Molly's Erotic Gift To Antonio

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, White Female, Oriental Female, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After being challenged, Molly wins a not-so-friendly scuffle with Veronica, one of the younger wives at a Beach Party. It's now a week later. She and Antonio have been invited to a Friday Evening Erotic get together for couples. Because she was successful the first time'"Molly decides to try to give Antonio another special erotic gift. Her plans soon go awry when she finds she is to be pitted against Veronica's older sister in a winner-take-all feminine erotic scuffle with everyone watching.

"Get up... Sleepyhead!" Molly whispered sexily, as she leaned over her sleeping husband, running her soft little fingers through his black hair as she kissed his warm lips.

A few minutes later, a sleepy Antonio joined her in their bright kitchen. She had fixed his favorite breakfast of ham and eggs. Once she had served him—Molly couldn't wait to ask.

"Honey... , what is this Friday evening thing Janet was talking to us about at the Beach Party yesterday? Is it anything like what went on out at the beach yesterday?" Molly asked.

Hesitantly, her reluctant husband explained to Molly that it was like what had gone on at the Beach, except much wilder.

"Sooo... , tell me what happens!" Molly insisted, getting more and more curious.

"Well," Antonio said, as he hesitated, searching for just the right words.

"What happens is this group of couples who like a little different type of erotica have formed their own private exclusive little club.

"They get together privately about once a month or so. The wives take turns tussling with each other. To make it a little more realistic, I think the women do sometimes pull hair.

Because it's meant to be primarily erotic—and done in complete privacy — usually, both women end up tearing off the other's clothes. The two wives picked that night—entertain while the other couples watch. It can get pretty erotic... -"

"In what way... ?" Molly asked, now very curious. The idea of a little secret erotic club intrigued her.

How does Antonio know about it, she wondered to herself.

"Well... , whichever wife gets the other woman down—and succeeds in making her give up—is declared the Winner!

"The Loser is then in total submission to the Winner for an hour. During that time, the Winner makes Loser do erotic stuff while everyone watches."

Antonio searched Molly's face for a reaction.

"Whew!" Molly said, dumbfounded, a look of astonishment on her pretty face. I can't believe something like that really goes on. But, then again—this is Brazil," she laughed.

"It's a pretty large group," Antonio said, continuing."Most of the couples are pretty well off. Most of the wives don't work. So, I think the club is their way of giving their husbands a special type of erotic enjoyment."

"After what happened yesterday at the Beach, I can see how the husbands would enjoy something like that. It must be very sexy and erotic to watch. Have you ever gone?" she asked.

"Yes, once one of the married couples got permission from the other couples for me to join them. It was the most sensuous erotic night of my life. For months after, I would get aroused just thinking about it."

"Honey... , are you trying to suggest you'd enjoy watching me do something like that with someone in that group?" Molly asked, her brown eyes searching his face, trying to understand.

Although hesitant, Antonio decided to answer her question.

"I am ashamed of myself for even admitting it; but, after watching your little female scuffle with Veronica at the beach party, I can't think of anything that would be more erotically exciting. Am I terrible?" he asked, feeling guilty.

"No... ," Molly said, "I know it's something you enjoy. I'm just not sure I would be brave enough to go through with it,"she laughed.

"Since it seems to be all in fun, maybe it wouldn't be so bad."

"At the Beach Party when she and I were into it and it was happening, I had no idea it was affecting you like that."

"To be completely honest," Antonio said, looking somewhat sheepish and embarrassed.

"I came twice, just watching you and that little Veronica, tussling and pulling hair."

Molly laughed. Looking up into her husband's handsome face, she said.

"So... , you really enjoyed watching me down there rolling around in the sand struggling with her, huh?" she asked, teasing him.

Then with a naughty little giggle, she asked.

"Do I dare ask—was everyone able to see very much of my forbidden spot?"

Antonio grinned down at his little mischievous wife.

"That was when I came—once when part of Mrs. Aria's black haired pussy slipped out of her panties, and—once when she had you on the bottom and your old swim suit pulled to one side and everything was in full view."

"Molly, I think right then, I fell in love with you all over again. I was just so gosh darned proud of you," he said, leaning over to kiss her warm sweet lips once again.

"WOW!" she laughed. "You got it twice? Unbelievable!"

Unable to resist, he teased her.

"Were you embarrassed that everyone saw your sexy little Slit," he asked.

"What do you think?" Molly snapped, laughing in spite of herself.

Leaning down he softly kissed her parted lips again, noting her breathing had become quicker.

"Okay! Tell me more," Molly said, encouraging him.

Seeing she was interested, Antonio told her some of the intimate things the woman in submission could be forced to do.

Then he said wistfully.

"All the husbands claim there's no arousal like the one you get from watching your own wife in an erotic feminine confrontation with another woman."

Smiling hopefully, he said.

"It's very secretive, intimate and private. No outsiders are ever allowed. It's just what it's meant to be—a little intimate secret erotic club.

"Honey... ," Molly said, smiling up into his handsome face.

"I have a little secret to confide to you also," She giggled, "it's kind of embarrassing."

"I can't wait!" Antonio laughed.

"Right after I got off of Veronica out at the beach yesterday, and let her up, I could feel the cotton crotch of my swim suit was wet.

"I would never have believed that wrestling and struggling with another female could be so erotically stimulating."

Antonio's breath became labored as she related these erotic details.

Then reaching up taking his handsome face between her soft warm fingers Molly said.

"Honey I couldn't help hoping that doing it for you would bring us closer. That's why I decided to go through with it yesterday. I could tell just by looking at you—that you wanted me to—."

"I want us to be close also. Molly... , I knew you were doing it for me," he replied, tenderly.

Then he went instantly hard rock at her next words.

"Antonio... , do you think it would be something you'd enjoy watching me do—you know, try it sometime with one of the wives at this Friday night club thing? "She asked quietly.

"Are you saying... you'd be willing?"

He stammered, causing her to laugh up at him as she saw his excitement.

"Yes... Okay," she quietly consented, adding, "Even though I think it's a bit degrading."

"This one time—if you can arrange it, because I love you—I'll do it for you."

"WOW! "He breathed, "I can hardly wait!"

Okay, then," she giggled. "Which one of the wives do you think would be good with me?"

"Let's call Greg and Beth. They're members and know most of the other couples," her husband suggested.

"Okay," Molly agreed, seeing how pleased and obviously excited he was.

When Greg and Beth learned Molly and Antonio might attend the Friday night club they were thrilled.

"Molly, you know who you'd probably be good with... ? Erlinda Iglesias, Veronica's older sister." Beth suggested.

"Isn't she the one that helped her sister trip me out at the beach?" Molly asked.

"Yes," Beth laughed, "she's Veronica's older sister."

Molly and Antonio exchanged glances.

"Do you think she would do it," Molly asked.

"Why don't we have Greg call them and find out," Beth suggested.

Greg called Mr. and Mrs. Iglesias. A few minutes later, he came back very excited to say Mrs. Iglesias had agreed; in fact, she could hardly wait.

Molly wondered aloud.

"Is Erlinda and I pretty close to the same size, weight, and age?"

Beth thought for a moment.

"Well, I think Erlinda is maybe 5' tall. She must weigh about 114. I think someone said she's about 26 years old."

"How about you," she asked Molly.

"Well, I'm 5'1" inches tall, I weight 112 lbs, and I'm 24 years old," Molly said.

"Whew! What a match up you two would be! "Greg breathed excited at the thought.

"I don't know," Molly said becoming concerned that events were moving too fast.

"Pulling hair and tussling with her younger sister at the beach the other day is as close as I've ever come to having a confrontation even-in-fun with another female."

Tuesday morning the phone rang.

"Hi, Molly, this is Beth. If you're not doing anything, I thought I might come over for a little while."

"Sure, come on over," Molly said.

When Beth got there, she filled a reluctant Molly in on all the erotic consequences the losing woman might be forced to submit too.

"Would you like to practice play fighting with me for a little while? "she offered.

When Antonio came home later, he walked into the living room to see his gentle little wife, Molly sitting astride their friend Beth's stomach.

"I'm showing her how it's done," Beth laughed.

Visibly shaken by some of the aberrant things Beth told she might have to do if she lost— Molly still remained steadfastly determined to go through with it and keep her promise to Antonio.

"Erlinda looks like a real little toughie? Do you think I'll be able to hold my own with her? "she asked.

Antonio looked at his little wife with her quiet gentle ways, and thought, she's going to be at a disadvantage with the other wife..

Antonio knew the other wife was looking forward to confronting Molly, and would show her no mercy when she got Molly down underneath her.

He knew Erlinda no doubt had been in several female confrontations. She would have the advantage over Molly.

Yet, even talking about it, caused him to become hard rock. He admitted guiltily to himself; he had no intention of stopping the excitement.

"Well," Antonio replied, after a long moment of reflection.

"She's your size, Molly. Of course, she is going to have you down underneath her part of the time. She'll definitely want to pull hair.

In addition, the way the group rules are set up no one can stop the two of you, until one of you admits she's had enough and gives up."

Molly, realizing what she would be in for, had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Antonio could see Molly was visibly shaken and apprehensive.

"Molly, you don't have to do this," he said gently

"Yes, I do. I promised you."

It's too late to back out now, she thought to herself, and then admitted ruefully to herself; I have no idea how to even go about it.

At 7:00 that Friday evening, the two of them, with the other excited couples, boarded a ferry that ran over to an Island off the Brazilian coast.

One of the big Music Contractors in Rio owned a large palatial mansion with a large sunken living room encircled by two steps down, which provided a small intimate Arena.

Walking in, Molly quickly spotted Erlinda Iglesais. Their eyes met—each gave the other the cold once over knowing what was to come.

She looks like she's mad or something, Molly thought.

Anytime two wives from different racial backgrounds were the two participants, it was always a special night. You could feel the excitement!

The wait over, the two females walked to the center of the living room. Both wives were stunning—both bare foot and naked, except for their flimsy short nightdresses and their panties underneath.

Molly's old nightdress was a faded pink. Erlinda was wearing a tattered faded yellow nightdress.

Molly looked so vulnerable, almost like an innocent sweet little girl in her old pink nightdress that had seen better days.

Mrs. Iglesias looked like what she was, a strong willed stocky sullen little Asian female standing there in her tattered yellow gown.

Although it was supposed to be in fun, everyone knew this little set-to had the possibility of turning very wild.

Antonio, as excited as he was, was worried. Just seeing them standing next to each other.

Neither him nor his gentle little wife Molly had any idea the type of violent confrontation that was about to take place.

Antonio felt guilty. He knew that Molly was doing it for him out of love. I shouldn't have let this happen, he thought guiltily.

Yet... He felt a surge of love for his gentle little wife, as he watched her standing there in her tattered pink nightdress facing Veronica's older sister, Erlinda Iglesias.

Antonio knew before it was over, the other little female would rip Molly's old tattered pink nightdress off her.

Guiltily, he felt himself go hard rock. It occurred to him at that moment; Molly's sexy little yellow panties would also go sometime during their feminine scuffle.

He felt guilty and ashamed but he could hardly wait for the little melee to happen. He was already heavily aroused. When he glanced in the direction of his wife, Molly she caught his eye, and gave him a sweet shy little smile.

He knew everyone watching was eager to see the two of them clash and were looking forward to enjoying this special exotic treat.

He felt his arousal building just thinking about this stocky female and Molly getting into it.

As he looked around the huge living room at least 30 people maybe more were now seated on the two steps that encircled the room. It was the perfect seating arrangement for an intimate little female arena.

Everyone held his or her collective breaths in anticipation. The two women faced each other—The confrontation was imminent... Each braced for the other's female attack.

The Crowd, excited to a fever pitch, started encouraging the two women.

The Confrontation...

Molly shuddered. Looking at the almost naked brown stocky wife facing her, she thought, she looks so hard and mean. Molly mentally prepared herself for the worst, which wasn't long in coming.

"You won my little sister," Erlinda said, "I hope you don't think you can take me... you little white slut!"

Stepping toward Molly, Erlinda was on her—slapping Molly's white delicate face hard.

Molly was stunned! Her face stung from the stocky little female's hard slap. What is this? We're not supposed to slap each other—at least not this hard, Molly thought.

However, Molly was not one to bear blows without striking back; and furthermore, she was the same size as her female Antagonist.

Reluctantly she accepted that she had been tricked into a real fight. Forced to fight, Molly gamely buried her delicate little fingers deep in the other angry female's scalp and sought a hold on the roots.

The fem fight was on!

Moans and squeals began resounding off the walls of the room as each female tore down the other woman's hair.

Both wives now enraged locked together. The sounds of feminine struggle filled the sunken living room.

The excited crowd of Onlookers watch with fascination as the two females battled each other only a few feet in front of them.

Even though Molly had never been in a fem fight with another female before, she realized she was holding her own. She felt a grim satisfaction knowing the other female wasn't just getting the better of her.

A quick glance in Antonio's direction she could see he was enthralled as he watched her struggling with the older sister.

Molly could feel her titties bouncing back and forth, as they reeled against each other warm bodies locking together, struggling... their squirming bodies hot against each other.

Molly felt the tips of the well-formed breasts of the brown skinned female sink like little swords into her soft white titties as they struggled.

Their breasts mashed up against each other—Molly could feel the warm heat from the other woman's body against her own as they struggled.

The Asian female's brown figure locked Molly's in an erotic struggle to submission.

Even though she was being slapped, and jerked about by her long brown hair, Molly could feel her brown haired pubic mound tightening.

All this is arousing me? She thought.

Molly suddenly felt the strong brown calf of the other wife lock behind her own calf.

With a push, Mrs. Iglesias sent Molly sprawling to the soft white mat. Molly landed - thighs sprawled wide open... revealing her tattered yellow panties which had slipped - down a bit - from her crotch during their wild struggle.

Molly could feel that her panties had slipped to one side. An audible erotic gasp from the Group as a tiny thatch of brown pubic hair was now visible.

Molly, still full of fight, attempted to rise to her shaky knees. Looking up she saw the hate filled eyes of the other female.

Erlinda quickly dropped to her brown knees. Seizing Molly's slender wrists in her strong brown fingers, she rode the white female's struggling body flat to her back.

Raising up her sturdy brown leg, Mrs. Iglesias tried to straddle the other struggling female.

Molly fought back desperately, kicking her thrashing legs up, her shapely beautiful rounded thighs raised - her tattered yellow panties on full view.

Molly struggled desperately trying to fight off the strong brown thighs of the woman trying to straddle her.

However, Erlinda had fought before and knew how to wear Molly down.

She slammed her brown knees repeatedly into the tender white thighs of the white female.

With the excited crowd watching, a few moments later the more experienced female finally beat down Molly's now bruised, thrashing thighs and got on top of her.

Molly fought back.

Reaching up wildly in desperation, she grabbed two fistfuls of Erlinda's thick black hair and pulled her head down.

Suddenly Molly screamed.

She felt the other female's white teeth sank into her breasts.

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