Our First Meet

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Experienced Sub woman meets her master at a hotel. where they are not alone.

I arrived before you at the hotel as arranged; I prepared everything prior to your arrival. You are told to make your way up to the room, where you knock on the door and wait.

As you enter the room, you see the two chairs facing the bed and wonder who may occupy these seats. I command you to come forward and kneel before me. You meekly walk towards me and promptly kneel down. I order your hands to be palace behind your back and you feel the cold metal of the handcuffs as they snap into place. I then place the blindfold over your eyes and the last thing you see before your world goes black is my smiling face.

I then slowly undo the buttons on your blouse, freeing your erect nipples to my gaze. As commanded you are bra less and without knickers. Suddenly your skirt goes slack as it slides down your thighs and bunches behind your knees. You know your shaven cunt is on full view. I assist you to stand as your skirt slips down around your ankles and I order you to step out of them. You are now virtually naked as I force you back on to your knees.

You thought you sensed movement to your right and heard the distinctive creak of someone sitting down probably in one of the empty chairs you wondered about earlier. Who was looking at your exposed body and more worrying to you was what were they intending to do to you.

Suddenly you are dragged from your thoughts by the gentle heat of someone's body close by you. You begin to feel light soft gentle kisses upon your forehead as they trace a gentle arch across your fore head. The light gentle kisses continue down the side of your face and on to your neck, where they become feather light licks. They travel from the nape of your neck to the very tip of your earlobe and always in gentle circular motions.

Your pulse quickens, you always dreamed of such tender moments, they seem almost heightened by the fact that they are being observed by this unknown person. That and the fact you are powerless to prevent any of this. A low moan escapes your lips. The gentle tongue now traces a wet path around the front of your neck where you distinctly hear the sniffing of your perfume. You are shaken from your dream like state by my voice asking "what perfume are you wearing today slut" you answer "my normal one" A sharp stinging pain suddenly hits your arse, you yelp with surprise more than pain. You suddenly remember to whom you were talking and apologized adding master Ray to the end of your apology.

I warn you not to forget your manners again or you will really suffer. You nod your head but it registers a female titter had accompanied the sharp stinging sensation, was the person you sense take the seat a woman, or was your mind playing tricks. You wrack your brain to try to make sense of what you have heard and by way of deduction try to work out who this person may be. Meanwhile the licks continue to travel across the front of your neck and you feel soft nibbling against your other earlobe.

You know how much this turns you on, you can feel your cunt opening up and the juices bubbling away inside you, soon you fear your excitement will show as your cunt juice runs down your leg. I order you to open your legs, which you do and immediate feel a hand stroking your inner thigh. You take a sharp intake of breath as the hand catches your cunt lips. Your secret is out; you feel they cannot fail to detect your cunts wetness.

Now the licking is travelling down your neck and you feel your blouse being eased from your shoulders, followed by the light gentle kisses travelling across your shoulder and down the exposed part of your arm. Then you feel wet kisses above your breast and the licking sensation begins its journey down to your nipples, your physically trembling now in anticipation of the attention you known your nipples are about to receive.

Your mind is in a turmoil is it me your master kissing you or is it the unknown woman, you try to find out, you try to remember what my touch feels like. You try to compare my touch to this soft gentle touch you are now experiencing. You sigh as you cannot be sure who is causing these wonderful sensations now coursing through your body. It seems as though your very nerve endings are alight with desire. The merest touch brings you closer to an orgasm and your cunt has not really been touched yet.

The gentle kisses become definite licks as your breast is bathed by a sensual tongue. Suddenly this tongue leaps across to your other nipple and again you cannot prevent yourself from moaning. The licking stops as I ask you if you are excited yet. With trembling voice you mutter "oh master Ray, if only you knew just how excited this tongue has made me, if only you would finish me of with your magnificent prick" I laugh and have you puzzled by my response "oh you will have something much better than my meagre penis to play with soon, my sweet sexy slut bitch"

What could I have meant, something better than my meagre prick, you knew that I knew how you idolized my penis, so what to you could be better than to service your beloved master's tool. Your mouth dropped open, you now feared you had been mistaken, was the other person a man after all and was his prick even bigger than your master's. If it was how would you cope? You had frequently felt choking as you tried to take my full length into your mouth, a suddenly feeling of panic rushed through you what if this larger prick wanted access to your arse and was much bigger than the toys you were used to up there.

What, heaven forbid, if you could not even manage to get this larger cock up your cunt. Would you be punished by me for failure, would it hurt like hell as the person tried to force this oversized prick into your tender cunt? I saw that you were trembling with fear, so I eased your worries by telling you "don't worry I am sure you will cope with whatever I decide will happen" this eased some of your fears because you were aware of my knowledge that you disliked anal sex. But you still had nagging doubts about the size of the assumed prick.

By now the kissing and licking had progressed to your belly button and was going even lower. Suddenly everything stopped and I assisted you to your feet and then gently laid you on to the bed. Firm hands then took hold of your left ankle and you felt your legs being opened. When they were suitably open you felt the tell tale sensations of the rope around your left ankle. Then next thing you knew your right ankle was gripped and that leg was spread out as well. Again you felt the rope cuff slip on to your ankle. You instinctively tried to close your legs but found them bound open you were aware now that your hands were trapped behind your back and under your body weight, your legs were not uncomfortably spread wide without any chance of closing them. Then it hit you. You're cunt was so aroused now that whoever was there must be able to see your inner cunt lips.

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