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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is a scene that I actually edited out of one of my novels. I came across it as I was sorting through files and thought I'd see what you thought. You might recognize the names, Kara and Jacob, if you've read my work before. It's a quick sex scene between two lovers separated by anger.

Moonlight flooded the huge room, making the soft white curtains that danced in the wind look ghostly, giving the room a surreal other worldly feel. It highlighted the slender figure that lay under the satiny sheet, shining in the silky length of her black hair, glowing upon her pale skin. The sheet followed the curves of her body, clinging to her hips and breasts like a faithful lover.

He stood in the doorway, his chest bare but for the light trailing of hair, a pair of breeches his only garment. His heart raced as his green/blue eyes took in the sight of her, there, in his bed. He hadn't expected this, had expected her to be incensed by his folly, locking him from her bed not waiting for him in his.

Leaving the doorway, he strode across the expanse of room, his bare feet silent in the thick pile of rug. Kneeling carefully beside her, he took the sheet in two fingers and pulled it down, exposing the creamy skin of her chest, the rounded globes of her breasts with their turgid rose colored nipples.

She shivered as the hem of the sheet brushed across her nipples, her eyes moving rapidly behind her eyelids as she dreamed. He waited, watching, hearing her slight moan and seeing the shift of her legs that parted with a dancer's grace. He couldn't help but wonder at her dreams. Were they of him? Of them? Did she miss him as much as he did her?

The soft material of the sheet shifted over her hips, baring the curly pelt that covered the mound of her sex. With her legs spread and the moon to light his way, he could glimpse the pink flesh hidden there, the moistness of her desire glistening for him.

The sheet slid to the floor in a silky pool of white as he settled back to stare at the beauty he had uncovered. His heart raced in his chest, his blood throbbed in his groin pulsing through his cock and leaving him hard and aching against heavy leather of his breeches. He thought of undoing them, of stripping them off before he woke her, but the desire to feel her slender fingers against him, undoing those buttons, stripping off his breeches was a much greater enticement.

Lying next to her, he smoothed her hair from her face with a gentle caress. She murmured in her sleep, making him smile as he heard his name, torn from her dreams and spoken in her soft voice, calling to him. Her body turned towards his as if called, seeking his warmth, his touch. He let her curl next to him, her thigh insinuating itself between his, her hips brushing against his swollen length.

His lips found hers, coaxing at first as he gently called her from her dreams, clinging and moist as her lips parted beneath his. His tongue caressed the inside of her lips, stroked over the hard smooth surface of her teeth before slipping inside. He tasted the darkness of her passion, the flavor of her love, felt the heat of her as her lips moved under his. Ending the kiss, he saw her eyes open in the moonlight, a gentle blue that could become fiery and icy in turn with her mood. Tonight, they gleamed with the ardor of her love for him.

"Jacob, I thought..."

"Shh, my love," he whispered, his body moving closer to hers. "Don't think. Don't talk. Just feel."

His lips took hers again, wringing a soft moan from deep within her. His hands roamed her body with avid care, finding every place that stoked her fiery passions with the precision and grace of a virtuoso.

He stroked the length of her back, his large hand cupping the curve of her bottom, slipping between her parted thighs to find wet heat. With a groan of his own, he explored her quivering flesh, pushing between swollen nether lips to find the delicate entrance to her womb.

She shivered as he pushed one finger inside of her, the muscles of her spongy walls tight around his seeking digit. She moaned as he found the bud of her clit, stroking the hard bundle of nerve endings with his thumb until she cried out, sweet pleasure flooding her body as her ecstasy inspired juices flooded his hand.

"You're amazing, my love," he groaned, feeling his cock swell inside his breeches, begging for release and then tender imprisonment inside the depths of her cunt. He took her hand, bringing it from his shoulder down to the top button of his breeches. "Release me, Kara, let me free to fill you with my love."

Her fingers trembled upon the top button before pulling it free, slipping to the next and then the next. He could feel their heat upon his flesh, the tremor of her fingers like the beat of butterfly wings on his cock. He rolled to his back, and she to her knees, helping to rid him of the encumbrance of his breeches before coming back to stare at him.

He could see desire and sated pleasure both in her eyes as she looked down at his body. Her hand reached out, touched the shaft of his cock, grasping it gently with newly taught fingers. Just a week ago, she'd been innocent, a wide eyed virgin whose body he had taken to make his own. Now she stroked his cock as he had taught her, looking up into his eyes, her bottom lip caught between her teeth.

"Touch your breasts, love. Let me see you pleasure yourself as you pleasure me."

He saw her eyes close, a flush gracing her cheeks. Her embarrassment was part of his enjoyment in asking her to do these things, her innocence still provocative. Her free hand went to her breast, squeezing and molding the soft flesh, her fingers pulling on her nipple.

"Look at me, love. I wish to see what you feel."

Her eyes opened, almost defiantly. Her tongue rasped across her lips, leaving them wet and glistening in the light. A soft moan was wrenched from her and he watched as her nipples hardened, turning darker rose at the pleasure of her own fingers.

"Slide your hand down your stomach, love," he ordered, groaning as she did as she was bid. Her fingers lay just above the curly pelt of her sex and he knew she waited for him to do more. "Part your lips, love, and take me inside the heat of your mouth."

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