A Quickie or a Hickey

by Dag123

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Humor, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The age old dance of seduction is handled with an all dialogue conversation. Might be a fun read. Gives new meaning to the saying, "To make a long story short....

"Give me a quickie or I'll give you a hickey."

"Shut up!"

"No you shut up! Get those panties off."

"No! Do you think I don't know what you want to do to me?"

"Come on Baby Girl, give me some of that Hoochie Poo."

"You try anything, I'll slap your face, you horny guy."

"Come on, raise your dress just a little. I want to see what color panties you have on. "

"I raise my dress, the next thing I know, you'll be over here trying to pull my panties off with your teeth."

"You mean—I don't even get a little peek?"

"Oh, well... then - Okay. Make it a quick one though. And stay right where you are. I want you clear across the room from me while you're looking."

"AAAhhh! Yes... you have on that lacy pink pair I like. Open those sexy little thighs of yours—just a little wider."

"Enjoying the view?"

"Yeah! Don't stop! Your thighs look delicious."

"Okay, that's it.You've seen enough."

"Aw, come on... , just a few moments more?"

"If I let you look for another minute do you promise not come over here and try to kiss your way up my thighs till you get to my panties?"

"The future is promised to no one. So what's wrong with me coming over there and kissing my way up those warm fragrant thighs of yours?"

"If I let you—next you'll be wanting to sniff my panties."

"Is there anything there to sniff, yet?"

"Oh, you dirty guy... , you know I'm already wet, don't you?"

"If you pulled your little pink lacy panties down just a little, I might slip my warm tongue under your panty elastic and give you a treat."

"Promises! Promises!"

"Come on, help me out here!"

"You just want to get into my panties."

"And you know this—how?"

"Never mind... , would you like to kiss my thighs? Only for a few moments, though, Okay?"

"Sure whatever you say."

"Do you promise to stop if I ask you."

"Are you going to ask me?"

"That depends."

"Okay, You have to get on your knees and crawl over here."

"Boy! The things a guy has to do to get between your thighs."

"You coming or not! Start crawling!"

"I hate that you're making me crawl like this. I hope your pussy will be nice and wet by the time I get there. This is making me so hot."

"Maybe that's the idea."

"Okay, I'm here—open those luscious thighs of yours. WOW! I can smell your fragrance already."

"UUUUmmm, Smells sooo nice! Open your thighs more."

"Make me!"

"Oh, stop teasing me, you sweet little Bitch!"

"Ouch! Stop pushing my thighs so far apart!" Stop it!

"How about I breathe on your panties a little? Would you like that?"

"Okay, if you want to get your nose all wet—it feels like my panties are already soaked."

"I can smell your feminine juices right through your panties."

"You like?"

"Yeah! It's driving me crazy. I'm so hot I can't hardly keep from tearing your little pink panties off."

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