by Marina Tete

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: a young employee finds her chance in career and realtionship with her boss.

"Nina, would you like to take that offer?"

The question came out of no where; I wasn't even paying attention to Ms. Marge while she was arguing with Tom. Tom happens to be one of the best employees but have been presenting problems when dealing with his boss lately; I had a feeling that she planned to have him fired.

"Sure thing m'aam" I quickly answered not wanting to piss her off more than what she already was, but I didn't realize that she only gave me the offer to challenge Tom and that I don't know what this offer exactly means.

"Follow me into my office to give you all what you need." Ms. Marge said while moving away from Tom who has lost his dignity and started to beg for forgiveness.

I entered the office where she explained that both of us will team up to get a new account for our agency. It meant a lot for her career and of course financial profit, with that said and Tom's reaction to losing this account, I chickened out.

I was merely an assistant in the purchasing department, let alone inexperienced. How was I supposed to land such a major account?

I spoke out my concerns, a huge mistake. She was enraged,

"Aren't you a business major and graduated with honors" she questioned me.

"Yes, but that was two years ago, and I had no practical experiences with such large deals"

I said while feeling sorry for what I have become, two years ago I would have jumped at this opportunity and succeeded in landing the account even alone.

"Nonsense, I chose you and you will immediately drop all your work to concentrate on this." She said and didn't wait for response, but simply threw the account documents in my hands and pushed me out of her office.

I walked slowly back to my small desk where I dumped everything and went to seek my boss. The whole thing was starting to appeal to me and I was going to ask for a leave from my position to assist Ms. Marge with the account.

Another surprise met me there; she has already coordinated with my boss to have me put on her team. Even gave me a week off work to start working and pull it off.

I returned to her office to thank her, and assure her that I will begin working immediately. She looked calmer now and I even sensed she was happy I was excited about this.

"I need you to go home, begin studying the papers I gave you, and then you are to come tonight at my place to lay out a plane, understood Nina" she said while staring directly into my eyes. "Here are the directions, don't be late" with that she sat behind her desk and acted as if I wasn't there.

I left her office headed towards my place; I was staying in small flat near the company to save me the cost of transportation. I took and hot shower and relaxed, then started flipping through the account documents.

It was about an advertising campaign for a huge cosmetic company, that somewhat rang a bell in my memory. I did something similar for my thesis and it got me my honors.

So immediately I dug out my college notes and found my plan at the time, surely enough it was very similar and this plan can work here. I was ecstatic and began to prepare an outline to match this account, I couldn't wait to see what Ms. Marge will say once she finds out I almost finished the whole thing.

It took me a couple of hours to finish my proposal, by then it was time to meet Ms. Marge at her place. I got dressed in a black short skirt, a cherry silk blouse, and a pair of garters.

I found her apartment building and took the elevator to the fifth floor as her card said, when I was about to ring her doorbell I heard a shriek coming from inside. I knocked on the door relentlessly until I heard her voice from inside. I waited for a few moments till she opened the door, she was ok so I calmed down a bit but when she let me in, I saw a wall clock which hit me that it was only 6:30 pm and Our appointment was at 8:30, perhaps this explains why she was dressed in a sheer house coat.

"Nina, a bit early aren't we." She said jokingly when she saw me looking at the clock.

"hmm... I am truly sorry, I didn't realize"

"That's completely alright Nina, if you care to sit here for a moment while I take care of something." She said and entered a room.

I sat blushing in her hall, but again the sound vibrated through the apartment again although this time I noticed it wasn't Ms. Marge's yet a female sound.

And it wasn't all that terrible; I could sense it carried a bit of pleasure in it. Anyhow I was still in my place when she emerged from the room asking me about my ideas for the account.

Somehow I managed to neglect all about the sound and explained my proposal briefly to her. Ms. Marge looked pleased,

"To tell you the truth Nina I didn't expect you will be able to sum it up this nicely and I think we should go by your plan." She finally said.

"Oh, thank you Ms. Marge, do you think it will actually work?" I asked impatiently

"Of course, it is perfect. And now we are done with business, how about a nice dinner?" she asked.

It almost slipped from me when I heard the sound again but this time it was absolutely loud and utterly due to pleasure.

"Excuse me Nina; I will be back in a few seconds." Again she went into her room.

This situation was suddenly unfolding in my brain, clearly Ms. Marge had a special person inside but it was a woman, is Ms. Marge lesbian. And to think I was sitting here all this time keeping her from her date.

I felt absolutely stupid and was going to leave once she exists the room.

She came out, I was about to talk when another woman followed. She was obviously a mess allowing me to believe that the sounds were her pleasure.

Ms. Marge introduced us then led the lady outside and came to sit next to me.

"I think you understand what was happening in there?" she said smiling.

I simply nodded in agreement,

"And it is our secret, I don't want every person at work to know my private matters" she winked at me.

"Of course, and I think I should be leaving now." I replied but she seemed to be upset with my decision

"No I won't have this, you must stay for a while, because we need to know more about each other."

"But Ms. Marge, I made enough trouble and really should leave." I apologized.

"And leave me alone, no sit with me. I'll prepare us dinner, you just sit here." She said and walked to the kitchen.

I was embarrassed beyond belief but I really wanted to get to know her, at work she is perfect. Never late and always the best, I was wishing that she might be the one to lift me from my career breakdown.

"Ok, all is set, come and join me." She shouted merrily inviting me to sit with her.

We sat and ate the amazing food she has prepared; she was great company and was really friendly with me. After finishing I offered to help clear the table and she agreed, I collected my courage and began asking about her previous experiences, how she reached this level. In return she wondered why I wasted my education while I can excel in marketing.

I told her that it was either this job or none and she implied that this account will most probably do me great good is this aspect, at that point if felt completely alive. Somehow her words lifted my moral into the sky, but then a question woke me from my dreams.

"Nina I want to know if you've been with a girl before, If that doesn't bother you of course." She asked with her biggest smile.

"Hmm. Me, no I haven't Marge" I replied almost instantly, and removed her title. If she wanted to know such intimate things, titles shouldn't be standing in our way.

"Oh, was that too open. I just wanted to know, because you were so cool with my lover leaving and never commented on the noises she made.'' She answered almost apologetically.

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