The Thrill Of Cheating: An Alternative Ending

by andrewpeters

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: A different ending to the story by 'Flash of Stocking", giving a different perspective to Jen's husband to be.

I recently read the story, The Thrill of Cheating by Flash of Stocking. As I read it, I hoped to find an ending that I liked, but that wasn't the case. I contacted the author, and he graciously granted me permission to provide an alternative ending, knowing that I would take it in a very different direction. Clearly this casts a very different conclusion to the story. I'll leave it to the reader to decide which they prefer.

The next morning, Jen spent a long time in the shower. She felt so ashamed and guilty.

How could she let David fuck her the night before her wedding? Luckily, no one in the house had heard. Everyone reacted normally when she went downstairs to breakfast, excited at her upcoming nuptials.

As she got ready in the chapel, she kept wondering if she was doing the right thing. After she was finished dressing, just minutes from the start of the ceremony, she sent everyone away, saying she wanted to spend a few moments by herself.

Could she ever be a faithful wife? Could she tame her sexual urges? Would she be happy if she did? She was torn with conflicting thoughts and emotions.

Given what had happened the night before, she wasn't surprised when the door opened, and David walked in. He moved towards her and, without saying anything, cupped her breast. He rubbed her nipple through the satin of her wedding gown, and it grew hard under the silky fabric. "I'm going to be the first man to fuck you today." Jen didn't object, or try to stop him. She was beyond that now.

He lifted her onto a table. As he did, he pulled her gown up so it bunched around her waist. He easily ripped off her panties, and pulled out his hard cock. "Take my cock and put it in you," he commanded.

Without hesitation, Jen reached between her legs and guided David's cock into her.

"Uhhh! God!" she grunted as its big head entered her. "Uhhhhhh!" she groaned as he pushed the thick shaft deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her heels into his ass, urging him to go deeper.

David started to pound her, sending waves of pleasure through her body. A large mirror hung on the wall, and she could watch as David fucked her. He was in a suit and fully dressed, except for his big cock sticking out from his fly. She was in her wedding dress, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him. She pulled his head down to kiss him, and he stuck his tongue deep down her throat.

Between kisses Jen looked again at the mirror. Seeing herself dressed as a bride, fucking another man on her wedding day, thrilled her. She knew it was bad, but couldn't help it. It was so kinky and deliciously evil.

She almost cried out when she saw something else in the mirror. Her body tensed in alarm, but then relaxed. "God, I'd better be careful, my imagination is running wild, there's no way Mike would have come into this room, he knows its bad luck to see the bride in her gown before the weddding", as she again concentrated on the fucking she was getting from David.

The feelings deep inside her built up until she came hard, her convulsions of pleasure being enough to bring David off, as she felt his cum pour deeply up inside her. The two of them clung to each other as the feelings of post coital bliss ran through them. Finally Jen pushed him off, quickly grabbing her panties and wiping herself as his cum started to drain out of her. "Can't have that happening" then realizing that they were her only panties, "guess I'll have to go commando, can't wear these as I head up the aisle."

"Get out of her, I have to fix myself up, and only have a few more minutes."

David smiled at her, "Have fun, I can't wait til you get back from your honeymoon, and I get to fuck your married pussy. I just hope we can find time at the reception for another quickie, after all, why should I have to wait til the hotel like Mike."

Jen gave him a quick kiss, pushing him out the door, telling him she'd see him later. As she fixed herself up another feeling of guilt went through her, "how could I cheat on Mike right before I walk up the aisle", but the thought passed quickly as the thrill of the forbidden act reverberated through her, replacing the last thought with wondering how long it would be before she could get another great fucking from Dave.

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