Cheap Toy

by Rachel Gumm

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A slave resolves to leave her unloving master.

© 2007 Rachel Gumm. You may freely distribute this story digitally, but only in full, crediting me as the author. Please send feedback to me, it makes writing these worthwhile.

"This is it," said Cheap Toy defiantly as soon as she heard her master unlocking his front door. "I'm leaving you. You hear that? We're splitting up. You and I are finished. I mean it this time." She closed the novel she was re-reading for the fifth or sixth time, an erotic tale of a naive young woman's descent into forced sexual slavery, and returned it to its place on her master's bookshelf before sitting back down again on his couch.

After locking the front door behind him, Trent simply stood there, facing her. She hated the way he looked at her, like she was merely a possession, or perhaps a pet animal that needed to be trained. She could tell he was also admiring her body, although he never told her how fond he was of her curves.

Cheap Toy shifted uncomfortably, rubbing her arms for warmth. He'd picked out her bright turquoise bikini for her to wear again today, and although she'd resolved a few hours ago not to play along with his stupid mind games anymore, he always locked their wardrobes, the same way he locked the cabinet with the TV set inside it. As her only other choice had been to take the bikini off and walk around completely naked, she'd left it on.

"No, you don't. You'll never leave me." Trent's voice was as calm as ever.

Cheap Toy felt her frustration growing. "Look, it's been fun in places, but this relationship isn't good for me. I need a lover, not just a heartless master. So get this damn collar off me, and these cuffs, and I'll just go."

She would have simply walked out while he was at work, never to return, but she couldn't leave in her current condition. For a start, he always locked his front door, and it needed a key to be opened even from the inside. Then there was her lack of any real clothes. It had been months since she'd last worn something she could be seen wearing in public.

Most importantly, there were her restraints. She was permanently locked in a steel collar and matching wrist and ankle cuffs that had all been screwed shut. A long chain currently connected her left ankle cuff to a floor hook in the middle of the lounge, tethering her to the flat. She could still reach everything that wasn't locked away, but she couldn't leave her master's home.

She had full access to the kitchen and bathroom, but not to any clothes or entertainment except what her master permitted her to wear, read, or watch. For far too long her life had consisted of menial housework, reading erotic novels about slaves and occasionally being allowed to watch sadomasochistic pornography or even a proper film. The only alternative was to sit and stare at the walls, try to sleep, or pleasure herself. Given her only available entertainment, she'd been pleasuring herself more and more as the months drew on, looking at herself in the bedroom's full length mirror as she groped and fondled herself, her chain rattling to remind her of what she was: someone's possession.

"Where would you go?" Trent placed his bag on the floor and hung his coat up before walking slowly towards her.

"That's none of your concern," scathed Cheap Toy.

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