A Deal Too Good!

by Timm

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Captain Darren Flocks finds himself in one of those deals that are just too good to be true. An strange AI named Sue and a cargo hold full of one of the most valuable commodities in the 8 galaxies.

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"Be careful in your trading. Or you will end up with more than you bargained for."

That statement Captain Darren Flocks had received from his pilot's certification instructor. His mind had recalled it, for some reason, as he waited for clearance. Darren wanted off of the Homes Five Star Port. He wanted to put as much distance between himself and the old trader as he could.

As soon as he had clearance, Darren exited the spaceport in one big hurry. He couldn't help it if he felt like a thief taking advantage of the old trader that way. He had been so overpaid, that all he could think of was getting the heck out of there, before the old man changed his mind. Still none of the trade idea had been his.

Hell even as he thought about it, he didn't even want to make the deal. Darren had always been leery of the deals that sounded 'to good to be true', and with good reason. That is because they normally are 'to good to be true'. However in this case, there had been a little voice in the back head saying 'go for it'. Darren cursed himself for listening to the voice. He had never heard it before. Maybe its presence, was why he finally accepted the old man's trade.

Half expecting the old man to change his mind and come after him, Darren had his scanners trained on the space dock launch area. Sure enough, the old trader's ship exited the star port less than five cycles behind him. Daren was sure the old man had changed his mind, and wanted his cargo back.

If he'd had any idea what the real force behind the deal was, he wouldn't have made the rookie mistake of not finishing his armament resupply.

Although Darren could see the old man on his sensors, he had more than enough time to make the galactic jump. With the extremely valuable cargo Darren had received in the trade, he did not want to take the chance of the old man changing his mind. He wanted to be far away from here.

It would be well worth using the Galactic Hyperjump Unit for his escape. After all 35 tons of power metal was worth more than Darren's combined earnings, for the last 22 years. At this point, the thought of finally paying off his ship the 'Junketer' was almost orgasmic. Hell, with what he could get for the cargo; he could get a new ship, and still have funds left for future trading.

Darren selected the Andromeda Galaxy as his destination. After all there was no way the old trader could follow him. He hadn't even plugged the crystal into the ships AI system yet. There would be more than enough time for that in transit. Although Darren had never heard of a Sue Personality Crystal before, he was hoping it would be a nice change from the standard Jenny AI. If not he had the hold full of valuable power metal. It was worth many more time that of the Jenny AI. So even if the Sue crystal turned out to be a bust. Well he would finally have money for a change.

Heck he could pay off the bounty on his head and finally trade at the more respectable star ports. After all if he paid the fed bounty on himself, that would be the fine. He would have done so long ago, that is if he had ever had 20,000 galactic credits at one time he would have. Hell it would even free him to collect the bounties on any future pirate he happened to kill.

'Sweet, ' he thought as he toggled the galactic hyper drive and watched the stars shift before him.

Darren finally relaxed once he was inside the hyperspace jump. The old man couldn't catch him now. Even if he old guy had a galactic hyper jump unit on his ship. There is no way he could know what galaxy Darren had jumped towards. Even if the old man did know, the odds that he would come out in the same region of space were extremely remote. The more Darren considered the possibility's the better he felt about his escape.

Then Darren remembered the AI crystal. He decided it was about time to check out. After all he had nothing to do for the next 1200 cycles except entertain himself. He took the crystal from his pocket as he walked to the ships AI housing unit. He examined it closely before inserting it into his ship. It didn't look like it was standard sized. All in all it seemed a little small, actually. He decided it would be safe to insert it, despite the smaller appearance it rested snugly in the holder. Darren then activated the power feed to the crystal and turn to sit down and wait.

Normally it took between one and two full cycles for a personality crystal to integrate with the ship's main AI system. Just as he was about to sit down, this beautiful red haired goddess materialized in front of him. It appeared far faster than it should have. Quicker than any other crystal he had even seen. However, there was no denying it, because before him stood the Sue personality.

She was about 5'2", and looked to me 97lb or close. She had all the right curves, and god those breasts were huge. He almost missed the bare area between her legs because those breasts were so distracting. His mouth latterly fell open at the wonder before him.

"Hello Darren, My name is Sue."

Darren somehow managed to lifted his jaw back up into place, then managed a very week sounding, "Heeellloo"

Sue giggled like a schoolgirl at Darren's sudden discomfort. Maybe she shouldn't have appeared nude. But clothing seemed like such a silly custom to her. It was not normal for clothing to be worn, from where she had come.

Darren decided it was time to embarrass himself again.

He asked, "So where did you come from?"

Well he did feel embarrassed, after the words came out of his mouth. The bright pink that spread across his face told of just how embarrassed he was.

She responded, "I am a Vargon AI unit," knowing full well what Darren really meant by his question.

Darren thought that she was joking. It was probably the prior owners little fantasy to screw someone from a long ago dead race. Strangely he almost believed her. However it would be a very bad thing if it were true. Well bad for her anyways, he of coarse would get rich selling it to the Star Federation. After all a working Vargon AI would probably bring an astronomical reward. However he dismissed the though out of his head. After all, if it were true, the old trader wouldn't have traded it to him and paid him to take it.

The other possibility was that it was a real person crystal transfer. Those were as illegal as hell. Being caught with one and you would spend the rest of your life in a pain amplifier. Obviously it would be a very short life. The AI personality would also be destroyed. The Star federation did not take any chances with Real Personality Crystals RPC for short. Either the person transferred themselves into one to cheat death. Or they were enslaved in them by some well-intentioned loved one. In any case, they were viewed as slaves and criminals at the same time. One never wanted to have anything to do with a RPC.

"I am what I say I am, but for now," she paused and grinned, "I think we have some time for play."

She posed her body showing her side to him, the look she gave him was very seductive.

Darren felt the tightness in his pants at the sight of her. He was on fire with lust for her. Even so, he was frozen in place, his body seemed unable to move toward her.

Sue on the other hand knew just what to do and moved towards him. Upon getting there, she quickly undid his pants. Then she dropped to her knees to get a good look at his manhood. She smiled up at him with a devilish grin, just before she took him into her mouth. She did so all the way to the base of his shaft even as her hand cupped the dangling balls between his legs.

Darren moaned at the sensation. It was not his first blowjob, but so far it was the most satisfying. She was rolling her tongue around his shaft in what seemed like an impossible manner. She skillfully kneaded at his balls, as she sucked him in and out of her mouth. Darren became so lost in sensation, that he surprised himself by firing his load quickly. God he thought, why would anyone give this girl up.

Sue with drew her mouth from around Darren's now wilting manhood. The smile on his face would have been enough to know she had done a good job. However Sue had just a bit more than that at her disposal. It would take him a few moments to recover from his climax, so in the mean time, she led him to the captain's chamber. Once they reached it, she finished undressing him. Then she started to kiss him, madly and passionately.

Darren's eyes almost bugged out of his head at the passion Sue put into her kisses. The Jenny AI had never seemed this real to him. Hell even 'real women' he had known over the years did put this much into a simple kiss.

She pulled him onto the bed, and upon herself. Darren felt like a teenager again. Soon he was mounting her again, and pressing his meat deep into her. Once there, he got the second surprise of sensations. His cock felt like it was in several pussies at the same time. Every inch felt just like it was at the opening of another pussy. He was so overwhelmed by the feeling, that he forgot to pump in and out.

Sue smiled as she worked the muscles in her snatch. The Vargon (though Darren could not have known) were masters of the sensual arts. Humans were but novices at the game of love.

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