A Walk In The Bush

by Lisa Peacock

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Desc: Sex Story: A few days away tramping with two good friends sounded good to Steve and I, but I fell for Waynes story hook, line and sinker....just how stupid could I get

Warning:This story may be offensive to some readers; it contains references to explicit sex and other material. If you are under the permitted age to read such material, continue no further

This is one of my first efforts at story telling and dug it out of the archives for your reading. It's short so you can read it before you go to work.

The journey out to the cabin had been straight forward and our mood was good, we'd looked forward to these few days away with our very good friends. Wayne and Jessica Howard, the one good thing was that we all got on together, shared all the chores that had to be done and no one complained. We'd been with other couples before and we know just how hard or impossible some folks can be... but not Wayne and Jessica, mind we'd known them for years, we liked them and I'm sure they felt the same about us. We were Steve and Anna Reaves

The cabin was well off the beaten track, one of four. They had been purpose built for trampers and we'd hired one for the four days, we had intended to explore the area. This time of year saw few other visitors and it looked like we would have the place to ourselves which suited us just fine.

First night was just generally settling in and unpacking, if the weather stayed fine tomorrow we had marked the course we would take. There was the early settlers village and the sight of an early ship wreck, where apart from two survivors all the rest had perished in that disastrous storm in 1879.

It was an early night for all and morning saw us up early and eager to get going. The weather continued warm and fine. We all dressed in light clothing, but packed heavier clothes just in case, out here the weather could change pretty quick and tramping around in the cold was no fun at all.

I'd donned a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, socks and a good pair of walking shoes, pretty much the same as the rest, as I said if the weather did turn, we had good warm clothing as well.

We'd set out to visit the two places of interest and it was a reasonable walk, nothing that we could not handle for a day trek. When we came to the fork in the path, we had to decide which of the two we should visit first, and then move to the second one after. I favored going to see the sight of the wreck first then on to the settlement.

It was the first time we had argued... well argue was perhaps too strong a word. Jessica and Steve were adamant they would prefer to go to the village first then the wreck. I told them I wasn't that fussed if I did not see the village; I was more interested in the wreck.

I would of course have gone to the village, but Wayne quickly offered a solution. He was not too struck on visiting the village and suggested that maybe we could split up here. Jessica and Steve make for the village, Wayne and I go to the wreck, all Steve and Jessica had to do was continue on and loop round and join us at the beach. All were quick to agree to the idea... I never had the opportunity to say I was quite willing to go with them to the village first... their decision suited me better anyway, so I just agreed with them and let it go at that.

We split into two and set off. Our journey wound upward for a while. On reaching the top, we had a magnificent view of the coast line set out below us. On a day like this day it was hard to believe that the area could have had a storm such as that of 1879 that wrecked the Senator with such and awful loss of life. The walk to the beach was quite easy downhill, but by the time we had reached our destination, we were both a little tired. I was glad I'd made the decision not to visit the village as well. I don't think we were as fit as we all thought we were. It needed time and a few more walks to become a little more accomplished as trampers.

When we did arrive, what we found was a little disappointing. There was a sign, a cairn had been erected some years ago, a list of those who had perished and a brief story of what had happened that night. The timbers of the wreck had all but disappeared.

I let my pack drop to the ground, removed my shoes and walked down to the beach, letting the sea wash and cool my feet. Wayne followed suit and we splashed and kicked water at each other, like two kids getting our cloths quite wet. Eventually I'd had enough of playing and splashing and made my way back up the beach to the grassed area which led to the pine trees where we had left our back packs, and flopped out on the ground. The hot sun felt good on my face and the sound of the surf made me feel relaxed and drowsy. Wayne came and stretched out beside me.

We chatted and wondered how the other two were getting on and if they had found the going harder than expected.

I'd closed my eyes and was near to falling asleep, when I sensed Wayne near to me, when I opened my eyes his mouth was almost touching mine. Perhaps at this point it would have been a good idea to have rolled away from him and stopped what was about to happen. Our lips met, and I felt a sudden surge of excitement rush thru my body. Our passions were rampant for a while; I felt his warm hand on my thigh as he worked his way upward.

I stopped the kissing, suddenly realizing where this was heading.

"No... no Wayne... this is not right... we can't and I won't" I said.

I felt him move his hand from my thigh to my stomach, running it gently over the smooth skin and soft flesh.

"It's what the other two will be doing... right about now" he said.

"Eh... what do you mean... it's what the other two will be doing... I doubt it very much" I replied

"Take it from me... they will... why do you think we split up so easily... ask yourself"

"We know why... I didn't want to go via the village... that's why"

He just sniggered and said "Oh yeh... that's what we wanted you to believe... in actual fact it was a great opportunity to get you away from the two of them"

I was stunned at what he was saying, this was just not true... it couldn't be... not Jessica and Steve, god Jessica worshiped Wayne... she would never hear a bad word about him... ever.

"Yeh... sounds impossible doesn't it, but alas it's true, we'd talked about being with other partners some time ago, and it turned out that Jessica and Steve harbored some feelings for each other... sexually that is... I likewise had an attraction toward you and we agreed that if the opportunity came along, we'd make it work... the only problem was you... Steve said you'd never go along with it, so they in the mean time have been having er... moments together... with my consent of course and today we saw another opportunity open up when you said you did not want to do the whole walk... you notice how quick they were in agreeing to a split up?"

His hand had slipped under the elastic belt, holding up my shorts. There was no belt as such and it made it easy for him. My mind was on what he had just told me. I was thinking about the two of them right now. No... no it could not be, I kept trying to tell myself as his hand continued to move downward, into my panties, searching feeling.

As I argued with him, he had what seemed logical answers to my protests and his hand continued on its search. I gave a little shudder as his fingers touched my pussy, gently tracing its lips, before delving inside, first one, then two, working back and forth, making it open up, making it wet. I guess I was too worked up and angry about the other two, to realise what was happening. What he was doing with his fingers made me feel good, but still the other thoughts played heavily on my mind, as he continued to get me more and more excited, I did nothing to stop him. I was in a bubbling cauldron, a whirlpool of pleasure and anger, anger that my so called loving husband and my best friend were now at this precise moment making love. Well if it's good enough for them, then it's good enough for Wayne and I.

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