The Interview

by Patricia51

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Lesbian, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Dawn, the reporter from "Investigative Journalism" interviews a female escort who specializes in other women's fantasies.

(I hope the shifts in POV in this story won't be confusing. After the introduction, each of Denise's adventures are told in third person, as though they have been transcribed after the interview to that point of view.)

The young red-haired woman looked dubiously at the tape-recorder resting on the coffee table in front of her. "Why do you have to record all of our conversation? I know you want to use the incidents you asked me to relate but I thought you said that everything I told you concerning me would be 'off the record'."

"No, I said what you told me about yourself would be background material. I promise not to use your name or any details that might reveal your identity. I am planning one or more of the stories that you tell me will be in the book I'm hoping to write along the lines of 'Women on Top'." Dawn Garth, the prize-winning morning anchor of the early news reassured the other woman. "I use the tape recorder to make sure I don't miss anything. Once I've had it transcribed I will destroy the tape so that even your voiceprint will be gone. However, if it would make you feel more comfortable, I'll try to take notes instead."

"No, that's okay, I guess. If I didn't trust you I wouldn't have agreed to this whole thing."

"Okay, great." Dawn smiled. "I'm going to call you 'Denise' from now on, since its not even close to your real name. Alright?"

"Alright." Denise returned Dawn's smile. Just for a moment she let her eyes travel over the reporter's slender body, lingering on the firm legs that were shown to their best advantage by the moderately short skirt and the heels. Those legs were crossed at the ankles and tucked slightly back as Dawn leaned forward to turn on the recorder. Denise savored the little rising of Dawn's skirt as she did that. She swept her gaze over the remainder of the attractive blonde sitting beside her, then abruptly brought her attention back to the moment at hand as Dawn began to speak.

"Denise, if I understand correctly, you are a third year college student. You're twenty-one and you, for reasons we need not go into, need to be completely self-supporting. To make ends meet and still attend classes, you found a job with, well, to be honest, an escort service."

"Yes, that's true, Dawn." The younger woman refused to blush as she met the reporter's eyes.

"But a very special escort service. One that caters only to women. And in your case at least, in very special ways." Dawn noted.

"True again. Instead of being someone to cling to an arm on a night on the town or simply being a bed-partner for a weekend, we specialize in fulfilling fantasies. Women contact us when they want to live out something they've always dreamed about but never dared to do."

"And you are willing to share a few of those experiences, those fantasy fulfillments, with me?"

"Oh yes." Denise smiled.

(First story)

"Sometime the woman who is availing herself of my services is specifically interested in my assuming the role of a certain person." Denise laughed wickedly. "Usually its someone famous. I've been Britney Spears more than once, although I can't imagine why. I also do a good Kate Beckinsale from 'Underworld' and a pretty good Gretchen Wilson. When that is the case I go by whatever name they want me to answer to. 'Caroline' was the name that Sandy wanted me to use."

Sandy was a middle-aged divorcee. Still attractive, she and her husband had split amicably several years before when it became obvious they had grown too far apart and neither had the will nor the desire to try to put things back together. They had carried on together until both their daughters were out of college and then quietly parted. The divorce surprised no one, especially their daughters.

Sandy's fantasy had arisen when her younger daughter was between her sophomore and junior years in college. She had brought home her roommate Caroline. Years later, Sandy could still see the young woman in her mind's eye. Caroline had been of medium height with long straight brown hair and dark brown eyes. Long firm legs accentuated a tight bottom just as a flat stomach made her small proud breasts stand out.

Sandy knew all this because of an accident. She had been cleaning up the house and doing laundry one afternoon and had forgotten to restock the towels in the guest bathroom. A plaintive call from that room had reached her ears.

"Ms. Sandy, there aren't any towels in here!"

"Oh my goodness Caroline." She had called back. "I'll be right there. Hastily she had gathered up some fluffy terrycloth towels and hurried to the door, pausing to knock.

"Come in." There was a pause and then Caroline added in a half joking, half serious tone, "Please!"

Sandy turned the door knob, balancing the towels with her forearm and her other hand. Backing in, she nudged the door closed behind her with her hip to try to keep the cool air from the house AC out of the room. Turning to present a towel to Caroline, she stopped and swallowed a gasp of surprise.

"Thank you, Ms. Sandy," the dark haired girl acknowledged gratefully, taking two of the proffered towels. It wasn't the courteous reply that stopped Sandy in her tracks, it was the fact that the young coed was standing on the rug by the tub, quite nude, and quite unabashed about that fact. Taking the first towel, Caroline proceeded to wrap it around her, but not before Sandy found herself, to her great surprise, drinking in the view.

Nor did the moment stop there. Propping one foot on the bathtub, Caroline used a second towel to dry her leg, then switched to do the other one. The juncture of the towel opened and Sandy stared at the dark patch between the young woman's legs. Caroline then carefully hung that towel up and bent over the tub to dry her hair with yet a third towel. Sandy's eyes riveted on the cheeks of the girl's firm ass and the lines of its cleft.

Never before had Sandy had such a reaction to another female. She couldn't stop looking. Her mouth was dry. Unbelievably, she was attracted to this young woman. No, more than that, she wanted Caroline, wanted her sexually.

Sandy actually took a step towards Caroline before pulling herself together. Hastily she slipped back out through the bathroom door, closing it behind her. Mechanically she walked to the linen closet and put the remainder of the towels away. Then she went down to the kitchen, made a cup of tea and tried to make sense of the whole thing.

She had never been attracted to other women before, beyond the usual noticing that someone looked very attractive. Certainly not someone as young as her daughter. Well, there was that one time back in college when she had some of the same feelings about one of the cheerleaders but she had never been really tempted to act on those feelings.

For the rest of that summer visit Sandy tried to resume acting towards Caroline as she had before the bathroom incident. Caroline herself unknowingly helped because her attitude had not changed at all. Apparently the sexual attraction Sandy had felt towards the coed had not been apparent.

Months and then years went by. Occasionally Sandy thought of Caroline and wondered what would have happened if she had allowed herself to follow up on her sudden attraction that day. Then one day, while idly reading the classifieds in the paper she had seen a discreetly worded ad that had led her to engage the services of the young female escort now in her house.

So here she was sitting in her kitchen again. She could here the water running down the hall. The sounds of the shower stopped and she heard the voice call. Just like years before she went to the linen closet and took some freshly laundered towels in her arms. Once again she entered and drank in the sight of the slender young body before her. Her heart seemed to lodge in her throat as the towel fell away from the dark triangle between the young woman's legs as the visitor ran another towel down her leg.

This time Sandy didn't have to resist her urge. This time she couldn't. She dropped the excess towels and took three eager steps forward. Before the surprised girl could react, the older woman had pressed her against the wall and was raining kisses all over her face.

"Ms. Sandy! What are you doing?" protested Caroline for an instant before Sandy wrapped her arms around the coed and silenced her with a deep, passionate kiss. The young woman seemed to struggle for a few moments. Her hands pushed feebly at Sandy. Then she flung her arms around the older woman and returned her kiss, sucking the searching tongue deep into her mouth.

Sandy's hands roamed over Caroline, searching and exploring. One slipped inside the now gaping towel to find the flat stomach. Sandy broke her lip-lock with the girl to kiss and lick over the bare shoulders and neck before settling on the soft hollow of the white throat before her. The questing hand slid further, slid down over Caroline's mound and then cupped a pussy that was wetter than even the just finished shower could explain.

Caroline moaned deep in her throat. "Ms. Sandy, Ms. Sandy. Stop. You shouldn't... Oh God." The young hips pushed forward, grinding herself onto Sandy's hand. At the same time, the older woman's free hand caught the top of the towel and pulled it away from the firm body. First one, then the other, small breast tipped with an erect nipple was exposed. Then the towel fell to the floor and Caroline stood nude before Sandy.

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