Lust In The Hot Afternoon

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, White Male, White Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: On a scorching hot summer day two people meet by chance in a bookstore while browsing. Instantly attracted to one another'"in spite of the heat'" they decide to go for it. Before it's over, the heat is on'"in more ways than one!

Whew! I thought, it's hot! Stepping inside the large Bookstore, I paused for a moment to wipe the sweat off my face. The cool air begins washing over me.

It's so nice and cool in here, I thought as I started indulging one of my favorite pastimes—book browsing.

I saw her come in a couple minutes later. Being one of the first really hot days of summer, she was not immune to the heat anymore than the rest of us.

She had a fine sheen of sweat on her face. Her dark hair was just starting to turn a little gray but that only added to her attractive appearance.

A lock of her long hair hung down limply over one of her eyes, giving her that air of mystery that made the desire to meet her even more intriguing. She paused for a moment—pulled out a tissue and wiped her face.

One of my more pleasurable pastimes is checking out attractive females. Hey! There's nothing unusual about that—I like girls. I find each one of them fascinating in some way. In short—I like being around them.

Okay, I could see she wasn't young: She was no longer in her twenties, nor, would she ever see her early thirties again. Even though I was fairly sure, she was probably approaching forty—she still intrigued and fascinated me. In short, I couldn't keep my eyes off her.

(Ever seen someone that you wanted to meet so badly you couldn't come up with a way of doing it?)

She has real class, I thought to myself. How can I meet her without giving the impression I'm coming on to her?

By now, she is moving into the bookstore isle I'm in—the Reference Section. She stops... pulls a book off the shelf. I see it's entitled, "How to plot your story." Laughing to myself I thought, Plotting—how appropriate.

"Excuse me, could I ask, are you a Writer?"

"No... ," she replied, without looking up, "I just enjoy reading about how it's done."

"Oh," I said, feeling stupid. She must see right through me, I thought.

Then she looked up at me. She was slightly shorter than me—but not by much.

Our eyes met. Her blue eyes and my brown ones replaced the books at which we had been looking. Glancing at one another, each of us tried to read what the other one wanted—to determine what they had in mind.

"I'm David," I said, smiling into her warm blue eyes.

"Hello David," she said, with faint smile. "I'm Eileen."

Anyone looking at the two of us would have immediately known something was happening; but, like us, they wouldn't have been sure of what.

"Isn't it a scorcher?" I said, hoping I wasn't being too trite.

"I'm practically wilted," she said, laughing warmly in my direction for the first time. "My clothes are still wet and sticking to me."

I love to fantasy just as much as the next guy does, so it didn't take me long to start to visualize her bra and moist sweaty panties sticking to her.

To make matters worse, my unruly member was starting to tingle. Her next move did nothing to help my erotic situation.

"This third chapter is very interesting," she said, moving closer to me so I could look over her shoulder still holding the book in her hand.

My God... ! She smells so good! I thought.

She had on some sort of light spring-like cologne, that had a very subtle fragrance. In the air mixed with her clean feminine smell, —I felt myself being consumed by the total essence of her.

"Do you write?" she asked.

"Aw... , I fool around with it once in a while," I said, doing a bit of my humble routine for her.

"What genre do you usually write in?" she inquired, obviously interested.

"Well, gee," I replied, "I guess you could say I like to write; or I should say, try to write in most of them."

"Does that include Erotica?" she asked, a faint little knowing smile playing on her beautiful face. I liked the way her beautiful thin lips seem to curl upward as she smiled.

"Yes!" I said, "Come on... how'd you know?" I laughed.

"I had a feeling... ," she said smiling up at me.

"I hadn't planned to admit to that," I laughed. "I was afraid you would consider me an undesirable—weird to say the least."

If she had slapped me hard across the face, it would not have been as shocking as what happened next.

She grinned mischievously up at me.

"Let's see... , is this where I'm supposed to invite you to my Apartment for an afternoon of Erotic Research?" she teased, a faint little smile playing on her face.

I threw it right back at her!

"Would you like to invite me to your Apartment for a mutually enjoyable afternoon of erotic research?" I asked, grinning down at her.

Lust in the Hot Afternoon

Ten minutes later, we left the cool air of the Bookstore. Stepping out the doors, we were met with a blast of heat that made me wish I had parked my car closer to the entrance.

By the time we got to the car, we were both again drenched with perspiration. With the heat, her intriguing feminine fragrance became a little more apparent. So did my arousal!

At her place, we quickly hurried into the coolness of her Apartment House lobby. Opening her mailbox, she quickly checked her mail.

A few moments later, we entered her Apartment, both thankful to be out of the stifling heat.

"Give me a moment," she said her blue eyes sleepy looking from her growing arousal as she headed for her bathroom. My cock about now was pulsing up and down in pleasant anticipation.

A moment later, she sailed back out of her bathroom. Taking my hand, she led me into her beautifully furnished bedroom.

Looking around, I could see the room was tastefully decorated. The most beautiful piece of furniture was her queen-sized bed. The room was definitely Eileen—reflecting her refined tastes. On a hot afternoon, it seemed filled with her feminine essence, which was a delightful fragrance indeed.

Slipping out of her flowery light summer dress, she stripped down to her white panties and Bra. Reaching up she pushed the little lock of black hair away from her face. Turning to face me, —she smiled.

"Ah... ," she said, "I feel cooler already."

Looking hungrily at her trim slender figure I notice a little tuft of black pubic hair had escaped from under the elastic of her panties—it seemed to be beckoning me—holding an unspoken promise of later erotic delight.

Undressed, Eileen was almost waif-like... Slender, with lovely formed legs and sensual thighs.

"Am I supposed to do all the research," she teased, "Or do you plan to help out?" she laughed.

Truth was, I had become so caught up with looking at her, I had forgotten to get undressed.

She was still hot from the outdoor heat. Her pleasant fragrance within the confines of her intimate bedroom became even stronger and more sensual.

Quickly—with her watching hungrily— I stripped off my pants and shirt. Next, I slipped my T-shirt off over my head.

I noted her warm sleepy blue eyes examining my bulging briefs.

I stood ready—my cock's contractions pushing out my white briefs. I knew she was picking up on that little erotic activity. She was watching... waiting...

Eileen stepped toward me until she was almost against me.

"Can I take your briefs off?" she asked, already knowing what my answer would be.

"Sure," I teased, "I thought you'd never ask," I said.

A moment later, I felt her warm fingers slip under the waistband as she started working them off. My stiffening cock broke free from the confines of my briefs—bobbing up and down from its involuntary contractions. Encircling it with her hot little fingers she whispered.

"Ah... ," she breathed, "So hard and beautiful. Don't make me wait, David... ," she said. Her breathing now became even more irregular and uneven.

"Let's get on the bed. I've wanted to do it with you every since I saw you in the bookstore a little while ago. "

"aaHHH!" I groaned. "I can't wait to fuck you!" I said, feeling my passion soaring out of control.

"Then... I won't keep you waiting," she groaned, giving me a tortured little grimace.

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