Just Good Friends

by Maria Rendes

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Alex and Maria realise that their feelings towards each other run far deeper than for friendship.

Alex and Maria had been best friends since college. Maria had just transferred and was totally new to her surroundings. She had arrived slightly early for class to sit away from everyone until she felt more comfortable to mingle. As the class began to enter in dribs and drabs, Alex was the first to spot her, sitting in the far back and fidgeting nervously. He had a heart of gold and not wanting her to feel alienated, had confidently walked up and sat down next to her. His cheery disposition and magic smile instantly broke down her icy walls of reserve.

From that day on the two had become inseparable, practically living in and out of each other's houses and lives. Both had been good students who went on to different universities but their friendship always remained solid. Alex had been there for Maria to share her happiness when she found love and there for to comfort her when it had come to a bitter end. She too had done the same. Maria had become like a sister to him. They never let anything get in the way of their friendship.

Now aged 27, Maria had qualified to become a teacher, whereas Alex had gone straight into business. They both loved their jobs and were good at it. Alex had a habit of teasing her by insisting that one day some of her students were sure enough to come and work for him. Maria always replied that she would make sure they never did.

They both were very dedicated to their jobs and didn't date as often as they wished. Although they both had been in relationships, which, for one reason or another, never lasted. Alex was too consumed with his aspirations to build a solid, lasting relationship, whereas Maria longed for stability; however it seemed that the few guys she had dated were more eager to make her just another notch on their bedposts. Since her first relationship six years ago, her body had become very sacred. She knew when she did find the right guy she'd give herself wholly in body, mind and soul.

Sometimes they would suggest that the best solution would be to get together to save time and complication, but at the end it was always laughed off. However over the recent months Maria began to feel differently even though she knew Alex saw her as a sister. Not wanting to jeopardise her friendship with him she kept silent. Little did she know that Alex reciprocated her feelings. Yet he was unsure if he wanted to chance it. What if she rejected him? Maybe it was a chance he had to take. For his own sake as well as for hers.

Alex knew that if he wanted to change his relationship with Maria words were not enough. He had to seduce her slowly, treating her how he would have if he were trying to catch a girl's attention and then ask out on a date. However he didn't want to make it too blatantly obvious in case it backfired. He tried to build up his courage since the beginning of the year and now it was early summer of 2004.

One Saturday in mid-June Alex took Maria out for lunch to their favourite restaurant. Maria didn't suspect anything, but had decided to use this opportunity in the hope of Alex taking notice of her. As much as she loved him as a brother, not being blood related opened up different possibilities.

When she opened the door Alex was pleasantly surprised to see Maria standing in a deep burgundy afternoon dress complemented with matching shoes and a handbag, whilst her dark brown hair with its hints of golden-red highlights fell in thick waves over her bare shoulders. The light make-up she wore, brought out her rich brown eyes and thick eyelashes. She was a vision. He couldn't remember the last time she had looked so delicious.

"Like what you see?" she asked twirling for his approval.

"You look wonderful" not taking his eyes off of her.

"Thank you Alex. You look very nice yourself", she said blushing.

He did look nice. One thing Maria had always admired about Alex was his good taste in clothes and dress sense. She couldn't tolerate guys who threw on the nearest item of clothing and considered themselves to be dressed. Offering his arm, she graciously accepted it and off they went. Though this wasn't a date, the restaurant was renowned for being chic, but the company was well worth making that extra bit of effort for.

At the restaurant Alex really couldn't take his eyes off of her and nor could the numerous number of men who seemed to be undressing and devouring her with their eyes. Many times Alex caught them looking and gave each and every one of them a stern look. Maria, herself on many occasions caught Alex staring at her intensely. She too had noticed the stares from the other men and how Alex had not liked it. As much as she felt flattered by his actions, it frightened her but in a good way.

Dropping her off at her house, late that afternoon, Alex leaned forward to kiss her on the lips, but decided against it and kissed her cheek instead, stroking it like he did with his previous girlfriends. This was too soon even for him, and the last thing he wanted to do was to wreck his special bond with her.

Safely back inside her house, Maria replayed the whole afternoon again and again in her mind. She didn't know why, but suddenly she felt flustered and very turned on. The dull throbbing between her legs, which seemed to intensify each second, left her little time to contemplate the reasons. All she could think of was to lie back in the private sanctuary of her bedroom and play with herself. She left the kitchen light on as usual and proceeded to climb up stairs heading straight for her room.

Once inside her bedroom, she practically ripped off her clothes, leaving them in a pile, and jumped onto her dishevelled bed, spreading her thighs as wide as possible. She began with teasing her nipples, pulling and twisting them till they hurt--this had always been a major turn on when she masturbated. No sooner had she started when she could feel her juices flowing freely out of her pussy. She reached down to tease her slit. As she moved her hand away a string of clear wetness clung to her fingers. This drove her over the edge making her jamb two fingers inside her vagina, as hard and as fast as she could. She moaned in pain/pleasure. She kept this up till she was ready to climax only to pull out at the last minute. She loved driving herself to the edge of pleasure only to restart all over again.

When she realised that her clit had been ignored for too long, she gently stroked it. God it was hard and very sensitive. Using her thumb's pad she kept working herself up to a maddening frenzy until her first orgasmic wave washed over her, hard. She now felt that she had worked herself up enough to have as many orgasms as her body could tolerate. She wouldn't be satisfied until she was totally spent.

After thirty minutes, her hand, as well as her body, grew tired, but she knew she had one more left inside of her, all she had to do was to concentrate. Suddenly Alex's face came into her head and the way he had been looking at her all day long... Rubbing her clit faster and pumping her fingers furiously, she moaned out his name as she came hard for the last time. Pulling out, she stayed in that position as she drifted off to sleep. Her last thoughts were of him and how his fingers would feel buried in her pussy instead?

Hours must've lapsed when she opened her eyes and looked up at the time; it was pushing onto 9pm. She'd been asleep for two hours! Just as her mind was beginning to take focus something caught her attention. Looking at her from the middle of her room was Alex. Shock and horror all mixed into one became visible on her sudden awakening face. How long had he been watching?

"Er hi, I called, but when you didn't answer I came upstairs," he said breaking the silence.

Maria quickly pulled the duvet over her naked body and sat up. "And you just decided to stay and watch?!" God she was so embarrassed to be caught at such a private moment by the guy she had used to get off with.

To say Alex was just as equally shocked would have been an understatement. He had driven up to her house with the intention of cooking her dinner, but when he got in he found the kitchen light on but no sign of her. He had called her name three times as he climbed up the stairs to her room assuming she must've dozed off. On entering, he hadn't been prepared for the sight that beheld him, of her naked body, nor of her lewdly spread thighs. Knowing he should've left or at least covered her up, the sight had aroused him instead. He moved in closer, stood there and watched her chest rise and fall evenly with her breathing.

She had a good pair of tits on her; full and tempting in fact they were larger than he thought. Then again he had never seen her in all her naked glory. Her skin was flawless. His eyes had travelled to her belly where her hips gently flared out giving her that feminine look. However his eyes just lingered on her mound. There was no sign of hair and he could clearly see the visible outline of her swollen pussy lips and the clit just peeking out from under its hood. She looked so wanton in her sleep.

Now she was staring at him with anger and annoyance all mixed into one. Before turning to leave he mumbled something incoherent and walked out. He walked to his car and sat inside staring out to the window of her bedroom. That sight would forever be embedded in his mind; he couldn't get it out of his head. He felt lust and yet something deeper than he had ever had with his other relationships. From that moment he made the decision that he would pursue his feelings. Life was a risk however this was an option he wasn't planning on losing, it would kill him if he did.

Maria still couldn't believe Alex had walked in on her like that, and worse he hadn't left or at least attempted to cover her. Then again, she tried to empathise what would she have done had she found him in a compromising position? Either she would have laughed her head off or stood immobile staring at his penis. She pondered for a few seconds but deep down she knew that the latter was most probable.

She got up and headed straight for the shower. Thinking of Alex's penis had started to heat her up again and she needed to cool off. She had noticed the embarrassment in his eyes when he attempted to apologise; yet there was something else in his expression. Love? Desire? She couldn't decipher, but whatever it was, she too felt the same in her heart. They had never fallen out before and she didn't want to use this incident to be an excuse, which is why she wanted to make the first move. She decided that in the morning she'd call him and meet didn't mean she wasn't a woman as well in his eyes.

The phone woke Alex up. It always seemed louder in the morning, an enigma he was never able to solve. Never the less he answered and was pleasantly shocked to hear Maria's sweet voice asking him to meet her for lunch at two in the park near her house. There was no mention of yesterday and he didn't see the point to raise it now or ever again.

Sure enough as Alex pulled up in her driveway, Maria was already standing at the gate with a basket wearing her flowery summer dress, flip-flops and sunglasses. She looked simple yet beautiful. Her hair flowed freely off her shoulders and her braless breasts stood high and proud. Instantly he remembered yesterday and had to hold back a groan before getting out of his car. Strolling casually towards her, he greeted her with his usual kiss before taking the basket from her as they strolled hand in hand off to the park.

"Feeding of the five thousand?" Alex asked jokingly when he saw the spread she'd prepared. She had even made fresh fruit salad--his favourite. He loved her cooking and she always had new ideas that enticed his stomach, he was surprised he wasn't bursting at the seams. The one thing they both loved doing above everything else was to eat, and eat they did.

Once every crumb had been devoured, they lay down and watched the clouds roll by deciding what shape/form each took. When Alex took a nap, Maria used the opportunity to read her weekly plan for her classes and when she tired, it was his turn to do some solitary reading. However his mind was focused elsewhere. His fingers itched to touch her as she lay there in total bliss. God knows he had tried, but that image never seemed to vanish.

Finally he just gave up and looked down. She looked so peaceful yet tempting. Was she dreaming? He hoped he was in them. He reached out to move a strand of hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Kissing her forehead he whispered quietly, "Can I keep you?" He held his breath but she didn't stir. Lying down next to her, he studied her expressive face as she slept. He continued to watch till his eyelids grew heavy and closed.

When Maria opened her eyes it was nearly dark. Alex had fallen asleep next to her, draping his arm across her waist in possessive manner. She gently shook him awake. The day had been so relaxing that neither had been aware of the time flying by.

"Mm, hi" he said still sleepy.

"It's late, we should head back", she said as she stood up and stretched her arms before beginning to pack everything away.

She didn't realise that every time she bent forward the front of her dress would give him a glimpse of her mouth watering breasts, nor the little jiggle her ass gave as she swayed her hips whilst moving around.

"Fruit salad" he suddenly said.

"Huh?" looking up at him in confusion.

"I want some more of your delicious fruit salad", giving her a cheeky grin.

"Lets get going, then I'll give you what you crave", she replied unaware of the insinuation.

Alex rolled his eyes. He knew she didn't realise the implications of her words, but he did. Laughing inwardly he got up and headed home with her.

Maria went straight into the kitchen to wash her hands before starting to slice and dice the fruit. Alex sat opposite her.

"What?" She asked, looking up smilingly when she caught him staring intensely at her.

"Nothing" he sheepishly replied never taking his eyes off form her.

"You're weird, but OK", and went back down to the fruit.

"Maria?" he asked.

"Hmm?" not looking up.

"May I ask you a question?" nervously this time.

"Go head," still not looking up.

It was now or never. "Can I... Can I stay the night?" What an idiot!! The perfect opportunity to open up his heart and that was all he could muster to say.

She looked up and laughed. "Well of course you can. You know you don't need to ask".

"Gee. Thanks", now he felt really stupid.

"Here's your salad. I'm just going to get the bedding". As she left the kitchen her heart plummeted.

This wasn't the first time Alex had stayed the night, but it was the first time he felt awkward. He restlessly tossed and turned unable to find a comfortable position. Being aroused didn't help either. He desperately wanted to tell her his feelings. Just as he was mentally kicking himself for earlier, he heard a creak on stairs then soft footsteps heading towards the kitchen. He realised this was chance; it was either make or break.

Maria too hadn't been able to sleep either and had decided to go into her kitchen for some water. Trying to be as quiet as possible, she opening her fridge to take out the water, poured herself a glass and gulped it down thirstily. She then walked over to the sink to place the glass down. As she turned around she was met with a warm solid chest. She nearly screamed until her eyes focused on who it was. How did she not hear him?

"It's OK Maria, it's just me. I heard you coming down the stairs," he softly said.

"You gave me a heart attack Alex. Anyway what are you doing, it's after one a.m., you should be fast asleep" she replied.

"I couldn't, and it seems you couldn't either", he reached out and stroked her cheek. His touch was welcome.

"We are a funny pair, come on lets get you back to sleep" she laughed.

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