Return Of An Earth Hero

by Ringmaster

Copyright┬ę 2007 by Ringmaster

Drama Story: An Earth Hero, Jimmy, is returned to Earth via Crossroads. For at least one, it is a very sad time. It is a companion piece to Crossroads Rules that Lazlo wrote. It takes place BEFORE Crossroads Rules, but the premise it arose from is in that story. ***Note: You should have at least read Lazlo's #1 and #2 stories to really enjoy this Universe***

Tags: Science Fiction   Tear Jerker  


Kathrine gasped as she sat up in the bed. It's too soon, he couldn't have rescued her and returned already she thought to herself. She spoke to the room, "Lights please." She quickly rose, dressed, and moved toward the door.

I'll meet him at the portal, since this was his second rescue he still may not be sure of what to do. I'll have both of them checked in the healing chamber and then take Ava Foreman to the bedroom. Then I'll have Jimmy wait in the den. It just seems to be too soon. He was supposed to observe him for a while before approaching him.

She walked past the coffin-like healing machine without a glance, stopping in front of the portal to Chaos to wait. She had expected them within moments, but it had been some minutes now and nothing.

As she paced, she started talking to herself, "I know things have been a little different on Chaos lately but what could possible cause this kind of delay?"

She heard three distinct chimes and froze in her tracks. She heard the healing machine top slide to the side, her head whipped around and she rushed to look inside.

"JIMMY, oh JIMMY what have I done to you!" She crumpled to the floor as if she were boneless and started to sob. Her body racked with the sobbing, slowly going back and forth as she held herself tightly.

A few moments later the doorway from Crossroads opened and a woman entered looking toward the sobbing woman, her own tears flowing down her cheeks. She had been in this same position years ago when her Earth Hero had returned from his rescue in the same condition. Dead, killed by someone or something on Chaos. It happened all to often, especially to a new hero, on his first or second mission to rescue a damsel. It just seemed to be happening way too often lately, almost as if... But how could that be? No, it was just the men going to Chaos were not as prepared as the ones in the past. Like Gerald Jones, now there was a Hero. So many years he had gone and come back and always successfully.

"Kathrine, Kathrine I'm so so sorry. Please get up, you can not stay on the floor like that. Others will be here soon. They are going to have a lot of questions for you. We need to try and find out what has happened. You don't want them to see you like this. Please Kathrine let me help you."

She looked up to see her friend, "Maggie, I killed him Maggie, my Jimmy is dead and I killed him." She broke down into racking sobs again as she started to pull herself up the side of the healing chamber. As she stood next to it she looked down at the body then started to get into the healing chamber with the body of her lover Jimmy.

"KATHRINE NO!" She reached out and grabbed Kathrine from behind and pulled her away from the healing chamber knowing what was going to happen shortly. Just as she thought about it the inside of the healing chamber emitted a slight blue light and the body disappeared.


"Kathrine, he is being returned to Earth, you knew that was going to happen. That is why I had to pull you away. Whatever damage has been done to his body is repaired and then he has to be returned."

"I know, but it was just too soon, I should have been able to have a few minutes with him first. I wanted to apologize to him. I wanted to tell him I'm sorry for killing him the way I did."

"You did NOT kill him, someone or something on Chaos killed him, not you."

"He picked the rescue, I gave him the data that he used to make the decision to rescue Ava Foreman from being held against her will. Either something I did or something I did not do killed him. It should have been a fairly easy rescue for him, that is why we chose it as his second rescue. He had more than enough of the skills to accomplish the rescue. He was a very good fighter, very proficient with a sword and in hand to hand combat he excelled. But he is dead because I did something wrong."

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