her head motionless while he moved his hips toward her; making love to her face, gently but forcefully. Carol accepted as much of his flesh into her mouth as she could, not complaining when his hardness pressing against the back of her throat made her gag slightly.

Johnny stopped, bent down, and gave her a soft kiss. The kind feel of his lips on hers surprised Carol, after his lecture about discipline and training she had almost expected another slap. Instead, he handed her a bag with the logo of the neighborhood drug store on it. "I think you know how to use this, my dear. But if you need assistance, call me."

He led her to the bathroom, and she closed the door behind her. She opened the package, and not to her surprise, saw that it held an enema kit. She really didn't know how to use it, but she was too shy to ask for his help with such an intimate task. Instead, she followed the instructions, and a few moments later emerged from his bath, cleansed and well aware now of some of what he had in mind for her.

"Are you ready now to experience a side of your desire that you may not have known was there?" he asked her. Carol nodded her agreement, remembering the no-talking rule just in time. She was ready to abandon herself to anything he desired; she had no real fear of the dark side of her host. He pointed to an armless, straightback chair in the corner of the room.

"Don't sit, kneel, facing the back," he instructed her. "Now, lean over. Yes, rest your head there." Johnny stroked her luxuriant brown hair, like a master showing affection to a pet.

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