The Waitress

by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A lonely man finds love with a special lady.

Rick Johnson walked in the small restaurant, trying to shake the rain from his coat, but quickly knew it was hopeless. He'd been working out in the cold and rain for two straight weeks and it was getting to him. No person needed to be subjected to such weather, but the job needed finished or he was going to loose a considerable bonus.

After hanging up his drenched coat, he looked around for an empty booth to sit and walked towards it. Rick sat down and couldn't wait for a hot cup of coffee. He looked around for his favorite waitress and saw her with other customers. 'Damn! She looks so good, ' he thought to himself, wondering how a Mother of two could ever look so good.

She had shoulder length brown hair, with matching brown eyes and a smile that could warm Rick in only a second. Her breasts were very firm, with nice, pointed nipples that would become hard at a moments notice. Her waist was trim, maybe a 24 or 26, Rick wasn't sure, but he did know it looked great too.

But, the one part of her young body that truly drove him crazy was her slender hips and firm little ass. He guessed it was from the hours upon hours of walking that kept her looking so good and he loved to watch her.

She heard the bell above the door ring and knew there would be somebody else to serve. She turned to look and there he was, the man she loved more than anyone else in the world. Her heart always skipped a beat when she saw him.

He was tall, with black hair that was slowly graying at each temple and it made him look all the better. He had broad, masculine shoulders and a thick, manly chest that took her breath away. And, there was one other part of him that she could only speculate about, what lie between his legs. They'd hugged many, many times and from what she'd felt; she knew he'd please any woman he touched.

She quickly finished dumping two armloads of dished and rushed to him as fast as she could with a cup of coffee. She the cup on the table and sat across from him in the booth. 'Hi, handsome, ' she smiled, feeling her nipples growing with excitement and she didn't care. He turned her on and she loved the warm feel inside her body, but mostly the feel between her legs.

'Hi, baby, ' he replied trying not to look at her breasts, knowing her nipples would be so hard in only a few, short seconds. 'How's your day going?' he asked and without thinking, his eyes shot straight down her body, and were fixed on her hard nipples.

She watched him looking at her breasts and felt like fainting. They'd been enjoying lots of flirting, but he'd never just out and out stared at her like this. 'It's been pretty good. I've already made way over two hundred dollars this morning, ' she smiled, wondering if he was even going to look at her face again.

'That's good, he smiled slowly looking up, feeling like a small kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but he really didn't care. He hadn't been with a woman in over a year and knew it was high time to get laid. 'So, how's your jerk-off husband doing? Does he have a job yet?' Rick asked having a good idea that he hadn't even bothered looking for any kind of work.

She couldn't help but laughing and replied with a frown, 'No, ' she said with hurt, wishing he'd get off his ass and start helping her with all the bills and Christmas was coming in just 4 weeks. 'I don't know what to do with him, ' she added with hurt running through her young body, thinking of him just sitting home with their kids and her working 12, sometimes more hours every day.

'I'd kick his fucking ass out and have your Mom watch the kids, ' he said pausing to hold her small hand in his. 'She said she love to. With him gone, you wouldn't have to work so much, ' he added knowing he'd be more than happy to help her, but he wasn't going to help her husband, Bill. Rick paid many of her bills, but it was only for her and the kids.

'I know it, ' she replied, enjoying his big hands holding hers. It always made her feel so good and loved. 'I'm just afraid. I've never been alone in my life, ' she added thinking of living with her Mom and marring Bill. It scared her to be alone.

He just shook his head at her. 'You know you won't be alone. I'll help you with anything you need, ' he said feeling his cock begin to grow, thinking of spending more time with her and her two kids. 'Jodi, you really need to do it!' Rick said reaching for the menu, read it over and looked back to her pretty face. 'I think I'll have the breakfast sampler today, ' knowing he wasn't supposed to be eating any pork, but it would be the first time in months.

She looked at him and laughed. 'I'll let you have it, but no more pork for a long time, mister, ' she smiled, wishing they could be lovers. She'd been crazy about him all of her life, but it wasn't right for a father and daughter to do such things. 'I'll be right back, ' she smiled, stood up and walked away, having a good idea that his eyes would be fixed on her ass.

He loved watching her in her skintight work pants and he was to the point he didn't care if she saw him or not. He loved watching her and didn't know why. She was his daughter, but it turned him on to be anywhere near her. Even a single thought of her made his cock so hard, it hurt.

Rick continued watching her as he ate and wished that she wasn't his daughter. 'What a fucking shame, ' he thought watching her bend down to pick up a fork, admiring her tight ass, feeling his cock growing more. 'I'd take such good care of you, ' he thought again, wondering what she liked in bed and if Bill even pleased her. 'If you're anything like your Mom, you'd love my cock, ' he said to himself, thinking of Jodi spread-eagle on his bed and ready to be mounted. 'I need to get some pussy, ' he said under his breath, taking his last bite of food and lit a cigarette.

Jodi saw he was finished and walked to sit back down with him. 'Can I get one of those?' she asked pointing to his pack of cigarettes, knowing she could, but asked first.

'Are you out?' he asked watching her get one and light it.

'Shit, I never have any, ' she laughed enjoying the cool smoke going deep into her lungs. Jodi looked at him and could see that he wasn't looking right. 'Are feeling ok? You look kinda flushed or something, ' she said reaching her hand up to feel his forehead. 'Dad, you're burning up. You need to get home and in the bed, ' she said in a motherly voice, wondering just how high his fever was.

He couldn't help but laughing at her. 'You remind me of your Mother when we were together and she loved me, ' he said looking into her pretty, brown eyes and that's when it occurred to him that he wasn't feeling very good or he wouldn't have said something like that to Jodi.

She heard him and it took her breath away that he'd say something so sweet to her. Jodi remembered how much her Mother and he loved each other and just the thought of him thinking of her that way made her burn. 'Really?' she asked in a low, sweet voice, wondering if he meant it or if it was just his fever talking.

'Yes, ' he replied. 'If it hadn't been for you loving me so much, I don't think I'd made it, ' he added thinking of how good she always made him feel.

Jodi was in shock. 'I think you need to go home, ' she said wishing they were alone. She wanted him so bad, even if he was her Dad, she didn't care.

'Yeah, I guess you're right, ' he replied, wondering what it'd be like to hold Jodi in his arms and make love to her. He had feelings that weren't normal for a father, but he was past the point of caring. He wanted her.

'You be careful and I mean it!' Jodi said in that motherly voice again as she watched him stand up and just about fall on the floor. 'Jimmy!' she yelled out grabbing him in her arms and a big, overweight man came running from the back room.

'What's wrong?' Jimmy asked helping Jodi hold Rick up and eased him back in the booth.

Jodi sat on the floor between Rick's legs, caressing the side of his face. 'He was going home and he started to fall and that's when I yelled for you, ' she replied, trying to think if she should call for an ambulance or not. She'd die if anything serious was wrong with him.

'He looks like shit. There's no way in hell he should be driving.' Jimmy said knowing that Jodi was going to have to take him home. 'I'll call Becky to come in and you just take him home. I'd hate to think of him driving and get hurt or worse, ' the big man said watching the sweat pouring off of Rick's face.

'You sure?' she asked thinking of all the money she'd be loosing by leaving so early, but on the other hand, she knew her Dad would make up for it. He'd do anything she asked and never think or say a word of it again. He just hated Bill for being so lazy and treating her so badly.

'Yes. He needs you more and you've been working way too much. Go home with him, get him better and you relax the rest of the day.' Jimmy smiled at his favorite worker, thinking of all the hours she put in just to make ends meet.

Jodi loved jimmy, but he wasn't her type or she'd been with him. She loved her men tall, dark and... men like her Dad. 'I'll wait for Becky to get here, then we'll leave, ' she smiled at her overweight boss, wishing he'd find a girl to love him.

After a stop at the store to get medicine for him and food, Jodi helped him into his house. 'I'm going to turn up the heat, put all this away and you're getting a hot bath, ' she said helping him sit at the kitchen table.

He watched Jodi and couldn't help but getting hard. She had the best little ass he'd ever seen in his life and wondered how good she'd be in bed. 'I sure do thank you for this, ' he said watching her little ass in the snug pants. 'You give me an idea of how much money you lost by helping me and I'll make it up to you, ' he added, feeling his cock growing out of control.

'I have no idea, ' she replied, turning to see his eyes on her ass and a massive rush of excitement overtook her body. 'I wish you'd stop looking at me like that, ' she said to herself, wishing that she had the nerve to make a pass at him, but worried it would ruin the love they shared.

He just smiled as he slowly looked at her body and to her pretty face. 'I'll surprise you, ' he laughed thinking of the money he had in his pocket. He knew it would be ten times more than she made on one of her best days waiting tables.

'Don't you make it to big of a surprise. You need money too.' Jodi said as she opened a bottle of Tylenol and took out three tablets for him. 'You take these and I'm starting you a nice, hot bath, ' she added handing him the pills and a glass of water.

He swallowed them down and pulled her against his body, gently resting his head on her breasts. 'I can't thank you enough, ' he whispered slipping his hands down her back, stopping just before he reached her great ass, wondering if she'd get mad if he touched her.

She could help but enjoying his arms around her and his head on her breasts, but when she felt him going for her ass, she wanted to faint. 'It's my pleasure, ' she whispered running her fingers through his thick, black hair, trying to imagine doing it while he was loving her with his long cock.

'You feel so good, ' he moaned hugging her as tight as he could and wanted to squeeze her ass so bad. 'I guess we better stop, ' he laughed pulling from Jodi and couldn't help but notice a warm glow on her face. 'I haven't been with a girl in over a year and you're feeling way too good, ' he laughed again, wondering just how it would feel to make it with his sexy, young daughter.

Jodi felt like her body was on fire. She wanted something to happen, but he was her Daddy. He raised her and made sure she had all the love a girl needed and now, she needed a different kind of love. 'You feel pretty good yourself, ' she smiled wishing that he'd make the first move. She'd do anything he asked or ever dreamt of doing to a girl and she didn't care what it was. 'I guess I better get your bath started. Do you want the small tub or the one in your bathroom?' she asked watching him looking at her breasts again, trying to keep from raping him where he sat.

He thought for a brief second and replied, 'The one in my room. There will be a pretty girl joining me, ' he added running his big hands down her sides, making sure to stop on her slender, but very shapely hips.

Jodi felt her face turning red, but it wasn't from embarrassment, it was from the rush of excitement of him insinuating that she was getting in the large tub with him. 'I'm not to sure about that, ' she giggled thinking of being in such a situation with him and what might happen, but she did want him so bad. 'I can't, ' she said putting out her lower lip. 'I've got on a white bra and panties or I would, ' she added thinking of when she got wet and how easy it would be for him to see all she had to offer.

He just smiled at her, thinking of seeing this pretty girl in nothing but white. 'I won't look, ' he smiled bigger, thinking of how good it'd be to see her great body. 'Come on, please, ' he whispered and took a chance. His hands slowly moved from her hips and around to gently caress the ass he so dearly loved. 'It'll be fine.' Rick said as he stood up, pulling her as close to him as he could get her. He wanted her and didn't care if she was his own flesh and blood. He'd never wanted a girl as badly as he wanted her.

Jodi was lost. Her Daddy, the man she loved wanted her in his bath with him. 'Oh Daddy, ' she moaned, feeling wetness pouring from her lonely pussy. 'I have the same problem that you do, ' she paused, wondering she should tell him or not, but thought, what the hell. 'Bill hasn't touched me in a year, ' she said, hoping he'd take her, but she didn't want to screw up the love they shared.

'Oh, you poor baby!' he moaned thinking of how she must feel. 'You need to get rid of him. A good man would kill to have someone like you, ' he added, knowing he would be the first in line and he didn't give a shit if she was his daughter or not. 'If I'd known that... I wouldn't have teased you, ' he said as he continued to caress her ass. 'I'm sorry, ' he said looking into her pretty eyes, wanting to kiss her so badly, but he resisted the temptation.

'It's ok, ' she smiled enjoying his big hands caressing her butt, sending rushes of excitement flooding through every inch of her. 'If I didn't have on all white, ' she paused to take a deep breath before going on. 'I'd get in with you.' Jodi said, wishing he'd just insist and make her do it. She wanted him so much. She dreamt of him day and night. Her pussy burned for him and she knew that no other man would ever please her needs but him.

'Make an old man happy and just say yes, ' he smiled feeling his cock growing hard against her and he didn't care. 'It'll be fine. You need rest just as much as I do, ' he said caressing her ass harder, not caring anymore. He wanted to touch her. 'We can have a drink while we soak and I have a nice, fat joint rolled that we can smoke, ' he smiled looking deep into her pretty eyes, wondering how far this would go. He wanted her, but she was still his daughter.

Jodi knew if she got in the tub with him, she'd be lost and wouldn't be able to resist him in any way. Plus, they would be drinking, he said he had a joint to smoke and pot always made her so horny. She would be his sex slave in a matter of seconds.

'Yes, ' she whispered, praying this wouldn't ruin the wonderful love they shared together. She'd die if anything ever came between them.

'Good, ' he smiled gently squeezing her ass, hoping he'd get a chance to do the same thing when she stripped off her clothes. He knew it was wrong, but she gave him more feelings than he'd ever known in his life. 'Thank you, ' he whispered, feeling his cock growing harder than it had been in years.

Jodi's body was trembling as she looked in the mirror above the sink, wondering if she'd make it through this. She loved him so much and knew it wasn't the kind of love a daughter should have for her father, but she wanted him to make love to her. She wanted him from as far back as she could remember. 'Oh Daddy!' she moaned giving her nipples a hard twist. 'I hope this doesn't mess us up, ' she said twisting them one last time before she opened the small door.

He sat in the hot water, enjoying the jets of air swirling around the tub, wondering what Jodi was doing. He couldn't wait to see her stripped down and hoped that she'd relax enough for them to hug like in the kitchen. His cock began to grow as visions of her filled his mind and when he heard the door opening, he really got hard.

'Here we go!' he whispered looking up and there she was, in a thin, white bra that gave him a perfect view of her extremely hard nipples and for the first time, he also saw that they were pierced. 'My nasty girl!' he thought as his eyes continued roaming over her tempting body. His eyes slowly moved down, enjoying all of her delicate curves, until they were focused between her legs. He couldn't help but noticing that she was soaked. 'Is my girl as excited about this as I am?' he thought knowing she was.

Jodi stood trembling; feeling like this was the first time a man had seen her naked and this man was her Dad. The man she'd wanted since the first time she knew what a man and woman did together. She craved his lips kissing her, she longed for him to hold her nude body to his and she burned to have him deep inside her.

He slowly stood up, not caring if she saw his erection or not and he moved to Jodi and pulled her against him. 'Oh, you're so beautiful!' he moaned enjoying her pressed so closely with his firm cock resting on her trim stomach, making him even harder. 'You feel so good!' he growled reaching behind her to the ass he so dearly loved and he had to caress every inch of it.

Jodi didn't know if she should faint, run away or just relax and let him do anything he wanted. His big, strong hands gently caressed her tiny ass, giving her more feelings than she'd ever felt before and she knew before this day was over, she'd be her Daddy's bitch, to fuck anytime he wanted.

'You're so hard, ' she moaned feeling his stiff cock on her stomach, wishing he'd slip it between her legs, against her wet and eager pussy. She'd been craving him since she was a young girl and was ready for her Daddy to claim her. She was willing to do anything and everything he wanted or dreamt of, no matter what it was. She was so tired of her husband never pleasing her and she knew her Daddy would.

He caressed around her body, up under her breasts and gently squeezed, enjoying a low, helpless moan coming from his daughter. 'It's all for you, ' he replied running his hands over her breasts, savoring the feel of her warm, tender flesh against his fingers. 'You always make me so hard, ' he whispered in her ear, gently kissing it as he carefully rolled her excited nipples between his fingers, enjoying another long moan coming from her. 'Does my baby like that?' he asked with a smile, knowing she loved it and he was going all the way.

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