Ann Goes to Detroit

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She was away from home and alone. Should she?

Ann looked at the card in her hand and wondered when Tom had put it in her suitcase. The card had a simple handwritten message in Tom's handwriting, "You are 1300 miles from home. No one knows you there. Go for it!" Ann knew only to well what that message meant, just as she understood the message sent by the other items Tom had slipped into her suitcase. She found nylons, garter belt, black bustier, a black negligee, and what Tom called her 'come fuck me' high heels. Oh yes indeed, the message was plain - "Get yourself fucked by another man!"

A few years ago Ann had asked her husband why he read magazines like Penthouse, Gallery, Forum, and others like them. Tom had said that they were the way he was able to feed his fantasies. Ann had not wanted to visit that topic so she let the matter drop, but one day when she was on the toilet in the master bedroom she noticed one of his magazines on the floor and she picked it up out of idle curiosity. It was a copy of Penthouse Letters and it was opened to a section called "Someone is Watching." All the letters seemed to be from people who watched their wives fuck other men. She wondered - is that Tom's fantasy, to see me with someone else? Her curiosity aroused she went to the drawer in which he kept his magazines and found that seven out of the dozen or so in the drawer were opened to a certain section. She had read the stories in those sections and they had all pertained to wife watching. She had not wanted to acknowledge that some of the stories had piqued her interest, but they had.

One night after a love making session she had asked Tom if he had imagined her with another man and he had sheepishly admitted that it was his biggest fantasy.

"You don't seriously think that I would do that, do you?"

"Of course not" was Tom's reply, which caused Ann to have some very mixed emotions, "Did he not think she could interest anyone else?" Since she had absolutely no intention of ever doing something like that she put it out of her mind. It didn't stay out of her mind, of course, every time she saw Tom reading one of his magazines she thought about it.

Over the next year the idea had come and gone dozens of times and it was never given any serious thought until one night at a birthday party at a friend's house. She had been hitting the martinis pretty heavy and was feeling no pain when, on a trip to the bathroom, she had stumbled and almost fallen. Larry, an old friend of Tom's had been coming toward her and had managed to catch her. As he lifted her up their faces had come to within inches of each other, they had looked into each others eyes and the next thing she knew they were kissing, then they were kissing passionately and they had gone into an empty bedroom and locked the door behind them. More passionate kisses and Larry's hand was in her dress, his fingers rolling one of her nipples. Her hand fell to his hard cock and she began to rub it. She unzipped him and took out his cock and started stroking it as his hand went up her dress and began to work its way into her panties.

"God," she thought, "it's going to happen and Tom isn't here to see it."

The thought was like a dash of ice cold water thrown in her face. "No - I can't do this" she cried as she got up and fled the room. In the bathroom she threw up into the toilet. Leaning against the sink she thought to herself, "The question is no longer could you do it with another man, but will you?"

The next night she had asked Tom if he really wanted to see her with another man. His face lit up like a child's on Christmas, "Of course I would."

"Wouldn't you be jealous?"

"Maybe a little, but the excitement would overpower it. Why?"

"I've been thinking about it - a lot. I want to do something really special for you. Something to show you the depth of my love for you in a way that nothing else could.

He had smiled, "When?"

"I don't know. It will have to be someone we don't know; it has to be someplace away from here, maybe on a vacation or something."

But the circumstances had never been right. So, here she was spending the night at the Airport Ramada Inn in Detroit while waiting for her sister to come and pick her up. Tomorrow's agenda was a quick visit to her grandmother and then a birthday party at her sisters. The rest of the week would be spent running all over Lower Michigan visiting various relatives. She looked again at the card in her hand. She thought, "Why not? Be adventurous. With any luck you won't even need to buy your own drinks." She really had no intention of picking up anyone or of letting herself get picked up, but the thought of spending the next ten hours cooped up in a hotel room did not appeal to her. She freshened up her makeup, grabbed her purse and headed for the door. At the last minute she stopped, went back, kicked off her flats and stepped into her high heels.

The Airport Ramada had a live band and Ann was really enjoying herself. She had been asked to dance several times and she'd not said no to anyone, but she was beginning to wonder about the signals she must be sending off. No one had asked to join her and she had not been asked to join anyone. Granted, she'd not had to buy a drink since her first one, but her ego was taking a bit of a beating. Someone walked up to the table and she looked up to see an attractive man of about her own age.

"Might I have the pleasure of your company for this dance?"

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