Teaching The Teacher

by TheDarkKnight

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Carol was 26, a high school teacher with a frustrating sex life. She turned to the internet to learn more about aspects of erotica that she had not experienced in her life. An exchange of email fantasies with a younger but more experienced woman stimulated her curiosity. When her mentor offered to "turn words to flesh", Carol readily accepted her challenge.

She stood on the steps of his building; her tan raincoat soaked, her short, light-brown hair plastered against her head from the drizzling rain she had walked through. What am I doing here, she wondered? Carol hesitated for one more brief moment, fighting back her fear and doubt, before her mind cleared and she pushed forward with her adventure.

What she was doing was dangerous, and at 26, Carol was old enough to know better, but erotically desperate enough not to care. Over the last few years she had drifted from one unfulfilling relationship to another, and had become more and more frustrated with her sex life, or lack of one. As a high school teacher, Carol had to be very careful about trying to live an erotically adventuresome life in her own community. She didn't dare prowl the pickup bars. There was just too much chance of running into a coworker, a parent of a student, or worst of all, one of her former students.

In her frustration, she had found herself turning to the anonymous world of cybersex. That is how she had found Veronica. What began as a cyber friendship between two women with a common interest in the erotic nature of spanking and discipline had turned into a teacher-student relationship with the normal roles reversed; the younger Veronica had become a mentor to the older, but less experienced Carol. Through her exotic fantasies, Veronica had shown her how to live out many of her long suppressed desires. She had sent Carol several erotic stories for her to act out in the privacy of her own bedroom. Afterward, Carol would send Veronica descriptions of how those fantasies had affected her.

Carol had become more and more interested in the dark, sometimes dangerous sounding scenarios that emerged out of Veronica's imagination. When Carol complained to Veronica that cyber sex was enjoyable, but left her feeling frustrated and unfulfilled, Veronica had suggested a more daring experiment, based on something that she herself had tried once in the past. If you will, Veronica had told the young teacher one night during a particularly fervid exchange of emails, you may put your trust in me and let me arrange something more adventurous; a real-life version of our fantasies. She had tempted the timid teacher, and Carol readily accepted the dare. Veronica told her to wait further instructions. Several days past, while Carol growing more and more impatient. Then without warning, one evening the fateful email from Veronica arrived.

"Dear Carol, I dare you to meet him in the flesh. Send him my best. And by that I mean give him your best. I commend you to him. Love, your bare bosom buddy, Veronica" That was followed by a list of very detailed instructions, setting up a liaison with a man that Veronica knew who lived close to Carol, and who was willing to "train" her. That was Veronica's word, "train", and the uncertainty of that term had sent shivers of fear and anticipation through Carol as she read the note.

She was to go to this man, who used the alias 'Johnny', and subjugate herself to him totally. Veronica had told her there were things she needed to learn about her own erotic nature, and Johnny was an excellent teacher.

Carol took the stairs to the man's apartment. She stood in the hall, rain still dripping from her hair and clothes as she gathered her courage. She knew Veronica would never have asked her to come here if it was truly dangerous, but still, she had never done anything like this in her life. To abandon oneself, body and soul, to a stranger was totally out of character for Carol. It was not something that a shy, high-school math teacher would ever do, even in a dream, or nightmare. This was a different Carol that stood outside Johnny's door now than the one who had first made contact with Veronica a few months earlier.

As instructed, she wore nothing under her raincoat. On her otherwise bare feet, she wore simple leather strap sandals. With unadorned fingers she combed her hair into some semblance of dignity. She wore no make-up, but there was color in her face anyway, from excitement and perhaps embarrassment. No bottled perfume had touched her flesh that day, letting the scent of woman rise from her. Neither gold nor jewels adorned her body. It was pure, natural Carol that Johnny would meet. Her halo smile was soft and her eyes were moving fast, checking the hallway for other residents as she knocked on his door. She stepped back a pace and waited, with held breath.

Johnny took his time answering the door. He was very much looking forward to this evening, but it was not within his nature to hurry, especially when approaching the care and training of an anonymous young lady.

His favorite pastime over the last few months had been the exchange of erotic emails between himself and his cyber lover, Veronica. Lately she had been sending him pictures of herself also. Johnny had enjoyed the candid snapshots, with their shy, but lewd, poses. They served to keep him excited and interested in his mystery lover and friend. It would be better if he had her in the flesh, but she had told him that it could never be. Then last night she had sent him her strange message; she was going to send him a friend to play with, someone who lived close to him, and was willing to act out some of the fantasies that Veronica and he had devised.

"Who is it?" he asked as he stood just inside the door.

"A friend of a friend," came a soft, girlish voice.

Johnny peered through he door's peephole and saw the woman, shivering in her raincoat. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties, but with her head bowed, in shame or fear of detection, he could not easily make out her features. Still, there was something in her presence that reminded him of Veronica's joking, tempting, and naughty word play. Maybe it was they way she stole glances at the door's peephole, like a camera shy teen who tempted the boys to stare and desire. This was not Veronica, but at least she was flesh and blood. She appeared to be as skittish as a trapped doe, and just as innocent.

He had lost track of time as he stared out the small aperture, examining his visitor as a scientist might peer at a fragile being under a microscope. The girl finally looked directly at the fisheye lens, her impatience growing. "Aren't you expecting me, sir? My name is Carol. Veronica sent me."

And with that, Johnny finally unbolted the door and let all his defenses down. Veronica had told him how to treat his guest, and he was more than ready to oblige. Tonight, he was the teacher, and his visitor would take on the role of his student.

They stood at the threshold, as on two sides of a mirror. Man / Woman, Yin / Yang. No words were spoken, nor were any needed. Carol broke the spell with one swift motion. She stepped back out of her sandals, smoothly parted her coat, and let it fall from her shoulders to the carpeted floor of the hallway. Carol, naked as a baby, even free of body hair save on her head, stood exposed, both to the stranger at the door, and more daringly, to any neighbors fortunate to open their door at that moment. She was Innocence and Lust, here for him. She shivered, from the chill of the hall and the audacity of her pose, her eyes alive with excitement, still soft but with a light from within that spoke words she felt unnecessary to voice.

Johnny beckoned her in at last, and Carol stepped lightly into his home. With not a thought to the still open door nor public scrutiny, she pressed her bare skin to his rumpled, clothed body and put her arms around his neck; her left hand between his shoulders, her right cupping the back of his head. She pulled him to her mouth and her tongue invited his submission. They kissed and stayed in a desperate corner of time where lovers linger heedless of folly and blind to all but each other.

Johnny stuttered his excuses as decorum began to grow light on the edges of this delightful dream. "The door uh, I have..." the older man brushed past her to retrieve her coat and sandals from the hall. He closed the door with a back-hand push and once again stood before his bold and mysterious visitor. Now that he could clearly see her face, he was struck by her simple, unadorned beauty. Large, luminous brown eyes, a narrow nose that seemed to speak of royal blood in her background, and pink, full lips that he already knew the softness of, and that beckoned to him even yet. He had wanted to see her unadorned and undecorated, to judge the true quality of her being, and he was not disappointed. Her skin was so smooth, her expression so innocent, that she could easily have passed for one of her students.

She shook the last few drops of rain from her short hair, kneeling before him. She was ready to put into flesh what had so delighted him in Veronica's provocative words. With her hands clasped behind her back, she looked up, opened he mouth slightly, with closed eyes, as if waiting punishment. She was following Veronica's instructions as faithfully as she could.

Johnny did not disappoint. He might have preferred a more comfortable setting, a relaxed prone posture on both their parts, but he accepted her fantasy as dear to her and therefore to him too. He placed his hands on either side of Carol's cheeks. He held her face in a tight grip, though his hands were gentle. He ran his thumbs over the contours of her face, as a blind man might examine a work of classic statuary.

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