Vicky's Sexy Adventure

by OldBoy101

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Heterosexual, Spanking, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A sexy young lady loves to accept sexy dares until one night many of her Internet friends conspire to capture her and have some fun with her in a park. Some of the older members here may recognize sexy Vicky.

"Hey guys, over here! I'm sure I saw her go this way," the man carrying a flashlight cried out.

The pretty naked blonde did her best to hide behind some bushes as other men came running to join the first one. Their flashlights pierced the darkness of Island Park in Ottawa, searching for their prey. Vicky would not have minded if there were only a few men, but this time there were dozens of them after her. She cringed as she thought about what had brought her to be here.

Vicky had a real thirst for sexual adventures. She loved being placed in situations where she might be disciplined or molested. She yearned to experience the excitement of being made to do sexy things or have them done to her. She also loved to tease men and make their cocks rise. Yes, Vickie was a real prick teaser but in the best sense. She loved to suck cocks you see.

Her two older brothers, Steve and Frank, used to play games with her when their parents were not around. From an early age Vicky wound up having her clothes removed, having her bottom spanked, and being made to stand in a corner as though she had done something very naughty and needed to be disciplined.

The boys were only copying the behavior of their father and grandfather however, as both men used these methods to discipline the children. In Vicky's case it was different though. She would receive a bare bottom spanking and then have to stand in the corner for quite a long time. She was sometimes aware of her grandfather smoking his pipe, the scent of tobacco in the air.

She was also aware of something else happening although as a child she didn't know quite what it was. Later when she was eleven she caught her brother Steve masturbating. She was intrigued by his stiff cock and asked if she might play with it. Soon she learned to take it in her mouth and suck on it. Vicky was thrilled when he came in her mouth and she swallowed the tasty stuff.

At that time she recognized the scent of her brother's cum as being the same thing she had smelled when she was younger and being made to stand in the corner. She realized then that her father and sometimes her grandfather had apparently masturbated as they stared at the little girl's spanked rosy bare bum.

Vicky felt a bit betrayed by this knowledge. She wished that they had not been so repressed and had not kept their desires from her. She would have been happy to suck their cocks for them. But she knew that she could never approach her father and grandfather and offer to do that for them. The men would never admit to any such an interest in their daughter and granddaughter.

Unable to fulfill her desire to suck the cocks of her father and grandfather, Vicky turned instead to other boys besides her brother. By the time she was in high school she had a nickname, B.J. for blow job. The boys loved to take her out for some fun but many of the girls thought that Vicky was a slut. Vicky didn't care though, she loved being so popular with the boys.

She loved to masturbate as she sucked cocks, or sometimes a boy would play with her pussy and maybe even use his mouth on her sex. She loved it when they did that. It was not long after she began giving her brother blow jobs that she wanted to have his cock inside her pussy too. She talked him into it and so she lost her virginity to her brother before she was twelve.

Vicky knew enough to use condoms though. If a boy wanted to fuck her she welcomed it, as long as he used a condom. She was not about to take a chance of getting knocked up. She thought all the taboos against sex were silly. When something felt as good as cumming how could it be wrong? She rather pitied all the repressed people who thought that sex was dirty.

"Here she is!" came a man's excited voice as Vicky found herself illuminated in the glare of a flashlight aimed at her. The other men all came running to her hiding place in the dense woods of the park. The pretty young woman stood up then in all her naked glory, bathed in the glow of the many flashlights now trained on her. There was no use trying to hide now. The men had found her and she would have to suffer the consequences.

During her college years Vicky had enjoyed taking people up on their dares. She loved being made to dance before men as she shed her clothes, stripping for them. She loved playing that it was her birthday and getting men to give her birthday spanks. She loved taking their cocks in her mouth and sucking them off. She loved mock rapes too. She even loved bondage games and some bi-sexual games with other women.

Some of the men were older like her father or grandfather. Vicky loved to tease the older men and tell them how much she would enjoy sucking them off. Occasionally she found such an old man and really did that for him. At such times she would imagine that it was her grandfather whose cock she was sucking. She loved it when he finally spilt his seed in her mouth. It was as though she was getting the approval from her grandfather that she yearned for so much.

Later Vicky found an Internet site with fascinating stories about all sorts of sexual adventures. She began posting her own stories there, partly autobiographical and partly made up. Soon she had many Internet friends, mostly men but a few women too. Most of her new friends were just as horny about sex as she was. They would tell one another things and make dares and then masturbate as they read the responses.

It all seemed to be safe enough as the Internet offered a certain degree of privacy. If someone became offensive she would simply stop answering his e-mails. However Vicky became a bit careless and revealed too much about herself and where she lived and worked. Some of the people she corresponded with found one another and conspired together to catch the young woman and have some fun with her.

"All right guys, you have caught me fair and square. I should have realized that something was up when I got the same dare from several of you, daring me to strip naked and run around the park like this tonight. So what are you going to do now, maybe spank me a little?" Vicky said.

An older man came forward from the group of men. He was smoking a pipe and she recognized the aroma of Prince Albert tobacco, the same brand her grandfather used to smoke. "Grandpa? Is that you?" she asked, unable to see his face with all the lights focused on her. No, it could not be him, it had to be another man, she realized.

He spoke then. "You may call me Grandpa if you like, Vicky. I'm the one who got your Internet friends together and arranged for this meeting with you here at the park. We knew you could not resist our dare to come here and run about naked. Many of these men have come from hundreds of miles away just for this chance to meet you in the flesh. Some of them have lusted after you for years. They do not intend to go home disappointed."

Vicky was scared now. So many eager horny men, all wanting a part of her. "So, where did you want to start, Grandpa?" she asked. She felt that if she cooperated with the men they might go easier on her. Two men grabbed her by the arms and took her over to a park bench. She became aware that the men were naked too, most of them with their pretty cocks sticking up.

Grandpa sat on the bench and Vicky was made to lie down across his lap. Then he spanked her. She was aware that his half-hard cock was stirring beneath her. She wanted to take his cock into her mouth and suck him up hard and make him shoot in her mouth. But now was not the time for that. The other men all wanted a chance to spank her too.

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