Car Crash

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I didn't remember anything... not even the car crash... and certainly nothing before it, try as I may my mind remained a complete blank. What I was being told by my friends was that true

I was swimming toward the light... upward... upward, my eyes flicked open... I was awake, conscious once again.

Voices, I could hear voices, tubes were in my mouth and nose.

"I think she's awake doctor" one voice said.

Faces were hovering above me.

"Hello there. I see you're back with us again... how do you feel?"

The fact was I felt terrible, I couldn't move and my side ached like hell.

I could hardly talk, my voice sounded weak and far away.

"What happened... where am I?" I asked in a croaky voice

"You were in an accident... a car crash... you're very lucky to be alive, do you know who you are?" the doctor asked.

I searched my mind and memory but as hard as I tried I could remember nothing and then I realised, my memory was totally blank... not even my name.

"I... I... I can't remember... nothing... nothing at all... who am I?" I asked

"Well we were hoping you could tell us" they said

"There must be something... some sort of clue"

"No, not a thing. The driver of the car was killed outright, you were very, very lucky hardly a scratch on you, given a few days and you should be right as rain, you're memory could be back then, just rest up, we'll keep an eye on you and try to fathom out who you are" said the doctor, then they left to talk amongst themselves.

In the ensuing days, all the wires and tubes that had been connected to me were removed. The aches started to subside and I was left with only bruising, this also would heal in the next few days. When I viewed the photos of the crash later, it was indeed a miracle that I had escaped with so little injury.

The police of course came to interview me, but I could tell them nothing more than I'd already told the doctors... I could remember nothing.

"Well it would seem you were lucky on two counts... first the crash and second the man who was driving you... he was a suspect in at least seven rapes around the city... we could not prove any connection to the rape victims. We know who he was... but where you fit in remains a mystery I'm afraid" said Lieutenant Digby Rossiter "However we'll keep trying... there's got to be someone who knows you"

I was a complete mystery to everyone, myself included. Then they decided to place a photo of me in the local press, with my story and my lost memory to see if anyone could recognize me... and it worked.

Three days later an entourage of folk, came trouping into my room. Three women and two men.

"Abigail... darling, how are you my love" which was accompanied with hugs and kisses all round

I stared at the five people surrounding my bed, studying each face individually, searching for some form of recognition... willing my memory to return, but alas none came... they were all strangers to me.

"I'm... I'm sorry I don't seem to be able to recall who you all are"

"Ah the doctor said you have suffered a memory loss, he's not too sure how long it will take to regain it... maybe tomorrow... maybe a few months. Said to try and get you back on your feet and doing the things you did previously, then something familiar may just trigger something"

"Well who am I, what's my name... you guys must know that... you called me Abigail when you came in"

"Yes... yes your name is Abigail Foster and these are your friends" said one of the guys, who'd drawn up a chair, sitting along side me and was holding my hand.

"I'm Brad... Brad Stevens, I'm your boyfriend, partner, and we live at Stevens Close. This is Jeannette Boswell... this is Harriet Crosby, Diane Gower, and Reggie Powell" he said as he introduced me to the others.

"You don't remember a thing do you" He asked.

"No... no not a thing, they tell me I was in a car crash and it would seem I'm lucky to survive... I've seen the photos... quite horrific"

"Yeh, we've seen them too... you were very lucky... very lucky indeed... anyhow we have to get you all better again and get back to normal living... get that memory of yours back" said Brad, giving my hand a reassuring grip.

"So what else, what more can you tell me, what do I do, where do I work"

There was silence as they all looked furtively at one another, no one wishing to speak.

"Er look we can go over all that later, we have heaps to tell you, try and bring you up to date, see if any of it jogs your memory"

"What is it... what do you not wish to tell me now?"

"Well... er... the truth is, you work as an escort, you and all of us own and run the agency... you know all partners in the project, even splits"

"You mean... I'm... I'm a prostitute, is that what you're telling me" I replied

"Well yes... that's it; we thought we'd leave it until we got you home"

"God I can't believe it... somehow I thought it would be the last thing I'd do"

"Well no... no it's not, you have a very good following, very popular, you've held the place together over the last four years... we need you back in one piece again"

Again I searched the faces for a clue, something anything that would jog my memory... nothing.

"How did you know I was here... why didn't you come looking for me sooner" I asked.

"Well the thing is sweetheart, you had taken off for a vacation, wanted to be alone for a while... you'd been working real hard... lots of pressure, we all agreed a vacation would do you good, we knew nothing about the accident until we saw your picture in the paper... and here we are"

I was hardly listening to the excited chatter that was going on around me. I tried in vain to remember... a hooker, god I was a hooker... well it was one piece of the puzzle I guess... if only I could remember.

My friends and colleagues continued to visit and as the weeks passed, the wounds healed, but not my memory, then the doctor said there was nothing more they could do for me physically... time would heal the memory. The best thing was to return to the everyday things I had done before the accident and eventually this may suddenly trigger the mind.

Brad drove me home, it was a nice house, well furnished and in a good location. It faced out to the sea, the sound of surf crashing on the shore.

"The Escort Agency must do well" I said looking at the house and fine furnishings.

"Pretty good, we get by I guess... but it's all because of you... without you it would be nothing"

I wandered from room to room, picking up ornaments trying to visualize them in my mind, hoping they would be that trigger... the trigger for my memory, nothing. I opened the wardrobe that Brad said held all my cloths. I took them out, held them, smelled them, smell sometimes brought back memories, opened draws... underwear... lots of underwear. I obviously liked sexy underwear, shoes, mostly hi heal... going through each item told me that my wardrobe held clothing that was suited to a person who was involved in the sex industry. Rather erotic, clothing that would excite men. So it was all true, everything Brad had told me was true. I was a prostitute. Nothing so far had helped me. My mind was still a blank.

"If you like I'll sleep in the spare room, give you some space and time to get used to me and you again... you know" he said

"Thanks... that's most considerate of you... I appreciate that" I replied.

Brad was more than considerate and very understanding, as were the girls. I continued in my quest to regain my memory but to no avail. I slowly put together what Brad and the others knew about me and bit by bit I started to put my life back together, so I was starting my life from the time of the accident. I made visits to the agency and whilst there, men would come over to me and tell me it was great to see me back and how long would it be before I was back working. Every client of mine I tried in vain to remember him or them, it was so frustrating, everyone knew me, but I just could not remember them. I had to do something about it and do it fast.

"I think it's about time I moved back into bed with you sweetheart, perhaps if you try and pick up the threads again, it may just help, sitting waiting for it to happen isn't going to help and the girls are getting a little, well worked up and understandably so, they feel you are not pulling your weight, they are doing all the work, while you contribute nothing... we have to move on"

I knew this day was coming, as good as Brad had been to me, He eventually would want things to return to the way they had been... whilst I was still uncertain as to who I was. I thought that at some stage I must have loved him... loved him deeply to, share his bed, and also to go into business with him and the others, turning tricks for a living. I guess the time had arrived.

"Yeh... ok... how about one thing at a time, move back into bed with me first and let's see how the other pans out" I said.

"Sure... but don't leave it too long... the other girls aren't going to carry you forever... I'm under pressure from them now"

That night I felt a little awkward and somewhat embarrassed at undressing and slipping between the sheets with this... well this stranger I guess, maybe our love making would do the trick.

It didn't take long for me to feel the excitement of his warm body next to mine, his hands running gently over the contours of my body, rubbing against my thigh, his fingers touching and exciting my slit. "Oh Brad... Brad... I've missed you" I murmured. Had I missed him or was there something in my subconscious that had triggered a response... a response that I'd felt before and was manifesting itself through Brad, as his fingers slid inside me I murmured his name again "Oh Brad... Brad... Brad" and held him tight, now gyrating my hips and working myself against the inserted fingers. One thing I did know was that I liked what he was doing to me... as my pussy became wetter and wetter, letting my legs part a little more.

"Ohhhh... honey it's been so long... far too long... I've needed you so much" he said, burying his face in my hair and biting my neck. A wonderful electric tingle ran through my body.

"I'm sorry my love... I'm sorry... it's going to be ok now... I promise" I said

Our lips and tongues matched each other, passion for passion, his other hand finding and squeezing my breast, as he attacked on two fronts. If I'd always felt this way with and about him our sexual encounters must have been wonderful... if only I could remember... but now I was building new memories. I realized I must have been in love with him. I had feelings about him, real feelings, and good feelings. I felt his warm lips gently brush my breast and nipple, his tongue gently making circles around it, making them hard.

He slid his body on top of mine. I felt the excitement as his hard member brushed against my thighs, as he forced his way between my legs. His hands were strong, but gentle as he prised them apart. I held them apart as far as I could, then I felt it, the warm bulbous end of his penis as it made penetration into my warm and now very wet pussy. I could see his warm reassuring smile; I knew he must be feeling good, now that I was giving him the one thing he had missed since I'd left, he pushed on into me. My back arched up to meet him and I gasped, a deep down gasp of satisfaction. "Oh god Brad... Brad... Brad... I love you" I sighed, his hips and ass swayed in unison, giving me the pleasure I'd obviously missed for some weeks.

I let out a loud scream as the orgasm hit me like a giant bolt of electricity, at the same time his own orgasm hit, sending a copious amount of cum inside me.

"Oh god... oh god Abigail... Abigail... that was so good... god how I've missed you my darling... welcome home"

I clung to him and sighed "It's so good to be back... even if I can't remember our past"

"Mmmm don't worry about it my love... we are going to create some new exciting and wonderful memories... we still have all our lives to do it"

I hugged him tight and we kissed long and passionately.

It was of course just the beginning. I had the sense that things were getting back to normal, the way they must have been prior to the accident. The only thing that remained was the agency and my involvement with it. I had to get back to work, pull my weight; I couldn't let the girls carry me. If things were now working out between Brad and I again, then surely everything would work out my being a hooker.

Brad's and my relationship blossomed. I couldn't have been or felt happier.

"Let's take a trip down to the agency, let the girls see you are at least trying to make the move back... just get to know the place again... get a feel for it... maybe help jolt a memory or two"

I felt some what apprehensive, but felt I should at least make some move toward it.

"Yeh... yeh ok... I guess" I replied, somewhat unconvincingly

As we walked through the doors, I tried to let the moment purvey my inner mind and self, help bring back some sort of memory... but still no stirrings.

I was greeted by the girls as some lost sister... and the all important question "When are you coming back Abigail?" I think it was more like. When are you coming back to work, help out around here.

"Oh... I guess soon... yeh real soon" I said trying to sound convincing. I could tell by their expressions it was not the answer they had really wanted. It was at this precise moment that I heard a voice behind me say "Abigail... Abigail, how lovely to see you again... I do hope you're back"

I turned and saw a tall, balding chubby guy, a smile a mile wide. He was obviously glad to see me.

"It's Steve, Steve Johnson... you must remember me"

I stared long and hard, studied every part of his face, something anything... again no.

"No... no I'm sorry to say I can't say I've seen you before"

"Oh god I'm devastated... fancy forgetting me... well let's get reacquainted, I'm here looking for a girl for an hour or so and here you are... how about it" He asked

"Oh... I don't..." I was watching the looks on Jeanette and Diane's faces, they were waiting eagerly for my answer, just waiting for me to say no... I turned my gaze to Steve, likewise he was waiting for me to say yes, I was backed into a corner. It was now or never, either I said no, and the other girls turn against me, also hurt the feelings of what seemed a good reliable client, or say yes and start to get my former life back together.

No one was saying anything their eyes were upon me, waiting for my answer.

Brad came beside me, slid his arm around my waist. "Go on honey... it's now or never... time to climb back on the bike"

I couldn't let the silence go on, all eyes watching me, waiting for an answer.

"Ok... ok, let's do it" I replied, my voice trembling a little.

"That' my girl... its gona be ok honey you'll see, just like old times"

Steve was also ecstatic with my answer. "Ah fabulous... just fabulous" he said. "Now isn't room four you're room"

I had no idea, if he said it was, then it was as he said it was, we must have used that room before, to carry out our transactions.

"Just straight along the corridor honey" Diane said, using the pencil she had been chewing to point out the direction.

With Steve in tow, I counted out the numbers on the doors, 1... 2... 3... 4. I stood with my hand on the doorknob, unable to turn and enter, once I stepped through it there was no turning back. I looked back at Diane and Jeannette who were watching... a nod from Diane. I took a deep breath, turned the doorknob and led Steve into the room.

It was an hour later, when he and I returned to the reception area.

"All went well sweetheart, no problems were there" Diane asked.

"No... no... none at all. I think it went quite well... don't you Steve"

"Absolutely my love... absolutely... you'll not hear any complaints from me"

After we had entered the room. I was uncertain as what to do next, somehow I thought it would all just come flooding back to me, I must have done it so many times before, Steve being one of my clients... well I just thought my instincts would tell and show me what to do... but that was not the case.

My senses and emotions were all mixed up, like clothes churning around in a washing machine. Uncertainty, pleasure, excitement, guilt... they were all there... there was no backing off now... I'd committed myself to the fires of lust and desire.

"Look Steve... I hope I'm not going to disappoint you... I just don't know what to do next... I know you and I have probably done this together many, many times... but maybe you should take the lead and I'll go along with it" I said.

"Oh don't you worry honey... I understand how things are... given time you'll be just as good as you ever were... I'll help you along" he replied and started to undress.

He'd obviously done this many, many times before, either with me or some other woman, he was quite unabashed as he casually took off all his clothing.

I on the other hand, took a little longer as piece by piece I stepped out of and discarded each article.

My panties were last as I slid them over my hips and down past my thighs, kicking them away. My eyes focusing on the hard erection he held in his hand, as he waited patiently for me to undress. The sight of it made my heart race a little faster; this was the thing I was here to service.

I felt somewhat awkward and embarrassed as he stared at my naked body, slowly going over my breasts and down to the slit that vanished between my legs. His face lit up with a smile.

He gave a little whistle of appraisal. "Whow... sweetheart, you're as gorgeous as ever... simply gorgeous' He said, jerking harder on his erection.

"Now how about we start with a little blow job... let me see if that mouth of yours is as good as ever... come on suck me off"

I dropped to my knees, his hard erection only and inch or so from my mouth. It looked real impressive, the skin stretched tight over its surface. I reached out for it, touched it, let my fingers gently roam the surface, and then grasped it in my hand. It felt warm, clammy, but hard. He immediately relinquished it to my care, placing his hands on his hips.

I opened my mouth wide ready to place it in my mouth, when he said "Aren't you forgetting something sweetheart"

"What... what is it" I replied, wondering what I'd done wrong.

"A condom... you haven't fitted me with a condom... you're always a stickler for them"

"Oh yes, of course" I replied. Shit how could I forget that, my memory must be truly gone.

He handed me the cellophane covered package and I tore it open with my teeth and removed the latex condom, gently rolling it over the hard shaft. I looked at the bubble at the end of it and thought about how it would soon be filled with his sperm.

I started again and placed his stiff member in my mouth. My lips now moving over the surface, sucking, licking. My tongue could feel the outline of the corona as it circled its circumference. My hand worked it, back and forth, back and forth.

"Oh honey... honey... you were always good at sucking cock... that's one thing you're still good at" he said, eyes closed, head up.

I kept sucking and jerking him, until he decided it was time for a change. He had me lay and my back, I was propped on my elbows, my knees drawn up and my legs spread wide... wider please... wider. He said. When I could spread them no further, he gazed at my slit. I could see the satisfaction in his eyes. I watched as he slipped first one finger, then two inside me, working them back and forth. Oh god that felt good and I could feel myself becoming wet, followed by the slurping sound as he worked his fingers back an forth.

"Oh that's it sweetheart... that's it... you're coming on... you're coming on... produce that sweet honey of yours for Steve babe"

My hips were swaying and thrusting, in time with his fingers; I was willing him to go deeper. I closed my eyes and let my mind take in the most wonderful euphoric of feelings, raising and pushing myself onto his fingers. He took his two fingers and put them in his mouth, sucking and licking them.

"Mmmm... mmmm... oh baby, you taste so good" then once again he plunged them in, this time when he removed them, they were placed in my mouth, I licked and sucked the wet fingers until all my honey was gone.

He wasn't finished yet, he wanted to get into the honey pot itself and I felt his warm mouth and tongue, burrow into my wet slit. I could do nothing else but cry out in ecstasy.

I guess I must have been doing something right. I could sense Steve's lusts and desires increasing with every passing moment. "Oh baby... baby... baby" he was saying, passionately. With his hands now keeping my legs firmly apart, he placed himself between them, his eye never straying from my slit. I felt an excited tingle as the firm bloated head, made contact with my warm, wet pussy. It was all slow motion, first the head, then the shaft were slowly swallowed up, as he pushed himself inside me. His connection to me was full and final, pubic hair against pubic hair.

"Oh god Steve" it was an exclamation that just seemed to automatically come from me.

I searched his smiling face for a clue of recognition as once again I'd hoped this would help jog my lost memory... nothing.

I remained propped on my elbows and continued to watch his slow easy actions. His hips and ass swaying back and forth, the condom gleaming wet from being inside my wet pussy as it slid effortlessly in and out.

Oh god it felt so good. I wondered how long I'd been a hooker and what made me take it up as a profession... if only I could remember it all. I lay back, closed my eyes and let the wonderful euphoria rip through my body... being a whore didn't seem that bad.

His hands never stopped roaming over my body, his thrusting was non stop, faster and faster, the bed creaked and groaned as he thrust into me, I sighed and gasped, and then I knew he was about ready to explode. One big final thrust and he collapsed exhausted on top of me, his body wet with sweat from the effort.

"Oh god Abigail... Abigail... it's so good to have you back" he said.

"I'll take that as a compliment Steve... glad I good be of assistance to you again" I replied.

With fun time now over, we dressed and made our way back to reception area. Diane asking how it had all gone.

After Steve had departed, Diane said there was another client of mine booked for the afternoon and it may be a good idea to meet up with him again, keep with the ones that already knew me... it may be one of them that would be the key to my past.

I agreed, asked who he was, but the name meant nothing to me. Having met with Steve and doing what we did, it's a bit like someone doing a parachute jump for the first time, the dread of the unknown... but once you have done it, there was nothing to fear or worry about. My afternoon meeting went well and as each day passed and I met more and more clients. Any qualms and uncertainties I may have had, started to vanish, like early morning mist and before long my clients were saying I was quite my own self again... even though I could not remember a thing.

I became proficient and well practiced in my job, the result being my popularity increased. I was pleased that it did, as now I could contribute to the efforts and coffers of the business, no one could say I wasn't pulling my wait.

Little bits of my past seemed to be returning. I had glimpses and dreams. In my dreams there was a man... someone I had not seen before, not one of my friends or clients. It was a face that continually haunted me and a house... a big house... furniture... lots of furniture all antique. Try as I may, this is all I could see... but my shrink said it was a start and Brad said it was good news... he too agreed it was at least a start.

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